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T-shirts and polo shirts


T-shirts and polo shirts

T-shirt The classic model suitable for all occasions. Good quality, perfect neck rib. Keeps its quality even after multiple washings. Size:

S - 3XL

OrderNo: 237601 237625 237636 237638 237663 237669 237699

White Red Pepper and salt grey Dark grey Royal blue Navy Black

Polo shirt The Polo shirt was the first shirt to be developed for a specific sport. It was intruduced in the middle of the 19th century and was called "jersey", since the material was knitted on the island Jersey on the English coast. Then, the shirt was mainly used when playing football and when rowing. This is the origins of the shirt, today usually called polo, or piqué shirt. Breast pocket. 100% cotton. Size:

S - 3XL

OrderNo: 238201 238225 238238 238265 238269 238299

White Red Dark grey Royal blue Navy Black

Piqué shirt with contrasting stripe 100% cotton, breast pocket. Size:

S - 3XL

OrderNo: 238438 238441 238468 238469

Functional polo shirt The polo shirt of the 21st century! In contrast to cotton it has a high moist transportiong capability and dries quickly. Classic model with breast pocket. Material: 100% quick drying wicking polyester. Weight 200 g/m². Size:

S - 3XL

OrderNo: 230169 Navy blue 230199 Black


Dark grey/black Khaki/ dark grey Blue/black Navy/black

Sweaters and fleece jackets

Sweatshirt Round neck. 100 % cotton. Weight: 300 g/m². Size:

S - 3XL

OrderNo: 247225 247236 247238 247265 247269 247299

Red Grey Dark grey Royal blue Navy Black

Sweatshirt with zipper Sweatshirt with half-long zipper in front and a little bit higher collar. 100 % cotton. Weight 300 g/m². Size:

XS - 3XL

OrderNo: 248138 Dark grey 248169 Navy 248199 Black

Fleece jacket This jacket keeps you warm. D-ring for keys and extra pocket with zipper inside the right side pocket for your safety. Size:

XS - 3XL

OrderNo: 9220036 Grey 9220069 Navy 9220099 Black


Shirts Industry shirt Comes in two different mixes of fabric; 100 % cotton or 65 % polyester/35 % cotton. Size:

S - 3XL

OrderNo: 963009938 963009969 963009999 963009825 963009838 963009865 963009869 963009899

Cotton, dark grey Cotton, navy Cotton, black Polyester/cotton, red Polyester/cotton, dark grey Polyester/cotton, royal blue Polyester/cotton, navy Polyester/cotton, black

Short sleeve shirt A short sleeve shirt for hard work in the global economy. It has double breast pockets and is made of a cool comfortable cotton fabric Size:

S - 3XL

OrderNo: 069969 Navy 069999 Black 069942 Khaki

Working shirt, long sleeve Cotton 60 %, polyester 40 %. Size:

S - 2XL

OrderNo: 951001227 951001235 951001262 951001269 951001299

Wine Grey Medium blue Navy Black

Denim shirt Washed cotton denim. American design, generous cut. Colour: Denim blue Size:

S - 2XL

OrderNo: 950267

Flannel shirt BjÜrnkläder's own flannel shirt. Lightly brushed cotton for a luscious feel from the day you first put it on. Two breast pockets, button down collar, and generous cut make this shirt a favourite. 100% cotton. Size:

S - 2XL

OrderNo: 980184 Blue plaid 980186 Red plaid 980187 Grey plaid


Windproof jacket

Windproof jacket Windproof jacket Windproof lined jacket. The fabric is breathable. Is perfect if you move a lot between the inside and outside. A stitched fabric, which gives a sweater feel. Material: 100% polyester. Weight: 280 g/m². Size:

XS - 3XL

OrderNo: 100038 Dark grey/black 100099 Black/dark grey


Soft Shell jacket

Soft Shell jacket

Soft Shell jacket Our soft shell jacket is of a tougher fabric than you will find in the ordinary sports store. Wind and water proof combined with breathing abilities make this garment very allround. The seams are however not taped. Our fabric is woven and not stiched, you win strength and breathability. Size:

XS - 2XL

OrderNo: 100138 Grey/black 100199 Black/grey


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