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About Us Founded in 1994, our mission is to advance the partnership between consumers and providers – we are the voice of women, infants, children, youth, and families living with HIV in the United States. We accomplish our mission in two ways. First, AIDS Alliance provides a national forum for consumers and HIV providers to build more effective partnerships. Second, we advocate for public policies that benefit women, infants, children, youth, and families with and affected by HIV and AIDS. No family or community can fight AIDS alone. We believe that sound and effective public policy is essential to the ability of families, providers, and communities to care for themselves. Our commitment is that no voice be diminished in volume or spirit because of gender, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion, HIV status, geography, or life circumstance. The provision of and access to high quality comprehensive care for women, infants, children, and youth with HIV continues to be the place where human rights, social injustice and disparities in medical care and outcomes occur. Our provider and consumer constituent base uniquely positions the AIDS Alliance to educate and inform the larger community on the most effective strategies and policies to combat the inequities in health care experienced by women, infants, children, youth and families living with HIV and AIDS. Through public policy research and analysis, close partnerships with consumers and providers, strong collaborative relationships with other national groups, coalition building, information dissemination, and our strong effective advocacy, we work to ensure that women, infants, children, youth and families living with and affected by HIV and AIDS are a part of this country’s HIV policy agenda.

For more information, please contact : Dr. Ivy Turnbull, National Policy Office: 1705 DeSales Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036 / PH 202 835 8373 Program and Administrative Office : 17 Davis Boulevard Suite 403, Tampa, FL 33606 / PH 813 258 5929 |

About the AIDS Alliance  
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