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John Howes 1369 Golden Circle Fruit Heights, Utah 84037 801-682-9345 April 29, 2013 Curtis Koch Chief Deputy Audit/Finance Davis County Government 61 South Main St Farmington, Utah 84025 Dear Mr. Koch, Thank you for the opportunity to conduct business with Davis County. I have analyzed the RFP and am pleased to submit my proposal for the Davis Park Golf Course Food Services. As you will see, my intention is to keep the cafe's quality, service, and standards as high as Rebecca Findlay has the past 8 years. My proposal is based on consistency. As an employee at the cafe for the past year, I have seen first hand the opportunities and challenges that come with running the food services at the golf course. Initially, I just enjoyed meeting and working with the golf course staff and patrons but as time went on, I fell in love with the cafe, the golf course itself, and atmosphere. It will be my goal to keep that same positive energy, ambiance, and quality for the staff, customers, and community. I will be the manager and operator of the cafe so it will be my pleasure to deal with Davis County on a professional basis. For weddings and catered events, Janet Clark will run that aspect of the business so her proposal is included. She has a degree in Arts and Sciences and studied interior design, nutrition, and food science at USU and has worked as a professional floral designer. Together we will have a solid team ready to take over food services on June 7, 2013. If this bid is accepted by Davis County, I will create a business name and acquire all required licenses in order to be operational by said date. As required, I am prepared to sign a contract and find acceptable the RFP, Attachments, and Addendum stating concessionaire agrees to pay $125.00 per month for utilities, pay the County 10% of gross receipts from June 7 to Dec 31, 2013, and pay $20,000 for the right to operate the cafe during Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2014. Should you desire or require further clarification on anything contained herein, please don't hesitate to contact me via email or phone listed above. Sincerely,

John Howes

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Cover Letter  

My cover letter to the Davis County auditors office