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Creating a sensory Experience


Studying social justice


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pennsylvania Keystone Urban Density and Street Side public appeal

Perception Immersion into the concept of en plein air





Our task was to create a series of pools within our site and incorporate a design for a shading system. My design revolved around the central element of a wading pool that ran in and out of the structures, creating pockets where the remainder of the pools would sit to create desirable moments. Upon entry, you are hit with different senses in a sequence. First, you hear the splashing of water as people enjoy their stay, then you are hit with the smell of chlorine, drawing you closer. Finally, you see the pools and can freely move around to interact with them.

The entry way splits off at two points to lead you around the pools, which are ordered according to their temperature. The warmer pools are housed underneath a forest like canopy, providing shade, but also creating a visually stimulating scene of intersecting planes and of shadow and light creating an intence feeling of activity. The wood material of the structures also brings a warm and earthy feeling to the space, making it all the more comfortable for relaxation. 4



The cooler pools are constrained within a structure of horizontal members that would allow plant growth to naturally cool the space while letting sunlight in from above and also create a barrier from the sounds of nearby pools in order to create a more calm environnment.



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Hearing Room


Our semester long project revolved around social justice and our current criminal justice system in the United States. Given the plan outlines for a jail meant to be constructed in Marion County from the previous mayor, Greg Ballard, we were tasked with using the proposed plan which incorporated housing for five thousand people as well as twenty eight court rooms on site. 7

By examining our current criminal justice system from top to bottom, I determined that the moment the incarcerated citizens are released for reentry back into society is the most crucial part of the process and would focus on that aspect in combination with rehabilitation and restorative justice. From there, I began to examine how the incarcerated where housed and dissected the different situations within a space, both physical and mental, that people could interact within.



Separated Space



Community SPace


Gathering Space


Recreation Space

Structure Influence

Low Density Forest

Fielded area

Open Green Space


The site is within the boundaries of the old GM Stamping Plant across from the Indianapolis Zoo. The intention behind my site design was to create an array of desirable areas and interesting moments to provoke users to go from point to point which would then create moments of social interaction between them. Along with the incarcerated citizens (the residents of the site), the public would also have access, creating more social interaction within the park and shopping spaces and not isolate the incarcerated citizens from the outside world.

By allowing the public within the site, this provides the incarcerated citizens the opportunity to be educated, keep up social experience, and motivate them to succeed within the program of rehabilitation. The particular moment above is an example of this social interaction. This structure is voluntary isolation housing, meaning that the residents can come and go as they please to this place that provides solitary living for short amounts of time and an escape from the rest of the workings of the site. The outside public can also use this if they need a place to stay.




Along with the isolation housing, the entire site is made up of green space to connect the users to nature which also provides a cool and calming environment. To go along with the analysis of the criminal justice walk through, I created my own version for my site. Starting with the intake process, the subject is taken through the site to the onsite police station, giving them a short tour of the facility. From there, they will be given a proper tour of their housing complex as well as on site amenities such as the public infirmary and areas of isolation housing.

The housing facilities are made up of interlocking and overlapping structures which create a variety of unique moments to experience as well as viewpoints and gateways to draw someone to a particular moment. The area above highlights the infirmary to provide a sense of healing throughout the site. The lower level of the complex is a mix of public and private, incorporating amenities such as courthouses, gathering space, and eateries to promote lively social interaction while the upper portion is solely private for the residents. It is the projects aim to keep the residents in positive social interactions so that skill doesn’t deteriorate.


pennsylvania Keystone

Our pre-competition project involved creating a mixed use development on an existing plot of land along Pennsylvania Street in Indianapolis. The preivous submission for the site was a complex of storage units and office spaces, however, the owner and community rejected the project due to its stagnate nature. They requested something that would provide toward the community and draw in the outside public. 13

The design my team came up with involved an active mix of outdoor courtyard space with commercial and retail opportunities on the street level as well as street access to two roof top terraces above the retail spaces. In doing this, we believed this would create the maximum interest for the public and would provide ample opportunities for the public to interact with the residents of the structure. 14

pennsylvania Keystone


The residential structure provides ten different types of units available for rent, disperced throughout each floor to provide a mixed income community belonging to each level, each offering unique layouts and views of the downtown and surroundings. Created the exterior allowed for the maximum amount of natural light within the units in conjunction with shading set for the appropriate sun angles per time of day. The structure also includes enclosed terraces on the second level which are also covered by shading devices to provide the residents with an outdoor space during unfavorable weather and a visual separation between public and private.

Our driving factor was the community experience, both for the residents and the outside public. Our building is very easy for an individual to read, knowing where public spaces are and the main entrances, highlighted by the circulation towers. The interior of the building also has community spaces geared toward the residents which provide a buffer between the exterior public spaces and the private interior spaces. 16


Our two month competition project revolved around an art gallery where I decided to make my design focus on the creation of the art within it. Entitled Perception, the aim of the project was to take the concept of art and a gallery space and adding in more to the experience or casting these elements in a new light. The site is housed within a collection of cultural and educational centers including the Indiana State Museum, Military Park, the NCAA Hall of Champions, The Herron School of Art and Design, and the National Institute for Fitness and Sport.

Given that this large plot of land has such a rich surrounding, the design needed to give back just as much to the community and perhaps attempt to connect these significant institutions. The design I have proposed brings the community together to experience art, design, and culture throughout its process of creation in a setting that fully immerses the viewers in the experience while the structure around them creates a unique experience of its own. 18


The design creates a series of terraces with a unique pathway between each area. These terraces then create a cavernous space throughout the site to hold the galleries, presentation space, and a maker’s space to allow for artists and designers to show off their art and processes, creating an impromptu experience. Each space connects the occupant to the exterior through voids in the roof structure covered in glazing or by opening up to the surrounding site to allow the activities within the structure to spill outside.

The space above the galleries consists of open park space created by the faceted surfaces of steel and concrete broken up by pathways connecting each important moment surrounding the site. The space above, as well as within the galleries and makers space, takes from the concept of en plein air, the act of creating or taking part in art or activity in a natural environment. The final design achieves the goal of bringing people together within the space through the expression and journey of art and design as well as common day activities.


Portfolio johnhopkins 2018  

Collection of my projects from Ball State University

Portfolio johnhopkins 2018  

Collection of my projects from Ball State University