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John herrholz

Working in the Pharmaceutical Industry

harmaceutical exPert John herrhol Working in the pharmaceutical industry has given John Herrholz the opportunity to work in various specialties, including pediatrics, cardiology, obstetrics, and urology. As a sales specialist with Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Abbott Laboratories, John Herrholz worked with various doctors and healthcare specialists to learn more about specific medicines. John Herrholz’s tireless work ethic has led to many clients beginning and completing their journeys to recovery. The respect and courtesy John Herrholz shows his customers enables them to trust him with pharmaceutical suggestions.

Florida International University Graduate In 2004, John Herrholz graduated from Florida International University with a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Kinesiology. As a student, John Herrholz was a dedicated student and worked tirelessly to maintain his good standing as a student. Today, John Herrholz enjoys spending time with his four children: Kailey, JP, Maura Ann, and Brendan.

John herrholz trains BaseBall hoPefuls At Miami Pro Baseball Academy in Florida, John Herrholz trains young boys to be great pitchers. John Herrholz knows the challenges these players can face when pursuing their dreams. As a former professional pitcher, John Herrholz wants to help these children by giving them an edge up on their competitors. John Herrholz believes that the best way to succeed is to have someone believe in you and work with you to reach your dreams. That’s what he is trying to do with these hopefuls.

Contact John Herrholz Address: 2508 San Domingo Street Coral Gables FL USA 33134 Phone Number: +1 888-675-1245

John Herrholz