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The main square, Cusco.

Before you set out for your visit to Peru, why not learn some basic Spanish, brush up on your current ability or absorb yourself in our resources in your own time. We use games, flash cards and light material to help you take in more of the language. Courses can be tailored to meet your needs

Spiritual Adventure Trips to Peru! MiAdventures Flat 3 5 Sillwood Terrace Brighton East Sussex BN1 2LR Urb: Tahuantinsuyo Calle Tupac Yupanqui 242 Cusco Peru 0051 (84) 251408

UK 0044 (0) 1273 329378 Peru 0051 (84) 251408

Phone: (UK) 01273 329378 Abroad: 00 44 (0) 1273 329378 Mobile: 07958 541139 E-mail:

Connect with your spiritual side in Peru

What tours can we offer? About us miAdventures-Peru (‘my adventures) is an English-Peruvian family business with offices in Brighton, England and Cusco, Peru. Working as a partner under your company name we seek to give your clients the quality of service that will provide a rich, memorable experience of their visit to Peru.

On one hand we can meet your clients in Cusco and co-ordinate all of their needs right up to flight departure. Alternatively we can provide the elements you specify such as: guides, horses, equipment, food.

Tours to Machu Picchu such as the Inca Trail or other alternative trekking routes.

Trips to Choquechirao over 4 days or longer depending on the level of health of your clients.

Bespoke trips and suggestions on itineraries.

Costings flexible tailored to your clients needs.

Whatever name you choose, ecotourism, tourism for the community etc.. we believe that as many Cachorinas should benefit from the influx of tourists to the village. As a result we commit to donating a percentage of our profits to local education and key projects that will

Request information sheets and more information. Passive ‘Rural Tourism’

What do we provide? We believe one of our competitive advantages when serving your agency’s needs is our flexibility.

Tourism that gives back to the community

Short escorted trips to the spectacular Apurimic Canyon with breathtaking scenic views and photographic opportunities. The trip can be arranged on horseback or in private transport depending on your level of mobility.

I would like more information on Peru, and Cachora and would like the following data sheets: a.) Festivals in Cachora. b.) How to be in the best state of health when visiting Peru c.) Key areas to visit in Peru

Horse riding to local scenic spots. All levels welcome and tuition is available

I would like a short web presentation. Please contact me.

Learn traditional ways of cooking.

Learn more of the local flora and fauna.

I would like a short presentation in my home. Please contact me.

Participate in spiritual healing activities

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