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Does Coffee make you gain weight? This is a question that's on the mind of a lot of people. Many of us like to drink coffee. Many drink multiple cups each day. If you too like to drink coffee you need to know how to do it right so it doesn't make you fat. This article will reveal exactly how this can be done. Coffee is not a high calorie beverage, as long as we're talking about the plain and basic form. Black coffee contains less than 8 calories, for the most part, hardly the amount you ever need to worry about. If this is the kind of coffee you like to drink, it will not make you put on weight. However, many people don't drink plain coffee anymore. They like to drink coffee based beverages which have many additional ingredients. It is in these ingredients that all the calories are hiding. For example, cream can add over 50 calories to your coffee, over 5 times the calorie content of the actual coffee itself. Milk, sugar, and other sweeteners also add calories. Some of the more "modern" coffee drinks contain hundreds of calories and a lot of sugar and fat. For instance, a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks contains 240 calories, a Medium Iced Cappucino with Chocolate milk at Tony Horton's has 230, and a Medium Berry White Mocha at Caribou Coffee has more than 600! As you can see, coffee comes in many shapes and forms which vary widely in the amount of calories, sugar, and fat that they contain. The higher calories coffee drinks can indeed make you gain weight. They simply contain too many calories and they're a sure way to create a calorie surplus which leads to weight gain. What can you do to still drink coffee and not gain weight? 1. Choosing the right kind of coffee is key - Don't go for the high calorie drinks. Choose a more plain coffee. The less things are put into the coffee the lower in calories it will be. 2. Don't always choose large cups. The bigger the cup, the more calories you will consume. The difference can be quite big, so stick to small and medium sized cups. The bottom line is that coffee should be a low calorie drink. However, the stuff that is added to it can often turn it into something else entirely. I recommend drinking the most simple types of coffee you can find.

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