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Automation & Robotics News from John Hart - October 2006

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>> From the Managing Director’s desk Looking back over the last twelve months I am happy to report that we have just completed one of our best years ever in Automation and Robotics, with record sales of robots and systems across a wide variety of applications and industries. In addition to our many projects we have been extremely busy with the opening of our new Managing Director Automation & Robotics Ian Rehfisch Technology Centre, industry trade shows, visits from senior members of Fanuc Japan as well as the expansion of our team. We hope you enjoy this special edition of Hart Beat which is devoted entirely to our Automation and Robotics activities. As you will read there are many flexible and highly productive robotic solutions which can be applied to almost any industry and we trust that you will see an application that could assist your business.

Much has been written recently about the need for manufacturers to improve their productivity if they are to remain globally competitive. One of the main ways to achieve this is through the implementation of automated systems. Robots are now rightfully seen as an effective way to avoid hazardous OH&S issues, improve production reliability, improve part quality, increase process output and reduce overall production costs. Looking to the future, many sophisticated new products are continuously being released by Fanuc which is vital to help keep our customers at the forefront of automation and production technology. Fanuc are the largest robot manufacturer in the world and are the leaders in robot technology. I am proud of the 20+ year relationship we have with Fanuc as we are able to work with the most advanced technology available. I would like to personally thank all of our customers for their support over the last year and assure you that we will be working harder than ever to bring you the most advanced solutions. Embracing the technology is the key to meeting the challenge of a global economy and we are here to help achieve this goal.

>> John Hart Automate 2006 preview Robot loading and unloading system This static display features a Fanuc R-2000iA robot with a John Hart built gripper, designed to load and unload raw and machined parts to and from two machining centres. The system is designed to provide continuous production, whilst eliminating many OH&S issues.

Fanuc 3D Vision This active exhibit utilises a Fanuc R-2000iA/165F robot equipped with Fanuc 3D Vision and demonstrates how vision can be used to identify and locate randomly positioned pressed steel panels. Once these panels have been located, the robot will pick and place them into a fixture.

Fanuc deburring display The smaller enclosure contains an example of a robotic deburring application utilising a Fanuc LR Mate 200iB robot with an air powered deburring tool.


>> Fanuc today M-16iB/20 Robot

LR Mate 200iB Robots • 6 axis, 5kg payload, 700mm reach, servo motor powered robots

• 6 axes, 1.6m reach, 20 kg payload robot (also available in 10kg longreach version)

• Machine load/unload, assembly, material handling and sealing

• The latest generation material handling robot

• Maximum flexibility and accuracy with a compact design

• Compact design with largest operating envelope and motion speeds in its class

• Vision sensing and high sensitive collision detection R-2000iB Robots

M410iB/450 Robot • 4 axis, 3.1m reach, 450kg payload, intelligent palletising robot

• 6 axis, 100kg-210kg payload range, up to 3.5 metre reach • Reliable, intelligent, and cost effective robots that are easy to program

• Also available with integrated R-J3iC controller in the robot base for reduced cabling

• Slim and compact body while maintaining large motion area

• Designed for a wide variety of palletising applications R-J3iC Controller

M-900iA Robots • 6 axis heavy payload robots

• Can control up to 40 axes

• Up to 700kg payload & 3 metre reach

• Provides integrated 2D and 3D vision systems

• Can handle wide range of products; car bodies, construction materials, foundry parts and heavy pallets

• Integrated PMC editor

• Smaller models can be floor or ceiling mounted

• Enhanced vibration control for up to 5% cycle time reduction

>> The new M-710iC in focus • Features Fanuc’s new integrated vision software

Fanuc has recently released an upgraded version of the M-710, mid-range handling robot. The innovative M-710iC robot series is designed for high productivity in harsh environments. Available in four variants, these robots are equipped with a variety of intelligent capabilities.

• May be floor, roof or angle mounted Benefits: • Improved payload • New slim design for entry into narrow machines and spaces

Technology: • Available in four versions with reaches from 1359mm – 3100mm and payloads of 20kg – 70kg.

• Improved work envelope offers greater reach than previous models • Available with IP67 protection against harsh environmental conditions

• Ideal for mid range handling, machine loading and sealing applications • Utilises the new R-J3iC Controller The new M-710iC/50 robot with gripper

• Wrist capacity and inertia are enhanced for heavy work piece and fixture handling


Fully Automated M & Handling C

FJV-200 Double Column Machining Centre

Machining Fixture

Intelligent Conveyor System Transports pallets each with Radio Frequency ID tags containing part and process information for the parts being carried.

M-16iB/20 Robot

Robot Loaded Machining Cell This cell uses a Fanuc M-16iB/20 robot to load and unload parts from pallets to the Mazak FJV-200.

Multiplex 4300 CNC Turning Centre


d Pack o


Gantry Loaded Turning Cell

Special purpose chuck

This gantry loaded twin spindle, twin turret machine tool has specially designed chucks and in process gauging.


Wash Station

3D Vision Cells - Infeed & Packou

This purpose built wash machine uses an invert mounted robot which ensures that the water jet is aimed exactly where it is required to clean out blind holes.

Using 3D vision systems the Infeed c automatically picks raw parts from st loads them onto the system pallets. cell robot takes finished parts from th pallets and loads them into empty st for shipment.

LR Mate 200iB/5WP Robot


Machining Cell


cell robot tillages and The Packout he system illages ready

R-2000iA Robot

HC Nexus 6000 Horizontal Machining Centre

Fixture Stand-by Station

Robot Loaded Machining Cells The five Mazak HCN6000 machines each feature two fixtures which allow parts to be loaded and unloaded by a Fanuc R2000iA robot onto one fixture while the other is being machined. The robots have a tool changer which allows them to select the correct gripper for the part being machined to suit the different parts in the system.

R-2000iA Robot

Bush Press

LR Mate 200iB Robot

Bush Press Cell This fully integrated bush press cell uses two Fanuc robots and a purpose built press to fit bushes to the machined product.


M-16iB/20 Robot

•Fully automated part transfer and machining with robotic loading and unloading. •Comprises eleven Fanuc robots, two 3D Fanuc Vision systems, seven Mazak CNC machine tools and an extensive conveyor and pallet system. •Automated pallet system routes parts to appropriate machine tools according to production requirements.

Benefits •Allows fully automated 24/7 production. •The system runs unmanned, machining time has been reduced, and part quality has been improved. •Eliminates manual handling of heavy parts and associated OH&S issues. •Minimises manufacturing cost through use of fully automated CNC equipment integrated with state of the art intelligent robotic loading and unloading systems.


>> Project management for success Local companies today are under more pressure than ever to find better ways of improving their profitability. The search for greater process efficiency and flexibility is vital, and to achieve this, the choice of automation partner is just as important.

and as we are the only Australian company able to offer a complete robotically loaded machine tool turnkey system in house, we have the ability to solve nearly any production automation requirement. Talk to us regarding your requirements. You can’t afford not to.

JHA&R is that partner. Offering a complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning service, and with many successful installations Australia wide, our team of experienced design, programming and installation engineers is able to take your project from concept to commissioning on time, on budget and to specification. Our advantages: 1. Preliminary project discussion, concept evaluation and 3D process simulation. 2. Full in house 3D solid model design of the system. 3. Project engineer allocated to each project. 4. Project timing agreed prior to commencement. 5. In house manufacture, assembly and testing prior to delivery. 6. On site installation, commissioning and run-off including CPK, ISIR and PPAP. John Hart turnkey solution featuring a Fanuc R-2000iA robot and a Mazak machine tool

JHA&R are the market leaders in automation solutions,

>> Benefits of robotics














>> JHA&R fixturing JHA&R uses state of the art 3D solid modelling design and simulation packages which ensures that the project will meet your requirements, on time and on budget. ♦ All fixtures are designed in 3D solid modelling. ♦ Design incorporates all features including internal porting, sensors and clamps. ♦ Cutting tools paths and work areas are included in design to eliminate fixture interference. ♦ Simulation of the machining process confirms cycle times and provides confidence that the product meets requirements prior to manufacture.

Machined and assembled fixture

3D fixture design using CoCreate

>> Nissan Castings Nissan Castings Australia recently awarded JHA&R the contract to install a robot cell designed to load and unload castings into two of their existing production CNC machines. The new cell will automate a previously manual process, removing the need for the operator to reach in to pick up and load heavy parts, eliminating a potential OH&S hazard.


The Fanuc R-2000iA/165F robot with 2,650mm reach was the ideal robot choice for the project. Process cycle time will be minimised through robot speed and the mounting of a special purpose double gripper, which allows the robot to hold both a raw and a machined casting

The result for Nissan Casting will be a continuously productive loading and unloading system which eliminates any OH&S issues.

In the cell the robot will interface with the machine tool to synchronise automatic machine door opening and fixture clamp release. After removing the finished part from the machine, a robot mounted air blast removes any residual swarf from the fixture in preparation to load the next part.

R-2000iA robot with gripper

Robot picks up raw casting

Robot prepares next casting for machining

With raw casting in machine, finished casting taken to outfeed

Robot places machined casting at outfeed


Automation and Robotics training John Hart Automation and Robotics offer regular robot training courses.

2007 Course schedule

The courses introduce attendees to the fundamental principles of robots and their safe operation and programming, covering:





Wed. 21

Fri. 23


Wed. 28

Fri. 30

>> Introduction to R-J3 series robot controller.


Wed. 2

Fri. 4

>> Robot operation, programming, care and maintenance.


Wed. 30

Fri. 1 June


Wed. 27

Fri. 29


Wed. 25

Wed. 27


Wed. 29

Fri. 31


Wed. 26

Fri. 28


Wed. 31

Fri. 2 November


Wed. 28

Fri. 30

>> Introduction to robots. >> Safety considerations.

>> Application specific operation and programming. The course length is three days and covers theoretical and ‘hands on’ training. The training can be conducted on site or in John Hart Automation’s training department. We also run Fanuc 2D and 3D Vision courses throughout the year, and offer installation specific training courses on site at your business.

For information on these training courses contact John Hart on (03) 9542 6262

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