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>> From the Managing Director’s desk As we go to press, John Hart is as busy as we have ever been in our history. Our activities in machine tools and robotics are extremely robust and I believe this is the result of the confidence that manufacturing has shown over recent years. Some of our customers such as our mining Ian Rehfisch related customers who have been quiet in previous years are now investing in large multi-tasking technologies, which is great to see. Looking across the board, nearly all areas of manufacturing both large and small have been buoyant and this is reflected in the diversity of our recent installations. I am also pleased to report that a large number of our installations over the last year have been to new Mazak users. We have been experiencing ferocious price competition in our market but we believe that in the end customers want “value for money” which embraces the total cost of ownership over the life of an investment. This is an important concept which is often overlooked by price buyers who often end up spending more time and money in the long run on increased programming time, reduced part quality, multiple part setups, poor supplier support and poor machine performance. John Hart has been involved in some of the most complex and sophisticated installations in the country and it is this EXPERIENCE coupled with the world leading TECHNOLOGY of Mazak and Fanuc that has led to the SUCCESS of our

customers who respect the value this has represented. This has resulted in considerable repeat business, for which we are very appreciative. The market is facing an unprecedented threat from the effects of globalisation and using the latest TECHNOLOGY is one of the few ways that manufacturers can compete. The Japanese have themselves responded to the threat by looking for ways to reduce their costs through increasingly more complex and automated systems which require less labour, less material handling and set ups. Unfortunately, there are many add on costs that go with our way of life, but we can’t do much about this aspect; manufacturers can however do a great deal by being smarter to concentrate on niche markets and delivering quality products on a consistent basis. It is very exciting to read about some of the successes achieved by Australian manufacturers, knowing that often we have had a small role to play in making these companies successful. We can compete, if we only believe in ourselves and are smarter in how we organise ourselves. We recently held an offsite meeting for all our senior staff to review our strategies for the next 5 years. Like all companies involved in an internal review process we identified areas for improvement and set targets to achieve our goals. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead in the knowledge that we are one of the few companies with a very experienced team, world leading products, a solid financial base and the track record to offer the sorts of solutions that manufacturers will need to survive and be successful in a very competitive world. On behalf of all the John Hart staff, I wish to express our thanks for the support and confidence you have shown in us over recent times and we wish you every success in the future.

>> Mazak opens multi-tasking academy


For current or potential users of Mazak multi-tasking technology, Mazak Japan was proud to announce the recent opening of the new Mazak multi-tasking academy.

The academy has a wide range of multitasking machines permanently on their floor including the Integrex series, the Integrex e series and the Variaxis series machines.

Designed to take you to the next level in utilising your multi-tasking machine to its fullest potential, the academy provides live in courses which feature a mixture of classroom and on machine practical training.

So to improve the skill level of your production personnel, contact John Hart to arrange world leading training at the Mazak multi-tasking academy.

Product news: >> Mazak opens new Multi-Tasking Academy in Japan. >> Mazak announces that its overall investment in new equipment for the current year

ending 31st March 2006 will reach US$193million. >> Mazak releases new UN and UH series of 30 taper, high production horizontal and

vertical machining centres. >> Mazak releases new Multiplex 8200Y twin spindle, multi-tasking machine featuring a

lower turret for increased productivity. >> The Mazak Singapore facility upgrades to a full Cyber factory, enabling better and more

efficient control of their whole production process. >> The new Angulax 900 is released. This revolutionary vertical machining centre features

an A axis which allows the workpiece table to be positioned in both the horizontal and vertical planes. >> Mazak releases Hypergear 510 linear motor laser machine. With linear motors on all

axes, flying optics and a range of automatic functions makes this machine one of the most productive in the world. >> Mazak awarded the prestigious “Good Design Award” for 2004/05 in the “Product

Design” category for the Integrex machine and in the “New Design” category for the “Done In One” concept. >> Fanuc releases the new M900iA series of heavy payload robots which can handle

between 350kg and 600kg, including a capacity of 260kg at an extension distance of 3.1metres. >> Fanuc releases the new M6iB/6T gantry mounted robot which features a payload

capacity of 6kg. >> Hexagon purchases French company Romer S.A and US company Romer Cimcore and

can now offer portable arm CMMs.

John Hart news: >> John Hart is building a new showroom and office facility in Queensland. This larger facility will

allow more space for machine demonstrations, in house shows and pre installation work. >> John Hart is building a new Robot Technology Centre in Melbourne. This state of the

art robot showroom and training facility will be a focus point for robot demonstrations, applications work and robot training courses. >> The first Integrex e-1550/V10 in the world was sold in WA. >> The first Integrex e-650H x 6m was sold in Australia. >> John Hart Automation and Robotics sells 13 off M900iA-600 robots, all with a payload

capability of 600kg. This was the largest single order for Fanuc in this size robot in the world. >> John Hart Automation and Robotics recently sold two LR Mate 200iB clean room robots

into the medical industry for export to the USA. >> John Hart recently ran tours to Mazak Japan for sheet metal and machine tool customers. >> John Hart Automation sets local record in robot sales. >> PBR Automotive orders large production line which was designed in house by John Hart. >> Bala Venkatesan from our Spindle Repair facility recently undertook two weeks advanced

training at Mazak’s USA factory and one week at Mazak’s Japanese factory. >> New Laser Applications specialist Dang Le recently trained at Mazak in Japan. >> The John Hart Executive team recently held a very successful off-sight conference to look

at ways of improving the company.


>> Hyteco has all the right angles Situated in Brendale, in the northern suburbs of Brisbane is a company that has made a name for itself in the area of hydraulic manifolds and fluid systems used in the earthmoving, agriculture, mining and transportation industries. Hyteco (Aust.) Pty Ltd was established in 1992 and has grown to become an industry leader. With a staff of over 30, Hyteco has a reputation for their high quality standards of design, innovation and manufacture. In their production area, they have a variety of CNC machines including two Mazak FH5800 twin pallet horizontal machining centres, one Mazak H12 twin pallet horizontal machining centre and their most recent technology acquisition, the Mazak Variaxis 500 vertical machining centre with 5 fully simultaneous axes. The Variaxis 500 5X features a 500mm x 400mm pallet, rapid traverse rates of 50m/min, 12,000rpm, a 22kW spindle motor and a fully integrated tilting rotary table. The Hyteco machine also came with an 80 tool magazine for a quick changeover time between jobs and a hydraulic fixture clamping system through the table so that jobs can be automatically clamped and unclamped in a hydraulic machine vice. The result has been a transformation of their production process into a “Done in One” operation where a square

block of Aluminium or Steel is loaded into the hydraulic vice where it is machined complete into a manifold block in a single setup. Speaking with Nigel Cathcart from Hyteco as to why they decided on the Variaxis500 5X he commented “We wanted to do as many operations as we could in a single setup. Flexibility is the key to our success; if we can manufacture specific manifolds quickly this allows us to meet the requirements of Nigel Cathcart customers. So we looked at the alternatives and decided the Variaxis was the best technology solution for us. Since the installation of the new Variaxis we have achieved significant improvements in cycle times in many areas of Hydraulic manifold. our production process.”

>> Pasco Engineering has the technology Located in the bayside suburb of Williamstown in the south of Melbourne is Pasco Engineering. Established in 2001 by Daryl Wright, the company is involved in a wide variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, marine, medical and general engineering. Since the beginning, Pasco has invested heavily in technology and as a result is able to produce top quality work in a timely manner. In the factory they have a variety of Mazak machines including CNC two axis lathes, CNC lathes with on turret milling, bar feeders and CNC vertical machining centres. Together with their Brown and Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine for part accuracy inspection, Pasco’s technology has enabled them to be extremely flexible in the type of work they perform.

Due to the repetition nature of some new work, Daryl chose the Quick Turn Nexus 100 lathe with bar feeder. The QTN100 is a highly versatile and efficient machine recently redesigned by Mazak to be up to 25% more efficient than older models through improved rigidity and general specifications. The QTN100 features the Mazatrol Fusion 640 controller, a maximum swing of 550mm, 6,000rpm, 11kW direct drive main spindle, 51mm bar capacity and a 12 position turret.

Speaking with Daryl about his decision to chose the QTN100 he commented “The QTN100 was the right machine for my requirements. It has superior specifications Nicholas Rehfisch (JH) and Daryl Wright (Director, Pasco). for its class, is extremely rigid It is this versatility that has in construction and has the allowed Pasco to expand to keep up with demand and ease of the Mazatrol Fusion 640 controller. I am also very invest in more technology. With this in mind Daryl sat happy with the level of support provided by John Hart. down with the team at John Hart and set about choosing This is my fifth Mazak machine in the factory and I look the right technology for his future requirements. forward to it expanding my production capability.”


>> Customers with vision John Hart Automation customers are now discovering that by combining Fanuc robots with Fanuc’s new 3D vision software, they are able to reduce labour costs and increase production flexibility by eliminating the need for costly fixturing and double handling.

So, whether you want to palletise, identify, inspect or bin pick, let John Hart together with Fanuc robots help you cut your costs and improve your productivity through the use of modern, fully integrated vision systems.

Traditionally, workpieces have been fixtured or positioned specifically to allow a robot to correctly pick up a part. However with the new Fanuc 3D vision system fixturing is a thing of the past. Picking randomly piled parts such as castings or forgings from a bin or stillage for loading and stacking is now a reality with the Fanuc 3D vision system. Designed and built in Japan, a Fanuc robot coupled with a Fanuc 3D vision system is faster, more reliable, more robust and more affordable than ever. Built specifically to work on Fanuc robots across the entire range, the 3D vision system sets Fanuc apart from other robot manufacturers. For customers this means that the Fanuc 3D vision system and Fanuc robot will integrate seamlessly for a quicker, simpler and cheaper handling solution. As a result for manufacturers and material handlers, it is now more attractive than ever to have John Hart implement a complete technology solution which is both highly productive and affordable.

Fanuc 3D vision system locating part.

>> The keys to making successful fixtures EXPERIENCE: -


When we embark on a fixturing project we follow a set of guidelines set out from many years of successful installations. Step one is to collaborate with our customer and the casting supplier to ensure correct location and clamp points are established. This includes looking at fettling areas on castings and determining “safety zones” for locations. Our engineers are constantly looking at casting “split” lines to determine if any movement in cast halves will adversely affect the finished machined product.

All fixtures are concepted and fully designed using OnesSpace Designer, a product from CoCreate. Electronic drawings are forwarded to the end user for their input on suitability of the fixture. Key to the design is a solid model of the component and all proposed tooling, enabling us to design fixtures with minimum tool lengths and no collisions.

We are able to mock up prototypes extremely quickly, if required, using our Mazak NEXUS 510 Critical in any fixture is its machining centre. All Hydraulic fixtures during manufacture. ability to successfully hold fixtures are assembled the component. During and tested within our design our engineers are fully aware of required clamping workshop before delivery to our customer. forces and part distortion. Throughout all stages of design Finally it is up to the Application Engineers to conduct run we consult with our application engineers to gain further off trials and capability as required. options of our proposed design.


Integrex 200S Mk111 Multi-Tasking Lathe Capacity

500mm dia x 1,016mm long

Spindle Power

1st: 22kW, 2nd: 18.5kW, Mill: 15kW

Spindle Speeds

Turn: 5,000 RPM, Mill: 12,000 RPM


KM-63, 40 Tool Magazine

ONE 7.10.7 DCC CMM Capacity

X: 700mm, Y: 1,000mm, Z: 650mm

Volumetric Error MPE

3.9 + L/250 µm

Velocity / Acceleration

520mm/sec, 1752mm/sec2

Measurement Software


HC Nexus 6000 Horizontal Machining Centre



X: 800mm, Y: 800mm, Z: 880mm

Table / Work Size

500mm sq, 900mm Øx 1,000mm high

Spindle Speed/Power

10,000 RPM, 37kW


MAS BT-50, 43 Tools (Opt 60 to 120)

VC Nexus 510C-HS Vertical Machine Centre Capacity

X: 1,050mm, Y: 510mm, Z: 510mm

Table Size

1,300 x 550mm

Spindle Speed/Power

15,000 RPM, 30kW


MAS BT-40, 30 Tools

QT Nexus 250M Mill / Turn Lathe Capacity

380mm dia x 1,022mm long

Spindle Power

Turn: 26kW, Mill: 5.5kW

Spindle Speed

Turn: 4,000 RPM, Mill: 4,500 RPM


12 Station Turret VDI Shank

R2000iA/165 6 Axis Robot Payload





Fanuc V500i Vision System (2D and 3D Vision)


>> Mazak leads in technology investment Yamazaki Mazak will spend US$193.3million (AUD$254,342million) the financial year ending March 31st 2006 on large-scale capital investments aimed at increasing their output in response to the strong world demand for their machine tools. As a part of the expansion plans Mazak will install multitasking technology, automation systems and associated equipment at its plants in Singapore, China, the USA and the UK. In these plants alone Mazak expects to increase its total machine tool production capacity by 40%. Mazak manufacture in the UK for the European market, in China exclusively for the Chinese market, in the USA for the North American market and in Singapore for the Asian market, in addition to their Japanese plants. Aside from a few machines imported from the UK and USA some years ago, and the two smallest Nexus lathes which are manufactured in Singapore, all new Mazak CNC machines ever imported and sold into the Australian market have come from Mazak’s Japanese factories. Yamazaki Mazak will also be building a new 7,300 square metre factory addition which will be producing machine tool parts at its plant in Gifu, central Japan, which will increase the plant's capacity by 54%. They will also be

opening a new technology centre at the same site to showcase the latest technology. Comparing this major investment program against the other major Japanese machine tool manufacturers, Mazak is clearly the leader in future investment.

>> Applications engineer proves the flexibility of multi-tasking At John Hart our depth of experience combined with our world leading technology helps bring about the success of our customers. A very important part of this equation is having some of the most skilled engineers available.

modified at home. Having turbo charged the engine he required some custom components which included a new throttle body. This provided the perfect opportunity for Robbie to combine his passion for cars with his passion for Mazak’s world leading technology.

One such engineer is the Robbie O’Brien who recently joined our Victorian Applications team. Robbie Speaking with Robbie about his has well over 10,000hrs of Mazak project he commented “I thought multi-tasking machine programming Robbie O’Brien in front of the Integrex with throttle body. the throttle body project would be and operating experience in addition a good chance for me to sharpen to his experience with Co-Create the my skills on the Integrex multi-tasking Solid Designer CAD and Hypermill CAM machine as well as the OneSpace packages. Designer 3D CAD and Hypermill CAM Previously employed in the demanding systems. Utilising the Integrex helped motor racing industry, Robbie was me simplify part machining through responsible for overseeing a machine the Integrex’s “Done in One” ability to shop which included a variety of Mazak program and produce a complete part CAD model. machines including the highly productive from a single billet” Integrex200SY multi-tasking machine. During and after manufacture, Robbie Recently Robbie decided to demonstrate utilised the Brown and Sharpe ONE the flexibility of Mazak’s multi-tasking CMM to verify tolerances ensuring the technology by creating the throttle body throttle body fitted into his engine. pictured below. Made entirely from solid This throttle body will be on John Hart’s material the throttle body was designed Finished throttle body. stand at Austech 2005. for his Morris Mini Cooper S which he had


>> A firm grip for success For some years now most customers when purchasing CNC Turning Centres tend to specify their machines with the standard fitting Japanese chucking equipment. Usually this is because it is the cheapest alternative to keep the initial capital cost to the minimum.

Some of these are:

When various John Hart staff travel to the USA and Europe they comment that a significant number of the machines that they have seen are fitted with higher performance chucking equipment. There are significant advantages in the long term operation of CNC lathes in specifying a better quality chuck, such as those supplied by SMW-Autoblok and their subsidiaries.

For volume production work, fully sealed chucks are available for the Proofline™ range. These offer the benefits of much longer life where standard chucks are likely not to be greased daily as required. Also various specifically tailored solutions can be considered to suit the components and when combined with the LPS (Linear Positioning System) on the chucking cylinders to minimise mis-chucking, provide long term consistency and reliability.

For standard open centre chucks, the static and more importantly the dynamic grip force at higher RPM are usually significantly higher, especially important in minimising push back with bar work.

For jobbing shops the various quick jaw change models should really be considered. Although they cost considerably more that a standard chuck, they can easily be justified on the savings in job changeover time. The general rule of thumb is that for 2 set ups per day, the additional cost of the chuck can be paid for in around 6 months. The Australian customers using these chucks have found this to be true and are convinced that quick change is the only way to go. Please discuss the various chucking options with your John Hart representative for your existing and future machines.

>> Valcor upgrades their technology Even though their Mazak QT28 had given more than 15 years of excellent service, Ballarat based cutting tool manufacturer Valcor, decided that newer and more efficient technology was required in the production area.

In summary the technology of the Mazak SQT300MY together with the experience and support from John Hart has combined to make Valcor more successful.

With this in mind Valcor investigated the major brands available and the support structures offered by the suppliers. Laurie Treadwell the Valcor machine shop production supervisor also made a trip to Japan to inspect manufacturer’s facilities. The result was the selection of the Mazak SQT300MY. This popular multi-tasking machine features a rigid design, a 420mm maximum machining diameter, 22kW main spindle motor, 7.5kW rotary tool motor, 4,000rpm spindles, 150mm Y axis travel and 77mm bar capacity. Talking with Laurie about the selection of the SQT300MY he commented “a new lathe was required to assist in the reduction of time to manufacture special tooling including the use of milling and Y axis to provide increased capacity. We purchased the Mazak as it provided us with greater power, speed and reduced set up time. The Mazatrol Fusion 640 controller also provided easier programming and a windows based controller with plenty of memory to store many programs. The other consideration was the continued service and support provided by John Hart over many years”

Laurie Treadwell with operator Rob Kelly.


>> Variaxis does it in one Ideally suited for more complex parts, the Mazak Variaxis 630 - 5X series machines features up to 5 simultaneous axes. The result is a faster and more accurate production process which includes the elimination of multiple set ups, a reduction in fixture costs, an improvement in part quality and a happier customer. The Variaxis utilises a full cradle design (that is built into the machine structure) for the table allowing a total movement of 180 degrees in the A axis and 360 degrees in the C axis. The machine’s rigid construction (up to 13.5 tonnes) and a 22kW spindle motor means that the Variaxis 630 has plenty of muscle for truly heavy-duty cutting operations. This all adds up to a highly efficient machine which is the envy of its European rivals.

As with other Mazak machines, the Variaxis 630 utilises the speed and ease of the famous Mazatrol Fusion 640 system which allows programming time to be cut by up to 20% over other controllers. Where designers were once limited by the capability of their production machines, they are now able to design parts which can be machined “Done in One” on the Mazak Variaxis 630. Supported by our experienced team of engineers, the technology is available to help make your company more successful. Variaxis 630 specifications: Table Size

630 x 500mm*

Spindle Taper


Spindle Power

22KW (30HP)

Spinde Speed



30 Standard (40,80 optional)

X/Y/Z Stroke

630mm / 765mm / 510mm

A/C Travel

-120deg ~ +30deg / 360deg

Rapid Feedrate


*Two Pallet Changer available

>> “Lathe milling so rigid it out performs our vertical machining centres” Torrens Engineering Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and family run general engineering, tooling and jobbing company that has been operating in Adelaide for almost 25 years. Well known in the region for the quality of their work, they recently decided to update the technology in their manufacturing area. Traditionally Torrens had utilised a two axis CNC lathes for turning and then moved a workpiece to a conventional CNC mill for milling. This was cumbersome so to streamline the whole process Torrens recently decided to combine these operations into one machine with the installation of a Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 350M.

increased part accuracy, improved production efficiency and improved the production flow. Speaking with turning plant manager Tony Mingorance he commented on the new machine “We always knew that this was probably the best way to do these jobs, but sometimes it’s hard to take the chance, in the past we have looked at buying CNC lathes with milling but we were always concerned that they would fall down when it came to milling” This was important because the new machine would have to machine all grades of materials from bronze, through to high grade tool and hardened steel.

The Mazak QTN350M is an “The machine is great, it is so extremely rigid lathe which Tony Mingorance and operator Thanh Nguyen. rigid and accurate and we are features both turning and milling able to take really heavy cuts, having the VDI turret for capabilities on the turret, a max. machining diameter milling has saved us on having to spend a lot of money of 420mm, 30kW main spindle, 7.5kW rotary spindle, on re-tooling as the machine accepts all the standard 102mm bar capacity and the easy to use Mazatrol Fusion tooling. This machine is more rigid and accurate and it out 640 fully conversational controller. performs our existing CNC mills.” The versatility of combining turning and milling in the one machine has allowed Torrens to change the manufacturing The combination of the right technology from Mazak supported by the experienced team at John Hart has method to a “Done in One” process where the part is now brought increased success for Torrens Engineering. machined complete in a single setup. The result has been


>> Your measure of success The revolutionary new ONE™ CNC coordinate measuring machine from Brown & Sharpe, is designed especially for shop floor measurement and inspection operations.

weight and minimise the influence of thermal effects on measurement results. The ONE shop floor CMM comes with the PC-DMIS™ ONE TOUCH™ measurement and inspection software and accepts the full range of Renishaw probes and accessories, including the fully indexable PH-10 for the most complex measurements.

ONE’s small footprint allows the CMM to be positioned close to machine tools. It uses linear recirculating ball bearings rather than air bearings, eliminating the need for an air supply and it can be plugged in anywhere on the shop floor. ONE offers a software tutorial that takes operators through installation and set up quickly and easily and automatically self verifies its original factory accuracy. ONE’s high-density polymer composite base stiffens the machine and provides 10 times the vibration dampening of traditional materials. The X axis carriage and Z-axis ram are constructed from an aluminium/silicon carbide matrix material to reduce

The new Brown & Sharpe ONE is the best value shop floor CMM available. ONE specifications: 7.7.5


Stroke X




Stroke Y



Stroke Z



Max part weight



3D Acceleration



1732mm/sec 2

1732mm/sec 2

3D velocity

Mist Filters Model










For your work holding needs

John Hart proudly offers the Sigma Pool range of gear cutting, grinding, forming and measuring equipment.


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