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M yths of the Loose Vagina

Women have a few open fears about their sexuality-they worry that their breasts are too small or too large, they worry that they are too fat or they worry about being attractive. But there are some sinister worries too and one of them is the spectre of a loose vagina. A loose vagina is when you have problems feeling stimulation from a penis or even from fingers and there are a few myths surrounding the causes of it.

A Loose Vagina is Caused by Childbirth False. Only in one case is a loose vagina caused by childbirth and that is if you've had an episiotomy, a surgical procedure by which your vagina is sliced wider in order to allow a baby to come out properly. Unfortunately, this procedure is pretty common, leading to a lot of complaints after childbirth about a loose vagina. However, a normal, non-surgical childbirth will NOT lead to a loose vagina, no matter how many babies you have!

A Loose Vagina is Caused by Too Much Sex How many 'hot dog down a hallway' jokes have you heard? A loose vagina has long been associated with women who have been promiscuous; indeed, the term 'loose woman' may well stem from this myth. It is for this reason that women feel ashamed of having a loose vagina and don't want to talk about it, for fear of being judged. But the truth is that sex does not cause a loose vagina. No matter how much you have, no matter how 'big' your partners have been. It. Does. Not. Matter.

So What Causes a Loose Vagina? The vagina is made up of muscles and what causes any loose muscles? A lack of exercise and weakening of the walls! The most common causes are childbirth where the vaginal walls can lose up to 50% of their elasticity, particularly if you've had to be cut, and being overweight. Finally, simply being aroused loosens your vagina; it has to get looser in order to let a penis in because the natural state is to have the walls touching. As you can see, the cause of loose vagina are pretty natural things and so it follows that the best cure for a loose vagina is also natural things. A combination of Kegel exercises and the all natural Virgin Stick, an herbal soap meant to help tighten a loose vagina, can really go a long way towards restoring your youthful sexual glow. So, if you've been suffering from the stigma of a loose vagina, take action and order Virgin Stick today. You and your partner will be glad you did. Virgin Stick is not only used for vaginal tightening but also for your vaginal health!

Myths of the Loose Vagina