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Easy Waste Collection The environment is so important to us. here we take a look at how domestic and building rubbish is disposed of. I am now in the fortunate position that I have established a good career as a self-employed gardener. It was not always like that though, and I have had to build up my client base slowly. I now have a good reputation and my telephone rings every day with new clients who have heard of me through word-of-mouth. I always take on new customers as everyone's requirements are different. Some just need their flower beds tending to once a week, other will need a one off job such as cutting down unwanted trees. I have though, noticed an increase in the amount of people who want me to landscape their garden. A majority of my customers lead stressful busy lives, so that want a new garden that will always look good but require little or no maintenance. I always get so many ideas when I am designing a garden however it was not until I completed my first landscaped garden that I realized I had a big problem. I needed to find a way to get rid of trees, plants, old stones and rubbish. I had completely changed the design of the garden but had not planned on what I was going to do with all the rubbish that was left over. There was the option of the dump however how would I transport it there and how much would the dump charge me? A friend then laughed at me as he could not understand why I was getting so stressed. “Just hire a skip� he said. I searched around and found a good local skip company. I could choose from various sizes of skips so I choose the largest. The skip company then turned up the next day and placed the skip on the drive way of the property. I learned that if the owner did not have a drive way, than I could apply for a permit to place it on the road. That happened with one of my previous customers so I know the permit is easy and straight forward. I could hire skips on a daily basis so booked this skip for two days which would give me enough time to fill it. When the skip was filled, I called the company and they came to collect it. There was no headache involved and the charge was next to nothing so I did not have to pass this cost onto my customer. Word must of spread about the first job I did, because plenty more people rang me to landscape their gardens for them. This is not a problem because after I have finished, I simply call the skip company and they deliver a skip for me. You will find that anyone can use skip companies to get rid of the waste. You do not have to be a business. Even if you are just a property owner, they will welcome your custom. So if you are completing major work and need someone to take away all your waste, simply ring your local skip company for peace of mind and an easier work load. If you are looking for decent skip hire, it pays to shop around and find a reliable company. There are a wide range of sizes available and they provide a full domestic or industrial waste collection service.

Easy Waste Collection  

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