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In This Issue P3. As I See It by John Graden P8. Martial Arts Day at Cowboys Stadium P10. Pro-Star Curriculum Concept P14. Pro-Star Faculty Board P23. Saying Goodbye to a Legend P26. QR Codes for Your School P27. Is Your Site Mobile Ready? P28. The Masters on Change P29. Nine Year Old with Nightmares P31. Health and Fitness Network

John Graden As I See It

The Difference Between You and Your Employees While it may not sound like it in the media today, America's rugged individualism forged a new world for possibilities that never existed before. One of the best examples I can offer is this. It's common for adults to say to kids, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" That question did not exist prior to America and it still does not exist in many countries today. America created a risk/reward ratio that also never existed prior to our founding. Regardless of where you start, you have a chance to improve your life. If you are willing to work and risk you have a much better shot at moving up than those who are unwilling. As a business owner, it's important that you understand this.You are taking a huge risk that employees do not.You deserve a higher reward. Continued...

Early NAPMA Shipping From My Home With First NAPMA Employee When an employee of any business starts complaining about the rich and corporates owners earning more than them, they are missing the most important point. The reward is in proportion to the risk. The worse that can happen to an employee is getting fired. Among the many worse case scenarios that can happen to the business owner is getting sued. Here is a far too close to home example. In 1993, I created NAPMA in my spare bedroom. My first employee was my girlfriend at the time. I still had two schools that were generating a six-figure income for me, but I knew I had more in me than the schools were challenging. I needed a larger platform and I knew I could lead the martial arts out of the stone ages and into the modern era. I took the huge risk of selling my schools and launching NAPMA. NAPMA was a huge success. As I am inclined to do, I used the platform to try to make some adjustments in how schools appealed to the market. My first focus was in pointing out that the martial arts gi is the world's ugliest fitness apparel and that alone is keeping many adults from joining. Continued...

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That caught the ire of the major equipment companies. Over the course of a few years, I lost everything from a series of massive lawsuits.. I went from having six-figures in the bank, two fully funded 529 college plans for my kids, and living in a fully paid for million dollar home, to $800,000 in debt and am still paying legal fees to this day. My employees, however, didn't lose a thing. They had no risk. Some stayed on with NAPMA and others moved on. One even claims to have built NAPMA personally. Funny, I never saw him in court once nor his name on the lawsuits as defendent. So next time you hear someone complaining about business owners or, better yet, is soliciting your business as a consultant, ask them if they have ever even owned a business. No one can "walk in your shoes" unless they too have risked everything to open their own business.

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“It’s amazing. We earned our entire year Cobra tuition before we even got certified.” -- Chris Stark, Stark Tae Kwon Do

Cobra Brings Four New Revenue Streams to Your School The market for self-defense is much larger than the market for martial arts. Cobra-Defense was created from the ground up to work within a martial arts school’s schedule. For over a decade, Cobra has been working to attract and convert adults into martial arts students. Here is your chance to capture this huge market. 1. Ten-Week Academy This is the engine that drives everything. This is the most profitable and powerful system for attracting and converting adults into your school. 2. Adult Survival Camp This six-hour program teaches some of the best elements of the Ten-Week Academy. 3. Kids Cobra Camp This six-hour program gives children the training they need to be safe in an unsafe world. 4. Corporate Cobra This can be as lucrative as you are will to make it.

Martial Arts Day at Dallas Cowboys Stadium MATA’s Pro-Star Martial Arts Curriculum Faculty Board Members Troy Dorsey and Raymond McCallum headline Martial Arts Day at the landmark Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX on October 27 from 8am - 3pm pst. McCallum and Dorsey are two of the most accomplished martial artists in history. McCallum was a world champion in both full contact and point fighter. Dorsey is the only person to hold both a world boxing championship and a world kickboxing championship concurrently.

Troy Dorsey World Boxing Champion World Kickboxing Champion

Ray McCallum World Point Fighting Champion World Kickboxing Champion

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Tuition is a steal at just $20 per-head. If you have more than 10 people in your group, it is only $15 per person. 817-477-5523 for more Seminars are from info or to register. 8am - 11am

Tours of Cowboys Stadium 11am - 5pm

Meet the Other Super Star Instructors...

UFC champion Guy Mezger

World Kick-Boxing Champion Ishmael Robles

Ultimate Fighter 4 Winner Travis Lutter

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The Pro-Star Martial Arts Curriculum What is the Concept?

Go to the Mall and Pick the first 100 People Within Your School’s Age Range and Ask Each Person... “Would you like to get into better physical condition?” The largest number of “Yes” answers will be for this question.

“Would you like to learn how to protect yourself?” The Next largest number of “Yes” answers will be for this question.

“Would you like to learn Traditional ‘Your Style?’” The largest number of “NO” answers will be for this question. Presented By

What People Want Less Who Wants It? People

Your Style

Easy or Hard? Very Complex

Self Defense Fitness

More Complex Easy To Learn

Mental Benefits More People

Less Stress

Self Control Confidence

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What Schools Offer Less

Fitness Self Defense Mental Benefits More

Your Traditional Style

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Sample Lesson Plan. Each segment is Linked to a Video or John Graden and/or the Faculty Board Demonstrating How to Teach It.

MATA’s Pro-Star Martial Arts Faculty Board

World Champion Jim Graden

World Champion Mark Graden

Jim is a five time member of the World Champion United States Kickboxing team.

Mark is a fifth-Degree Black Belt under Joe Lewis, having been training for more than 30 years, and a World-Champion Kickboxer.

Jim also won the World Heavyweight Kickboxing title in Palermo, Sicily in 1991. He has certified over 6,000 martial arts fitness instructors and is the founder of the popular UBC.

Mark was named the 2005 and 2006 Pound-for-Pound Fighter of the Year by the board of directors of Joe Lewis Fighting Systems (JLFS). Mark is also the master instructor at World Champion Jim Graden’s Karate in Seminole, Florida. Continued...

MATA’s Pro-Star Martial Arts Faculty Board

World Champion Troy Dorsey

World Champion Frank Shamrock

Troy Dorsey is a one of a kind individual. He is the only man in history to hold world titles in both kickboxing and boxing.

As a fighter, Frank "The Legend" Shamrock was a mixed martial arts pioneer.

Throughout the mid 1980s Dorsey completely dominated his weight class handedly outclassing all challengers. Dorsey is widely considered one of Full Contact Kickboxing's greatest fighters.

He was the world's first UFC Middleweight Champion, and left the UFC as the four-time, undefeated champion. He secured four world titles, and set two world records for the fastest championship victories in history – defeating one contender in 14 seconds and another in 20.

On August 11, 2001 he was awarded a 7th Degree Black Belt. Continued...

MATA’s Pro-Star Martial Arts Faculty Board

World Champion Keith Vitali Keith Vitali was one of the top point fighters of the 1980s and has been rated as the "#1 Karate Fighter in the USA." His outstanding number of wins landed him an honored place in the Black Belt Magazine's Black Belt Hall of Fame in 1981. The magazine also named Master Vitali as one of the ten best fighters of all time. He is also an author of karate books. His first book, "Beginning Karate" sold over 30,000 copies. It is used as a textbook at the University Of South Carolina.

World Champion Ray McCallum Ray McCallum was one of the first champions to fight and win national and world titles in both point karate and full-contact. McCallum trained under both Allen Steen and Demetrius Havanas. Fellow Faculty Board Member, Keith Vitali said McCallum was the most spectacular fighter of the day.


MATA’s Pro-Star Martial Arts Faculty Board

World Champion Kathy Long Kathy Long is a retired five time world kickboxing champion and mixed martial arts fighter. In the 1990s, Long was inducted into several sports hall of fames. These include the Bob Elias' Sports Hall of Fame, Inside Kung Fu Hall of Fame, and the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame. Long is one of the top female fighters in the kickboxing history. She compiled an impressive 18-1 record, winning 5 world titles in the process.

MATA Instructor of the Year Matt Fiddes Matt Fiddes is a British martial arts star and fitness trainer. He has worked with Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and many other superstars, and currently runs a chain of martial arts schools. He has built a multi-million dollar, international martial arts franchise and brand. Fiddes was Michael Jackson’s bodyguard at close friend for over 12 years. Continued...

MATA’s Pro-Star Martial Arts Faculty Board

Loren W. Christensen Russell Stutely Self-Defense Expert Pressure Point Expert Loren W. Christensen is a Vietnam veteran, retired police officer, a martial artist since 1965, and a prolific author of books and magazine articles.

Russell Stutely has been acknowledged as Europe's Leading Authority on the use of Pressure Points in the Martial Arts and self defense.

Loren was a career police officer in Portland, Oregon on street patrol as part of the gang enforcement force.

Russell is a regular Columnist for Britain's most prestigious Martial Arts magazines, Martial Arts Illustrated,Traditional Karate and Combat.

Loren has earned a total of 11 black belts in three fighting arts. He is the author of 45 books and dozens of magazine articles. Nominated for the Frankfurt award.


MATA’s Pro-Star Martial Arts Faculty Board

Dr. Judy Flury Psychologist A 5th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Dr. Judy Flury is a psychologist who has worked with children in various capacities for over 20-years. Dr. Flury ran the school while also attending college and then graduate school, ultimately earning a doctorate in personality psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington. Dr. Flury was named "Instructor of the Year" by the USA-Korean Karate Association for three years in a row.

Regis Lima Kicking Expert After training for 10 years in Brazil under Master Fabio Goulart (most known Taekwondo athlete in Brazil ) he moved to U.S. in 1999, not speaking any word of English and with $ 500 that he borrowed from Goulart. Regis now has two schools and many national and world Tae Kwon Do titles.


MATA’s Pro-Star Martial Arts Faculty Board

COBRA Defense Creator Chris Sutton Chris' extensive martial arts training and law enforcement experience dealing with real criminals have given him highly unique insights into the reality of self-defense. Chris has used this expertise to create the acclaimed COBRA™ reality-based self-defense system. Chris is a certified and Experienced Law Enforcement Officer, and Maximum Security Prison Guard.

Pro-Star Marketing Materials

What makes UBC different from Tae Bo or any other martial arts fitness program? 1. The UBC is Not Just a Workout Class. It's a complete program that gives the public what they want; an easy to understand, easy to follow course that is fun, engaging and guarantees results. 2.The UBC Guarantees Results for Students Try to get a gym to do that. 3. The UBC is not a Month-to-Month Program The power of the UBC is that it’s not just an ongoing month to month program. It's structured as a ten-week program that gets students in great shape fast and then teaches you how to upsell them to either your martial arts program or an ongoing UBC maintenance program, not an ongoing month-to-month program. This is a HUGE distinction and here is why: 1. People are far more willing to enter a fitness program that has an end date already established. After they have fallen in love with the UBC programming, we then show you how to upsell to get maximum value out of each and every student..

2. You can charge much more for a ten-week program than for an ongoing, month-to-month program. The average martial arts fitness program is $55 - $75 a month. A UBC Ten-Week program is typically around $299. That breaks down to $129 per month! 4. The UBC Practically Runs Itself The UBC is highly unique in the fitness world because the classes are easy to teach and it's easy to train instructors to teach them. Many of the UBC instructors come from students who got great results from the course and now want to get more involved. They don't have to have a black belt. UBC National has created an easy and profitable way for school owners to find and certify UBC instructors, plus we will show you how to create UBC coaches. The UBC coaches are just like your leadership team for your martial arts classes. The difference is that these are adults who are thrilled at the opportunity to help others get the results they got. So, in no time at all, your coaches will be practically running the program for you.

Saying Goodbye to a Legend-Joe Lewis 21 Gun Salute and Veteran Escorts

Final Respects

Spontaneous Act of Joe Lewis Black Belts Grabbing Shovels


Never Forgotten

Joe Lewis March 7, 1944 – August 31, 2012

QR Codes Make it Easy To Get to Your Website What is a QR Code? A QR Code (stands for “Quick Response”) is a smart mobile phone readable barcode that’s been big in Japan forever, broke into Europe a while back, and is now getting traction in USA and Australia plus the rest of the world. A QR Code can contain a wide range of information and is being used by schools all over the world as a marketing tool.

Scan this QR Code to go to the Pro-Star Martial Arts Website

Rather than having to type in your school url, people can scan your QR Code to be taken their automatically. You can make special offers that viewers can scan off your flyers at demos to grab your informionat and offer.

QR Codes can be created using any number of free online generators and for poster sizes look for one that will create a vector file. Tracking for better marketing You can track QR Codes with a number of different systems like Google Analytics or QR Code tracking services. It is usually a matter of just adding some code to your Mobile Website to trigger the tracking which provides device, location and more. Videos on various QR Code Usage There are some grate videos on how QR Codes are being used and this site from Australia has them all in one place for you. Decorating This video will show you how


Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

One Half of all local searches are performed using a mobile device.

WHY THE URGENCY…  There are 6.8 billion people on the planet. 5.1 billion of them own a cell phone, but only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush.

(Source: Mobile Marketing Association Asia)

 91% of people keep their phone within 3 feet of themselves, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Source Morgan Stanley

 3 out of 5 searches are done using a mobile phone  70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour. (Source: Mobile Marketer)

The Masters On Change

"Before we examine jeet kune do, let's consider exactly what a "classical" martial art style really is. To begin with, we must recognize the incontrovertible fact that regardless of their many colorful origins (by a wise, mysterious monk, by a special messenger in a dream, in a holy revelation, etc.) styles are created by men. A style should never be considered gospel truth, the laws and principles of which can never be violated. Man, the living, creating individual, is always more important than any established style." -- Bruce Lee Read the Black Belt Magazine Article Presented By

Local Nine-year Old Says You Caused Him to Have Nightmares or Even Worse... This is a story about the risks of hard tuition collections straight out of the headlines. A martial arts instructor’s dark past was revealed recently. Andrew Lee Patterson was a self-proclaimed Nazi who had served six-years in prison for beating up two homeless men. Today, Patterson teaches at his karate studio on the main street in Gold Hill, Ore. That’s the not story. How his past came to light is a lesson for all instructors. One of his students was the grand daughter of a City Councilor. The girl enjoyed the classes so much her parents signed a $600 contract with the school. Continued...

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Local Nine-year Old Says You Caused Him to Have Nightmares or Even Worse... When she lost interest, the parents stopped paying. When Patterson continued to try to collect the remaining $250 of the contract grandma did some research to find a way to hurt his business and she hit gold. Would Patterson pay $250 for that story NOT to be released? Odds are yes. But, what if he didn’t have that past? Would you put it past angry parents to concoct a story against you that you couldn’t defend without spending thousands of dollars in legal fees. What if the parents told the media their son has suffered from nightmares since taking your class. Or, even worse, claimed something happened in the dressing room? How do you fight that? The claim will make the lead on the news. Once you prove it didn’t happen, it will get no mention. That’s why we always recommend using a billing company. Let the billing company be the bad guy, not you. We use Member Solutions. If you do not have a billing company or are looking to switch companies, go to to get more information.

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Recomended Resources The Official Home of the Martial Arts Teachers Association The Official Pro-Star Martial Arts Curriculum Program The Official MATA Self-Defense Business System The Official MATA Martial Arts Fitness Business System The Official MATA Life Skills 24-Month Curriculum Online Marketing Done for Your School the MATA Way 52-Weekly Lesson to Help You to Grow Your Martial Arts School

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John Graden Founder of the first professional association and trade journal for professional martial arts schools.

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