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Learn About Mobilstråling And Its Effects There is a rising apprehension about the amount of radiation being emitted by mobile phones and the nature of damage caused to those who are constantly using phones. Investigation on the adverse health effects of mobile phone radiation is on surge but fresh analyses have associated it with vertigo, salivary gland tumors, brain cancer, behavioral problems and migraines. Most horrifying information is that many of the top mobile phones from popular manufacturing companies are considered to have maximum intensity of radiation emission, as per the Environmental Working Group. Blackberry Bold 9700, Motorola's Droid, HTC Nexus One by Google and LG Chocolate Touch are some of the gaudy phones for you to avoid since all these four phones are actually approaching the sharp edge of 'Radiofrequency radiation safety limits' put forth by the 'Federal Communications Commission' as claimed by EWG. On the other hand, Blackberry Storm, Sanyo Katana II and Samsung Rugby have the lowest mobilstråling discharge rates. However every mobile phone discharges some amount of mobilstråling which in the long run may cause serious health problems. Now-a-says life devoid of cell phones seems to be highly unfeasible. There are certain factors which are recommended by experts that can help to guard the radiation exposure to a greater level. Make it a practice to use earphones all the time because earphones do not produce radiation as much as the mobile phones. Try to talk less and listen more because according to experts while talking mobilstråling is more radiation than at the time of listening. Another important suggestion is to send text messages more often instead of talking because while creating text messages the phone utilizes less power as a result of which less radiation is produced. Avoid talking when there is a weak signal because in order to catch hold of a stronger signal the phone releases considerable amount of radiation. There is a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not mobilstråling dangers. There are some who say that there are dangers and there are those who say there are no dangers at all; that there are no studies that prove that cell phone radiation causes harm to the brain. The truth, though, is that there has been a study and that study was conducted over a two year

period. This study showed that there are changes in the brain due to radiation from mobile phones. In this study, human cells were used instead of rats. It was found by scientists that even the lowest of emissions from cellular phones can cause hjerteflimmer. These scientists believe that these cell changes could disable a natural barrier that exists in the body that is meant to protect from such harmful materials. These scientists are now calling for even more research to prove how detrimental cell phone radiation can be to a person's health. Abnormal heart rhythm or hjerteflimmer is most commonly caused by atrial fibrillation due to mobile radiations. hjerteflimmer involves the two larger, upper chambers of the heart and fibrillation is the medical term used to describe "quivering" of the affected muscles of the heart.

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Learn about mobilstråling and its effects