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Week 2 journal john goldberg This week was spent primarily working on Assignment 1. I quite like the idea of assignment and think it is interesting and promotes creative thinking. The assignment is also quite structured and systematic which I like. It served as a good introduction to the subject and a platform to improve our foundational understandings of structures and physical formations and the differing functions they perform. One shortcoming I found with the instructions for the assignment was the inadequate amount of explanation for each section. For example, words like context and sustainability are eminently ambigious and can refer to or be applied to a wide range of issues on different scales. I was confused about whether sustainability refered to the inherent durability of the structure or whether its materials are environmentally friendly. In the tutorial we were instructed to form a structure out of stripped balsa wood. This task was thoroughly more difficult than last weeks. Rather than having to account for basic compression forces this task required us to comprehensively consider how we were going to construct a tall structure without it collapsing or falling to one side. This task furthermore required a lot more attention to be given to balancing the structure. This factor was so important as a result of the flimsy and unstable thin strips of balsa wood we were using which were very susceptible to falling and being blown over by oblique wind forces. The general system people adhered to was creating a robust and larger base which progressivel tapered into a spire. This way, a strong foundation was formed which minimised chances of falling to one side and minimised chances of buckling/breaking.

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