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Constructing Environments Week 1 Journal No information seems to exist about what we are expected to write about in the journal so I will just talk about the tute, lecture and my expectations of the course. Constructing Environments began with an introductory lecture. Following a discussion about the required materials in the subject some of the tutors were introduced and subsequently announced their qualifications, experience in construction (or projects of that nature) and enjoined us to ask them questions. Moreover, the lecturer told us what to expect from the subject and purveyed a brief summary of the content of the subject and the skills it can equip us with. The tutorial was mostly introductory routine followed by a task which ordered us to build a structure made of blocks. What seemed like an easy task initially soon proved itself to be fraught with difficult of a physical nature. Ajith explains to us, quite well, the way in which blocks achieve balance and the forces which can unbalance them and lead to collapse. Despite my ignorance of this area, Ajith described quite precisely the concepts of compression and centre of gravity in an attempt to assist us in maintaining balance and robustness in our towers. Ajith also instructed us about what is expected of us in regard to the 3 forthcoming assignments and what we should bear in mind if undertaking the alternative ones. Overall, despite my distaste for studies of a physical and practical nature the subject promised to be more interesting and enjoyable than I initially thought.

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