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==== ==== Your Job Description: Place One Free Classifed Ad Per Day and Watch Your Income Grow Every Day. ==== ====

If you have been online you most likely have come across a posting in a forum or classified ad that reveal lots of offers for you to make money from home very quickly and easily, some of them promise you hundreds of dollars a day with just an email account and some easy steps. Even if you open up the newspaper you will find a bunch of make money from home scams which range from stuffing envelopes, data processing to making money with online surveys. Most of these schemes are not legitimate, a majority of them are all scams. You ask how I know this? Because I tried every one of them myself and got burned. The old scams like pyramid schemes and envelope stuffing have died out, but the online make money from home schemes have replaced them in great quantity. They're are very enticing, and offer good and easy ways to make money from home with a computer and internet connection. When I was home from school for the summer and had a lot of time on my hands. I was very close to being broke, so making money from home seemed like a good opportunity for me and a solution to my money problems. I replied to one of the job offerings, inquiring about the position and sent them my resume for a review. I received a reply very quickly, which told me that they have approved me and I would be processing lots of orders from home, all I needed was a valid email address. The company was not very clear on what sort of work I would be doing, which should of triggered my suspicion. It did, but not enough to make me stop reading and get out of the scam. It the only thing I had to do was complete a ten dollar payment to the company through StormPay to verify that I was serious about the business and to cover the cost of my "basic training materials." This really should have set off an alarm as it would for most people. Imagine this, you apply for a job at a company, they agree to hire you, but they ask you for a $10 bill first before you can start working. I was still excited about it and I paid the ten dollars. Do you know what I got?, I received a PDF file telling me how to make money off the scam by putting up classifieds, offering the job processing orders, and then receiving money from the opportunity seekers who replied to the posting. After making threats to the guy who scammed me I finally got a refund for my payment. I also did a search online and found out the scam is pretty well known. I should of known that it was too good to be true as the saying goes. If you are serious about making money from home, you should do your research first. There are so many scams online and offline and you have to watch your back. Never pay money to anyone that is offering you a job or makes outrageous claims about how to make money from home. Remember that there is no get rich quick, if you want to make money from home you have to take it slow and have patience, with time you will reach your goals and achieve financial freedom.

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==== ==== Your Job Description: Place One Free Classifed Ad Per Day and Watch Your Income Grow Every Day. ==== ====

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