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A Message from the Headmaster Members of the Xavier Community,


s you read this edition of Xavier Today, we are at the end of what has been a particularly cold and snowy winter. I know many will want to put the

shoveling and slippery roads quickly behind and move on to the upcoming warmth of spring and summer. But I find winter to be very enjoyable. At the end of a recent meeting with our Hall of Honors committee, I said “the colder, the better.” I can assure you that winter has been both an active and productive time of our school year. In these pages there are dozens of accomplishments of the Xavier community. The activities of the National Honor Society, peer ministers, Ryken Service Society, Columbian Squires, class nights and others that you read about here or see on our school website are just examples of what happens here. In my travels in the past few months, I’ve also

school year. Our SFX membership continues to grow.

experienced the joys of enduring relationships. You will

We heartily welcome the new members and gratefully

read of our trips to Florida and New York; and the Knights

acknowledge the continued support of our returning

of Columbus Museum in New Haven where Bishop Cote

members. Without their generosity and the contributions

blessed our crèche which was on display. Alumni, parents

of all who assist in our Annual Fund Drive, the financial aid

of alumni and others with a relationship to Xavier High

that we provide for students who are in need would not be

School came together to celebrate and discuss the many


common bonds that we share. Our faculty and staff and

With all these examples of action and the building of

other representatives of the Xavier community are leading

enduring relationships, we must look beyond spring and

the way in the year-long self-study program as part of our

summer to September and the future classes who will

reaccreditation by NEASC.

attend Xavier. If you know any young men who may be

You will read of family relationships that remain close

good prospects for Xavier High School, I ask that you please

to Xavier: the receptions for grandparents of our freshmen

encourage them to contact our Admissions Office. All

and sophomores; and the return of the Hubbard brothers

our efforts will continue to provide them the very best in

to discuss their collaboration as authors. We celebrate

Catholic education and build those lasting relationships.

the accomplishments of our Xavier community: students, alumni, faculty and staff, especially Brother James Boyle,

God bless you,

C.F.X. as he received this year’s Ryken Award. I would be remiss if I did not thank all those who have been so generous in their support of Xavier so far this

Brother William, C.F.X., Headmaster

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Hubbard Brothers Collaborate


n December, the Hubbard brothers, Mark ’67 and Donald ’77 came back to Xavier. The occasion was twofold. First, they presented Principal William Garrity with copies of two books: The Heavenly Twins of Boston Baseball: A Dual Biography of Hugh Duffy and Tommy McCarthy by Donald J. Hubbard and Business Wise Guide by Mark O. Hubbard; Second, a chance to reconnect with old friend, former teacher and coach, Artie Kohs. “Who would have thought we’d be back at Xavier as authors?” commented Mark to Advancement Director Michael Tommasi, who had arranged the evening. Of special interest is the fact the brothers are collaborating on a new book which is scheduled for release in August of this year.

Mark says, “first and foremost, let me say that Don is the better writer.” Don says, “Mark is the bridge builder. He helps make the connections we need to advance from one place to another.” Sounds like a good partnership. Accompanying them were their mother Nancy Hubbard and Mark’s wife Bridget. Nancy pointed out that they got their talent (and sense of humor) from her. Mrs. Hubbard still lives in Middlefield. Mark and Don live at opposite ends of Massachusetts and were visiting for the holidays. Mark said Bridget “is the best editor ever” and provided great help on his first book. Both Mark and Don said they would encourage students to consider writing. Both

The Hubbard brothers have donated to the school library/media center their latest two books.

offered their services to speak with students if the occasion presented itself. But neither painted the picture of a simple and lucrative profession. In the preface of Business Wise Guide” Mark writes, “It was never my intention to write a book. The process just appeared too hard. And what could I possibly write

that anyone else would want to read? When you discover how few books actually sell over a thousand copies (fewer than 5%) and how little authors actually earn for all their effort (about 10% of the retail price), you wonder if this is a good use of one’s time? So, why did I do it? The truth is that this book practically wrote itself. I’m sure that many of you reading this could have done the same thing. I’d encourage you to try. All you need is a good premise and a

Mark Hubbard ’67 (left) and Don Hubbard ’77 (right) hold a poster representing the book they are currently writing. Principal William Garrity is holding their books.


Xavier Today

From Corby Books a division of Corby Publishing –

“THE FORGOTTEN FOUR: Notre Dame’s Best Backfield Ever” by Donald J. Hubbard and Mark O. Hubbard (Publication August 2009)

(l-r) Artie Kohs, Nancy Hubbard (mother of the Alumni), Don Hubbard ’77, Mark Hubbard, ’67 and his wife Bridget at halftime on one of the games of the Kohs Christmas Basketball Classic in the school gymnasium.

“Who would have thought we’d be back at Xavier as authors?” — Mark O. Hubbard

willingness to tell your story.” Don told us that it took 8 years to get his first book published. After getting past that hurdle, it is much easier to contract for another. Don says he tries to get Middlefield and Xavier mentioned somewhere in each of his books. Both brothers are successful in their primary careers. Mark has been entrepreneur, executive, consultant and teacher. Don operates a law firm in Boston and is a member of the Boston chapter of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) and has also been a newspaper columnist in Boston for several years. Don explained that his contacts as a lawyer helped him in writing the story of The Heavenly Twins of Boston Baseball. In the preface, he writes, “In the 1990s, an enterprising baseball fan drove all over the country, merrily stealing the wills of long dead baseball players so that he could sell their authenticated autographs… In the midst of this unusual caper, the thief had filched the wills of Tommy McCarthy and Hugh Duffy… I had heard enough of each to know that I knew very little about either. So I started to research their lives


Xavier Today

and discovered two very colorful and often controversial players… much of their historical records was destroyed years ago, and McCarthy’s will, which would have provided some key insight into the final years of his life, has never been returned to its rightful place in the Suffolk (MA) County Probate Court Archives. Fortunately, Duffy’s will was located and is now under lock and key, but as you will see (if you read the book), Duffy always was luckier than his Heavenly Twin.” Living in Boston and with an obvious love of baseball, it is no surprise that two other projects in the works are The Red Sox Before Babe Ruth and Desegregating the Red Sox. As you may have guessed by their friendship with Artie Kohs, sports are a common thread between Don and Mark. That and a love of Notre Dame, where Mark is still an adjunct professor in the Business School, made the collaboration on this next project so natural. We hope you may read some of their work, and that some may take up the challenge to put pen to paper (or, more likely, finger to keyboard) and put your own thoughts out there for someone to read.


hile much has been written about the Rockne years and the Leahy teams of the late 1940’s, not much has been said about the fine teams of the early 1950’s. Embedded in the legacy of these years is the story of the best backfield (by all statistical measures) ever to play at Notre Dame. The story has been passed over in part because it occurred in Frank Leahy’s very troubled final season. This is the story of backs John Lattner, Neil Worden, Ralph Guglielmi and Joe Heap, but it is also an inside account of a team that many believe should have been named National Champions by unanimous vote. With careful research and interviews, the Hubbards take the reader inside the experience of Notre Dame Football in that era of unparalleled success and inside the changes of those critical years of post-war America. Looming over the story is the figure of the legendary Frank Leahy in what was to be his last year at the helm of Notre Dame Football.

Br. James Boyle, C.F.X. Receives Ryken Award Headmaster, Brother William, C.F.X announced that fellow Xaverian Brother James Boyle has received the Annual Ryken Award. The award was presented at the conclusion of a special assembly for the Xavier community celebrating the Feast of St. Francis Xavier in December. Principal William Garrity introduced Brother Boyle saying…


ach year the faculty, staff and administration are asked to nominate one of their peers to receive the Theodore James Ryken Award, which is presented annually on the Feast of St. Francis Xavier at all Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools. This award perpetuates the memory of Theodore James Ryken, the founder of the Xaverian Brothers. It is presented to a person who, in the opinion of the faculty, staff and administration, exemplifies in an outstanding way the values and qualities that ought to characterize all of us engaged in the mission of Xaverian education. This year’s award winner has a long history of dedicated service to the Xavier High School community as well as to the Xaverian Brothers’ community. He entered the Brothers in September of 1952 after receiving his BA degree in English from


Xavier Today

Catholic University. His first teaching assignment was in Louisville, KY. He later spent five years at St. John’s Prep as Director of Residents, and two years at Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood as a teacher. He went on to serve as assistant principal at Xavier from 1967–1974, returning two years later for a six year term as our school’s principal. For the next thirteen years he held administrative posts in the governing body of the Congregation. His life of dedicated service spans fifty-five years and in each of these roles as a Brother his first concern was with the spiritual and temporal needs of the Brothers, paying special attention to those who were sick or dying. During the next phase of his life, when most people are ready to slow down, he took on the responsibility as the community director of the Brothers’ Community in Middletown and

Brother James Boyle (center) receives Annual Ryken Award from Headmaster, Brother William, C.F.X. and Principal, William Garrity.

This year’s recipient truly exemplifies the Xaverian charisms on a daily basis and serves as the cornerstone and part of the foundation on which our school has been built. as administrative assistant here at Xavier. For the past 13 years his presence in our community has been an example of our school motto, “Be a Man – a Man like Christ.” His life of service and dedication to others challenges us to do the same on a daily basis. He has participated and continues to participate in the Xavier community of faith in a myriad of ways. Whether as mentor to the new teachers, chair of the faculty/ staff/administrative council, member of the Xavier spiritual life council, substitute teacher, grammatically mentoring our valedictorian and salutatorian, or preparing press releases for our local newspapers, he continues to nurture the community practically and spiritually. His commitment to academic excellence is evident. He is devoted to high levels of excellence and encourages

our community to do the same. At the same time he recognizes the gifts and talents of all and celebrates them by his presence and support. It is not unusual to see him cheering on the Xavier athletes at numerous sporting events throughout the year. His well rounded personality is evident in his support of the fine arts and campus ministry programs as well. No concert, Mass, or prayer service goes unattended by this dedicated Brother. This year’s recipient truly exemplifies the Xaverian charisms on a daily basis and serves as the cornerstone and part of the foundation on which our school has been built. Although his career spanned many years, his work in the present is his focus and is as vibrant and meaningful today as it was over 50 years ago. This year’s recipient of the Theodore James Ryken award is Brother James Boyle.”

First Annual Rob Novak Memorial Golf Tournament In our last issue, we told you of the sudden loss of our alumnus, Robert A. Novak, Jr. ’92 in a car accident. We received the following letter from Rob’s widow, Sage.


would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to the members of the Xavier Community who have reached out to me with love and support. Suddenly losing my husband Rob has been so very painful. Some of you knew him from his Xavier days as a member of the football and track teams and maybe some of you went to school with him as a younger child in Middletown. Rob was always kind, somewhat quiet, both large in stature and in goodness. “The kind gestures, prayers, and loving support that have flowed my way from both the Mercy and Xavier Communities have warmed my soul. Rob and I were very lucky to have attended two such wonderful schools (Sage Van Dyke, Mercy

Robert A. Novak, Jr. ’92

class of 1992) and while we didn’t meet until we were at Villanova together, we often talked about how we wished we knew each other in high school. As happens in busy lives, we had lost touch with many of the people at Mercy and Xavier. “Rob went to the occasional football game over the years and fortunately attended the football alumni dinner to honor the recent state championship. He very much enjoyed walking the halls again and was very impressed with the new library. When Rob died, it was as if no

time had passed at all since graduation in 1992. I enjoyed meeting many of you at the wake and I thank you so much for coming to pay your respects to your old classmate. The cards that arrived were filled with warm thoughts and happy memories. The gifts that you sent were thoughtful gestures of compassion and evidence of the generous spirit of the Xavier community. For those of you that made donations in Rob’s name to Children’s Hospital Boston please know that almost $10,000 was raised! Our daughter’s cardiologist will be using those donations to develop an information network which will enable pediatric cardiology departments all over the world to better share their knowledge to save more children’s lives. So thank you. Thank you for your prayers, support, and generosity. “Rob graduated from Villanova University with a

degree in Civil Engineering. He went on to become a talented engineer and principal at BL Companies in Meriden. It is my goal to establish a scholarship in his name for future graduates of Xavier who also desire to become an engineer. “On June 8th, 2009 the first annual Rob Novak Memorial Golf Tournament will be held at Lyman’s in Middlefield. On the day Rob died, June 7th, 2008 he played in The Blue Dragon Open there with his father and won the tournament. We can think of no better way to celebrate his life than inviting friends, coworkers and family to this outing in his memory. All proceeds will be for the benefit of his two daughters: Grace, age 5, and Natalie, age 2. If you would like to play or for more information, please email Sage at”

“Team Falcon” Strives to Represent the State

Team Falcon members are coached by their mentors as they prepare for the State Finals of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Real World Design Challenge (RWDC).


eam members, Matthew Morrone ’10, Bruce Funteral ’10, Michael Leon ’11, Austin Kelly ’09, Greg Witz ’10, Christopher Muckle ’12, and David Mallick ’10 are preparing for the State


Xavier Today

Finals of a competition that could have them representing Connecticut in Washington, DC. Coached by Michael Humphreys, they will make their presentation on February 10th as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Real World Design Challenge (RWDC). This challenge provides high school students with the opportunity to work on real-world engineering challenges in a team environment. The 2009 challenge focuses on aeronautics and energy usage. The teams are using engineering software programs to design and test the performance of a new fuelefficient wing for an aircraft. Connecticut is one of the pilot states for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Real World Design Challenge (RWDC). In January, the RWDC Teams were hosted at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) by the National Center for Aerospace Leadership (NCAL). Team mentors from NCAL gave guidance and suggestions to the students as they prepared for the State Finals. The winning CT team will go to Washington, DC, March 20–22, all expenses paid by the State Dept. of Education. Connecticut has two teams vying for a chance to represent the state at the RWDC National Finals. Team K-Five represents Kennedy HS in Waterbury and Team Falcon from Xavier HS.

115 Inducted into the National Honor Society Seniors Robert J. Ford Ryan C. Kelly Tyler A. Reid Frank M. Sposato

Juniors Bryan P. Baker Connor H. Butcka John L. Corona Shaun P. Coughlin William E. Doborowicz John O. Galloway Sean M. Grasso Dillon O. Kavanaugh Joseph F. Maturo Alexander T. Messersmith Ryan N. Nicholson Thomas M. Roche Vincent M. Ruffino, Jr. Eric T. Runowicz Michael A. Serrantino Alphonse A. Simeone Edward J. Stankewicz Brian T. Stuckman William R. Thomann Gerald M. Vissers Andrew R. Williams Michael A. Wilson, Jr.

Sophomores Matthew H. Ayala Ryan P. Batchelder Riley W. Bergoderi Alexander C. Biestek Christopher P. Bongo Taylor A. Bonin Michael J. Boornazian Michael R. Breault Kosisochukwu C. Broderick Dominic R. Brzozowski Matthew J. Burns Charlie Calatayud Brandon M. Carta Charlie Champion Nicolas E. Chapman Stephen L. Charton Christohper E. Chiozzi John S. Connolly Alexander R. Cross Nicholas E. Curello Evan B. Cusson Colin J. D’Amelio Christopher M. Danko Walter S. Davis, Jr. Anthony R. DeMarinis Anthony DiMauro John M. DiMauro Paul B. Drabinski Charles W. Dupont Josh C. Etheridge


Xavier Today

Nicholas R. Ford Jonathan T. Francois Joseph P. Gayeski Jordan V. Graham Christopher J. Hanson Louis A. Iannotti David H. Johnson Kurt F. Johnson Michael R. Joyce Rohan S. Kapur Matthew A. Kish Kevin M. Kosciuk Matthew J. Laggis Patrick J. Lenehan Michael G. Leon Brendan G. Lewis Thomas E. Linden Daniel V. Lococo Angelo F. Lombardo Joseph M. Lynch John T. Maher Devin L. McManus John O. Neal Sean R. Nelson Matthew S. Pastuszak Jonathan J. Pearce Matthew D. Peckham Andrew J. Perazella Joseph D. Perrelli Timothy J. Poirier Dominick J. Proto Daniel L. Quartararo Tommy P. Rakowicz Timothy G. Rhone Thomas R. Rinaldo Nathan S. Rosadini Francis R. Rowland Kevin W. Sarpu Mark L. Scalzo Tyler G. Schultz Tyler Sena Matthew J. Sola Demetri A. Sopkiw Roland E. Stanley Michael R. Thompson Nathan J. Tobias John M. Tommasi John F. Trudel Kyle T. Turek Shane T. Tyrrell Matthew D. Verderame Daniel M. Walsh Ronald E. Weir, Jr. Bryan P. Wills Terry J. Woolard Alexander P. Yerganian Louis Zanette III Albert C. Zichichi Niko Zimmitti

“I pledge to maintain my high scholastic standing, to hold as fundamental and worthy an untarnished character, to endeavor intelligently and courageously to be a leader, and to give of myself freely in service to others. In so doing, I shall prove myself worthy of a place in the National Honor Society.”


ith these words, 115 students became the newest members of the Monsignor Wilson Chapter National Honor Society at Xavier. The induction of new members took place in November in front of a large crowd of family and friends. Rev. Gregory Galvin, Diocesan Vocation Director was homilist and presided at the Mass held for the occasion. The inductees are listed at right. All were awarded certificates by Headmaster Brother William, C.F.X., Principal William Garrity and NHS Advisor Ms. Jane Vitale. The Xavier Chapter of the National Honor Society is named in honor of Right Reverend Monsignor James J. Wilson, who was for 17 years the well-loved pastor of Saint Francis Church, Middletown. Monsignor Wilson, very much interested in the advancement of Catholic education, was a leader in the drive to build Xavier and was instrumental in obtaining the land. Dying on March 23, 1963, he did not live to see Xavier a reality, but this scholarly priest would have rejoiced to know that after his death his own library became the nucleus of the library of the school that he had longed to see built. He will forever be remembered by the people of Middletown as a kind and understanding man, a priest whose main concern was the people he was sent to serve.

The drive exceeded its $3,000 goal, with approximately $4,500 being raised and over 300 items donated. Peer Ministers at the conclusion of their skit.

NHS Surpasses Goal for Christmas Gift Drive


his year an unexpected “snow day” on the last day before Christmas break disrupted the normal conclusion of the annual gift drive. On what is traditionally the largest single day for donations, the threat of a winter storm caused cancellations throughout the area and this important charity drive had to be postponed until classes resumed in January. But once again students, faculty and staff proved that the Christmas spirit is alive at Xavier High School. The annual Christmas Drive is sponsored by the National Honor Society. Xavier students graciously donate gifts and money to Santa and his helpers before school and during lunchtime. At the end of the first day back from Christmas vacation, the school assembled for the annual Christmas assembly. Brother William noted “It is probably a good thing that we were postponed since so many people feel that Christmas is over at midnight on December 25th. But Christmas only begins on Christmas Day and the celebration carries on through the Baptism of Jesus on January 11th.”


Xavier Today

The Peer ministers prepared a skit depicting the birth of Christ in a modern setting. The young couple, Mariah and Joe, is expecting the birth of their child in a poor, city setting. Mariah is turned away from the hospital for lack of proper insurance coverage and turns to a free clinic in an undesirable neighborhood to give birth to the child. All the while, they seem watched over by the grace of God and they give thanks for the “blessings” that they have been given. Brother William also announced that the Christmas Gift Drive would also be extended through the week. “This is appropriate since the needy in our city, state, nation and world still require our generosity long after Christmas has come and gone.” This sentiment was evident in the holiday greetings that Miss Jayne Vitale, NHS Advisor, sent to all members of the Xavier community at the kick-off of the drive, “Once again we ask that you look into your hearts for that special donation that will help to make other lives a little brighter during this wonderful time of year. We hope that you are able to help us with our special

Mellissa Pionzio of the Hartford Courant interviews Santa and helpers as they collect donations from students, faculty and staff early one morning during the gift drive.

endeavor sponsored by the National Honor Society. To make our Christmas Drive a great success in the Xavier tradition, we are looking for the following donated gift items: basic clothing items such as sweatshirts sweat pants, socks, T-shirts, flannel shirts, and related casual items. Please think of the elderly persons as well as the young with gifts of toiletries, board games, stationary items and postage stamps. Young people can use school supplies as well…We ask that you … try to meet the needs of those in healthcare facilities, special agencies and schools for troubled teens.”

It all came together in the end. The drive exceeded its $3,000 goal, with approximately $4,500 being raised and over 300 items donated. Over twenty years ago the Christmas Drive was started by Headmaster Brother William, C.F.X., and has been a true symbol of Christ’s love present at Xavier. Some recipients of the Christmas Drive are The Dominican Nuns, Catholic Relief Services, Mount St. John School, Covenant House, Xaverian Brothers Missions, Highview Nursing Home, St. Vincent DePaul Place, and CT Valley Hospital.

Giving a Helping Hand


s part of an ongoing commitment of service to the community, Xavier continues to encourage support for those who are in need. One of the organizations we regularly support is the Amazing Grace Food Pantry through the “Be A Man, Bring A Can” campaign of the Ryken Service Society and the annual Christmas Drive (see the article on page 7). We were so pleased to hear of the efforts of one of our graduates and the special assistance he provided. Marc Levin, Xavier class of 1980 and owner of Malloves Jewelers, knew this would be a tough year for a lot of people in Middlesex County. He heard cry for help from Ron Krom, the Executive Director of the Amazing Grace Food Pantry in Middletown. “What’s so amazing is that this community has stepped up to help the pantry,” Krom said. “In August the pantry was bare, the community heard us cry out ‘There’s no food on the shelves,’ and all of a sudden... things like this happen.” Levin donated over $20,000 worth of his store’s jewelry to Malloves’ 2008 Silent Auction.

Ryken Service Society members pack up non-perishable items and prepare to deliver to Amazing Grace food pantry.

All funds raised benefited the Amazing Grace Food Pantry. Levin said he was pleased to make the donation, especially to a local organization that helps people in need. Levin strongly believes in supporting the community where one lives and works, he said. “It helps a lot of people,” Levin said. “We were just happy to do it. We know it’s going to a good cause. My belief is you should give back to your community.” In 2008, the jeweler also held a toy drive for the city’s Park and Recreation Department. “We had an unbelievable response,”

said Malloves’ Marketing Coordinator Christine Graichen. “We offered a $10 gift card to our store in exchange for a new toy and many customers donated without accepting the gift card. They wanted to donate just to do something for a local kid without getting any ‘kick-back’!” Krom will use the donation to help support the pantry’s $130,000 annual budget. Amazing Grace currently serves about 700 households, a ten percent increase over last year;

in November and December numbers were even higher, Krom said. “I bet by the first week in March the pantry is almost empty again,” Krom said. “It’s stuff like this that really helps.” Levin and Malloves’ Marketing Coordinator Christine Graichen were pleased to contribute. “We have been so fortunate to be busy this holiday season and our customers seemed excited to see our store crowded and bustling,” Graichen said. “With all the bad news about the economy, our customers were happy that Malloves was busy. Many said they hope to see us still busy in another 80 years.” Students continue the “Be A Man — Bring A Can” campaign. Typically, on First Fridays of the month Xavier students are encouraged to bring nonperishable foods to school. These items are gathered by members of the Ryken Service Society, sorted and prepared for distribution to the Amazing Grace Food Pantry serving those in need all year.

Mark presents check to Ron Krum

Mark, co-captain of Xavier‘s 1980 Class L Title baseball team, is standing next to coach Garstka.

Levin donated over $20,000 worth of his store’s jewelry to Malloves’ 2008 Silent Auction. All funds raised benefited the Amazing Grace Food Pantry.


Xavier Today

Xavier Students Participate in “Wreaths Across America”


t noon on Saturday, December 13th, members of Xavier’s Interact Club took part as wreaths were laid on the headstones of those who served and sacrificed for our freedoms at over 286 participating locations across the Country. In an email to Mr. James Tyrol, moderator of the interact club, Fran Into, Regent of the Wadsworth Chapter DAR, explained… “The Wreaths Across America™ story began over 17 years ago when the Worcester Wreath Company from Harrington, Maine began a tradition of donating and placing wreaths on the headstones of our fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery. ” This year marked the 17th season of the wreaths being donated to remember our fallen heroes during the holidays, and the 3rd year that ceremonies were held at the State Veterans’

(L-r) Nick Mazzotta ’12 of Rockfall, Jonathan Manacchio ’12 of Durham, Zack Detour ’10 of Old Lyme and Kevin Landers ’10 of Durham, members of the Interact Club, getting ready to each lay a wreath on the gravestone of one of the Veterans buried at the State Veterans Cemetery in Middletown. (Photo by Fran Into)

Cemeteries in Connecticut. We did appreciate the young men from Xavier High School that came to assist, and hope that they will again join us next year in remembering and honoring those who have served our great country.” Interact, a new service

and social club at Xavier, is sponsored by the Middletown Rotary Club, which guides the members in developing local and international service projects. Interact clubs are selfgoverning and self-supporting, offering many opportunities for members to develop valuable

leadership and teamwork skills. Each club carries out local service projects that benefit its community or school. More information is available on the Interact page of our website under Academics, Clubs and Activities.

Highlights of “Catholic School Week 2009” at Xavier


he theme for Catholic School Week 2009 celebrated Catholic schools and community service. Xavier celebrated with a combination of fun and simple activities. Catholic Schools Week is celebrated nationally the last week in January. As you have seen throughout our magazine and on our website, community service is something we take very seriously and encourage every week at Xavier. So the emphasis for Catholic School Week was to celebrate and recognize those efforts. Each day began with a special morning prayer thanking and highlighting one or more departments in the building; praying for them and for all the work they do to make our community the special place it is (Monday was for administrators; Tuesday – Special Services; Wednesday classes were cancelled due to a storm; Thursday – Teachers; and Friday – Student Body). As an academic component, religion class students wrote an essay entitled


Xavier Today

“How have you personally benefitted from your Catholic School education…” The peer ministry team put those up for the community to read on Wednesday in a display on the courtyard windows. Examples of a freshman and senior essay can be found on our website. Look for the article on Catholic School Week under the archived items on the News and Events page (Jan. 26).



On Tuesday and Thursday we had a Catholic School Week “Question of the Day” Raffle — a winner was drawn at the end of the day…prizes were ice cream and French fries from the dining hall. Congratulations to the Tuesday winners: Will Tye, Dakota Flis and Alec Aresco for knowing that 1998 was the year that Xavier was officially recognized as a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School (XBSS); Thursday winners: Jack Fazzino, Matt Algiere and David Cajas were drawn from those who knew that the Most Reverend Bishop Hines is recognized as the founder of Xavier High School. Peer ministers made baked goods for the faculty on Friday in appreciation for all they do. A candy jar was placed in the media center and freshman Mike Weber had the closest guess as to how many candies were in the jar thus winning the jar and candy.

College Board Recognizes 27 from Xavier

Seniors who received AP Scholar with Honor Award: (l-r) Sean Cahill, Lutjon Celkupa, Samuel Braun, Michael Magdzik, Nicholas Morse, Bryan Cross and Adam Tomasiello.


ifteen Xavier High School graduates of 2008 and twelve current students have earned the designation of AP scholar by the College Board in recognition of their exceptional achievement on the college-level Advanced Placement Program Exams they took in the spring of 2008. Four 2008 graduates have been named Scholar with Distinction. Three graduates and seven current seniors were named Scholar with Honor. Eight other 2008 graduates and five current seniors were designated AP Scholars. Michael Bellows of East Haddam, Gregory Breuer of Cromwell, Peter Halibozek of Berlin and Andrew Verderame of Killingworth, all of the class of 2008, qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award by earning an average grade of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and grades of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. Ryan Bailey of Cobalt, Benjamin Lankton of Hebron and

Peter Zaidel of Higganum, class of 2008 and Samuel Braun of Durham, Sean Cahill of Middlefield, Lutjon Celkupa of Rocky Hill, Bryan Cross of Higganum, Michael Magdzik of Middletown, Nicholas Morse of Portland and Adam Tomasiello of Cromwell, class of 2009 qualified Senior AP Scholars: (l-r) Eric for the AP Scholar with Honor O’Brien, Patrick Gero, and Award by earning an average Christopher Shugrue. grade of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. Students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by completing three or more AP exams with grades of 3 or higher. The AP Scholars from the class of 2008 are Matthew Bruckerhoff of Chaplin, Stephen Dee of Cromwell, Anthony Giacco of Durham, Stephen Hart of East Haddam, Patrick Kokoszka of Durham, Kevin Lenehan of Cheshire, Vishal Patel of Wallingford and Eric Troiano of Rockfall. Patrick Gero of Portland, Ryan Hammond of Southington, Eric O’Brien of Cromwell, James Remigino of Wethersfield and Christopher Senior AP Scholars: (l-r) James Shugrue of Rocky Hill, class of Remigino and Ryan Hammond. 2009, also qualified for the AP Scholar Award. Most of the nation’s colleges and universities award credit, advanced placement, or both based on successful performance on the AP exams.

Students March For Life in Hartford


he Students for Life organization at Xavier examines issues such as euthanasia, suicide, abortion, capital punishment, poverty, pollution, war, materialism, and other issues concerning life. The core group sponsors and organizes guest speakers, debates, and annual participation in the National Right To Life March in Hartford, CT. Xavier students were a visible presence in the 2009 March for life. More pictures are shown on the Students For Life page of our website under Academics/Clubs and Activities.


Xavier Today

Students top $100,000 Goal


ophomore Homeroom 303 had three of the top 10 ad book sellers this year and led the school in this year’s campaign. Through the combined efforts of the student body and led by the freshman class, this year’s Students Helping Students Ad Book Campaign was a resounding success. The freshmen brought in more money than the junior and senior classes combined. But more importantly, this school‑wide student activity raised needed funds for student financial aid. Students either bring in funds through obtaining ads for the Ad Book or alternatively perform three

common bond required for community is to work for, and help, one another. This is what the Xavier Ad Book is all about, Xavier students helping other Xavier Students.”

We hope that you will use the book when shopping for goods or services and patronize the advertisers who have supported our students through their advertisement.

Special thanks to the top 10 sellers… Richard Cooper ’09 was the top ad book seller for the senior class and 4th in the overall campaign..

hours of service for the school. In the book it explains, “One of Xavier High School’s guiding beliefs is rooted in the importance of creating community. One of the best ways for us to build the

John Michael Tommasi ’11 $4,820, Homeroom 303

Nicholas Cahill ’12 $810, Homeroom 206

Anthony Campanelli ’12 $1,480, Homeroom 206

Sean Marinan ’12 $800, Homeroom 302

Jeffrey Brymer ’11 $1,060, Homeroom 116

Mason Passavant ’12 $795, Homeroom 202

Richard Cooper ’09 $1,045, Homeroom SJ2

Albert Zichichi ’11 $795, Homeroom 303

Jeffrey Chase ’12 $1,010, Homeroom 114

William Wrang ’11 $790, Homeroom 303

Oddfellows Playhouse Names Xavier Grad as New Managing Director


fter an extensive search, Oddfellows Playhouse Board of Directors has named Matthew J. Pugliese (Xavier class of 2000) as the organization’s new Managing Director. Pugliese succeeds Dominick Grant, who is leaving to pursue long-standing interests in environmental preservation, clean energy, and sustainable business practices. “I am particularly excited that Matt Pugliese — a seasoned Oddfellows teaching artist, who has worked extensively with the Teen Rep and Neighborhood Troupes — will take up the torch and work with the board, staff, parents, students and many community partners to build and grow an even stronger Oddfellows,” said Grant. “Matt’s commitment to Oddfellows’ mission and his leadership skills makes him a great fit for this position.” A Middletown native, Pugliese has a long history of working with Oddfellows, where he has been a director, a teaching artist, and a leader of one of Oddfellows’ Neighborhood Troupes, a free weekly program serving children Matthew Pugliese ’00 Xavier Today


from low-income housing areas. He directed last season’s Teen Repertory Company mainstage production of The Grapes of Wrath and previously directed Nuevo California and The Dining Room. Pugliese led the Chatham Court Tiny Troupe (ages 5-7) for two years and worked closely with the Maplewood Terrace and Chatham Court Senior Troupes on the mainstage production of Spoon River Anthology. Pugliese has also served as the Lead Teaching Artist for Oddfellows’ satellite programs in the schools and as an instructor for the Summer Shakespeare Academy. For the past three years, Pugliese has served as Production Manager and Director of Educational Programming at Ivoryton Playhouse. During this time, the Ivoryton Playhouse received six nominations and two awards from the Connecticut Critics Circle and brought challenging adaptations of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and Julius Caesar to the stage for area high schools. In addition to managing production budgets and staff, Pugliese successfully implemented a number of fundraising initiatives, including the first annual appeal drive for Ivoryton. An alumnus of Xavier High School, Pugliese graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Theatre Studies from UCONN and completed an artistic internship at Hartford Stage Company. He is a founding member of the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce Arts and Creative Industry Council. He will complete a graduate certificate in Non-Profit Management through UCONN’s Master’s in Public Administration program in the spring. For more information about Oddfellows Playhouse and its programs call (860) 347-6143.

Christmas Concert and Fine Arts Night Dresko. “I am very proud of what they’ve accomplished so far.” The complete program with listing of the pieces performed and all the participants can be found on our website (under News and Events — choose archive in the filter and scroll down to December 9) in the article ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. The concert was part of a Fine Arts Night that featured the works of students from the school’s Art program. Their creations were on display in the corridor between St. Joseph Hall and the gymnasium. Ms. Jayne Vitale, Fine Arts Chair, organized the pieces for the art display. A Spring Fine Arts Night and Concert is planned for May 7th. More information will appear on the website as the event draws near.


rother Thomas Fahey, C.F.X., Director of Admissions, was the special guest narrator for the performance of Night Before Christmas by the Xavier High School Concert Band. The performance marked the first full program performance for this year’s Concert Band, Jazz Band and Chorus. The variety and quality of the performance was loudly applauded by the large audience in the Kohs Gymnasium. More than 100 students are involved in the music program under the direction of Mr. Chris Dresko and Mr. Erik Elligers. “These students have already achieved a performance level that is on par with strong music programs throughout the area” said Mr.

A sample of works by Jason Menard ’10 (above) and Brendan Nelson ’09 (right).

A Blessing from Bishop Cote T

he Most Reverend Michael Cote, Bishop of the Diocese of Norwich traveled to New Haven in January to bless the crèche from Xavier that was on display at the Knights of Columbus Museum. Headmaster Brother William, C.F.X. and his office staff coordinated the date with Bishop Cote and the Museum. Members of the Board of Directors, Home and School Association, Alumni Executive Committee, SFX Society and other benefactors of the school were present at the event. Brother William thanked Ms. Jayne Vitale, Fine Arts Department Chair and Project Manager of the crèche project, for the countless hours put into the creation of the crèche. He also recognized the efforts of the students and staff who participated. Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano and his wife were also in attendance. The Mayor was there in a dual role: one as an Alumnus of Xavier High School (class of 1970) and the other (more official) recognizing the theme of the Xavier display, “Middletown circa 1930.” The scene places the birth of Jesus in the middle of this historic river port city, once the state’s busiest. The Holy Family is prominent at the center of an Italian Christmas festival at the steps of Saint Sebastian Church, built by Italian artisans and stone masons in that era. This display was made possible through grant funds awarded to Ms. Vitale on behalf of Xavier High School’s Fine Arts Department.


Xavier Today

Bishop Cote blessing the crèche assisted by Rev. Kevin Reilly (the bishop’s secretary) and Br. William

Aspects of the project were created via mosaic materials obtained from the school of Orsori in Venice, Italy where Ms. Vitale has completed course programs in mosaics during the past two summers. Angels included in the nativity were hand made in Murano, Venice and are both Venetian glass with 24K gold infusion. The nativity figures were hand made and designed by professional crèche figure designers from Naples, Italy. Other materials were obtained locally.

Grandparents Visit Grandsons and Xavier Freshmen Grandparents’ Day


avier held “Grandparents’ Day” for freshmen on December 4th. 130 Grandparents gathered in the Galluzzo Media and Technology Center where they were greeted by Advancement Director Michael Tommasi. National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society member, Rick Funaro (a junior from North Haven), gave the opening prayer in which he said, “In our families and in our school, we have been provided with all the things we need to become a Man like Christ – knowledge, wisdom, laughter, support and most of all, love (the school motto is Be A Man). You have blessed us Lord with so many wonderful people in our lives: our parents, families, teachers and friends.” Headmaster Br. William, C.F.X. shared his thoughts on the

many things facing their freshmen grandsons as they have entered Xavier. He thanked them for all the support that they have provided to their grandsons over the years and promised that the next four years would be a partnership in transforming them from children to young men. Grandparents were escorted on a tour of the school and Fine Arts display by members of the National Honor Society. They were then brought to reserved seating in the Arthur M. Koh’s Gymnasium for a Christmas Concert by the Xavier concert band, jazz ensemble and chorus. The day culminated in a hospitality tea when grandsons joined their grandparents in the Galluzzo Media and Technology Center.

Sophomore’s Grandparents Welcomed for Breakfast and Mass


et up on Monday morning and go to school. That’s pretty routine for kids through young adulthood. But that was also the plan for 123 grandparents on December 8th. It was the second time in three school days that Xavier opened its doors to student’s grandparents. This time it was the sophomore class that invited these special family members to visit. Members of the National Honor Society greeted the visitors and ushered them into the St. Joseph’s dining hall where they were treated to a breakfast with their grandsons. Headmaster Brother William, C.F.X. shared thoughts including reminiscence of his own grandparents. One comment that was particularly well received was “this is a perfect time to tell your grandparents what you’d like for Christmas.” After this “very social hour,” the grandparents were escorted to the Arthur M. Kohs gymnasium where Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception was celebrated for the entire school. Principal Mr. William Garrity opened the assembly with a call to worship and Reverend Gregory Galvin, Vocation Director for the Diocese on Norwich was


Xavier Today

celebrant. Music was provided by the school chorus accompanied by students from the Music Department. Xavier will open its doors to junior grandparents in May, for another breakfast event.

Xavier Today


Xavier has clinched its 4th Straight SCC Quinnipiac Division Championship

Kohs Christmas Basketball Classic 2008


ell no one is going to say we put together a fluff tournament. Our fans saw four really terrific basketball games” said Artie Kohs, in whose name the Christmas tournament is now played annually at Xavier. In the opening round on Monday night (Dec 29), Glastonbury defeated Kolbe Cathedral 79 – 68 and Lyman Hall topped defending tournament champion Xavier by a score of 46 – 43. For the first time since the Kohs Classic began, Xavier did not advance

to the championship game. In the consolation game the next night, Xavier ran into a great performance by the Kolbe team and went down to defeat a second time 82 – 77. Glastonbury, last year’s runnerup, took the top spot with their 51-47 victory over Lyman Hall. Tournament Director, Artie Kohs, presented the tournament MVP award to Cody Otto, the 6’3” senior guard/forward of Glastonbury. He then also awarded plaques to the 5 players selected to the 2008 Artie Kohs All Tournament

The All Tournament Team: Kolbe’s Dominique Langston (not shown), (l-r) Lyman Hall’s Zach Russo and Jefferson Lora, Xavier’s Will Tye, and Glastonbury’s John Pinone.


Xavier Today

Team: Kolbe’s Dominique Langston, Xavier’s Will Tye, Lyman Hall’s Jefferson Lora and Zach Russo and Glastonbury’s John Pinone. All members of the Glastonbury team were awarded championship medals. The captains of Glastonbury and Lyman Hall accepted the team trophies. “Three of our tournament MVPs have gone on to strong college programs,” said Artie Kohs. Tim Abromaitis (2006) from Farmington High is at Notre Dame, Doug Wiggins from East Hartford High (2005) is at UMASS and Amari Spievey (2004) from Xavier is at the University of Iowa. “We are really proud of the caliber of games and players we’ve been able to draw for the tournament.” All proceeds of the tournament go to the Kohs Scholarship Fund. In closing, Artie said, “We really want to continue the tradition of this tournament and hope everyone will look ahead to next year. I want to thank the committee

Tournament MVP Cody Otto of Glastonbury with Artie Kohs.

and all the tournament sponsors who helped make this event a success.” 2008 Committee Members: Walter Benson, Ryan Cole ’01, Bernie Criscuolo, Peter DeRita, Jr. ’85, John Guerin, Tony Jaskot ’69, Art Kohs, Michael Kohs ’84, Joe Lane ’95, Jake Ruder ’01, Ted Ruder, Alex Salafia ’96, Al Schumann ’78, and Michael Tommasi ’67. The official Tournament Program and more pictures are available on our website on the basketball page (go to athletics, winter sports).


Language Honor Societies Welcome New Members

Honored for Service


ach year, volunteers who individually and collectively have made a major volunteer contribution to the mission and services of the Board of Education and Services for the Blind are honored. This year, at the 25th Anniversary of its Annual Awards of Excellence, freshman Clayton St. Amand was among three students receiving Volunteer Recognition Certificates for service to the agency and its clients from 2006–2008.

Clayton has performed more than 100 hours of service including transcribing a leisure reading (L-r) Mrs. Heidi Lane, Moderator, Spanish NHS, Mrs. Eileen Wargo, Moderator, French NHS and Mr. Dale Schneider, Moderator, Latin NHS

book for conversion to Braille and various office and clerical functions.


n November, our three Language Honor Societies inducted new members. In their chosen language, members of the Language Honor Societies pledge to devote themselves to the study and mastery of their language and to use their language to develop bonds of friendship and understanding throughout the world. Brother William and Principal Garrity presented certificates to each of them.

SPANISH Matthew T. Algiere Bryan P. Baker Brian F. Bascom Erick D. Bilides Andrew G. Brown Daniel E. Calabro Shaun P. Coughlin Brian R. Cunningham Patrick M. DeToro Nicholas E. Flynn Brian T. Ford Alexander L. Fredericks Brian S. Freeland Richard N. Funaro Jordan V. Graham Sean M. Grasso Nicholas J. Laggis Kevin S. Landers Evin R. Leclerc Nicholas C. Macor John T. Maher Gregory G. Marino Frank G. Maturo Ryan P. McConville Daniel L. McCulley Jason R. Menard Alexander T. Messersmith


Xavier Today

Mark R. Mondani Matthew G. Morrone Tyler C. Naumann Brendon K. Ouellette John R. Paine, Jr. Kyle L. Rigali Nicholas A. Roberto Quinn T. Rochford Marc J. Savino Christopher M. Scamporino Scott J. Stewart Scott W. Thompson Tomas J. Virgadula Ian E. Walch Gregory J. Witz

LATIN Matthew J. Gueble Tucker C. Landy

FRENCH Philip D. Corriveau Michael P. Kowalski Simon M. Mysliwiec Patrick D. Reilly Eric T. Runowicz Christian D. Viola

“Most Points in Dual Meet”

Wrestlers in Rarefied Company


avier’s wrestlers joined some elite company on January 17th while capturing 1st place in the “Dragon Duals” meet at Middletown High School. In a match with an opponent from Fairfield-Ludlowe, Dillon Carter our 160 pound wrester tied a state record for the fastest pin, which is four seconds, a pretty impressive accomplishment for a sophomore. According to the record books only two other wrestlers have pinned an opponent that quickly and Dillon is the first in the 160 classification. As a team, in their match with Vinal Tech, Xavier joined the top group for “Most Points in Dual Meet” with an 84–0 victory. 84 is the maximum number of points available. The 2008 record book shows that only 20 teams had accomplished that feat since 1996.


For a look at CT high school records and the complete 2008 CT Sportswriters’ wrestling record book go to Connecticut Wrestling Online.

Parents and Students Plan for the Future Thanks to our speakers Accounting, Steven A. DeMartino ’87 Architecture, Brooks Fischer Business, Peter Mondani ’75 Computer Science, Joseph Guerra ’84 Culinary Arts, Luke Murphy Doctor, Greg Bonaiuto ’84 & Tim O’Brien ’97

Parents of juniors listen to remarks by Guidance Director Richard Magner.

DEA Agent, Agent Mark Kaczynski


n a typically cold, wintry evening in February, Xavier juniors and their parents came to school to continue preparation for the months and years ahead. The Guidance and Career Night is an annual event sponsored by the Guidance Department, Honor Society and Alumni Office. Parents gathered in St. Joseph Hall where guidance counselors presented information on: the college search process, the SAT’s and concluded with an overview on financing college. During the same time period, the boys observed up to three career presentations in which they had expressed interest. “We believe that this is an excellent opportunity for the juniors to gain additional information about their future” said Richard Magner, Director of the Guidance Department. The presentations were informal and questions encouraged. Based on the careers students suggested, Joe Lane ’95, Assistant Director of Advancement, contacted alumni, former speakers and others who might be willing to make a presentation to them.


Xavier Today

Engineering Civil/ Mechanical, Kenneth Kells & Chris Holden Financial Advisor/ Stock Broker, James M. Rapuano ’00 Forensic Science, Bob O’Brien (Above) Business career presentation given by Peter Mondani ’75.

Lawyer, David Tycz ’94 Marketing, Richard Cadorath ’68 Military, Craig Nowak ’87

DEA Agent Mark Kaczynski’s presentation captured the students attention.

Pharmacist, David Brzozowski Physical Therapy, Todd Roberts ’83 Police Local, Michael Perruccio ’92

“Since this is Xavier’s 45th year of educating young men,” said Lane, “we want to show our students how deep our roots go by giving them a wide selection of careers to choose from.” This year, 20 careers were represented and 14 of the

presenters were Xavier Alumni. National Honor Society volunteers introduced each presenter at the start of their sessions. Refreshments were provided the Home and School Association.

Police State, Michael Hassett ’88 Priest.Religious Life, Father Gregory Galvin Sales, Michael D’Aquila ’83 Teacher, Principal William Garrity

H all of H onors 2009 Louis Calamari ’72

Michael D’Aquila ’83

Todd Roberts ’83

Very Rev. Michael Donohue

Rev. Gregory Galvin

Jayne Vitale

R. Bruce Andrews

Rosemary Kilpatrick

Hall of Honors Dinner — Saturday, March 28, 2009 6:00 p.m. at Xavier High School Co-sponsored by Citizens Bank


eadmaster Brother William, C.F.X. announced the names of the individuals who will be inducted into school’s Hall of Honors. “The following individuals have been chosen to receive the St. Francis Xavier Award, the highest award the school gives to an adult member of the community, at our Hall of Honors Dinner on March 28, 2009 at 6:00 p.m.

Those receiving the award this year are: Alumni:

Louis Calamari ’72 Michael D’Aquila ’83 Todd Roberts ’83 Faculty/staff:

Very Rev. Michael Donohue Rev. Gregory Galvin Jayne Vitale friends of xavier:

R. Bruce Andrews Rosemary Kilpatrick The award will be presented at a formal (black tie optional) reception and dinner to be held on Saturday, March 28, 2009. This prestigious event will include a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres hour, open premium bar,

and dinner. Ticket price for the entire evening is $75 per person. Please contact Mrs. Karen Maroney at Xavier High School (860-346-7735 ext. 700) for tickets. Selections were made from nominations submitted by members of the Xavier community (parents, alumni, faculty and friends). Dr. William Longo ’69, a past recipient of the Saint Francis Xavier Award and father of two Xavier graduates, chaired the selection committee. The committee included Brother James Boyle, C.F.X., William Wrang, III ’75 and James Rapuano ’00. The selection criteria for nominees are: Xavier Alumni — Whose achievements have brought honor to themselves and to Xavier High School. Alumni become eligible for induction ten years after they have graduated from Xavier. Faculty and Staff — Past and present faculty and staff members, who, through their dedicated service, have made a significant contribution to the students, the school, and the Xavier community. Loyal Friends of Xavier — Individuals who have served Xavier in a very special way.

More information concerning the Hall of Honors is available on our website,

Xavier Today


June Reunion Clambake

Saturday, June 20, 2009 — Xavier High School

For the classes ending in 4’s and 9’s 1969 • 1974 • 1979 • 1984 • 1989 • 1994 • 1999 • 2004

Save the Date: June 20!



n old-fashioned summer clambake seemed like a natural for food, beverage, conversation and striking up old acquaintances. It is Father’s Day weekend and just a few days before this year’s Travelers Open (formerly the GHO). It seemed like a good time to find alumni who may have moved away and might be visiting “home.” So plan on joining us for a great time!

Check out Alumni Events on our website — On the website we’ve included a list of Alumni from the reunion years that we have no valid mail address on file. If you know them and their whereabouts, please let them know of the reunion. If they have no objection, we would really like to update their information so they can receive the school magazine and important information (like the reunions). Please don’t send internet search results unless you are absolutely sure it is the same person. We have already used a few such sources to try tracking information. We have also listed the deceased members of these classes at the end of the webpage, in case you wanted that information.

Cheese and

Cracker ap


petizer tray

Clam Chow

der & Oyst er Crackers Clam Cake s Steamed Lit tle Neck Cla ms, Lemon & Butter Steamed M ussels Grilled Chic ken Breast Corn on th e Cob Boiled Red new Potato es New Engla nd Biscuits, Butter Sliced Wate rmelon Assorted C old Bevera ges

June Reunion clambake — Tickets $45 per person I am an alumni of the Class of: m 1969

m 1979 m 1984

m 1974

m 1989 m 1994

m 1999 m 2004

Name ____________________________________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________________________________

We would really appreciate hearing from you.

City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________________________________

If you would like to be

Email ____________________________________________________________________________________

involved or have suggestions:

Number of tickets: __________ at $45 per ticket = $ ___________________ enclosed.

Call us at: (860) 347-6079

Please make checks payable to: Xavier High School

Email: advancement@

To pay by credit card:

Name (as it appears on credit card) __________________________________________________________ Credit Card # _____________________________________________________________________________

Exp. _____________

m Master Card

m Visa

Please mail this coupon with payment to: Xavier High School, Office of Advancement, 181 Randolph Rd., Middletown, CT 06457-5635


Xavier Today

Or send a note to: Joe Lane ’95, Assistant Director of Advancement

Chauncey Hardy ’06 on the Court


CC Commissioner Emeritus Bill O’Brien attended the Sacred Heart-Quinnipiac game in January and sent us some pictures of Chauncey Hardy ’06. Sacred Heart says Chauncey is, “Very quick and an excellent defender. Better than average shooter, as well, and can play either guard position, but will take over the point this year. In the 2006–07season he was named to the Northeast Conference All-Rookie Team at the end of the season, scored in double figures 14 times, and over twenty twice; made a big splash by being named NEC Rookie of the Week on 11/13 after scoring nine points, grabbing eight rebounds and making four steals at Fordham. He received the award again on 12/11; had career-high 19 at Columbia on 12/2, canning five of six threes; and had a career-best seven assists against Yale on 12/4.” While at Xavier Chauncey played basketball for three years under coach Michael Kohs. He was named All-State, All-League and All-County. Chauncey Hardy ’06 continues his high caliber performance for Sacred Heart University.

A Process of Systematic Improvement


he Xavier community is heavily involved in the process of reaccreditation by the NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges). Under the direction of faculty members Mr. David Sizemore and Br. Thomas Ryan, C.F.X. the year-long self-study portion of the process is well on its way to completion. Xavier received initial accreditation in 1969 and completed its last decennial review in 1999. From the NEASC Fact Sheet, October 2008, “Accreditation relies on a voluntary, peer review process, engaging some 3,400 educators in the region on hundreds of reviews in any


Xavier Today

year. A self-study process of 12-18 months is undertaken by schools and colleges in regular review cycles. The goals are effectiveness, improvement and public assurance. Unlike popular magazines, this does not involve ranking institutions, but rather establishes a level of acceptable quality for all accredited institutions.” The Commission on Independent Schools (CIS), one of five Commissions of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, accredits a wide range of private schools in the six states of New England. Schools served include traditional boarding and day preparatory schools,

private elementary schools, schools serving students with special needs, and religiously affiliated schools of many faiths. Currently the Commission works with over 600 schools in various stages of the accreditation process. Each of these schools is accredited using the same protocols and materials assuring that the school is faithful to its mission, conducts its programs appropriately to meet its goals and fulfills the Standards established by the Commission on Independent Schools. More information on the accreditation process, CIS and NEASC can be found at www.

William M. Bennett, Director of the Commission on Independent Schools, informs Xavier faculty and staff of the steps involved in reaccreditation as we kicked off the process over a year ago in a meeting in January 2008.

Striving to Provide Assistance

X Giving a Little Can Mean a Lot As the Director of Advancement for Xavier High School, I talk to alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends all the time who ask, “I can only contribute so much this year. Will that really make a difference?” Simply put, Xavier would not be what it is today without your generosity, no matter how large or small the gift. For every large donation, there are many donors who give smaller gifts to our Annual Fund. Whether your are an alumnus, parent, grandparent, or friend, you have a tremendous stake in the future of this great school. That future is determined by loyal supporters who, year after year, provide the necessary support that helps us maintain our level of excellence academically, spiritually, physically, and technologically.

avier High School has embarked on a formal program to encourage Planned Giving as we strive to find ways to provide assistance to our students and continue the level of education necessary to advance the mission of the school. Xavier Today has chronicled two major examples of planned giving that have benefitted Xavier . They are the bequests from the Pacholski Estate (Fall 2007) and the Ingersoll Estate (Winter 2008). You can read about these online on our website ( in the magazine issues under Advancement Activities. These generous gifts will continue to benefit students for years to come. There is a link to our Planned Giving page and more online information. As defined in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “Planned Giving is an area of fundraising that refers to several specific gift types that can be funded with cash, equity, or property. These gift vehicles are commonly based on United States tax law, but Canada, the United Kingdom, and other nations are beginning to establish similar laws. In the United States, the specific rules


Michael A. Tommasi ’67 Director of Advancement


Xavier Today

For information on Planned Giving, call Michael Tommasi at 860-347-6079 or email and put” Planned Giving” in the subject line.

(L-r) Front Row: Sean Reynolds of Middletown, Kyle Jones of Newington, Christopher Shugrue of Rocky Hill; 2nd Row: Nicholas Givens of New Haven, Christopher Turek of New Britain, Patrick Gero of Portland; 3rd Row: John Eno of Meriden, Marcus Zehnder of Westbrook, Ryan Brown of Branford and Evan Bonney of Middletown.

If every one of us who received Xavier Today donated $50 – less than the cost of a dinner and a movie ---- that would give Xavier an additional $600,000 in financial aid or for school enhancements (like the classroom technology upgrades, or equipment for a team, club or department). So, the next time you consider making a gift to Xavier High School, remember, no gift is ever too small. Invest in Xavier’s Commitment to Excellence

of planned giving are defined by the United States Congress and the Internal Revenue Service. “Planned gifts are referred to as such because they require more planning, negotiation and counsel than an outright gift. Planned gifts involve an arrangement between a donor and a non-profit organization, whereby the donor takes a partial tax deduction for the gift and then receives an income stream from the non-profit.” “It is not necessary to be wealthy or advanced in age to take advantage of Planned Giving” said Michael Tommasi, Xavier’s Director of Advancement. “It takes planning and preparation. We have a few simple brochures that explain some steps to get started.”

Ten Chosen to Serve During the Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, ten seniors were installed as Eucharistic Ministers. They were called before an assembly of the entire school and commissioned by Father Greg Galvin, Norwich Diocesan Vocation Director, who presided at the liturgy. These students will serve communion during school liturgies.

The Games Continue! T

he idea of a little competition among the alumni classes has been well received. Thanks to all who suggested this approach to boosting participation in the Annual Fund Drive as we work to raise needed funds to support and encourage the future alumni of Xavier High School. Based on our class sponsors efforts to increase new donors, we want to note that the classes of 1967 and 1979 are still maintaining a tie in the number of new donors in the 2008–2009 campaign. The following class sponsors have pledged to match any new donations (from any member of their class who did not contribute to the 2007–2008 campaign) up to the amount specified. Remember if you work for a company that also matches charitable contributions, it would boost the value of your contribution that much more. And, of course, we are hoping that everyone who contributed last year will step up again to support the school. We’ll keep you posted about sponsors for classes on our website (look for Class Competition on the Annual Fund Drive page under Advancement and Alumni). If you want to be a sponsor contact Director of Advancement Michael Tommasi ’67 at (860) 347-6079 or email If you would like to contribute to this year’s campaign, you may make a donation on your Visa or MasterCard when you call the Advancement Office at 860-347-6079. Or if you prefer, use the envelope included in Xavier Today and send your donation to Xavier Advancement Office, 181 Randolph Road, Middletown, CT 06457. Make all checks payable to Xavier High School.

As of January 31, 2009

Leaders are the Classes of… 1980


The largest dollar increase over the previous year’s campaign

The largest increase in number of members participating



The largest % dollar increase

The largest % increase of class members participating — bumping ’96

1967 The largest number of alumni participating

Thanks to these Class Sponsors 1967


Jack Klevecz: $250 Thomas J. Kronenberger: $200 Stanley Marciniec: $250 Fran Pawlowski: $200

Jef Wolter: $1,000



David Hetzel: $1,000

1969 John Coates: $1,000

1970 John Custy: $1,000

1972 Lou Calamari: $1,000


You can “Buy a Brick” These personalized memorials are available again!

See our website on the “Advancement and Alumni News” page.

Pennies add up!


e are again registered with the Travelers Championship Golf Tournament to raise funds for our favorite charity (the future of Xavier High School). The Birdies for Charity program is fun and easy way to contribute to Xavier (and you don’t need to know anything about golf to participate). This year the tournament is June 22 -28. A birdie is a score of one stroke better than par for any golf hole. PGA TOUR professionals are anticipated to make an average of 1500-2000 birdies, Wednesday – Sunday of the Travelers Championship. Participate by simply making a pledge based on the number of birdies made. Pledges can be as low as one penny!


Xavier Today

Phil Franklin: $1,000

1975 Guy Tommasi Jr.: $1,000 Bill Wrang: $1,000

1981 Robert Guere: $1,000 Fran McNulty: $250 Todd Roberts: $1,000

1984 Jeff Muzio: $1,000

1993 Neil Mitchill: $1,000

1995 Joe Lane: $600

1999 Matthew Strekel: $500

2000 Alexander Strekel: $500

1978 Jeff DelFavero: $2500

Pledge online by going to http://www.travelerschampionship. com/fundraisers.htm. On the pledge, pick Xavier High School as your charity of choice. We will also have pledge forms available in the Advancement Office at the school. The more pledges we gather, the more funds we’ll raise. If 1500 birdies are made: 1¢= $15; 10¢= $150; $1.00= $1500 This year we are adding the Chip In for Charity program. We can sell tickets to the Travelers Championship for the discounted price of $20, and 50% of the profits will be donated back Xavier. Ticket buyers obtain a discounted ticket, and the organization raises $10 per ticket sold. it’s a win-win for everyone! Tickets are valid for General Admission, Any One Day, Monday, June 22–Sunday, June 28. So if you are planning on going to this year’s tournament, come get your tickets from us.

Are There Any Networking Opportunities?


Brother William and Michael Tommasi with former Middletown Mayor Paul Gionfriddo ’71.

Xavier High School Area Chapter (XHSAC) “Staying Connected”


ithin Connecticut, it is easy to participate in the many activities that Xavier sponsors. But as our community spreads throughout the country (and world), it is easy to lose touch with the school. Over the past few years, there has been a strong drive to reconnect with members of the Xavier High School community beyond the Connecticut borders. Most recently, Headmaster Brother William, Advancement Director Michael Tommasi ’67 and Assistant Advancement Director Joe Lane ’95 travelled to Florida to meet with a number of individuals who have had a relationship with Xavier. Earlier, in December, the three travelled to New York City on a similar mission. The idea of “area chapters” where people could interact in the name of the school was brought up again. Last year in the Chicago area, Boston and Rhode Island similar ideas were tossed about. Plans are already in place to meet with constituents in California and Texas later this year. As we look at the map and see clusters of individuals with past ties to Xavier, we have become increasingly interested in supporting the concept of XHSAC. It would be an organization of individuals with the “common bond” of Xavier High School (Alumni, Relatives of Alumni or Students or others who have a relationship to the school) who would like to meet on a regular basis. The XHSAC may have one or more of the following purposes: social, athletic, professional or any other legitimate reason for gathering. Getting together to have lunch or dinner, attending local sporting events as a group, organizing a team to work on physical fitness are just a few of the many ideas that could be suggested. If you are interested in forming a XHSAC in your area or simply have questions about how to begin, please contact the Office of Advancement at Xavier High School. We will assist you in contacting people in your area to determine whether this would be worth pursuing.


Xavier Today

ryk Wenziak ’88 has corresponded with us, saying “I am a 1988 graduate who has recently joined an Accounting firm in Branford. My specialty is Health Care Consulting which is a part of the practice I’ve been assigned to set up and market.” Eryk has taken a position with Arendholz Bryan & Associates, PC, a Certified Public Accounting firm, in Eryk Wenziak ’88 Branford, CT as a health care management consultant. After receiving his bachelors in Accounting from Fairfied University ’92 and a master’s degree in Health Administration from the University of New Haven, he went on to manage a large, multi-site private specialty practice for more than a decade, and also served as an adjunct professor at the University of New Haven and Gateway College. In his new position he will consult with physicians and private medical groups to help them improve their operational and financial performance. He will also advise them in their strategic planning, computer selection, and human resource needs, as well as continue to perform traditional accounting and tax services for the firm’s existing clients. His firm also specializes in Estate and Trust planning, Asset Protection, College Financial Planning, as well as providing life insurance and long-term health insurance. He can be reached at eryk@abapc. com or 203.483.7333. Their website is Eryk says, “I still maintain contact with Brother William a few times a year. Besides work I enjoy playing the drums, collecting antique fountain pens. I’m also finishing up a manuscript of poetry and short stories that I’ve been writing over the past 2 1/2 years. I still think “Man’s Search for Meaning” was the best book anyone has “made” me read!” “My question: Besides the online directory, which I believe is still in the works, are there any other networking opportunities I can become involved in? Say, get-togethers or print options in upcoming newsletters?” The online community is a feature that we still plan to include in our newly redesigned website ( Right now, funds will have to be raised for that project. Once we’ve raised the funds and activated the online community, it will provide networking opportunities as well as a directory that members (alumni, home & school and others) will be able to update themselves. Online registration for events, secure credit card transactions and many more features will be available as well. We do have an Alumni Events page on our website that we hope you will visit. Home and School events and other community-wide activities are also regularly publicized on the website. We also share key information in Xavier Today, so don’t forget the “What’s New?” page that we include for your convenience.

More Alumni News…

Tomasso Brothers, Inc. in 2007. In 2006, Charles married Patricia Dypa Melito (Mercy 1978).


1960s Michael Opalacz ’68 is a Brother with the Marians (Brothers and Fathers) in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Karl A. Van Bibber ’68 tells us, “After 23 years at LLNL, I will be returning to academia.” Karl has served as Physical Sciences Directorate – Chief Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. “In January 2009, I will assume new responsibilities as Vice-President and Dean of Research at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. John Opalacz ’69 is a radiologist at Hartford Hospital and is married to Dr. Linda Durhan who is also a radiologist at MidState Medical Center in Meriden. John has 3 children: Jennifer and Kristen who are out of college and Daniel who is a junior at Colby College in Maine.

1970s Charles J. Jackowski ’72 was elected to Civitan International Board of Directors for the 2008 – 2010. The Civitan Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to individuals with Developmental Disabilities since 1968. Charles has been a member of Middletown Civitan for over 30 years. Professionally, he became senior accountant for

Steven J. Berry ’83 celebrated his 25th year working for the State of Connecticut in January. He and his wife, Suzanne (Mercy ’83), look forward to their son, Matthew Lawrence Berry, attending Xavier and graduating in 2018! Steven recently received his 3rd Degree from the Knights of Columbus and will receive his 4th Degree in February 2009. Terence P. Sexton ’84 is a graduate of the UCONN Law School and has his own law office in New Britain CT. He and his wife Allie live in Glastonbury with their two children: son Daniel and daughter Tierney.

1990s Thomas J. Costello ’93 is currently general manager of GetWirelessNow in Cromwell CT. GetWirelessNow is an agency offering AT&T landline and wireless products. His office is located in the Crossroads Plaza at 34 Shunpike Road Unit 14. Tom was “locked up” earlier this year. MDA Lock-Up is a fun program in which local business and community leaders agree to be “arrested” for having a “big heart.” This unique community-wide event raises funds for Jerry’s kids. Paul T. Camarco ’96 has begun two new endeavors in the Fall of 2008. Paul says, “On November 8, 2008 I married Allison Healy of

Guilford CT at St. George Catholic Church. Allison is an English teacher at Guilford High School and we plan to make our home in Guilford. In September, I started my teaching career in New Haven at Dixwell New Light High School teaching Social Studies and History.”

2000s David Raczka ’07 has earned the distinction of being named to the Dean’s List for the Fall 2008 semester at Castleton, a Vermont State College. Christopher Andreucci ’08 and Matt LaMalfa ’08 are attending Merrimack College. Christopher was a captain of the hockey team

at Xavier and is currently the on-ice mascot for the Merrimack men’s ice hockey program. Matt was a team manager of the ice hockey team at Xavier and is currently a manager of the Merrimack men’s hockey team. Merrimack is a Division I ice hockey program and is a member of Hockey East along with teams such as New Hampshire, Boston College, Boston University and Providence College.

Notice to Alumni Committee Members needed: Golf Tournament; Homecoming; Reunions; and Auction Contact Joe Lane ’95 860-347-6079

What’s New? Winter 2009 Have you moved, changed jobs, married, earned a degree, had a baby and not let us know? Well, we’d like to hear from you. Please take a minute to fill out the form below so that we may update our records and let your fellow alumni know how (and where) you are. Mail to: John Guerin, Xavier High School, 181 Randolph Rd., Middletown, CT. 06457. Email: Or call: (860) 347-6079 Name_ ___________________________________________ Class Year_ ______ Address_ __________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip______________________________________________________ Phone # Home__________________________ Work________________________ Email______________________________________________________________ Employed by________________________________________________________ Position____________________________________________________________ College/University attending__________________________________________ Major/Degree_ _____________________________________________________ NEWS_____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

2009 Outing

Friday, May 15, 2009

__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Signature_____________________________________ Date________________


Xavier Today

We Remember Ann Marie Benson, 82, mother of English Teacher Walter Benson, died November 8, 2008. Joseph E. Biega, Sr., 94, died February 7, 2009 in Port Charlotte, FL. He was the grandfather of Joseph E. Biega III ’83, Kenneth Biega ’84, Mark Biega ’89 and greatgrandfather of Joseph E. Biega IV ’08. He founded the Biega Funeral Home in 1939 and was president until his retirement in 1982. He served as the parish chairman of St. Mary’s Church for Xavier and Mercy High School’s Building Campaign Fund. Mr Biega served his family, parish, diocese, business and community at large through a myriad of activities and organizations. Those who wish may send memorial contributions to St. Mary School, 79 S. Main St., Middletown, CT, Mercy High School, 1740 Randolph Rd., Middletown, CT or Xavier High School, 181 Randolph Rd., Middletown, CT 06457. Tresa Durinick, 80, passed away on January 26, 2009 at Cromwell Health Care. Tresa was the mother of Frank Durinick, Jr. ’76 and John Durinick ’77. Josephine D. Fraulino, 87, mother of Michael Fraulino ’67, died January 10, 2009. She was a member of St. Sebastian Church and, prior to retirement, was employed as a lending officer at Liberty Bank for 35 years. Carmelo “Tony” Fulmine, 84, of Durham, grandfather of Anthony Albrecht ’04 and Michael Albrecht ’01 passed away on Friday, Nov. 28, 2008, at Middlesex Memorial Hospital. Many may remember Tony from his barbershop in Durham, which he owned and operated for over 50 years, or from his musical career, which spanned the years from USO performances with Bob Hope in WWII, to sharing his musical talents at local convalescent homes. Love M. Kobak, 87 of Branford, grandmother of Alexander Kobak ’11 passed away July 31, 2008. Thomas Francis Linehan, Sr., 84, of Cromwell, passed away December 9, 2008 at Middlesex Hospital. He was the father of Thomas Linehan, Jr. ’67 and Kevin J. Linehan ’71, and grandfather of Stefan Linehan ’94. A World War II Navy Combat Veteran, Tom lived in Cromwell for 58 years where he was a member of St. John Church, Knights of Columbus Desoto Council #6.

Junior Class Night C

lass nights are a time for students to get together just for fun. Students enjoyed pizza and grinders. They could play a variety of games in the gymnasium, play video games, ping‑pong or one of the other activities that were available to them. The Xavier Alumni Association also provided a “make your own” sundae table for students in attendance. Some of the Alumni present were (l-r) Michael D’Aquila ’83, Gino Troiano ’02, Carey Hewitt ’74 and Jim Krupke ’82. The junior class night took place in November; the sophomore and freshman class nights are scheduled for March and April.


Xavier Today

Germaine Lussier, 101, great-grandmother of Andrew Quartararo ’08 and Daniel Quartararo ’11 died February 5, 2009. Rita Marselli, 86, grandmother of Fiori Marselli ’93 passed away February 8, 2009. Frank Opalacz, 94, of Middletown died December 12, 2008 at Middlesex Hospital. He was the father of Brother Michael Opalacz ’68 and Dr. John Opalacz ’69. A veteran of World War II, Frank spent many years as Director of the Water and Sewer Department in Middletown. Joseph “John” Ott, 85, father of Steven Ott ’77, died Jan. 11, 2009, at Middlesex Hospital. Prior to his retirement, he was employed with Wesleyan University as supervisor of mechanical trades and was a 40-year member of the B.P.O. Elks Lodge 771 and was named “Elk of the Year” in 1980. James F. “Chip” Pestritto, 94 of Middletown, died at the Portland Care and Rehab Center on December 14, 2008. He was the grandfather of Ronald J. Pestritto, Jr. ’86 and Michael J. Pestritto ’91. Nicholas Lucius Phillips, Sr., 81, of Northford, died Aug. 19, 2008, after a long illness. He was the grandfather of Anthony Corso ’11. Peter Anthony Roccapriore ’80, of Middletown, died December 23, 2008 at age 46, after a short battle with cancer. Peter was employed by Okay Industries in New Britain for many years and previously had worked for Connecticut Spring and Stamping Co, in Farmington. Richard Ruglio, 80, father of Richard Ruglio ’81, passed away peacefully on December 13, 2008 after a courageous battle with cancer.

Peter Roccapriore ’80 Yearbook Photo

Joseph F. Shields, 79, grandfather of Matthew Lane ’11, died Dec. 13, 2008. Delorise Simmons, 66 mother of custodian Reginald Simmons Jr. and grandmother of Courtney Simmons ’07 passed away on December 4, 2008 after a long illness. Victoria Cobb Smith, 91 died on January 17, 2008 at the Wadsworth Glen Health Care Center in Middletown. She was the mother of Stephen Cobb ’67 and Phillip Cobb ’69.

SFX Members Bless Xavier With Their Giving Our list of SFX members continues to grow this year. Gifts of $1,000 or more paid during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) automatically qualify the donor for membership. The list of members will be published on our website and in our Annual report, usually published in October. Donors may request to be anonymous.

Thank you one and all for your generous support.

2008 – 2009 Saint Francis Xavier Society Members As of January 31, 2009

Mr. Scott Adams ’79 Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Andrews Bob’s Auto Service Mr. Mark J. Bonney Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bowen ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Gene L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brown Chief Ed Brymer (Ret.) and Attorney Geraldine A. Roberts Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Burke Mr. Carl Carta ’70 Citizens Bank of Connecticut Mr. and Mrs. John T. Coates ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Corvino Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cullen Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham Mr. John P. Custy ’70 Mrs. Phyllis E. Dawe Mr. Jeffrey R. DelFavero ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. DelFavero Mr. and Mrs. Edwin DesRosiers Mr. Jeffrey A. Dooley ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dornfried, Sr. Anonymous Mr. Carl R. Erlacher, Jr. ’84 Dr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Fazzino Dr. Robert A. Frank ’79 Mr. Colin T. Frayne Mr. Matthew Friel ’85 Mr. and Mrs. David R. Fusco Mr. and Mrs. William Garrity Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Gastler ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Keith Garabedian Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gillies Mr. Robert D. Guere ’81 Lieutenant Colonel John W. Hannen, Jr. ’74 Mr. William J. Hannigan ’77 Mr. and Mrs. David G. Hetzel ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoisl Brother J. Robert Houlihan C.F.X. Mr. Thomas Hutton ’83 Estate of Loretta K. Ingersoll Mr. Brian Judge ’91 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Kalber Mr. Robert G. Kalber ’74

Mr. and Mrs. William Kiley ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Kilpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Peter LaMalfa, Sr. Mr. Kenneth Landy and Ms. Teresa Opalacz Mr. Peter W. LaVigne ’71 Mr. and Mrs. David Lohr Dr. William A. Longo ’69 Mr. Timothy Loughlin ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Macol Mr. and Mrs. Jay F. Malcynsky Mr. and Mrs. Sean R. Marinan ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano Marino Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McHugh Mrs. Evelyn Z. Mondani Mr. Michael J. Monea ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Moore ’79 Mr. Jeffrey S. Muzio ’84 Dr. Stan Opalacz ’72 and Dr. Kayoko Kondo Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ott Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Patton ’82 Mr. Mark P. Picard ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Pomposi Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Raffele ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Ricciuti Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rondo Mr. Everett J. Rutan ’70 Dr. Perry Sangalli, President Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Serrano Mr. adn Mrs. Chris Shane Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slattery Mrs. Jane Socha Mr. Alexander Strekel ’00 Mr. Stephen Suraci ’87 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Taillie Mr. and Mrs. James Tillona Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tommasi ’67 Mr. Richard C. Turek ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Turner ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wills Mr. Jef Wolter ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Philip K. Wooding Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wrang, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Wrinn ’71 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Yandow


First row (l-r): John O. Neal ’11, Daniel L. McCulley ’10, Br. William, C.F.X, Mr. William Garrity and Nicolas E. Chapman ’11; second row: John T. Maher ’11, Nicholas E. Curello ’11, Michael P. Kowalski ’11, Simon M. Mysliwiec ’10, Michael R. Breault ’11 and Joseph M. Lynch ’11; third row: Evan N. Woodford ’10, Christopher J. Hanson ’11, Michael R. Joyce ’11, Patrick J. Lenehan ’11, Paul B. Drabinski ’11, Colin J. D’Amelio ’11, Sean M. Grasso ’10, Nathan S. Rosadini ’11 and Michael R. Thompson ’11. (Brian T. Ford ’10, not present for photo)

19 Receive Brother Celestine Medals


he qualifications for the prestigious Br. Celestine Award are the completion of an academic year with an overall final average of an A and to have no final average grade less than an A in the major subjects. A student may receive this only one time during his four academic years at Xavier. This award is named after Br. Celestine Killigrew who, for just over a year taught history and religion at Xavier. He coached the freshman soccer team and also ran the school bookstore. A

Xavier High School 181 Randolph Road Middletown, CT 06457 Phone: 860-347-6079 Email:

Address Service Requested

native of the Bronx, New York, he received his B.A. degree from Catholic University in May of 1963 and joined the Xavier faculty the following September. Br. Celestine died from injuries he sustained in an automobile accident on the New England Thruway the day after Thanksgiving in 1964 as he was returning with other members of the Xavier H.S. Brothers’ Community from the holiday vacation at home. He was only 25 years of age. The Br. Celestine Award was created to honor the memory of this beloved teacher.

Non profit Org. U.S. Postage

PAID Permit #529 Middletown, CT 06457


Members of the Xavier Community, Brother William, C.F.X., Headmaster God bless you,

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