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City gallery’s are simultaneously presenting original hand painted artwork by Dr Doirean Wilson

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Doirean created cultural diversity awareness models and exercises that help students to understand what respect means for each other. She painted throughout her research and discovered that these paintings mapped were mapping her research journey while also enabling her to find what she describes as her “empty space� to reflect without constraint to make sense of the study.

DR Doirean Wilson

Her creativity Her research One of Doirean’s strings to her bow is Her art her creativity regarding her painted images, which is something she has been doing since she was a child. Although commissioned to paint by organisations and individuals, she decided not to pursue a career as an artist. This was despite growing interest in her work, which resulted in several sold pieces and exhibitions in places such as, Bruce Castle museum and the Maria Azumpta centre located in central London. Doirean said she needs to feel inspired to paint and is therefore least likely to do so on demand. Nonetheless, she was inspired to paint again when conducting research for her doctorate that explored the meaning and manifestation of respect from diverse cultural perspectives. The aim was to identify whether an in-depth understanding of respect could be used as a means to nurture harmonious effective multicultural team-working relationships. This related to multidisciplinary business students required to work in teams to conduct a real-life consultancy project with real clients across different industries. Conflict among these students recognised as future captains of industry, was high and ongoing. This scenario had a negative impact on their team-working relationships and learning outcomes so it had to be addressed. When Doirean acquired the module, she decided to identify what was causing the conflict and discovered that hostility had arisen among the students when those in conflict accused others of a different culture of being disrespectful to them. Doirean collaborated with the students to explore what they meant by respect. Consequently, she discovered that respect in one culture was perceived by another as their disrespect. It was this lack of awareness of what respect meant for each other that resulted in conflict as it was assumed when disrespect occurred, it was deliberate, which was often not the case..


Doirean covertly introduced this rich picture method to the students in the study, described as a diagramming technique developed by Peter Checkland (1993), as part of Soft Systems Methodology. It had the same impact as it enabled the students to reflect in depth on their learning experiences and understanding of respect together in the same space and at the same time.

As a result the student were able to work more harmoniously and effectively which promoted their learning outcomes. This and the various other diversity models created by Doirean were tested across other programmes and other institutions resulting in the same positive outcome, for which she was commended.


From Canvas To Print

“My research in full bloom” description on how it came about

“Beautiful as colourful daises” description on how it came about

“Roses - the gift for success” description on how it came about

“Colourful and precious as a field of delicate flowers that showcase one’s beauty from within”

My sunflower of vitality Photos by

“My sunflower of vitality that restored my energy to write without constraint”.

Sapo Danglada

“Knowledge in full bloom” description on how it came about Sapo is Co-Founder & Creative Designer at DeLaPautaMadre.




People Power

Title description




Red & Yellow



description on how it came about


description on how it came about

description Image

description on how it came about

description on how it came about





Doirean’s portfolio of eclectic expressionist research paintings, were printed on fabric and made into couture gowns by Polish fashion designer Greg Ox Morka. This has brought her respect research stories to life. These gowns formed the basis of a fashion show that was the culmination of an art exhibition of Doirean’s `Doimulli creative images`, This was followed by a fashion photo shoot of Doirean’s artwork and research gowns for the purpose of creating an animated portfolio and library of her creative images.

Fashion designer Greg Ox Morka.



“Observing and Acknowledging”





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House of Doimulli Photo shoot 2013 15

The Faces Of Reflection



Designing for diversity in matching

“Colourful and precious as a field of delicate flowers that showcase one’s beauty from within”




“Representation of life’s early journey”


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Diversity magazine  

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