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Manhattan campus ​[Music] today I'll be talking about Star Ocean 5 developed by tri-ace Star Ocean is a longrunning RPG series other we haven't seen a new title since baoshan last hope which was in 2010 ensure Ichiko bashes woods to the producer by the way station 5 is supposed to kick-start the series back into gear with a reboot a first step towards a new series in other words he also says that they were aiming to create a less casual RPG experience that satisfies players using new technology and creating this experience that phone games can't supply at first glance it most certainly tries to do that with its new combat system that seamlessly lets you initiate battles it also allows you to use your full party in battle and when other NPCs join you it sometimes feels like you're fighting actual wars this is a change that enjoy most about starship 5 because most pre RPGs only allow you to take 3 to 4 people with you battle which made no sense in the first place what are they doing exactly having a picnic while you fight this new system is great although I do feel that at sometimes some devs maybe makes your party overwhelmingly powerful however that seems to be the only innovative feature that they've implemented because the rest of the combat system is very much reminiscent of the older games down to the ability to be able to set only two attacks per distance now let me explain what I mean by that in Star Ocean there are two basic distances short and long sometimes attacks can trigger different effects depending on what distance they're used at but that applies only to maybe one or two skills only most of the time malay fighters will simply just run up to the enemy and use whatever attack you set in fact there's pretty much no point to having distance modifiers for Malay fighters and simply limits your ability to attack now what do I mean by that chick Fadel the main hero as an example the only attacks that actually attack at distance r qu Hasaan which sends out a shock wave that does a little damage to the enemy since the multiplier is terrible the only other attack yes that activates at long distance is void Slayer which is a teleportation attack now that wouldn't make a lot of sense for him to walk up to the enemy to use the teleport however the teleport charge up takes several seconds and effectively does less damage than if you simply walked up to the enemy until the warp happens you're stuck in place with no way of cancelling and that could potentially kill you because some bosses have lethal attacks that must be avoided by running around the only two attacks that are affected by distance are basically the worst attacks most oh that's high now terrible attacks aside I feel that the distance system is an outdated concept in the first place in a 3d battle map with three axes of movement besides let's look at say Tales of Phantasia the original on the SNES developed by the same team that worked on Star Ocean Tales of Phantasia also shared the distance system back then in a 2d line battle system it only made sense for class to have distance modifiers because he had a huge selection of different self buffs and ranged attacks that were limited to long distance and even then after Namco started developing Tales games by themselves the shift to making special attacks bound to Direction commands made the gameplay much more compelling install Shin 5 the distance modifier means you can only ever bind two attacks when you get up in the enemies face and that also means that there's no depth to combo chains by canceling an attack into another you gain a 25% attack multiplier which under normal circumstances would encourage using different attacks to change juggles and building combos however the same attacks can cancel into themselves and it's technically not even a real cancel system either using the same attack immediately after itself also counts as a cancel which makes no sense at all for example let's say I want to make the most hard-hitting combo that uses different attacks I would use weak at ak strong attack cumin sets and then canceling after the fourth hit into vertical air raid now this is a combo that performs a juggle and it looks pretty cool however vertical air raid used four times in succession also counts as three cancels and as a result it does three times as much damage in half the time so why would you juggle the enemy and put effort into doing anything when you can simply lay down the damage immediately there's no point to combo juggling and there's no finesse to fighting combo consoles are not real cancels they're simply bonus damage modifiers for spamming which brings me to the next mechanic that also bothers me the battle system consists of weak attacks strong attacks and guard cancels weak attacks beat strong strong pushes guards guards beat weak attacks sounds like the rock-paperscissors system that could provide a bit of finesse in fighting right wrong strong special attacks beat everything everything special attacks can't be canceled and the animation will play regardless of what happens including getting stunned the character will actually finish the attack and then he becomes stunned what this means is that there's no point to using anything but your strong special attack you just spam it and you get a stacking bonus damage modifier up to 200% and as long as Mickey keeps heeling you there's no way for the enemy to fight back at all from about my fourth hour in the game to beating the game and then going to these secret dungeons which have hugely inflated stats

there was literally no difference in what I had to do vertical air raid spam killed everything and using anything else like trying to spice up my fighting style usually got half my party killed instead because of how inflated the enemy damage had become so I went back to the spam to wrap up the combat system has its ups and downs the fact that you can use your full party in a JRPG is refreshing and makes combat a lot more enjoyable but in the same vein if they intend on making starch in six I would like to see something done about the distance system and making the combo cancels actual cancels and not just a stacking modifier for spamming that encourages - playstyles air juggles should be more prevalence and more significance should be placed on the attack Trinity system style needs to learn from its hails of games to create a combat system that places more importance on timing and skill as opposed to just slapping on super armor during attacks speaking of super armor the item creation system in the game is pretty imbalanced if you know what you're doing while the cropping system is pretty fleshed out with certain crafts complementing each other and taking the same materials to make different items of them most of it is rendered completely pointless by free creation creative fusion or whatever it's gonna be named in English once this skill is unlocked it's possible to create the strongest armors about halfway into the game star guards and elemental force remember those well all they need is zero impurity and a 50 quality erasing which can be achieved with a few chunks of platinum silver and goat which you can get like 4 hours into the game outside of side quests there's no point creating anything before you unlock the rank 8 crops all of which you can't craft anyway until you beat the game in fact you can craft most of them even after beating the game because getting the flasks and materials necessary for them requires immense luck something like 1% chance to be crafted and you need about 2 dozen at least so yeah incredibly grindy crafting aside the game does throw equipment at you whenever it gets the chance while you can create the best armors early in the game the best weapons are still locked to the last chapters of the game as well as super dungeons so the game never gets too easy until then anyway let's move on to the visuals the battle visuals are crisp and clear with battle effects that actually look kind of nice I feel they could have added a bit more control a rumble to make the hits feel more heavy and solid right now most attacks feel very light and despite the effects they don't give any sense of weight despite that of course the animations are very well done and it's very obvious when enemies are about to make the move now you might have noticed that the main characters animations look like the pod from Star Ocean 3 and that is absolutely correct because Fadel is a direct rip off fate plus fidel learns techniques from the same series of technique books and suddenly gains english named attacks for no reason it makes no sense at all in fact consistency isn't even the problem the bigger issue is that every single technique he learns is ripped off straight from all the previous main characters let's go through them normal attack animations are taken directly from fate so Hassan is from rat X who has ang kosher and cumin sets are from Claude shagging boat Slayer void and vertical air raid are from fate cyclone blade is from edge he even gets faiths ethereal blast as his ultimate attack now while some attacks have been shared between main characters over the series as oh ma jizz or just a callback as well as the blue of blonde hair thing I don't think there's ever been a character who took literally all of his attacks and animations straight from previous ones I mean literally all of his attacks whether this is laziness or overboard omage I don't know but Fidel does not have a single attack that actually belongs to himself for a game that's supposed to be the new chapter in the series the main character fails to exude any shred of originality in personality skills or design now speaking of character design the god acumen best known for his work on Street Fighter to do the designs well quite original outside of Fidel the game did cause a little drama storm when it was announced that Mickey's underwear was censored well people in the West raged over the whole overwatch tracer thing this one got Japanese fans raging over they suppose a censorship because of Western fears and influence and what do you know just like tracers pose it was all over nothing because it was done for a younger ESRB rating and they wanted to keep it uniform across regions but I'm sure nobody read the interview where the producer explains that anyway moving on the world looks great because they obviously put a lot of effort into the seven maps you walk around and yes you did hear that right 90% of the game consists of walking around the same seven maps over and over and over and over again while the enemies get stronger the more you progress SciQuest take you back to the same areas over and over until you exhaust those hundred quests or move on to the final chapter of the story and while it doesn't sound like a lot let's take a look at station 4 The Last Hope so4 has seven planets most of which consisted of at least two to three areas each so5 has seven maps each with two or three dungeons in a bunch of extras it's not that different compared to so4 but it's supposed a problem is the scale despite being a star ocean game you don't get to travel outside of a creed for for various reasons and even when you do it's to two or three special maps that once ended cannot be revisited and then you're put back on the ship and the only fast travel options are the seven maps I suppose what I was looking for was perhaps more interstellar travel doing things that had more galactic influence but instead what I got was a plot that revolved around chasing the same person around on the same planet the entire game now obviously your mileage may vary maybe don't mind that the game is locked to

just 1 continents on a single planets maybe fear that so5 SMAP is actually larger than the previous games combined I guess I'm just too hung up on Star Ocean then I also remember that my favorite game in the series astonishing - which had two planets and it both consisted of massive massive Maps speaking of which station - the second evolution the remake is on the PSN store right now so if you would like experience a really good stylish in-game my favorite then I would strongly recommend you pick it up anyway moving on again the Sun design is pretty flawless this time the music is pretty good especially the dungeon tracks in fact this secret dungeon is mind-bogglingly good I could listen to that one for hours the bonus DLC the contains mercury profiles battery music and what do you know it still holds up today because it's such a great track there's also a feature that can be turned on or off to let the battle music resume from where it left off from the previous battles which is a really neat feature that I wish more JRPGs would adopt it fits in with this seamless battles and presents a continuity in music that makes battles more flowing more enjoyable because I no longer need to polls or draw battles to hear more of the music instead I get to fight more enemies and do it faster because I get to listen to more an excellent feature but overall station 5 has a lot of problems from the imbalanced battle system that pretty much lets you completely ignore the Trinity system to the arguably game breaking item creation skill so5 achieves probably the worst balance in this series so far the main character is a poor amalgamation of previous characters with effectively only free attacks that are competent and the world is a bit small the main story is about 18 hours long and I finished all the quests and secret dungeons at the forty hour mark the game is definitely shorter than previous ones which seems to me that the entirety of the game's flaws seems to stem from a small budget maybe they can realize a bigger vision for Stoughton's if they're allowed to work on one more game at least on the upside it does introduce a system that lets you use all your party members together with a great soundtrack and a system that supports said soundtrack and despite all its flaws I genuinely had fun for most of the game plus there were not-so-secret bosses like Gabrielle Celestia and the Azalea Queen who returned once again as the secrets along with a guest appearance by the all-powerful Blood Bay oh yeah anyway would I recommend picking up the game yes if you're a star ocean or action-heavy JRPG fan in general it's a bit short compared to some of these bigger titles out there but this plenty to do even after the main story has ended and starting the game again on chaos mode is a whole new challenge hopefully this review has been of help to you my name's Singh Rio thanks for watching Gallatin School of Individualized Study.