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!! ! ! ! ! ! About Philippines • • • • •

Consists of 7,107 islands Location: Southeast Asia National Language: Tagalog Population: 99 million Metro Manila is the 6th most populated city in the world

! ! ! ! ! ! ! Educating the Poor The IT Tender team specializes in educational programs. We h a v e a n ea r l y c h i l d h o o d education centre for toddlers, a preschool for ages 4-6, a sponsorship program sending street kids to elementary and secondary school, and a tutoring program called Alternative Learning System (ALS) for out-of-school youth to pass a high school equivalency exam.

A Shared Heart for the Street Children IT Tender has been empowering the poor in Manila since 2001. Pastor John and Gela Basiwa began by reaching out to youth addicted to sniffing solvents. They provided bread and shared the gospel. Eventually many youth were reconciled with their families, and IT Tender discovered its calling to be a bridge between children living on the street and finding a good home and attending school. Many passionate Filipinos and international missionaries joined in this cause. Through trainings, partnerships, and modern practices in community development, we began to see transformation in the community. Under the direction of John Coffey from Canada, IT Tender now offers educational programs for street children and skills trainings for adults.#

How You Can Help

! ! ! ! ! Feeding the Poor Our ‘Food for Life’ program regards the wholistic needs of each child. We serve healthy meals during many of our kids programs at our drop-in centre. We also equip and train churches and poor communities to run a feeding program in their area. The aim is not only to bring malnourished children into a healthy state, but also to address the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of a community. We then implement long-term goals of discipleship and community development well beyond the feeding program.

Empowering the Poor At IT Tender, we believe that the best way to empower poor families is to eventually bring them to a place where they are the ones feeding their children and sending them to school. Our ‘Nehemiah Project’ is an initiative which applies asset-based community development to nurture the skills of the community, allowing parents to generate an income and provide for their children. This project is carried out in partnership with the government and with trained social workers.

Our dream to empower communities and provide an education for hundreds of street children became a reality through donor support. We’re thankful God can move the hearts of others as he’s moved ours to take up this cause. IT Tender commits to long-term community transformation with the urban poor, but we can only do this with a greater team of supporters behind us. Together, let’s invest in the potential of urban poor children desperate for an opportunity to learn, grow, and hope for a better future. We need donors who are willing to walk with us and support our programs m o n t h l y. We g r e a t l y appreciate any contribution you can offer, financially or prayerfully. Thank you!#

! How to Give Secure online giving available at:# ! ! -OR-# Contact IT Tender at !for details on giving cash or deposit to our BDO account # ! -OR-# payable to “International Teams Phils. Inc.”# !Cheques International Teams, 322F National Road,# Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1770

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