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An Opinion Is Not The Truth

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An opinion is the view someone takes about an issue based on their personal judgment of the individual’s conclusion…what a person thinks is the case, or thinks is true. It may not necessarily be true. You cannot trust an opinion unless it is based on the correct understanding of the word of God. It is critical to understand God’s word is the only absolute truth.

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An opinion is the roadway where excuses travel. An opinion is like a fish – slippery, smelly and easily moved around. An opinion cannot be trusted because it is usually self-centered and benefits us more than anyone else. One of the greatest weaknesses of an opinion is that an opinion is open to debate or dispute by another person. On the other hand, the truth of God is not open to debate or dispute. God is not trying to win a debate with man or overcome a dispute with man. God is simply telling mankind what the truth is. His hope is that we will accept His truth. The authority of the God’s truth does not diminish when man rejects it or questions it. The majority of a group may have a common opinion, but truth is never determined by what is popular within the majority. The truth is the truth because it is uttered by God. PLEASE GO TO: For the remainder of this Article



Sandy Women's Club While the men of Sandy carved out a wholesome but challenging existence in the Sandy area, their wives and daughters found time from their labors to reach for more. They wanted music, culture and education for their children. So it was the women, specifically the Sandy Women's Club, who worked hard to establish a library in Sandy. Their success is evident today in the new library building in the heart of town on Proctor Boulevard. The library has always been a hub of activity, but with the increase in internet learning, homeschooling and digital information, it now hums with even greater interaction. The Women of Sandy deserve high praise for creating a framework that encouraged every aspect of the learning that now takes place there.

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Clackamas County Bank is the Oldest Community Bank in Ore-

The future: does it work?


By Dan Bosserman

Nineteenth-century radical muckraker Lincoln Steffens visited Russia in 1919 and when he returned in 1921 made the famous comment, “I have seen the future and it works.” His enthusiasm for the Soviet form of government did not last, and by the time he wrote his memoirs, Autobiography (1931), he was disillusioned with communism. He died in 1936, and no doubt some of his other ideas had changed somewhat, too. It would be interesting to know what positions people like Steffens would take these days on climate change, environmental concerns, and carbon footprints. As regular readers of this column must realize, I could not be described as a tree-hugging greenie.



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Nevertheless, as Henry David Thoreau, “Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve its life than destroy it.”– Henry David Thoreau My grandmother never heard of ecology or environmentalism or climate change back on the southeast Missouri farm where she lived and died. She might not even have been able to tell you what conservation was. But here are some things she did know:

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We wish you a safe and happy New Year!

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From gas station to pharmacy The Hartwig family settled on this northeast corner of U.S. Highway 26 and Bluff Road in the late 1920s. The senior Mr. Hartwig was a skilled machinist and his son Bill assisted him in machining jobs as well as doing automotive service and repairs. The son George ran the service station on the corner. The Hartwigs' daughter, Alice, assisted her husband Joe Richter in operating the restaurant-tavern known as Joe's tavern.It later became Irene's Tavern and was a favorite of loggers for many years. Irene's was a colorful watering hole with a cast of regulars who added to its lore.

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The service station on the corner had many operators over the years. One of them was Jerry Lawson, president of the Sandy Historical Society, who was just getting his start in business in those days. Jerry leased the Shell Station there from 19621969. He went on to a long career in real estate in Sandy. Among others who did business on that corner were Art Colson, Jack Schmitz and the Hovda family. The property went through a complete transformation when Walgreens Pharmacy constructed a new, modern brick building for their own retail operation as well as a food and office building on the opposite side of the parking lot. That happened in about 2007-08.



A hub of Sandy commerce & social life By Nancy Hoffman This is a story of convergence. Three stories come together here that shed a bright light on how the community of Sandy was formed and the people whose input sparked a way of life that is treasured and remembered at the Sandy Historical Society. At the heart of this story is George C. Maroney who came to Oregon in 1887 in his late teens. He and his brother found labor ion several places throughout Oregon and Washington. When the Klondike Gold Rush drew thousands to seek their fortune in the late 1880s, the two Maroney brothers were on board. George returned to Oregon in 1898 without any reference to having made his fortune in the Klondike. Most of his life was characterized by hard work, typical of the time. Legendary Lige Coalman to help with hauling 12,000 pounds of building materials up Mt. Hood to build the warming hut, the doing the actual contraction with a small group of men. It was a hard life with challenges well met throughout the adult years of his life. Therefore, it is easy to accept that when he reached his senior years in life, he would choose a livelihood more inclined to ease. Maroney's Confectionery Shop was his choice, purveying sweets and ice cream. The shop was located on the northeast side of Pioneer Boulevard just west of Meinig Avenue. Examine the photograph closely and you will see in the background the building that is home to Double Dragon Chinese Restaurant today, clearly evident by the diamond-geometrics on the building. So the Maroney Confectionery building no longer stands adjacent to the Christensen telephone company office and residence. Both of those buildings are gone today, replaced by the parking lot just west of Ace Hardware.



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