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A Guru's Guide To: The Fastest Way To Build A List! If you want to learn about building an email list and The Fastest Way To Build A List, then you'll want to read this article. Specifically we'll discuss Why You Need A List, Freebies and Viral Marketing. And after reading this article and following my "List Building" series, you will be able to build a sizable list over 1k within 10 days. Why do you Need opt in email lists and how can they benefit you? If you build an opt in email list of your customers and prospective customers, every time you have a new special deal or a new product you want to sell you won't have to actively look for new customers. Since you will already have a list of customers and prospective customers you simply need to send an email alert to your list and have instant traffic which results with instant gratification. Just like a local business has face value and are in customers memory, when a local business suggests a new product customers can trust their judgment on past pleasant dealings. You too can have that trust with your list as they will know who you are and trust your advice and suggestions, instead of just seeing your latest traffic building efforts for the first time. You will also gain the advantage of repeat customers from adding them to your email list at the time of their purchase or initial interaction, because now they are on your list they won't have the opportunity to "lose your business card" or forget your website address. Speaking of Initial Interaction, a great way to get people "under your belt" and signed up for your email list is to...

Offer Freebies! Offering freebies is a great method for building a list. Who doesn't want some something for free? Think for a second, what does the local gym do when they want to increase membership? They offer a 1 week FREE trail membership. So if you run a membership site, why not offer a 1 week/month FREE trial membership to new members and watch your membership increase by the truck load. Don't own a membership site? Try giving away a free report or a "free report" version of your product, you can always up-sell your paid product on your back-end or later on through email since they are on your opt in email list. Don't feel like creating a freebie to compliment your paid product? Just grab a related PLR Product with "Give Away Rights" and give that away while your building an email list. Viral Marketing! Viral marketing is when you get other people to spread the word like they spread a virus. One way to get people to spread your info like a virus is to offer a "Share This With Your Friends" form to fill out with up to 5 recipients. Another way to generate some viral traffic is to offer up some social buttons on your pages, this way people can easily "Like" your page on Facebook, "Follow" you on Twitter, and "+1" your page with Google. This alone will have immediate viral results. And the last viral marketing method I will discuss here Today is: Granting "Give Away Rights" with your freebie. What you will need to do is create a "template" squeeze page to be bundled with your freebie in HTML format. Be sure to include all Images and .css files so that people can replicate your squeeze page on their own

website, and give away Your Free ebook(Branded with Your links in it, in .PDF format so no one can change your links, or creating an audio/video freebie product would be even better). They will be able to use your ebook to build their own list, and everyone that signs up to their list will receive Your freebie ebook/report/Etc. If you also give the "PLR Give Away" rights with your freebie, as in the person can give away the squeeze page setup along with the freebie, Now everyone who downloads your freebie will also be able to setup their own squeeze page to give away your freebie. Can you see where this is going? Every single person that downloads your freebie, could possibly setup their own squeeze page to give it away again to person B, and then person B give it to person C, and then to person D, and then to person E, and then to person.... you get the point. So now you know that you NEED to be building an email list, No Matter What your selling online. So that you won't have to look for customers because they will be at your finger tips, you'll have face value and they will remember you and trust your advice, and you'll be able to stay in constant contact with Your past customers so that they become Repeat Customers. You've learned that Freebies are the way to go when building an email list, and it is essential to offer a "Free Trial", barely anyone will pass up anything that's free, You will always be able to up-sell them later on now that they are on your opt in email lists. And don't forget "Viral" isn't always a bad term, sometimes it's good for people to spread something like a virus as long as that thing they are spreading is your Viral Product. If someone really likes something they will have no problem sending it to there friends. Buttons, buttons, everyone likes to push buttons, so put up Your social buttons and see for yourself how well this really works. Just remember, Freebies Freebies Freebies! At this point with these email list building tips, you should have

learned how to grow your email list and be able to build a sizable list with this information alone, but stay tuned to my list building series and become a list building Guru in no time. To Your Success, RS Marketing Get 100+ more List Building Tips Ebook on the fastest way to build a list for FREE. Just check out my web page @ to get Your Free Copy and start building your opt in email lists Empire today.

A Guru's Guide To: The Fastest Way To Build A List!  

A Guru's Guide To: The Fastest Way To Build A List! If you want to learn about building an email list and The Fastest Way To Build A List, t...

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