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Teaching Your Kids to Stand Up for Their Faith in Present Day America Tell Them That I Love Them

Firm Foundation 

Give your children a foundation to build a relationship with Jesus Encourage children to have conversations with Jesus Deferring to Christ will never lead them astray

Have Conversations with Jesus 

Before the situation arises, you should take a moment to have a talk with Jesus It does not have to be out loud and can be done in private Seeking guidance can help you have levelheaded responses to problems

Ask About Others’ Faith 

Those who question your faith are lacking a true relationship with God Take the time to talk to the other person about faith You will have the opportunity to educate and spread the word and joy of Jesus Christ

Ignore Negative Comments  You

may face insults or negative comments about your faith  While not fun, stay strong by remembering that you are living in the power of the spirit  Christ will always be there for His most faithful followers

Be a Prayerful Parent  

Children learn by example Make a visual aid out of your own life by dedicating time for prayer and bible study Make the most out of opportunities to teach them about God

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John DiBattista Jr.

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Teaching Your Kids to Stand Up for Their Faith in Present Day America  

Teaching your kids to stand up for their faith in America today can be quite difficult. Kids are mean and can make fun of those who are fir...

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