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Welcome Dear Evergreen Families and Friends: Welcome to the Evergreen Auction! Thank you for showing your support of our school by attending this spectacular event. At Evergreen, we strive to create an ideal environment for children to grow together into thoughtful, joyful, able, and virtuous citizens of the world. So it is fitting that our auction is a celebration of our children, our community, and our school. Our theme this year, “Sunglasses at Night,” highlights the spirit of fun and fellowship in the air. Planning this event took countless hours of work by a large group of dedicated volunteers. From decorations to catalogs, ticket sales, Love Notes, ads, food, beverages, and logistics, I deeply appreciate everyone’s tireless effort. In particular our Auction Co-chairs Cori Lathan and Prasant Sar and Donation Coordinator Anke Mann deserve special recognition for making this wonderful event possible. I am deeply grateful for their leadership, vision, and teamwork. We have many wonderful items to offer tonight. Please bid generously, as Auction proceeds directly support classroom programs and special projects—and ultimately our children. Enjoy the evening! Sincerely, John DeMarchi Head of School

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Silent Auction Rules 1. You will receive your bid number and bid stickers when you check in at the door. We will ask you to leave us your credit card imprint (no AmEx, please) when you check in to help us speed up payment and departure. If you do not win any bids, your credit card slip will be shredded promptly. You may also pay by check or cash. 2. You may bid on as many items as you wish. Simply use the bid stickers with your bid number preprinted on them and affix them to the bid sheets posted. Bid amounts are preprinted on the sheets this year. NEW THIS YEAR: Sign-up Parties. Each Signup Party has a defined bid amount per person and a limited number of attendees. 3. Check your bid frequently during the course of the Auction. The last bid number/bid on the list at the closing of bids claims the item. Your bid entry on a sheet is a commitment to buy the item; therefore, please do not cross out your bids after entering them as this can cause confusion during the bidding. 4. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in this catalog and on the bid sheets. In the event of a discrepancy, consult the actual gift certificate/item for expiration dates and other pertinent details. 5. At the close of bidding, the bid sheets will be collected and the winning bid receipts tallied. Report to the checkout table, tell us your bid number, and we’ll tell you what you won and how much you owe. 6. After paying, take your bid receipt(s) to the PICK UP table, where you may claim your item(s). 7. NOTE: Please leave any auction items on the tables for collection by the Auction table hosts. You may claim your auction item at the PICK UP table by presenting your paid bid receipt. HAVE FUN and GOOD LUCK!

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Auction Proxy Designation and Bid 1. You may designate a “Proxy Bidder” to make bids on your behalf if you are unable to attend the Auction. Simply designate a trustworthy and reliable person to bid on your behalf at the Auction by completing the “Auction Proxy Designation and Bid” form, which you will find at the very back of this Auction Catalog. One signed copy of the form must be submitted to the Auction Chair prior to the Auction or at registration on Auction night. The Proxy Bidder should keep a photocopy. 2. The Bidder or Proxy Bidder must register and receive a bidder number prior to submitting any bids. There is no fee for proxy bidding. 3. All bids made by a Proxy Bidder are final and binding on the Bidder. The Proxy Bidder is required to make payment on behalf of a winning bidder on Auction night. The Proxy Bidder is also responsible for receipt of Bidder’s winning items and delivery of the items to the Bidder. 4. Evergreen School and the Auction Committee are allowing proxy bids as a convenience and are not responsible for any errors or failure of a Proxy Bidder to correctly execute bids. 5. Be sure your Proxy Bidder clearly understands your instructions on how to bid! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

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Live Auction: Class Projects Class projects were made by the children, with teacher and parent involvement.

Ceramic Bowls Created by Mrs. B’s., Ms. Lynn’s, & Ms. Cruz’s Toddler Class These ceramic bowls were hand-painted by the children and then glazed, making them useful as well as beautiful.

Handprint Quilt Created by Mr. Bingcang’s & Mrs. Dahmas’s Primary Class Each child has added his or her own personal handprint flower or pollinator to create this adorable and cozy quilt.

Two Works on Canvas Created by Mrs. John’s & Mrs. Conn’s Primary Class The children have created two masterpieces with tempera on canvas. One is inspired by American artist Jackson Pollock, and features colorful flings, drips, and splats. The other is inspired by painter Wassily Kandinsky, and features circles within circles, symbolizing a community’s interconnectedness. Both works are preserved with conservation varnish to ensure long-lasting beauty.

Tiled Coffee Table Created by Ms. Liotta’s & Ms. Soraya’s Primary Class Inspired by their own creativity, the children each painted a tile, and we put them all together to make this colorful and lively coffee table. Dimensions: 18.5” x 36.75"

World-Themed Flower Box Created by Ms. Tobin’s & Ms. Portillo’s Primary Class A colorful wooden flower box decorated with images of the world. Ready for use; just add soil, your favorite flowers, and love.

Two Seats of Knowledge Created by Ms. Lourdes’s & Mrs. Hatziyannis’s Elementary Class Pull up a chair—or two! The Elementary students have collaged their most impressive math tests onto a vintage oak desk chair, and they have furthered their South American studies by creating an Adirondack chair covered with the foliage and animals of the Amazon rainforest.

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Live Auction: Class Baskets Items in class baskets were donated by Evergreen families.

Time for Spring Donated by Mrs. B’s., Ms. Lynn’s, & Ms. Cruz’s Toddler Class Get busy in your backyard with this basket, featuring gardening books, seeds, planters, and essential tools like gloves, knee-pads, and trowels.

Pet Lovers Donated by Mr. Bingcang’s & Mrs. Dahmas’s Primary Class Woof! Treat your pooch to some necessary items from “Living Ruff,” such as treats, toys, and the latest technology for dog owners!

Star Treatment Donated by Mrs. John’s & Mrs. Conn’s Primary Class Give yourself the Star Treatment with red and white wines, spa gift certificate, pedicure and manicure, Coach purse, body lotions, a candle, slippers, two necklaces, a cozy throw blanket, body butter, and more!

Health & Wellness Donated by Ms. Liotta’s & Ms. Soraya’s Primary Class Focus on your wellness with a 2-month membership to Gold's Gym, 1-month membership to Aspen Hill Club, facial or massage at Blue Heron Wellness Center, MOM’s Organic Market gift card, healthy eating cookbook, candles, body lotions, bath salts, and more!

Coffee, Tea, for Me! Donated by Ms. Tobin’s & Ms. Portillo’s Primary Class Relax and enjoy a little break with this basket, featuring items like flavored teas, a tea strainer, coffee, thermal coffee carafe, biscotti, shortbread, coffee mugs, chocolatecoated spoons, a French press, and a bottle of Bailey’s liqueur.

Escape From Reality—Read! Donated by Ms. Lourdes’s & Mrs. Hatziyannis’s Elementary Class Find your favorite reading nook and rekindle your love of reading with the items this basket! Features an e-reader, a light for the e-reader, books, gift cards, wine, and chocolate for the ultimate in reading enjoyment.

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Silent Auction Items ~ Sign-up Parties—NEW! ~ This year, the Auction features something new: Sign-up Parties! Below you will find an assortment of fun activities for kids, grownups, and families, each hosted by a fellow Evergreen family. Every bidder “wins.” That means, if you place your bid number on the bid sheet, you are committing to paying the set bid price, and your bid ensures you a place at one of the best parties of the year! Look for more Sign-up Parties in the “Parent Potpourri” and “Teacher Treasures” sections, too. Enjoy!

SU1: Sign-up Party: Margarita Mamas Hosted by parents Melanie Doherty & Cori Lathan Retail Value: $20/person This one’s just for Mom! Melanie Doherty (Colin) and Cori Lathan (Elijah and Lindsey) will be your hosts for a women-only Margarita / Martini / Mojito Mama cocktail evening. Date: Friday, May 11, 2012, at 7 p.m. Bid: $40/person Limit: 20 women

SU2: Sign-up Party: Wine-Tasting at Gilly’s Craft Beer & Fine Wine Hosted by the Evergreen Board of Trustees Retail Value: $28/person The Evergreen Board has partnered with Gilly's Craft Beer & Fine Wine in Rockville to host a private wine-tasting event for Evergreen parents. Come enjoy excellent wines, good company, and a tasty spread. All proceeds will go toward the next phase of the Evergreen Rain Garden Project: Building the Gazebo! Gilly’s will also donate 10% of all sales for the day to those coming in and mentioning Evergreen. Stock up for Memorial Day weekend! Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2012, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Bid: $50/person Limit: 20 adults

SU3: Sign-up Party: Parents’ Party at the DeMarchi House Donated by John DeMarchi, Head of School Retail Value: Priceless! Join fellow parents for drinks, dinner, and dessert at the Head of School's home. Date: Saturday, September 15, 2012, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Bid: $50/person Limit: 20 adults Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 6

SU4: Sign-up Party: Petting Zoo Hosted by the Scott Family Retail Value: $20/person The Scott family (Catherine) will be your host on an Evergreen Express bus trip to Clark’s Elioak Farm Petting Zoo in Ellicott City. Bus departs from Evergreen. Offer includes knowledgeable tour guides with age-appropriate information about the animals, a guided tour of the petting farm, a chance to feed and pet the animals, a hayride, and more. Juices, water, snacks, and ice cream are available to purchase. Bring your own lunch. Date: Saturday, May 26, 2012, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bid: $20/person Limit: 20 people

SU5: Sign-up Party: After School Hip-Hop Dance & Pizza Hosted by the Foley/Gaglione Family Retail Value: $15/person The Foley/Gaglione family (Oliver) will be your hosts for a Hip-Hop Dance & Pizza Party. Your child will sleep well after this event! Date: Friday, June 1, 2012, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Bid: $25/child Limit: 15 children, ages 5 and up

SU6: Sign-up Party: Duckpin Bowling Hosted by the Cantor Family Retail Value: $15/person Join the Cantor family (Connor) for an afternoon of duckpin bowling at White Oak Duckpin Bowling. Arrive at 10:45 to get your shoes, and enjoy an hour of bowling, followed by a pizza lunch. Sign-up includes shoe rental, reserved lane, 2 slices of pizza, and soda for all attendees. Date: Saturday, June 2, 2012, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bid: $25/person Limit: 17 people

SU7: Sign-up Party: Outing to Glen Echo Hosted by the Murray Family Retail Value: $16/person The Murray family (Alexander) will be your host on an Evergreen Express bus trip to Glen Echo Park. Included in the trip is a puppet show and a ride on the carousel. Bring a picnic lunch. Bus departs from Evergreen. Date: Saturday, June 30, 2012, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Bid: $25/person Limit: 20 people Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 7

SU8: Sign-up Party: Native American Craft & Hike with John Fishback Hosted by the Gadea/Mackler Family Retail Value: $40/family The Gadea/Mackler family (Soren) will be your hosts at Wheaton Regional Park for this Native American Craft & Hike with John Fishback. John is an expert on the natives who lived in this area and how they lived. He leads a survival school and a class on primitive technology, and he's made three log canoes the way the Indians did. Bring a lunch and stay to play in the newly renovated park! “I believe that my role is as a caretaker for the planet and wish to encourage in others a profound connection to the earth.” – John Fishback Date: Saturday, June 16, 2012, from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Meet at the Carousel. Bid: $40/family (good for children ages 4-8, craft will be age-appropriate) Limit: 10 families

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~ Capital Connection ~ C1: Dinner for Two at Arucola Osteria Italiana in D.C. Donated by Arucola Osteria Italiana Retail Value: $50 You and your special someone can have dinner at this rustic Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Chevy Chase, D.C. Choose from soups, salads, pizza, pasta, and meat or fish dishes. Sales tax and gratuity not included. Not redeemable for cash. Valid through 4/21/13.

C2: A Night at the Movies Donated by Avalon Theatre Retail Value: $35 Enjoy at night at the grand old Avalon Theater, on Connecticut Ave., in Northwest D.C., with these 2 tickets and 2 medium popcorn certificates. The Avalon is an independent, nonprofit theater that features diverse programming. Expires April 2013.

C3: Be a Spy for a Day! Donated by International Spy Museum and Eric O’Neill, parent Retail Value: $80 Package includes 2 complimentary tickets for the International Spy Museum and a coupon for 20% off at the Spy Store. Passes expire 12/31/12. The winner will also receive an autographed promotional poster from the movie “Breach.” The movie is based on the true story of Robert Hanssen, an FBI agent convicted of spying for the Soviet Union/Russia for more than 2 decades, and Eric O’Neill (a current Evergreen parent), who worked as his assistant and helped bring about his downfall. The poster is one of 10 signed by O’Neill, actors Ryan Phillippe (who portrayed O’Neill) and Chris Cooper, and director Billy Ray.

C4: Tour of C-SPAN & Lunch at Johnny’s Half Shell Donated by Donald Hirsch Retail Value: $50 Private tour for up to 4 people of the C-SPAN headquarters and studios in Washington, D.C. Conclude your tour with lunch at Johnny’s Half Shell restaurant on Capitol Hill; a $50 certificate toward lunch is included with this item. Tour will be arranged at a mutually agreed upon date. Expires 2/22/13.

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C5: Dinner for Four at Oyamel Cocina Mexicana Donated by Oyamel Cocina Mexicana Retail Value: $320 Enjoy a dinner for 4 at Oyamel, the restaurant named best Latin American Restaurant in 2011 by Washingtonian. Oyamel combines Mexico’s rich regional diversity with the modern urban atmosphere of Mexico City. The liveliness of the dining room is matched by the creativity of the menu, featuring antojitos, ceviches, and tacos, plus unique margaritas and an impressive array of wines and tequilas. Dinner includes an artisan cocktail, wine pairing, tax, and gratuity. Reservations required. Expires 4/21/13.

C6: Dinner for Four at Zaytinya Donated by Zaytinya Retail Value: $320 Under the direction of celebrated chef José Andrés and his ThinkFoodGroup, Zaytinya offers an innovative mezze menu inspired by Turkish, Greek, and Lebanese cuisines served up in a sleek and modern setting. Building on Jose’s deep knowledge of Mediterranean cooking and years of research and travel, the menu features shared small plates of authentic and innovative fare, creative cocktails, and unique Mediterranean wines, making Zaytinya one of the most exciting restaurants in Washington. Since opening in 2003, Zaytinya ranks consistently as a Top D.C. Dining Destination. Dinner for 4 includes manager’s selection of 2 bottles of wine, tax, and gratuity. Reservations required. Expires 4/21/13.

C7: Four Tickets to Newseum Donated by Newseum Retail Value: $90 The Newseum—a 250,000-square-foot museum of news—offers visitors an experience that blends 5 centuries of news history with up-to-the-second technology and hands-on exhibits. Located near the Smithsonian and the National Mall, it offers a unique environment that takes you behind the scenes to experience how and why news is made. These 4 general admission tickets expire 12/31/12.

C8: Six-Month STROGA Membership Donated by STROGA, solicited by Roy Kaufmann, parent Retail Value: $834 Treat yourself to 6 months of unlimited yoga and fitness classes at STROGA in Adams Morgan. Must be redeemed by 12/31/12.

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C9: Massage Therapy Donated by Joseph Reo Massage Therapy Retail Value: $100 Massage has been an important part of health care for thousands of years. From ancient China to today, people all over the world enjoy its relaxing and pain-relieving benefits. Modern scientific research supports massage for reducing stress, treating muscle pain, and maintaining overall health and wellness. And above all else, massage feels great! Relax and enjoy a 1-hour full-body massage with this gift certificate. Located at 5225 Wisconsin Ave., in northwest D.C. Expires 10/21/12.

C10: Foot Therapy Donated by Joseph Reo Massage Therapy Retail Value: $100 Massage has been an important part of health care for thousands of years. From ancient China to today, people all over the world enjoy its relaxing and pain-relieving benefits. Modern scientific research supports massage for reducing stress, treating muscle pain, and maintaining overall health and wellness. And above all else, massage feels great! Relax and enjoy a 40-minute foot-therapy treatment with this gift certificate. Located at 5225 Wisconsin Ave., in northwest D.C. Expires 10/21/12.

C11: Results Gym Membership Donated by Results Gym Retail Value: $514 Results Gym, in D.C., is a community-minded health and fitness club utilizing state-ofthe-art equipment in a safe and clean environment. We take the time to learn who our members are and provide outstanding service and professional expertise to members and guests alike. Everyone is welcome at Results Gym, regardless of fitness level. We seek to motivate, inspire, and enable you to be the best you can be.

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~ Summer Fun ~ S1: Ballet Petite Gift Package Donated by Ballet Petite Retail Value: $75 This gift package is sure to please the little ballerina in your life. It includes a “My Magical Morning” book, fairy wings, wand, tutu, and $50 gift certificate for class or camp at any of Ballet Petite’s 4 locations.

S2: Bethesda Big Train Baseball All Season Long Donated by Bethesda Community Base Ball Club Retail Value: $125 Don't miss a beat of exciting Bethesda Big Train baseball this summer! Enjoy a pass for the entire family (up to 6 people) to every game at Shirley Povich Field in Cabin John Regional Park. Expires 7/1/12.

S3: One Month of Martial Arts Classes Donated by Black Belt Martial Arts Center Retail Value: $189 One month of martial arts classes for 1 adult or child (ages 3 and up) at Black Belt Martial Arts Center in Kensington. Expires 7/21/12.

S4: Capture Their Imagination Stage Donated by Imagination Stage Retail Value: $44 Spark your child’s imagination with 2 tickets to a performance of the 2011-2012 season at Imagination Stage in Bethesda, MD. Choose either “Rapunzel” or “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” Tickets are subject to availability and must be used by 8/12/12.

S5: Dance Lessons Donated by Wheaton Studio of Dance Retail Value: $115 This certificate from the Wheaton Studio of Dance (the same company that runs the Evergreen after-school dance class) entitles you to one 6-week summer session (for ages 3 and up). Classes include Combination (ballet, gymnastics, and tap), Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Zumba. Jazz and Hip Hop are for ages 8 and up. Zumba is an adult class. Classes are 1 hour per week for 6 weeks. Valid for summer 2012 only. Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 12

S6: One Week of Mad Science Camp at Evergreen Donated by Mad Science Camp Retail Value: $295 This certificate entitles you to 1 week of Mad Science Camp at Evergreen this summer. Topics vary weekly and include Red Hot Robots; Earth, Space & Beyond; and Secret Agent Lab, among others. See for theme details and registration. Certificate is valid through 8/31/12.

S7: Get Creative at CREATE Arts Center Donated by CREATE Arts Center Retail Value: $100 Art is magic at CREATE Arts Center. Their mission is to promote creativity, selfexpression and self-confidence through artistic expression. Experience what they have to offer with this $100 gift certificate toward any class (but not MCRD classes), camp, or party offered by CREATE Arts Center in downtown Silver Spring. Expires 4/21/13.

S8: $100 Towards Silver Stars Birthday Party Donated by Silver Stars Gymnastics & Kids Athletic Club Retail Value: $100 Apply this $100 certificate toward your child’s next birthday party at Silver Stars Gymnastics. It’ll be the easiest party you ever host! Parties at Silver Spring location include 16 kids (up to 26 kids at Bowie location). Parties are available Saturdays and Sundays by reservation only. Party includes time in gym, juice, goodie bags, paper products, and candles. No expiration date.

S9: One Week of Tiny Chefs Cooking Camp at Evergreen Donated by Tiny Chefs Retail Value: $300 This certificate entitles you to 1 week of Tiny Chefs Cooking Camp at Evergreen School this summer. Children will learn many cooking basics, such as reading a recipe, proper measuring and knife skills, and techniques such as baking, grilling, and sautéing. Each week features a different theme, such as Mexican Fiesta, Breakfast All Day Long, and Baking Basics. Please note that there will be no swimming or field trips for this program. Ages 7 and up. Visit for weekly themes and registration.

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S10: Hill’s Gymnastics Gift Certificate Donated by Hill’s Gymnastics Training Center Retail Value: $50 Come to Hill's Gymnastics for fun-filled gymnastics classes, birthday parties, and summer camps. This $50 gift certificate can be used for anything except team tuition. Your children will love it! Expires 8/31/12.

S11: Session of Adventure Theatre’s Summer Musical Theatre Camp Donated by Adventure Theatre Retail Value: $810 This certificate can be redeemed for tuition for 1 child to attend 1 session of Adventure Theatre’s Summer Musical Theatre Camp, at Glen Echo Park. Be a part of the musical theater world in a camp complete with choreography, acting, and singing! Each 2-week workshop culminates in 4 full-scale productions with costumes and props on Adventure Theatre’s Main Stage! Choose from 6 different sessions throughout the summer. Space is limited, so register today! Ages 6-15.

S12: Language Stars Gift Package Donated by Language Stars Bethesda Retail Value: $125 This package includes a $100 gift certificate toward tuition for any FunImmersion program in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, or German at any Language Stars Center. Package also includes free language CD and T-shirt.

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~ Local Living ~ L1: Three-Month Gym Membership Donated by Rock Creek Sports Club Retail Value: $210 Get in shape now with this 3-month gym membership. One of the few independently owned health clubs in the area, Rock Creek Sports Club is a true neighborhood gym and fitness center located at the junction of Silver Spring, D.C., and Chevy Chase. The two-level, sunlight-filled gym is comfortable for all ages and fitness levels and has the right blend of cardio equipment and strength-training tools. Expires 10/21/12.

L2: One Dozen Cupcakes Donated by Georgetown Cupcake Retail Value: $32 Gift certificate for a dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, your destination for gourmet cupcakes. They bake their cupcakes on site daily and use the finest ingredients, like Valrhona chocolate, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, European sweet cream butter, and gourmet chocolate sprinkles.

L3: Architectural Ceramics Gift Card Donated by Architectural Ceramics, solicited by Roy Kaufmann, parent Retail Value: $250 Architectural Ceramics is a large tile supplier with locations in Baltimore, Bethesda, Rockville, Alexandria, and Falls Church. With an extensive product line in ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, slate, marble, limestone, glass, and metal tiles, they offer more than 25,000 samples to choose from, an extensive stock program for immediate delivery, and design consultation services.

L4: Family Portrait Session and 8x10 Portrait Donated by Freed Photography, Jan Roth Retail Value: $500 Freed Photography offers this gift certificate for a family portrait session in their Bethesda studio, plus 8X10 portrait. Expires 12/30/12.

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L5: Willow Street Yoga Donated by Willow Street Yoga Center Retail Value: $100 Yoga continues to grow in popularity. Experience yoga’s benefits with this $100 gift certificate, which can be used toward a workshop or class tuition. Expires 2/2/13.

L6: Blair Mansion Restaurant Gift Certificate Donated by Blair Mansion Restaurant Retail Value: $50 This certificate is good for either 1 admission to a Friday Night Mystery Dinner Theater performance, OR $50 off an a la carte meal at the Blair Mansion Restaurant in Silver Spring. May not be used on holidays. Expires 6/23/12.

L7: Studio Portrait Session with Brooks Glogau Photographers Donated by Brooks Glogau Photography Studio Retail Value: $360 Whether for a timeless masterpiece or a casual moment, the experienced, talented, and enthusiastic photographer Cindy Bertaut of Brooks Glogau Photography knows how to bring out your best—so you can relax and enjoy the process. Pre-photographic consultation, professional photo shoot, and one 8x10 finished black-and-white or color print included. Expires 4/21/13.

L8: Horse Riding Lessons Donated by Reddemeade Equestrian Center Retail Value: $234 Make a horse lover’s dream come true with 1 month of group riding lessons for 1 person at Reddemeade Equestrian Center located on Ednor Road in Silver Spring. Expires 4/20/13.

L9: Family Membership in Audubon Naturalist Society Donated by Audubon Naturalist Society Retail Value: $65 The Audubon Naturalist Society seeks to increase environmental awareness and understanding and to encourage action on a local level. This 1-year family membership includes NEWS subscription and discounts in bookstore and on trips and classes. Must redeem by 4/20/13.

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L10: Four Admission Passes to AFI Donated by AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center Retail Value: $46 See an indie or other special feature movie with these 4 complimentary admission passes to the AFI Silver Theatre in downtown Silver Spring. The movie passes are each redeemable at the box office for 1 ticket to a regular film screening; does not include films with pass restrictions. No expiration date.

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~ Outings & Excursions ~ E1: Visit the Visionary Art Museum in Historic Baltimore Donated by American Visionary Art Museum Retail Value: $69 The American Visionary Art Museum is located in a historic location in downtown Baltimore at the base of Federal Hill. Exhibits feature both contemporary and historic works by self-taught artists. Explore this unique museum with these 4 admission passes, plus a magazine copy from a previous exhibit. No expiration date.

E2: Bowl America Party: A Fun Birthday Idea Donated by Bowl America Retail Value: $100 Bowling parties are fun for kids and adults! This certificate is good for 1 bowling party for up to 6 people at any Bowl America location. Party includes 2 games of bowling per person, shoe rental, and 2 pitchers of nonalcoholic beverage. Date, time, and location selection are subject to lane availability. Reservations required. Valid through 4/21/13, excluding January through March.

E3: Explore Colonial Times Donated by Claude Moore Colonial Farm Retail Value: $35 Participate in many colonial activities at a hands-on farm. A visit to the Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, Va., is a visit to another world…that of an 18th century family living on a small, low-income farm just prior to the Revolutionary War. This is a 1-year family membership, beginning May 2012. You must send in the application form to activate your membership.

E4: Visit Luray Caverns Donated by Luray Caverns Retail Value: $48 Explore Luray Caverns, the largest and most popular caverns in the eastern United States, with these 2 admission passes. A guided tour takes you through magnificent halls full of stalactites, stalagmites, and crystal-clear pools of water. You’ll also hear the beautiful “Stalacpipe Organ.” Includes admission to the Car and Carriage Caravan Museum and access to the Luray Valley Museum as well. Just 90 minutes from D.C. Valid through 10/31/12.

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 18

E5: Tour Historic Annapolis by Boat Donated by Watermark Cruises Retail Value: $28 View historic Annapolis Harbor, the banks of the U.S. Naval Academy, the scenic Severn River, and catch a glimpse of the Bay Bridge with these 2 gift certificates for boarding passes onboard Harbor Queen for a 40-minute narrated cruise. Cruises sail weather permitting. Expires 9/30/12.

E6: Learn To Ski or Snowboard at Ski Liberty Donated by Liberty Mountain Resort & Conference Center Retail Value: $84 Enjoy this beginner ski or snowboard package, which includes a restricted lift ticket to the beginner ski area, complete rentals, and a 90-minute group lesson. Lift ticket cannot be upgraded. Good for ages 8 and older. Valid Sunday through Friday (not Saturdays), non-holidays, and any evening from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Excluded holidays are Christmas through New Year's Day, MLK weekend (Saturday through Monday), and President's Day weekend (Saturday through Monday). Expires 3/1/13.

E7: Tickets to Babe Ruth & Sports Legends Museum in Baltimore Donated by Babe Ruth & Sports Legends Museum Retail Value: $28 Two combo admissions to the Babe Ruth Museum and Sports Legends at Camden Yards, two of the top sports museums in the nation. Expires 12/31/13.

E8: Learn to Ski or Snowboard at Whitetail Donated by Whitetail Mountain Resort Retail Value: $89 Learn to ski or snowboard on Whitetail’s beginner terrain. Package includes First Class Magic Carpet, Lift-Off Quad, and U-Me Double lifts tickets; rental skis, poles and boots; or rental snowboard and boots; and a level-one class lesson.

E9: Dinner & Show at Toby’s, Columbia Donated by Toby’s Dinner Theatre Retail Value: $50 Enjoy dinner and a show with this ticket to Toby’s Dinner Theatre of Columbia. Ticket is valid on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at Columbia location only. Reservations are required. Does not include gratuity or beverages. Expires 11/29/12. Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 19

E10: Four Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre Tickets Donated by Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre Retail Value: $80 Enjoy an outdoor performance at this quaint Annapolis theater located in historic downtown Annapolis. This item includes 4 gift certificates, each good for 1 ticket to any production at the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre. Reservations required; tickets must be claimed not later than 30 minutes before show time. No expiration date.

E11: Guided White Water Rafting Trip for Two in Harpers Ferry Donated by River Riders Retail Value: $130 Redeem this certificate for 2 spaces on a guided white water rafting trip with River Riders in beautiful Harpers Ferry, WV. Certificate is valid 5/29/12 to 9/14/12. Holidays and weekends in July and August are excluded. Reservations required.

E12: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Tickets Donated by Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Retail Value: $75 Enjoy a splendid night out with this voucher for two (2) tickets to one performance of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. These seats will be located in the Side Orchestra section of the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore. The two available shows are either Shostakovich's Seventh Symphony on Saturday, May 5, 2012, at 7 p.m., or Mozart and Beethoven on Friday, June 1, 2012, at 8 p.m. Tickets must be requested in advance by mailing the voucher to the ticket office.

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 20

~ One-of-a-Kind ~ K1: Preparation of Will and Related, Important Documents Donated by Harry A. Suissa, P.C. Retail Value: $2,000 ($500 for each of 4 items) Four separate items up for bid. Take comfort in knowing that your affairs are in order. Harry Suissa, an experienced attorney with offices in Silver Spring, will prepare the document you bid on and win: K1-a: a durable power of attorney (whereby you designate a person to make important health and financial decisions if you are incapacitated) K1-b: a medical directive (in which you indicate, in advance, your preferences for medical treatment if you are unable to communicate at the time the services are needed) K1-c: a will (a basic will, without trusts or complex tax ramifications) K1-d: a living will.

K2: Golf Outing for Four Donated by Bayside Resort Golf Club and Mary & Denny Worch Retail Value: $320 Golf outing for 4 at this Jack Nicklaus Signature course, located in Fenwick Island, DE, on the shores of beautiful Assawoman Bay. Winner must contact Mr. Worch at 240-3729245 for arrangements.

K3: Highlights on Fun Donated by Highlights for Children Retail Value: $100 This package includes a 1-year subscription gift certificate to “Highlights for Children” magazine, 1-year subscription gift certificate for “High Five” magazine, and 10 copies of various “Highlights” magazines.

K4: Autographed Photo of D.C. United Player Donated by D.C. United Retail Value: $25 For the soccer fans among us, this small treasure will be the ultimate auction item. An autographed photo of D.C. United defensive player Dejan Jakovic with a certificate of authenticity.

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 21

K5: John Deere Cooler Full of Toys for Big Boys Donated by John Deere & Vanessa Stiffler, parent Retail Value: $865 This John Deere fan package includes a John Deere portable cooler (with rollers or backpack option) that is filled with several Deere models: a 1/16 tractor, a 1/16 gator utility vehicle model, a 1/32 backhoe model, a 1/50 crawler metal model, a 1/50 dozer metal model, and a 1/32 tractor model with lights and sounds.

K6: Washington Capitals Autographed Game Puck Donated by Washington Capitals Retail Value: $100 A must-have for Washington Capitals fans, this game puck is signed by number 74, defenseman John Carlson.

K7: Autographed Baltimore Orioles Photo Donated by Baltimore Orioles Retail Value: $25 This photo was donated to the auction by the Baltimore Orioles. It is signed by Brian Matusz and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

K8: 3 nights/3 days Stay at Pica Zuro Lodge in Cordoba, Argentina Retail Value: $4,980 Donated by David Denies Wingshooting ( A unique hunting experience for two shooters. Cordoba is considered the dove-shooting capital of the world. The 100-square-mile radius around the lodge is annually inhabited by millions of doves, and the birds reproduce over 5 times per year. Each day the lodge donates hundreds of doves to a local food kitchen that serves the area’s needy children. Included: private lodging and housekeeping, private chef and all meals, beverages (alcoholic and non), transportation to and from the shooting locations, professional guiding service, as well as a personal field assistant for each shooter to reload their shotgun all day, carry any equipment, provide anything they might like while shooting, and keep their bird count. The lodge has a swimming pool, in-ground hot tub, recreation room with flat screen satellite TV, billiards, fully stocked complimentary bar, internet, and masseuse service. No black-out dates. Not Included: International airfare, gun rental (if necessary), shooting license/shell, airport transportation, and gratuities.

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 22

K9: Four Envirosax Reusable Grocery Bags Donated by Clara Callahan, alumni parent Retail Value: $40 Envirosax designer reusable bags are spreading the eco-friendly message with style! Chic, inexpensive, and compact, Envirosax carry the message of re-use to a world ready for a brighter ecological future. They are tested for strength and safety, super strong (holds 44 pounds), fully washable, won’t fade, and are fashionable and fun. These 4 bags are from the Animal Planet and Pepsi Collection.

K10: Discovery Basket Donated by Discovery Channel Retail Value: $250 The magic of discovery comes alive with this one-of-a-kind gift basket from the Discovery Channel. Your child will have everything he or she needs to explore the world with “MythBusters,” travel to the Arctic with “Frozen Planet,” and go on a wild adventure with “Animal Planet.” A true treasure chest of inspiration and imagination.

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 23

~ Parent Potpourri ~ P1: Authentic German Dinner Donated by Anke Mann, parent Retail Value: $100 Prepared by Evergreen parent Anke Mann for delivery to you for heating and eating. Anke will cook an authentic German meal for 4 to 6 people. Main dish options include Schnitzel (breaded pork chops); Gulasch (pork and beef stew); Klopse (German meatballs); Jaegerschnitzel (pork chops in creamy mushroom gravy); plus veggies and/or Spaetzle (homemade “pasta”). Homemade cake, too! Please contact Anke at for scheduling. Offer expires 12/31/12.

P2: Comida Criolla Cubana: Authentic Homemade Cuban Meal and Cocktails for Four Donated by Helen Droddy, parent Retail Value: $200 Enjoy this authentic homemade Cuban meal and cocktails for 4 people, delivered fresh to winner’s home (within 15 miles of school, Saturday or Sunday, within 90 days of purchase). Meal includes: alcoholic cocktail: Mojitos; appetizer: Mariquitas (fried, green plantain chips); entrée: Arroz con Pollo (Chicken and Rice, boneless breast or dark and white meat on bone, winner’s choice; contains alcohol.); side dish: Maduros (fried, ripe plantains); dessert: Flan (custard w/caramel sauce); Cuban coffee (Espresso). Delivery date should be coordinated with donor at least 2 weeks in advance. Expires 7/21/12.

P3: Home-Cooked Indian Meal for Four Donated by Tulika Narayan, parent Retail Value: $80 Enjoy time off from cooking! This Indian meal will include 1 seasonal vegetable dish (your choice), lentils, rice, and an organic or free-range meat dish (your choice). The choices will be those that are not typically available in restaurants, and cooked to perfection by an Evergreen mom who dreams of owning a restaurant but may never garner the courage! Food will be available for pickup from Evergreen on a Monday or can be picked up at the donor’s home in Silver Spring. Pick up on weekends only! One week’s notice needed. Expires 1 year from the date of the auction (4/21/13).

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 24

P4: South Indian Dinner Donated by Venu & Ramani Gowducheruvu, parents Retail Value: $90 Cooked by Evergreen Elementary parents Venu and Ramani Gowducheruvu, this South Indian dinner for 4 to 6 people will include a traditional appetizer, main dish, and dessert. Spicy or mild? Your preference!

P5: Sign-up Party: Indian Cooking Class Donated by Tulika Narayan, parent Retail Value: $40/person Learn how to cook your favorite Indian dish (dish will be selected in coordination with the winners and the teacher). All ingredients will be provided, with live demonstration of all steps. Participants and teacher can agree to either have the dish taken home or share the dinner at the teacher’s home in Silver Spring. Four weeks' prior notice. Date: Mutually agreed upon weekend day Bid: $40/person Limit: 4 people

P6: Sign-up Party: Guided Tour of the National Gallery of Art Donated by Ginger Spivey, parent Retail Value: $30/person Ginger will lead a 1-hour guided tour of the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Art. Depending on group interest, tour will be either a general highlights tour or customized toward a specific topic in 19th through 21st century art. Date: Mutually agreed upon day Bid: $30/person Limit: 6 people

P7: Sign-up Party: Private Spy Museum Tour with Top Spy Catcher! Hosted by Eric O’Neill, parent Retail Value: $40/person Meet Evergreen parent and real-life spy-catcher Eric O’Neill for a private tour of the Spy Museum. Eric is the subject of the 2007 movie “Breach,” which tells the story of his role in the capture of the most notorious spy in U.S. history! Date: Sunday, June 10, 2012, at 10 a.m. Bid: $40/person, ages 7 and up Limit: 10 people

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 25

P8: Sign-up Party: Wine Tasting Hosted by Dan Gillespie & Jeff Tyeryar, parents Retail Value: $40/person Evergreen parents Dan Gillespie and Jeff Tyeryar will host a wine tasting, accompanied by heavy appetizers/tapas, at their lovely home in Kensington. Date: Saturday, June 23, 2012, at 7 p.m. Bid: $40/person Limit: 12 adults

P9: Sign-up Party: Single Malt Whisky Tasting Hosted by Jennifer Rusiecki and Raj Jagannathan, parents Retail Value: $40/person Evergreen parents Jennifer Rusiecki and Raj Jagannathan will host a single malt whisky tasting at their home in Silver Spring. Whisky expert and director of WhiskyDC, Bart Forbes, will lead guests through the tasting and explain each single malt scotch whisky to attendees. An array of Scottish appetizers will be served. Date: Mutually agreed upon date Bid: $40/person Limit: 10 adults

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 26

~ Teacher Treasures ~ T1: Head of School for a Day Donated by John DeMarchi, Head of School Retail Value: Priceless! Your child will open car doors with Mr. DeMarchi, deliver birthday stickers, tour the school, write and publish a 'greenletter article and photograph, and have a special lunch with Mr. DeMarchi and Mrs. Buenaflor. In addition, he or she will hold meetings with Ms. Maffry to discuss enrichment programs.

T2: A Walk in the Woods Hosted by Ms. Lourdes & Mrs. Buenaflor Retail Value: Priceless! Shhhh….we’re looking for birds and squirrels. Your child and 3 friends (age 3 and older) will join Lourdes Barden and Lourdes Buenaflor for a guided nature tour through Sligo Creek Park. Be sure to pack a specimen bag, because the woods are filled with interesting things to collect. This event will take place on a mutually agreed upon Saturday in May or June, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

T3: A Day in the Life Donated by John DeMarchi, Head of School Retail Value: Priceless! You will own a keepsake photo book that documents a day in the life of your child. Your child will be center stage in a personalized photo book. Mr. DeMarchi will take pictures of your child throughout the day and create a handsome keepsake book with Shutterfly. This is an heirloom opportunity.

T4: Skating Party Hosted by Ms. Maffry & Ms. Cruz Retail Value: Priceless! Beginner or experienced skaters will skate in style after a lesson from Ms. Maffry and Ms. Cruz. Your child and 3 friends (age 5 and older) will meet up at either the Cabin John or Silver Spring skating rink for a thrilling afternoon on the ice. After skating, everyone will enjoy a cup of frothy hot cocoa. This event will take place on a mutually agreed upon Saturday in May, June, or September, from 10:30 a.m. to noon.

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 27

T5: Float Like a Butterfly Hosted by Ms. Liotta Retail Value: Priceless! Join Ms. Liotta for a butterfly extravaganza at the Brookside Gardens. Your child and 2 friends (age 4 and older) will join her on an educational program through the butterfly exhibit and around the gardens. This event will take place on a mutually agreed upon Saturday in June.

T6: Tea & Jam Making Hosted by Mrs. John & Mrs. Conn Retail Value: Priceless! Your child and 3 friends (age 4 and older) will join Mrs. John and Mrs. Conn for an afternoon of strawberry jam making. The project concludes with an old-fashioned tea party with fresh jelly biscuits. Everyone takes home their own jar of preserves to share with their families. All supplies will be provided. This event will be held on a mutually agreed upon Friday at 4 p.m. in May or June.

T7: Sign-up Party: I Like That Party Hat! Hosted by Ms. Soraya & Mrs. Dahmas Retail Value: Priceless! Your child will be a Mad Hatter! It is a hat-decorating party. Think jewels, feathers, glitter, and even Day-Glo paint. Ms. Soraya and Mrs. Dahmas will get everyone’s creative juices flowing and will provide all the materials. Date: Friday, May 11, 2012, from 5 p.m. to 6:30 pm. Bid: $30/child Limit: 6 children, 3 years and older

T8: Sign-up Party: Trip to the Zoo Hosted by Mrs. B, Mrs. Hatziyannis, & Ms. Lynn Retail Value: Priceless! Meet at Evergreen and ride the Evergreen Express to the National Zoo and spend 2 hours visiting some of the 2,000 individual animals of 400 different species. Bring your lunch for a picnic, and then have a relaxing ride home! Date: Saturday, May 12, 2012, from 10 a.m. to noon Bid: $20/person Limit: 20 people

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 28

T9: Sign-up Party: Hello, Cupcakes! Hosted by Ms. Tobin & Ms. Rosa Retail Value: Priceless! Let’s decorate! Ms. Tobin and Ms. Rosa are hosting a cupcake decorating party. They will provide the cupcakes and all the decorations. Get ready to be deliciously creative! Date: Friday, May 18, 2012, from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Bid: $30/person Limit: 6 children, 4 years and older.

T10: Sign-up Party: Scavenger Hunt Hosted by Mr. Bingcang Retail Value: Priceless! Where’s Spot the Dog? Is he in the classroom? Is he in the library? Is he in the gym? Is he in the playhouse? Your child will work on a team to search throughout Evergreen and find Spot. Luckily, he left fun clues along the way! Once Spot is found, there is a big celebration for everyone. Date: Friday, May 25, 2012, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Bid: $30/person Limit: 8 children, 4 years and older

T11: Sign-up Party: Last-Day-of-School Movie Night Hosted by Mr. Bingcang, Ms. LaDonna, and Ms. Keri Retail Value: Priceless! It is a cozy night for junior film buffs. Twelve children will join Mr. Bingcang, Ms. LaDonna and Ms. Keri for a special screening of a movie classic on the big screen with the Evergreen projector. You bring a comfy pillow and blanket, and we’ll take care of the popcorn and ice cream sundaes. Date: Friday, June 8, 2012, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Bid: $25/person Limit: 12 children, 3 years and older

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 29

~ RAFFLE! ~ Just $20 gets you three raffle tickets. Put them all toward one of these great prizes, or try your luck for all three! Each item is for 10 people, so you and your friends can enjoy a really special event together. All proceeds from the raffle will go towards expanding Evergreen’s Music Program and making the best use of our new music room.

Seven Course Meal for 10 AND Belly Dancers! Donated by Marrakesh Restaurant Retail Value: $320 If you have out-of-town guests coming or a special event to celebrate, this item is sure to please. Marrakesh features fine Moroccan cuisine and is located a short walk from the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro Station. You get 10 full 7-course dinners eaten with your fingers while watching a belly-dance show. Valid Sunday through Thursday only. Beverages, tax, and gratuity not included. No expiration date.

Horse Care at Camp Olympia Donated by Camp Olympia Retail Value: $250 This is the ultimate treat for aspiring horseback riders! Up to 10 children ages 7 and older get a hands-on experience to learn about horses. Barn lesson includes grooming, saddling, leading a horse, and a short ride.

Tour of National Zoo for 10 People Donated by National Zoo Retail Value: $65 Learn more about your zoo with this weekend guided tour of the National Zoo. Up to 10 people may join this special tour. Participants must be 4 years or older. Tours are offered on weekend mornings only and last around 2 hours. Please allow at least 2 months notice to schedule your tour.

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 30

 Love Notes  These “Love Notes” were lovingly purchased by family and friends to recognize a special Evergreen student, teacher, or staff member. Thanks to all who participated! 

To Catherine Adventure Grace Scott: What a beautiful, smart, adventurous girl you are! We are so proud of you and we love you so much! ~ Love, Mommy & Daddy 

To Hannah Sofie O’Neill: A pinkalicious princess, who speaks two languages, attacks life, and excels in school before her first birthday—my granddaughter. ~ Love, Granddad 

To Caroline: My precious little red-head. Stay sweet and do your best in school. I love you so much! ~ Love, Grandma Warren 

To Maggie Robbins: We love you very much. You work so well at school and always try to be kind to your friends. Have fun next year at Kindergarten! ~ Love, Grandma & Grandpa Dave 

To Jamie: You are such a pleasure and fine young man. And how you have grown! We love you very much and know next year will be a great one too. Evergreen has been a wonderful experience and a fantastic school! ~ Love, Annie & Unka Don  Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 31


To Emily & Joshua: We are so proud of you! ~ Love, Grandma Steffi & Grandpa Mark 

To Caroline Davis: Dear Caroline, you are our sunshine. We are very proud of you. ~ Love, Mom & Dad 

To Ms. Rosa: Thank you. Muchas gracias. Te amo. ~ Love, Catherine Scott 

To Ms. Tobin: Thank you for being such a great teacher. I love coming to school and have learned so much as your student. ~ Love, Catherine Scott 

To Jamie: Look how far you have come since your first day at Evergreen, almost 6 years ago! You have worked hard and learned so much, and we are very proud of you. We hope that you will find as much happiness and as many good friends at your new school as you have found here at Evergreen. ~ Love, Momma & Dada  

To Michael: I am so proud of how enthusiastically you do all your work and how much you constantly learn. You make me very proud and I love you dearly. ~ Love, Grandma Ebersole  Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 32

 

To Ella: We are happy you are doing so well at Evergreen. Lots of love and kisses. ~ Love, Grandpa & Grandma Young 

Dear Ms. Lourdes and Mrs. Hatziyannis: I love the lessons that you give me. I like going on field trips with you and I like morning meeting. You are both very nice to everyone. ~ Love, Lindsey 

Dear Mrs. John and Mrs. Conn: You are the best teachers in the world. I love your classroom. I love doing the work. Thank you for teaching me how to read. ~ Love, Elijah 

To Josie: Our family is so much better with you in it. You are a wonderful granddaughter, sister, daughter, and friend. We are proud of you. ~ Te queremos, Abuelo y Abuela 

To Elijah: We are so happy you are doing well at Evergreen School. You are such a smart guy. We are proud to have you as our grandson. Keep up the good work. ~ Love, Grandma Darlene & Grandpa Moe 

To Catherine Adventure Grace Scott: The clouds have not yet begun to flow away from my growing and everlasting glow, “Catherine.” ~ Love, Iama & Opa Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 33

 

To Jamie: Your school year will be coming to an end pretty soon. I know you will miss Evergreen, the friends, and your teachers whom you have learned to like so much. But you are a big boy now, and will be moving on to Barrie School next fall. I am glad some kids you know will also be there. So congratulations for the good work you have done, and what you learned at Evergreen. I know you will do well as you move on to new adventures and new friends in 4th grade at Barrie School. ~ Love, Grandpa 

To Our Wonderful Grandson, Marcus David Craig: Each year with you helps us remember the joys of parenting. We have such a good time laughing and playing together. Seeing you grow is like watching a miracle! Thank you! ~ Love, Grandma & Grandpoppy 

To Marcus David Craig, Our Favorite, Fabulous 4-Year-Old: You’re reading now! Mommy & Daddy are so proud! Congratulations on your 3rd year at Evergreen and all your accomplishments this year. You are our joy! ~ Love, Mom Tracy & Dad Erwin 

To Mi “Papo,” “TAZ,” “Spidey,” “Flash,”… Amor: Le doy gracias a Dios por mandarme un hijo tan amoroso, tierno, travieso e inocente. Cada dia q’ compartimos me ensenas tanto. Siempre sigue siendo tu, yo se que llegaras lejos! ~ Te Adoro y Muchos XOXO—Mama    Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 34

 

To John DeMarchi, Head: To know you is to love you! How lucky Evergreen School is to have you as its Head! Lots of love. ~ Love, B&B (Betty & Bob Brown) 

To Jamie: I can't believe that you have finished 6 years at Evergreen School! I am so proud of you and all that you have learned. You are so smart and creative and you are a good and kind friend to many children. Have fun for the rest of this year, and good luck at Barrie School next year! Love, Aunty Carla 

To Ms. B, Ms. Lynn, & Ms. Cruz: Thank you so much for opening the world up for me, for teaching and nurturing me every day, and for allowing my mind to expand under your tutelage (even though you haven’t taught me that word yet). ~ Love, Jayla 

To Dearest Emily & Joshua: Sending lots of love and good wishes to you. Many hugs and kisses!! ~ Love, Grandma Marion 

 Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 35

~ Thanks to Our Generous Donors ~ Evergreen School and Camp would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their kind and generous donations to Evergreen Auction 2012: Adventure Theatre AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center American Visionary Art Museum Anke Mann Annapolis Summer Garden Theater Architectural Ceramics Arucola Osteria Italiana Audubon Naturalist Society Avalon Theatre Babe Ruth & Sports Legends Museum Ballet Petite Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Bayside Resort Gold Club Baying Hound Alewords Bethesda Community Base Ball Club Black Belt Martial Arts Center Blair Mansion Restaurant Bowie Baysox Baseball Bowl America Brooks Glogau Photography Studio Butler’s Orchard Camp Olympia Catch Can Clara Callahan Claude Moore Colonial Farm College Park Aviation Museum CREATE Arts Center D.C. United David Denies Wingshooting Discovery Channel Donald Hirsch Eric O’Neill Evergreen Board of Trustees Freed Photography, Jan Roth Fun & Games Georgetown Cupcake Gilly’s Craft Beer & Fine Wine Harry A. Suissa P.C. Helen Droddy Highlights for Children

Hill’s Gymnastics Training Center Imagination Stage International Spy Museum John Deere John Fishback Johnson’s Florist & Garden Centers Joseph Reo Massage Therapy Keenan & Marlene Towns Language Stars Bethesda Liberty Mountain Resort Luray Caverns Mad Science Camp Magruder’s Grocery Stores Marrakesh Restaurant Mary & Denny Worch Mi Rancho Restaurant National Capital Trolley Museum National Zoo Newseum Oyamel Cocina Mexicana Reddemeade Equestrian Center Results Gym River Riders Rock Creek Sports Club Second Story Books Silver Stars Gymnastics Snider’s Super Foods STROGA Tiny Chefs Toby’s Dinner Theater Tulika Narayan Vanessa Stiffler Venu & Ramani Gowducheruvu Washington Capitals Watermark Cruises Wheaton Studio of Dance Whitetail Mountain Resort Willow Street Yoga Center Woodmoor Pastry Shop Zaytinya Restaurant

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 36

Teacher Treasures Abla Dahmas, teacher Albert Bingcang, teacher Carol Conn, teacher Caroline Maffry Felicia Hatziyannis Jael Cruz Jocelyn Basturescu John DeMarchi Kaye John Keri Watley LaDonna Ames Lourdes Barden Lourdes Buenaflor Lynn Liotta Lynn Lyles Rebecca Tobin Rosa Portillo Soraya Mohajeri

Parent Sign-Up Party Hosts Cantor Family Cori Lathan Dan Gillespie & Jeff Tyeryar Eric O’Neill Foley/Gaglione Family Gadea/Mackler Family Jennifer Rusiecki & Raj Jagannathan Melanie Doherty Murray Family Scott Family Tulika Narayan Virginia Spivey


Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 37

~ Please Support Our Advertisers! ~

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Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 39

~ Acknowledgments ~ Auction Committee Cori Lathan & Prasant Sar, Co-Chairs Anke Mann, Donations Jeanne Johnston, Basket & Project Coordination Kim Cantor, Decorations Sue Kendall, Catalog, Love Notes Dan Gillespie Eric Robbins Janek Claus Jennifer Rusiecki Joy McCarthy Lisa Cullins Melanie Doherty Ronda Kent Virginia Spivey Master of Ceremonies Lourdes Barden Auctioneer Iain Lamb Music David Mann Food & Beverages Ridgewell’s Catering Keenan & Marlene Towns Evergreen School Board of Trustees

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 40

Class Basket Coordinators Meeta Sharma-Holt (Toddler) Eric Robbins (Primary: Bingcang/Dahmas) Joy McCarthy (Primary: John/Conn) Virginia Spivey (Primary: Liotta/Soraya) Dimitry Ekzarkhov (Primary: Tobin/Portillo) Ronda Kent (Elementary) Class Project Coordinators Joy Zarembka (Toddler) Vanessa Stiffler (Primary: Bingcang/Dahmas) Helen Droddy & Sasha Wyrick (Primary: John/Conn) Melanie Doherty & Lauren Deichman (Primary: Liotta/Soraya) Furqan Khalhum (Primary: Tobin/Portillo) Jeana Foley (Elementary)

~ Special Thanks ~ This event would not be possible without the support of the school office and leadership. Many thanks to Lourdes Buenaflor, Scott Fedder, John DeMarchi, and the wonderful teachers. We thank the Evergreen Board of Trustees for offsetting the cost of the catering at the Auction and underwriting the Wine Tasting Sign-Up Party at Gilly's on May 23, 2012. We also are very grateful to Keenan and Marlene Towns for their generous donation of the wine and beer for this evening’s event.

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 41

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 42

For Auction Use Only: Proxy Bidder No. _______________

Evergreen Auction 2012 Auction Proxy Designation and Bid Instructions: Please complete this form to designate a Proxy Bidder to bid on your behalf if you are unable to attend Evergreen Auction 2012. Please print clearly. Please sign two copies of completed form. Submit one copy of the signed form to Cori Lathan or Prasant Sar, Auction CoChairs, c/o Evergreen School, or on Auction night at registration. Proxy Bidder should retain other copy. Bidder or Proxy Bidder must register and receive a bidder number prior to submitting any bids. There is no fee for proxy bidding. I, _________________________________________ (“Bidder”), designate ___________________________________________ (“Proxy Bidder”) to bid on my behalf on the following item(s) in the Evergreen Auction to be held on April 21, 2012:

Catalog #

Brief Description

Maximum Bid Amount $ $ $ $ $ $

I agree to the following: 1. All bids made by my Proxy Bidder on my behalf are final and binding on me as if I made the bid myself. 2. If my bid is the winning bid, my Proxy Bidder is required and authorized to make payment on my behalf on Auction night (April 21, 2012). Upon payment, my Proxy Bidder will receive any items for which I am the successful winning bidder. My Proxy Bidder is responsible for delivering my purchased items to me. 3. Evergreen School and the Auction Committee are allowing proxy bids as a convenience and are not responsible for any errors or failure of my Proxy Bidder to correctly execute bids. Bidder Signature___________________________________________________ Date __________ Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 43

Bidder Address: __________________________________________________________________ Bidder Telephone No: _____________________________________________________________ Bidder E-mail Address: ____________________________________________________________

Evergreen Auction 2012 • page 44

Auction Catalog 2012  

Evergreen School Auction Catalog 2012