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The Wedding Guide A step by step booklet on how to get the best results from your wedding day - from the universe’s most critically acclaimed wedding photographer, John DeFiora.

“Dare to live the life
 you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and
 make your dreams come true.” 
 – Ralph Waldo Emerson

that we can’’

“ I’m going to put another quote here…
 couples love quotes “
 - John DeFiora

THE SILENT OBSERVER There are aspects of us, that only come out in the comfort of others, such as loved ones. When they make their appearance, I like to be there waiting ,so as to show you a side you may have never seen . This is what I look for in everything I shoot.

As Jean Luc Picard said… Engage! If you can make it past that pun, The best what-to-wear outfit on your engagement session is : the one that you feel most comfortable in. With that being said,I usually suggest something classy enough that you would wear out to a nice dinner.
 For her : nice dress/skirt solids are awesome ( no patterns )
 For him: Dress pants and a nice button down
 The better you feel in your clothing the more that mood will project in the photos.
 let’s set our phasers to stunning

A SOLID FOUNDATION See what I did there?

When getting hair and make-up done on your wedding day, It’s best to go in the middle. Have whomever is helping you get in the dress go first, then you, then other WRITE SOMETHING bridal party members. This way while they are finishing up, you can get in the dress and do bridal portraits. 
 This way, should prep take longer than expected, we now have a buffer of time so as not to rush to get dressed and head out the door

YOU’VE GOT MALE We talked about the girls, now about the guys Step 1 The gents don’t need as much time to get ready as the ladies usually spend about 30-45 mins for pictures

Step 3 Put on your jacket, fix your tie, have the best man/men make sure you look dapper for the bride

Step 2 The groom can have his pants, t shirt and socks on. Save the dress shirt/tie and shoes for us ( and the video crew if there is one )

Step 4 Have a toast with your men, and then head to first look/ ceremony!

Should'we'do'one? First looks are the best,plain and simple. I will always suggest one when meeting with clients. If your ceremony is onsite at the venue, it’s the only way to get everything done and still get you to the cocktail our with your guests. They yield the best emotions and help the day flow that much better.
 They also aren’t bound to just the couple doing them. I have photographed numerous weddings where we also did one for the Mother/ Father seeing the bride in the dress for the first time or even one where the bridesmaids all got to see the bride for the first time as well. The only time not to do one is if you have (at the bare minimum) 2 hours that doesn’t include travel time from end of ceremony to reception, or if you don’t mind missing your cocktail hour.

Time'after'Time'' So, how long are the pictures going to take?

We can go right from first look, into SOMETHING the Portrait WRITE session with the couple. If possible, 30-45 is optimal

Bridal party will run in the 15-30 minute range WRITE SOMETHING depending on how members in the bridal party there are

Family groupings usually take WRITE about 30 SOMETHING minutes if everybody is there and on time

There are several variables when considering locations for pictures
 YOUR TITLETime of Day

Time of Sunset Is it close to anything travel time
 It’s best to have this discussion when going over timeline during initial consultation to figure out logistics.

so what happens now?

I'go'through'all'of'the' images,''immediately'delete' the'doubles/triples/blinking/ bad'expressions'and'send' the'best'to'be'edited.

I consume some tea and edit the best of the best

You two enjoy 
 your honeymoon and 
 all the post wedding 
 bliss it comes with

In 4-6 weeks, 
 you get the link
 to your gallery!


“How'did'it'get'so' late'so'soon?”'' ''''''''''―'Dr.'Seuss With every wedding having it’s own unique schedule , a general rule of thumb of when the photographers depart, is after cake cutting. By that point, we tend to have hundreds of reception photos. Being that the same couples are usually on the dance floor all night, there ’s only so many times you can photograph the same people without it being redundant.

You may have noticed that I left out what to do during the ceremony… that part my friends, you are on your own with.

ABOUT ME Look into the other’s eyes, smile, kiss… that’s all. Oh yeah, and listen to whatever the officiant is saying too.

 I have spent the past twenty years learning/ photographing/ evolving the way I see the world. Hopefully some of these insights have helped you on your search for greater understanding of how the day unfolds and some ways you can get the best results!

So long, farewell,auf wiedersehen, good night. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this guide. My hopes are that it will shed some clarity on having a stress free day. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me!

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 'Definitely'moments.'I'love'just'being'with'the'couple'and'seeing'their'story'unravel.'Details'are' awesome,'but'nobody'remembers'their'cake'in'20'years.'You'will'remember'though'how'your'soulM mate'looked'on'your'wedding'day.
 Yes!'I'travel'between'California'and'New'Jersey''frequently'for'events,'and'have'done'numerous' destination'weddings'outside'the'US.''Whether'your'wedding'is'in'California,'New'Jersey'or'anywhere' else,'I'can'get'there.
 'sure!'Fill'out'the'form'on'the'contact'portion'of'my'website'so'I'can'get'more'information'about'your' day.

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