Richard Thorn The Orchards of England & The Pines of France

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Richard Thorn SWAc

The Orchards of England & Pines of France August/September 2022

Front cover illustration: May Orchard 17 x 21½ in, 43 x 55 cm, £2,350

Cherry Blossom Time 14 x 16½ in, 36 x 42 cm £1,500


Richard Thorn SWAc

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The Orchards of England & Pines of France

Saturday, August 20th

August 20th - September 17th 2022

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Overgrown Orchard 18 x 19¾ in, 46 x 50 cm £2,900


Richard Thorn SWAc The Orchards of England & Pines of France Richard Thorn is unquestionably one of the most prodigiously gifted talents working in watercolour today. He is equally capable of portraying the meadows, fields, rivers and rolling hills of Devon as he is depicting the coasts, estuaries and harbours of his beloved home county. In addition, he is equally comfortable travelling abroad and bringing home outstanding paintings such as those from the South of France featured in this collection. A superb draughtsman, he is also a strong colourist and is amazingly fluent in creating scenes of the fullest depth and subtlety. A fully elected member of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, Richard has also had a number of books published including Trees in the Landscape, Light in the Landscape and Down an English Lane all of which feature his work exclusively.

His paintings have been broadly exhibited in the south of England and have also been shown in the States, Taiwan and South Korea. Richard uses various mediums to create his compositions including traditional watercolour, acrylic, acrylic gouache, acrylic ink and pastel. In a sense all his paintings are watercolours in that water is the ‘vehicle’ deployed and he paints on paper, sometimes gesso paper, and the resulting works are framed mounted and glazed. It should be noted that the sizes given in this brochure refer to the image only, so approximately 20mm to 25mm needs to be added to the image size to give the overall size of each framed painting. John Davies August 2022


Solo Spot 16 x 18 in, 41 x 46 cm £2,200


May Orchard 17 x 21½ in, 43 x 55 cm £2,350


Early Spring Blossom 15 x 17 in, 38 x 43 cm £1,750


The Farm Orchard 14½ x 22 in, 37 x 56 cm £3,500


A Day on the Salty, Teignmouth Estuary 12¼ x 16¾ in, 31 x 40 cm £1,250


Starcross Lovers, Exe Estuary 13¾ x 17¼ in, 35 x 44 cm £1,700


Fishing off the Pontoon, the Salty Teignmouth Estuary 13 x 21½ in, 33 x 55 cm £1,850


On Kilmorie, Devon 15¼ x 20¾ in, 39 x 53 cm £1,950


A Clear Day at Trevone Bay 13¾ x 21¼ in, 35 x 54 cm £1,950


Out Beyond the Pines, Juan-les-Pins 13¼ x 18½ in, 34 x 47 cm £1,650


Through the Pines, Juan-les-Pins 15 x 22 in, 38 x 56 cm £3,500


Juan-les-Pins 13 x 19¼ in, 33 x 49 cm £1,650


A Day by the Sea, Île Sainte-Marguerite, Cannes 14½ x 19¾ in, 37 x 50 cm £1,850


Afternoon in the Meadows 12½ x 22 in, 32 x 56 cm £2,200


Lena’s Côte, Côte d’Azur 19¼ x 21½ x 49 x 55 cm £2,950


In the Autumn Sun 15¼ x 17¼ in, 39 x 44 cm £1,750


The Evening Wood 13¾ x 18½ in, 35 x 47 cm £1,600


Late Autumn on the Riverbank 14½ x 21½ in, 37 x 55 cm £1,850


Afternoon Shadows 15¼ x 17¼ in, 39 x 44 cm £1,950


The River Path, The River Teign 16 x 19¾ in, 41 x 50 cm £2,150


Winding through the Meadows, The River Teign at Teigngrace 21½ x 30¼ in, 55 x 77 cm £3,500


January Snow, Dartmoor 13 x 17 in, 33 x 43 cm £1,450


Lakeside Pines 15 x 18½ in, 38 x 47 cm £1,750


A Few Daffs to Herald Spring 14 x 18¾ in, 36 x 48 cm £1,750



Born Torquay, Devon


Started to paint during a hospital stay, aged 5


Continued to draw and paint throughout his childhood Frequent family visits to Dartmoor and the Devon coast encouraged the pursuit On leaving school attended Newton Abbot School of Art

Began selling work to collectors and galleries Exhibitions: 1992

Richard Thorn SWAc

Started Rock/blues/jazz career Still plays in a Bossanova jazz quartet called “Ragged Fish”


Returned to painting to establish a professional career working in watercolour Added influences include Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth


First solo show in Godalming Many subsequent mixed and solo exhibitions at nearby locations, including Fowey River Gallery, Fowey; Triton Gallery, Torquay; Sharon Davies Gallery, Totnes;Rosemoor Gallery, North Devon, and further field with the Bourne Gallery, Reigate: Panter & Hall, London and The Portuguese Embassy, London

Early influences centred around the French Impressionists, especially Cézanne, Monet, Pissarro & Gauguin 1971

Princess Michael of Kent took a liking to one of Richard’s paintings exhibited at the Torbay Arts Society, with which she was presented


Included in a book of contemporary Devon artists published by Hallsgrove

2009/10 Solo exhibition at John Davies Gallery, Moreton-inMarsh 2010

Solo exhibition at Torre Abbey, Torquay: Solo exhibition Alexander Gallery


Group exhibition Davidson Fine Art Gallery, Totnes


Salthouse Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall: John Davies Gallery, Moreton-in-Marsh: Spring Exhibition, Joan Gillespie: Summer Autumn Exhibition, Sasha Harding: Autumn Exhibition, Stephen Mangan


Spring Exhibition: Joan Gillespie & Others: Summer Exhibition: Astrid Trügg & Others Autumn Exhibition: David Curtis & Others: Richard Hagen, Broadway: Bell Gallery, Winchester

2015-17 Various solo and group exhibitions John Davies Gallery, Moreton-in-Marsh 2016

No Naked Walls, Bramley


The Arborealists & Other Painters Exhibition, Devon and its Coast, Night & Day – John Davies Gallery, Moreton-in-Marsh


Spring & Autumn Exhibitions, John Davies Gallery, Moreton-in-Marsh: Tidal Gallery, Kingsbridge: Polly Skye Gallery, Lynton: No Naked Walls, Bramley: Peter Barker, Uppingham


3 Contrasting Artists for Spring, Autumn Group Exhibition, John Davies Gallery, Moreton-in-Marsh The Tonic Gallery, Salcombe

Publications: Trees in the Landscape: Light in the Landscape: Down and English Lane Awards: Winner of the Schminke Award at the Royal Institute Exhibition 2016 Elected a member of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Art (SWAc) In 2019, Richard was approached by Dr Hong Shan, curator of the Qingdao International Watercolour Exhibition in China, to participate in their touring exposition around the Qingdao province for three-weeks together with other leading watercolour artists from around the world. Incorporated in the tour were various workshops and demonstrations which took place in public areas both inside and outside and selling several en plein aire paintings to avid collectors who followed the artists. Back cover illustration: Starcross Boats, Exe Estuary 14 x 16¼ in, 36 x 42 cm, £1,500



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