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Permanent Pillars In 2013, featured an article titled “The Amazing Public Art Deep in the Heart of Texas” which announced, “Houston has a healthy allowance for beautifying its streets and parks.” The article cited the following public artworks as the city’s creative mainstays:




1. Gus S. Wortham Memorial Fountain, 1978 William T. Cannady Buffalo Bayou Park * 2. Points of View, 1991 James Surls Market Square Park Photo by Katya Horner 3. Seven Wonders, 1998 Mel Chin and 1,050 local school children Sesquicentennial Park




4. Personage and Birds, 1982 Joan Miró JPMorgan Chase Tower Photo from 5.Ceramic Tile Benches, 1992 Malou Flato, Market Square Park* 6. Atropos Key, 1972 Hannah H. Stewart Miller Outdoor Theatre* 7. Synchronicity of Color, 2008 Margo Sawyer Discovery Green Photo by BTSEphoto


8. Paley Stairway Sculptures, 1987 Albert Paley Wortham Theater Center Photo by Janina von Eljaszewicz


9. Heritage Lanterns, 2005 Carter Ernst and Paul Kittelson Root Memorial Square Park Photo by Chris Olbekson 10. Armillary Sphere, 1977 Kenneth Lynch and Sons Sam Houston Park* *These photos courtesy of the City of Houston Parks & Recreation Department 9.



The Magazine, Fall 2016  

John Daugherty, Realtors is pleased to present another edition of The Magazine, showcasing fine homes in Houston and the surrounding areas,...

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