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The Magazine John Daugherty, Realtors is pleased to present another edition of The Magazine, showcasing fine homes in Houston and the surrounding areas, in addition to feature articles and photos we hope will delight and enlighten you. Join us on Page 3 as we explore Houston’s vast public art, from downtown to the Third Ward and beyond, including temporary/ permanent art and the park-art experience to transit-friendly art and art with orange beginnings. If you’ve ever wondered just how Houston obtains its public art, refer to the inside back cover where Houston Arts Alliance President and CEO Jonathon Glus explains the city’s public art and HAA’s role in its acquisition. As an added bonus, turn to Pages 10 and 11 for a peek at the special art featured in homes that we have sold. On the pages in between, browse our selection of homes in some of the finest neighborhoods Houston has to offer. We sincerely hope you enjoy this edition of The Magazine.

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Established 1967



Statues, Murals, Memorials. Whatever the medium, public art is free and accessible to everyone.

3. Public art, in all its glorious forms, is a community treasure that enhances our experience of a place and our quality of life. It inspires a sense of pride and community and adds beauty to the environment. Public art reaches audiences outside museums and theaters and offers us a way to participate in the planning, design and creation of communal space. It creates a means of communicating ideas and sharing experiences in a changing, culturally diverse world. Public art reveals its meaning over time, rewarding repeated visits. It has the distinct ability to commemorate, memorialize and celebrate. It transports us, if only momentarily, out of our daily routine. Public art is for everyone and it is free.

For a city its size, Houston for years was very lean on public art. This all began to change when a percent-for-art program was established. In 1999, the City of Houston founded an ordinance mandating that 1.75 percent of qualified Capital Improvement Project monies be set aside for civic art. Soon after, the Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) was officially formed through the merger of the Cultural Arts Council Houston/ Harris County, the Municipal Art Commission and the Civic Art Committee. The HAA now serves as a unified entity that will fund, advocate, preserve and promote the arts in the Houston and Harris County regions. For more on the HAA, see our interview with Jonathon Glus, president and CEO of the HAA, on the inside back cover. Today, Houston boasts a thriving public art scene supported by many proud Houstonians. More than 500 public works of art span more than 20 zip codes, and the range of our artworks is diverse. From some of the city’s creative mainstays to others off its beaten path, here we touch on a few examples of Houston public art:

TEMPORARY ART Temporary artworks, which are not part of the 500-plus works in the City of Houston Art Collection, have become more numerous in recent years. Although temporary, these pieces create lasting memories, such as the Funnel Tunnel, Blue Trees and the True North exhibit that was on Heights Boulevard. Note: The public art included in this article is only a sampling of Houston’s public art (art that is unexpected or that one simply comes upon when walking or driving). It does not include the art of our renowned museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Menil Collection, and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

Pictured on Pages 2 and 3: 1. The art in Houston’s airports is outstanding, such as Krista Birnbaum’s Roadside Attraction, located at William P. Hobby Airport. Photo by Nash Baker 2. Houston is home to numerous murals. Daniel Anguilu is one of our most celebrated muralists. His mural, Chavez no murió, is located in EaDo on St. Emanuel Street at Bell Street. Photo by Rich Sandman 3. Tree and Three Flowers by James Surls located on Kirby Drive in front of West Avenue. Photo by Ken Frederick.


Memorable and oh-so-colorful as well, yarn bombing has successfully woven its way into an annual event here in Houston. The start of this art movement has been attributed to Magda Sayeg, 37 and from Houston, who says she first got the idea in 2005 when she covered the door handle of her boutique with a custom-made “cozy”. The movement grew from simple cozies to the innovation of the “stitched story.” Yarn bomb installations are now found all over the world. A good deal of temporary art is planned in order to dress up Houston for the 2017 Super Bowl LI. Art Blocks Houston is a series of permanent and temporary art installations in the Main Street Square area that include Color Jam by Jessica Stockholder, Trumpet Flower by Patrick Renner, artist collective YesYesNo and a marquee that will rotate works by Armando Castelan, Jamal Cyrus, Giovanni Valderas and Nataliya Scheib. The George R. Brown Convention Center is undergoing a dramatic renovation and will feature two new monumental artworks. O’Connell+Creative Machine’s Wings Over Water will be installed outside, above the Fountain of the Americas. Ed Wilson’s hanging assemblage of perforated stainless steel birds and clouds will be installed inside and visible through the center’s glass wall.

PERMANENT PILLARS In addition to temporary installations, Houston shines with a wide range of permanent installations which speak to the many faces of the city. In 2013, featured an article titled “The Amazing Public Art Deep in the Heart of Texas” which announced, “Houston has a healthy allowance for beautifying its streets and parks.” The article, which was referring to the city’s percent-for-art program, cited the public artworks featured on the facing page as the city’s creative mainstays.

THE ART OF HIGHER LEARNING Rice University and the University of Houston have outstanding public art collections, collections which the two institutions of higher learning hope will enlighten and further educate the city. Rice has a website dedicated to its public art ( that features the following welcome: “Public art expands our capacity to perceive, understand and represent the world. Rice Public Art seeks to generate encounters with art that advance the culture of inquiry that characterizes our university. By incorporating site-specific works into our campus landscape and interior spaces, the program aims to challenge and inspire the community to imagine its work and lives from unconventional and potentially transformative perspectives. Rice Public Art works in collaboration with the Shepherd School of Music, the Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts (VADA), the BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC) and the student organization Art Lab, among others, in an effort to broadly integrate our programming into the academic life at Rice University.” A jewel of Rice’s public art is James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany Skyspace at the Suzanne Deal Booth Centennial Pavilion. For reservations, visit As early as September 6, 1966, the University of Houston established a policy which dedicated one percent of the construction costs of all future building projects to the acquisition of works of art. UH was undergoing an unprecedented building boom and believed a public art program would greatly enhance the campus as well as the prestige of the university. The university was the first state institution to establish a percent-for-art program and currently has one of the largest and most impressive university art collections in the country, which includes more than 500 works of art. The collection contains works by local, regional, national and international artists, across all forms of media and style. Visit

THE PARK-ART EXPERIENCE Houston parks feature notable and varied Luther King, Jr. bust in Bricker Park and Memorial in Buffalo Bayou Park

artworks — from the Christopher Columbus the Atropos Key in Hermann and the Big Bubble

statue in Bell Park, the Martin Park to the Police Officer in Buffalo Bayou beneath the Preston Street bridge. A detailed guide by the Houston Parks and Recreation Department can be found at www.houstontx. gov/parks/artinparks. The multi-platform, interactive guide is divided into three tour guides: Art in Parks: Buffalo Bayou/Sam Houston/Tranquility Parks; Art in Parks: Greater Houston Area; and Art in Parks: Hermann Park.

Discovery Green, a public-private partnership between the City of Houston, the Houston First Corporation and Discovery Green Conservancy (the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that operates and maintains the park) boasts exceptional permanent art such as Margo Sawyer’s Synchronicity of Color and temporary installations such as Bruce Munro’s Field of Light and David Graeve’s Bubbles. Pictured: Pachikadi and His Flying Friends, 2011, Elaine Bradford, Vinson Branch of the Houston Public Library. Elaine’s color palette for the gaggle of geese (not all are pictured here) was inspired by the Houston Zoo’s tropical bird habitat. The book, Pachikadi and His Flying Friends, is available for check out at the library.


Permanent Pillars In 2013, featured an article titled “The Amazing Public Art Deep in the Heart of Texas” which announced, “Houston has a healthy allowance for beautifying its streets and parks.” The article cited the following public artworks as the city’s creative mainstays:




1. Gus S. Wortham Memorial Fountain, 1978 William T. Cannady Buffalo Bayou Park * 2. Points of View, 1991 James Surls Market Square Park Photo by Katya Horner 3. Seven Wonders, 1998 Mel Chin and 1,050 local school children Sesquicentennial Park




4. Personage and Birds, 1982 Joan Miró JPMorgan Chase Tower Photo from 5.Ceramic Tile Benches, 1992 Malou Flato, Market Square Park* 6. Atropos Key, 1972 Hannah H. Stewart Miller Outdoor Theatre* 7. Synchronicity of Color, 2008 Margo Sawyer Discovery Green Photo by BTSEphoto


8. Paley Stairway Sculptures, 1987 Albert Paley Wortham Theater Center Photo by Janina von Eljaszewicz


9. Heritage Lanterns, 2005 Carter Ernst and Paul Kittelson Root Memorial Square Park Photo by Chris Olbekson 10. Armillary Sphere, 1977 Kenneth Lynch and Sons Sam Houston Park* *These photos courtesy of the City of Houston Parks & Recreation Department 9.



TRANSIT-FRIENDLY ART Metro deserves recognition for its efforts to help create a sense of community through the art installations it commissioned at various stations throughout the city. More than 20 artists participated in the creation of the art installations, which earned Metro the Proud Partner Award in 2013. The Metro Arts In Transit program began in 2006 and has involved dozens of local and national art experts as well as hundreds of community residents to determine the content of the artwork. As a result, the artwork really reflects the character of each neighborhood. For example, at the Fulton/North Central Station, nationally acclaimed artist Dixie Friend Gay researched the type of butterflies native to that neighborhood and then incorporated them into her artwork.

ORANGE BEGINNINGS The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art (OSCVA) has become Houston’s hub of folk art activity with nationally respected programs. The Orange Show site is at the center of these programs, a living example of how individual vision can dramatically enrich community and culture. Jeff McKissack created The Orange Show in honor of his favorite fruit and to illustrate his belief that longevity results from hard work and good nutrition. Working from 1956 until his death in 1980, McKissack used common building materials and found objects to transform an East End lot into an architectural maze of walkways, balconies, arenas and exhibits decorated with mosaics and brightly painted iron figures. When he died, Houston arts patron Marilyn Oshman formed a nonprofit foundation to preserve The Orange Show. In 1982, the restored site opened, and newly hired staff began to integrate The Orange Show into Houston’s cultural life through a wide variety of programs which focus on The Orange Show’s ability to make basic elements of art tangible and accessible. Among the most successful of its programs is Art Car Weekend. In 1984, The Orange Show Foundation commissioned the Fruitmobile (pictured), recognizing that the art car, a medium of self-expression, is a mobile visionary art site. This led to the first annual Houston Art Car Parade which has since grown into Art Car Weekend. Smither Park, a project of the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art in collaboration with renowned architect and designer Dan Phillips, is a work of art in progress — providing a unique opportunity to see artists in action and the evolution of an international artistic destination. The park is a creative urban space that has developed with the help of artists and friends. Phillips worked with Stephanie Smither to design the park in memory of her late husband, John H. Smither. John and Stephanie were longtime supporters and collectors of self-taught art, as well as board members of the OSCVA. Inspired by the OSCVA’s philosophy of promoting and sustaining self-taught art, the park which boasts a mosaic covered memory wall (a portion of which is pictured) serves as a testimony to the vibrancy and creativity of the city of Houston. For more information on the OSCVA and Smither park, visit OSCVA acquired Houston’s well-known Beer Can House after creator John Milkovisch and his wife passed away. Diligent documentation and planning over the next few years determined a comprehensive plan to restore the site to its former glory.

CELEBRATION OF HISTORY AND CULTURE Rick Lowe, a native of Alabama and 2014 MacArthur “Genius” grant winner, founded Project Row Houses (PRH) in Houston’s northern Third Ward. In 1990, a group of high school students asked Lowe to create solutions to problems instead of creating works that tell the community about issues it is already aware of. Lowe and a coalition of artists purchased a group of 22 shotgun houses (pictured) across two blocks that were built in 1930 and, by the 1990s, were in poor condition. Today, seven row houses serve as installation spaces for visiting artists. The installations are often related to themes connected to the community that surrounds PRH and broader themes of African-American culture. A row next to the art houses is reserved for single mothers. The mission of PRH is to be the catalyst for transforming community through the celebration of art and African-American history and culture. For more information, visit

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION DiverseWorks produces a steady array of stimulating installations, unlikely collaborations and inventive happenings that honor each artist’s vision without constraint. Exhibitions are often comprised of a variety of works across many mediums – drawings, paintings, sculptures, video animations and performance. DiverseWorks and Rice Public Art recently collaborated to present Astrology Orchestra by artist Katie Grinnan at the James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace. Astrology Orchestra is an ongoing symphonic performance project. Each instrument represents a planetary position and maps the artist’s astrological birth chart as seen from the perspective of each planet. The chart is translated into the strings of handmade instruments that are tuned accordingly. Echoing Turrell’s pyramidal structure, for the live performance in Houston, ancient astrology, which relies solely on planets that can be seen with the naked eye, was referenced. Be it metal, yarn or another medium, Houston’s public art has positioned itself within the framework of the city by way of its parks, universities, transportation system and more. And, fortunately, Houston is truly the better for it.



1. Urban Yarnage is an ad hoc group of knitters and crocheters in Houston that designs and develops fiber street art projects. Yarn bombing is now a national and international art movement that encompasses projects that range in scale from very small to extremely large. Pictured is the 2015 yarn bomb installation on Buffalo Bayou Park. Photo courtesy of Urban Yarnage. 2. Inversion was a 2005 artwork by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck of Houston Alternative Art. They altered two buildings owned by the Art League of Houston on the corner of Montrose Boulevard and Willard Street. The exterior skins of the houses were peeled off and used to create a large vortex that funneled into the small central hallway connecting the two buildings. Inversion became one of Houston’s most well-known, temporary sculputres. Photo by Nick Douglas 3. From The Hood to the Heights by Patrick Medrano was part of the 2014 True North sculpture project on Heights Boulevard. Photo by Bill Shirley





Art Blocks is a new public art initiative. From lessons learned about public art’s capacity to awaken change in areas that have not yet realized their full potential, Art Blocks strives to enliven Main Street Square. This inaugural project by the Downtown District Public Art Committee, supported by the professional services of the Weingarten Art Group, includes a series of site-specific installations by internationally-lauded artists and designers. Pop up performances, interactive experiences and community festivals will add to a schedule of events. For detailed information about each installation, visit 4. Color Jam Art Block, 2016, Jessica Stockholder, Main Street and McKinney Street. Photo by Morris Malikoff 5. City Bird of Houston, 2015, Armando Castelan, one of four rotating Marquees on Main Street. This particular one will be on view in the rotation from October through December 2016. Photo courtesy of the Downtown District


6. más que la cara (more than the face), 2016, YesYesNo Photo courtesy of the Downtown District 7. Trumpet Flower, 2016, Patrick Renner, produced by Flying Carpet, McKinney Street and Lamar Street. Photo courtesy of the Downtown District

2. 5.



MARKET SQUARE PARK The Houston Downtown Management District reopened Market Square Park to the public on August 30, 2010. The philosophy of the new Market Square Park design is built upon three pillars: interpretation of the space’s history; creation of an active, urban green space; and conservation and exhibition of artwork. Anchoring the space is a central lawn placed where the old 19th-century City Hall used to stand in order to evoke a sense of history. A small outdoor restaurant, Niko Niko’s, is beside it with outdoor seating, a trellis providing shade, and a dual plaza/performance area. 7.

Two sculptures in Market Square Park were cited by as creative mainstays of Houston — ­ Points of View by James Surls and the Ceramic Tile Benches by Malou Flato. Much of Market Square Park’s art collection was featured in the park’s previous design coordinated by DiverseWorks in 1991, with the unified message of embracing our city’s history. These works by Richard Turner, Paul Hester, James Surls and Malou Flato are preserved or reconfigured in the current design. Newly commissioned artwork includes sculptures by Ketria Bastian Scott and Sharon Connally Ammann in Lauren’s Garden and James Phillips’ carved pup near the dog run. Visit www. 8. Lauren’s Garden, a memorial to those killed on September 11, 2001. Ketria Scott’s cast-bronze elements are made up of two vine-like tendrils that seem to grow from the fountain. The entire piece is inlaid into the granite disk in front of the fountain. Photo courtesy of Lauren Griffith Associates Photo by M.Scott Keeling Photography


RICE UNIVERSITY 1. Twilight Epiphany Skyspace, 2012, James Turrell, Suzanne Deal Booth Centennial Pavilion, Photo by Florian Holzherr For reservations, visit (Free Admission) 2. Jack, 1972, Jim Love, Gibbs Recreation Center 3. Mirror, 2011, Jaume Plensa, Central Quadrangle, Photo by Laura Medina 4. Radiant Pathway, 2010, Leo Villareal, BioScience Research Collaborative Cafe, Photo by Lowell Williams 5. Black Ladder, 2014, Stephen Dean, Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, Photo by Nash Baker 1.

“Houstonians are so fortunate to live in a city where public art is embraced by its institutions of higher education.”




John A. Daugherty, Jr. Chairman and CEO, John Daugherty, Realtors


UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON 1. A Comma, A, 2004, Jim Sanborn, Adjacent to the M.D. Anderson Library, Main Campus, Photo by Rick Gardner 2. Euphonia, 1997, Frank Stella, Main Campus, Moores Opera Center, Photo by Michael S. Guidry 3. Flow, 2012 , Kendall Buster, Main Campus, Health and Biomedical Building, Photo by Michael S. Guidry 4. Legends, 2016, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Downtown Campus, Photo by Peter Molick 5. Modulation, 2000, Ralph Helmick and Stuart Schechter, Main Campus, LeRoy and Lucile Melcher Center for Public Broadcasting Lobby, Photo by Michael S. Guidry







FROM DOWNTOWN TO THE THIRD WARD AND BEYOND Public art is a huge part of Houstonians’ everyday lives. As the fourth largest city in the nation, one can only imagine the wide range of public art that is available. We have highlighted a few pieces in this article that we hope you enjoy. We also invite you to learn even more about each piece featured by visiting 1. Virtuoso, 1988 David Adickes, Smith and Prairie Photo by Cortney Martin 2. The Lindley Fish, 2015 Matt Gifford, Smither Park Photo by Nancy Walkup 2.

3. Big Bubble, 1998 Dean Ruck Buffalo Bayou, Button to activate located on Seven Wonders Pillar Photo by Ray Vybiral





4. Sam Houston Monument 1925 Enrico Filiberto Cerrachio Hermann Park 5. Butterflies, 2010 Dixie Friend Gay Metro Northline Boundary Station 6. Geometric X Mouse, 1971 Claes Thure Oldenburg McKinney and Bagby Photo by Madeleine Keogh





7. The Statue of Four Lies, 2010 Jack Massing and Michael Galbreth University of Houston, Main Campus Photo by Michael S. Guidry 8. Radiant Fountains, 2010 Dennis Oppenheim George Bush Intercontinental Airport, John F. Kennedy Blvd. Photo: Houston Arts Alliance 9. Untitled, 2016, model of the mobile, by Ed Wilson, to be placed in the central atrium of the George R. Brown Convention Center Photo by Bruce Bennett


10. Houston Bayou, 2002 Dixie Friend Gay George Bush Intercontinental Airport Photo by Samra Thompson


11. Wings over Water, 2016 O’Connell+Creative Machines Avenida de las Americas Rendering: Courtesy of George R. Brown Convention Center



12. Stilt Houses, 2005 Justin Berry University of Houston, Downtown Campus Photo by Michael S. Guidry



ART in Homes we have sold.

Established 1967



Briarwood Ct :: 85952406 River Oaks $8.79+ Million

River Oaks

S Briar Hollow Ln :: 91411113 Raintree Place $1.3 Million

River Oaks

Knollwood Dr

Pinehill Ln

$9.3 Million

$7.45 Million

Betsy Ln :: 96030246 Highland Village $795,000

River Oaks Blvd :: 8171925 River Oaks


$15.9 Million

Dunraven Ln :: 29801784 Glendower Court $1.27+ Million

Del Monte Dr :: 71457496 River Oaks $2.39+ Million

Olympia Dr :: 23712449 River Oaks $2.39+ Million

River Oaks

River Oaks

River Oaks

Tiel Way

$3.5 Million

Piping Rock Ln :: 12286824 Royden Oaks $2.6 Million

River Oaks

Meadow Lake Ln $2.97+ Million

Del Monte Dr :: 61893043 River Oaks $4.2 Million

River Oaks

Tiel Way :: 96482835

$6.49+ Million

Inverness Dr Price Upon Request

Pinehill Ln

$7.45 Million

Established 1967 Shetland Ln :: 9103759 Afton Oaks $2.25 Million

Westgate Dr :: 57609801 Glendower Court $989,000



Overbrook Ln :: 16832904 $7.77+ Million 14


cadogan Place Revere St and Welch St :: 3307413 (Ten MLS numbers) NC Cadogan Place at River Oaks, $1.69+ Million - $1.94+ Million Exclusive townhomes inspired by The Belmond Cadogan Hotel in London feature gated entry, timeless architecture with luxury finishes, elevators and English gardens.


Del Monte Dr :: 3702534 River Oaks $2.32+ Million

San Felipe St :: 51322214 Winfield Gate $1.89+ Million

Staunton St :: 92683131 Afton Oaks $3.5 Million

Meadow Lake Ln :: 65388563 River Oaks $1.7 Million

Norfolk St :: 86374534 Weslayan Plaza $1.27+ Million

San Felipe St :: 35996424 Winfield Gate $2.22+ Million

Persa St :: 62403739 Normandy Place $1.55 Million

Brentwood Dr :: 53360778 Live Oaks $1.59+ Million

Whitman St :: 25305084 NC Weslayan Plaza $1.24+ Million

*NC: new construction


Staunton St :: 92683131 $3.5 Million 17

River Oaks Tanglewood AND THE AREA



Bayou Glen Rd :: 4517137 NC Tanglewood $3.95 Million


Riverview Way :: 41938004 NC Tanglewood $3.99+ Million

Riverview Way :: 48916092 Tanglewood $1.38+ Million

Holly Springs Dr :: 31269141 Tanglewood $4.87+ Million

Longmont Dr :: 55933034 Tanglewood $2.35 Million

Olympia Dr :: 22992568 Briargrove $1.39+ Million

Lynbrook Dr :: 3344467 Tanglewood $1.76+ Million

Tanglewoood Cove :: 76577448 Villas at Tanglewood Park $1.07+ Million

Sage Rd :: 71214092 One Sage Road $1.35 Million

Meadow Lake Ln :: 99295945 Briargrove $1.49+ Million

TILBURY DR :: 25360268

$3.4 Million

Sturbridge Dr :: 76482993

Tanglewood, $5.6 Million

TANGLEWOOD Briar Dr :: 887868643 $2.87+ Million






Lynbrook Dr :: 29055074 Tanglewood $1.95 Million

S West Oak Dr :: 44596474 West Oaks $2.19+ Million

Briar Dr :: 87868643 Tanglewood $2.87+ Million

West Oak Dr North :: 82167044 West Oaks $2.22+ Million

Longmont Dr :: 58561829 Tanglewood $2.7 Million

Longmont Dr :: 79412092 Briargrove $2.24+ Million

Riverview Way :: 38253647 NC Tanglewood $3.49 Million

Bordley Dr :: 61139226 Tanglewood $2.75 Million

Chevy Chase Dr :: 49961963 Chevy Chase $639,000

Pine Forest Rd :: 52225525 Tanglewood $2.39+ Million

Shady River Dr :: 78568148 NC Tanglewood $3.79+ Million

Tangle Ln :: 38058407 Tanglelane $689,000

Potomac Dr :: 83857830 Westhaven Estates $475,000

Nantucket Dr :: 10650148 The Park at Nantucket $1.29+ Million


:: West Oaks


West Oaks

Cedar Creek DR :: 80756470

S West Oak Dr :: 44596474

$3.12+ Million

$2.19+ Million


Briargrove Park Rivercrest

Briargrove Park

Briar Forest Dr :: 10349743 Briargrove Park $374,999



Briar Dr :: 58709490

Briarpark Dr :: 69558720 Briargrove Park $649,000

E Rivercrest Dr :: 99869357

$1.39+ Million

Briar Forest Dr :: 97666395 Briargrove Park $395,000

$5.85 Million


E Rivercrest Dr :: 99869357 $5.85 Million 23



Memorial Dr :: 77939429 Memorial Villages $2.64+ Million

Memorial Villages

Knippwood Ln :: 64368554 Memorial Villages $2.49+ Million

Trails End St :: 9008882 Memorial Villages $2.2 Million

Memorial Point Ln :: 23952306 Memorial Villages $1.99+ Million

Hudson Ct :: 38610001 Hudson Place $2.35 Million

Chatsworth Dr :: 31646893 Pine Wood Estates $1.34+ Million

Turnbury Oak Ln :: 91622258 Village of Afton Woods $849,500

E Creekside Dr :: 87112447

$2.29+ Million

Wickway Dr :: 36800513 Memorial Villages $1.69+ Million

Tynebridge Ln :: 70798046 Memorial Villages $2.47+ Million

Memorial, Sherwood Forest

E Friar Tuck Ln :: 94570629 Sherwood Forest

$10.5 Million

Little John Ln :: 69408044 Sherwood Forest

$3.2 Million



River Glyn Dr :: 59551927 Memorial Villages $2.9 Million

Shewood Forest

Knipp Forest St :: 56411981 Memorial Villages $2.24+ Million

Cranway Dr :: 63944138 Springwood $818,000

E Friar Tuck Ln :: 94570629

$10.5 Million

Bryn Mawr Cir :: 27409942 Memorial Villages $1.49+ Million

Campton Ct :: 42791549 Village of Afton Woods $499,000

Echo Valley Dr :: 68817968 Spring Valley $565,000


Memorial Villages

Maggie Ln :: 12977313

$4.57+ Million

S Piney Point Rd :: 50134862 Memorial Villages $5.2 Million

$5.2 Million

Pinehaven Dr :: 17169828 NC Pine Wood Estates $3.65 Million

Monica St :: 38352034 Memorial Villages $2.95 Million

Blalock Rd :: 94121024 Memorial Villages $2.79+ Million

S Piney Point Rd :: 50134862 Memorial Villages

Memorial Dr :: 64745489 Memorial Villages $950,000

River Glyn Dr :: 59551927 Memorial Villages $2.9 Million

Established 1967 Winston Woods Dr :: 80819560 Winston Woods

$10.4 Million


W Shady Ln :: 51339167 NC Piney Point Estates $2.27+ Million

Tynebridge Ln :: 70798046 Memorial Villages $2.47+ Million


Apple Tree Rd :: 48965893 Nottingham Forest $499,999

Spring Valley

Boheme Dr :: 6763504

Woodsborough Cir :: 14311115 $1.12+ Million

$1.55 Million

Daria Ct :: 51044638 Fleetwood $479,999

Tealwood Dr :: 42716499 Tealwood $1.04+ Million

Established 1967

Hudson Place


Hudson Ct :: 38610001

$2.35 Million

MEMORIAL VILLAGES S Piney Point Rd :: 50134862 $5.2 Million


Underwood St :: 87456456 Braes Heights $1.28+ Million

Robinhood St :: 74331843

Plumb St :: 58127594 West University $3.35 Million

Southampton Place

Banks St :: 8005463 Ranch Estates $2.29+ Million

Bissonnet St :: 32163559 Southampton Place TH $675,000

Quenby St :: 25539065 Southampton Place $1.49+ Million

Southwestern St :: 80304373 West University $1.44+ Million

Marquette St :: 22843679 NC West University $1.79+ Million

Vassar St :: 32909608 Vassar Place $1.14+ Million

$1.99+ Million

Established 1967 Underwood St :: 91612469 Braes Heights $1.2 Million


Underwood St :: 82388438 Southern Oaks $669,500


Banks St :: 8005463 $2.29+ Million


West University Museum Medical

Albans Rd :: 65798214 Southampton Place Extn $2.2 Million

Regal Oaks

Underwood St :: 31350631 Ayrshire $649,900

Georgetown St :: 58468326 West Eleventh Place $1.87+ Million

Maroneal St :: 48454575 Braes Heights $610,000

North Boulevard :: 33426637 Edgemont $3.97+ Million

Albans Rd :: 79939540 West University $2.45 Million

Wordsworth St :: 76653405 Brantwood $849,000

Watts St :: 94744886


Southampton Est :: 51793484 Southampton Homes $695,000

Southampton Place


Albans Rd :: 45001455

$1.77+ Million

Plumb St :: 58127594 West University $3.35 Million

WEST UNIVERSITY Westerman St :: 32411649 $2.29+ Million


Buffalo Speedway :: 74486439 West University $995,000

Nottingham St :: 3977774 West University $1.2 Million

Sheridan St :: 84670602 NC Southgate $1.08+ Million

Bartlett St :: 95286746 Chevy Chase $1.17+ Million

Banks St :: 19436744 West Edgemont $529,000

Jackson St :: 28290942 NC Jackson Estates $899,000 - $919,000

Westchester Ave :: 91386941 West University $2.49+ Million

Levonshire Dr :: 71141131 Woodshire $1.38+ Million

Banks St :: 37258897

Lehigh Ave :: 16588893 West University $1.17 Million

Mercer St :: 55724374 West University $2.24+ Million

watts St :: 54518142 NC $1.48 Million

Sheridan St :: 99327240 NC Southgate $1.28+ Million

Turner N P


Tartan Ln :: 51160749 Braes Heights $674,900


Bliss Court


Valerie St :: 43533048 $2.89+ Million



Wisteria St :: 92917418 $1.49+ Million


Mulberry Ln :: 16573148 Bellaire $729,000





Linden St :: 54911641

Bellview St :: 81089649 $1.17+ Million

Pocahontas St :: 70110619


$1.32+ Million

Welford Dr :: 71518644 $1.02 Million

$1.36+ Million


Valerie St :: 43533048 $2.89+ Million


Braeburn Dr :: 77464733 $2.29+ Million


Carew St ::

$1.39+ Million

Holt St :: 84365734 Bellaire $998,000


Braeburn Dr :: 77464733

$2.29+ Million

Lafayette St :: 4616505 Bellaire $824,900


Linden St :: 79051825 $1.14+ Million

Whipple Dr :: 22942014 NC $1.58+ Million


Jessamine St :: 7354646 $1.25 Million


Established 1967 Lampton Cir :: 65087078 NC Bellaire $1.39 Million

Maple Ct :: 48721430 NC Bellaire

$1.79+ Million


Upper Kirby Neartown Midtown Memorial Park

Hawthorne St :: 27032008 Montrose $1.89+ Million

Glen Cove

Mor se St :: 59193456 NC Montrose $1.75 Million

W PIERCE ST :: 96912554 NC Montrose $862,500

Haddon St :: 98920214 River Oaks Shopping $749,900

Welch St :: 76763894 NC $1.39+ Million

Peden St :: 54060502 Montrose $799,900

Hazard St :: 22367149†Hyde Park Main $1.19+ Million

Parker St :: 52279966 NC Washington Corridor $560,000 each

Ovid St :: 7134974 NC Sawyer Heights $510,000

Rice Military



Terrace Dr :: 7364418 NC

$3.49 Million

Knox St :: 80167724


Colquitt St :: 44093594 NC Upper Kirby $1.99+ Million

Upper Kirby

Virginia St :: 9081392

Colorado St :: 46607024 NC Washington Corridor $442,899 - $469,900

Elmen St :: 88234648 River Oaks Shopping $550,000

Calle Cordoba Pl :: 90494719 Caceres $799,999

Vermont St :: 33846965 NC Montrose $879,000

Feagan St :: 35169647 Rice Military $449,000

Memorial Park

Crocker St :: 90953564 Montrose $749,500

Peden St :: 33058185 Montrose $694,900

$1.79+ Million

M ar il a ne St $1.89+ Million

Established 1967 Waugh Dr :: 12203790 Montrose $649,000

Gibson St :: 80752478 Rice Military $484,000


Detering St :: 86155584 NC Rice Military $500,000

Westmoreland St :: 87506805 Montrose $695,000

Peden St :: 88243488 River Oaks Shopping $499,000

Taft St :: 70038299 Midtown $539,000



Calle Catalina Pl :: 94010249

Oak Pl :: 72121380 Midtown $795,000

$1.39+ Million


Bingham St :: 8229145 NC $475,000 Each 41 41

The Heights Garden Oaks Oak Forest

Ebony Ln :: 21275142 NC Oak Forest $989,750

Columbia St :: 18104241 Houston Heights

W 42nd St :: 89591844 Garden Oaks $649,000

W T C Jester Blvd :: 45872624 Oak Forest $320,000

$1.43+ Million

E 23rd St :: 46314796 Sunset Heights $1.04+ Million

W 41st St :: 29839941 Garden Oaks $1.02+ Million

Cortlandt St :: 44028905 Houston Heights $1.23+ Million


Oak Forest

Ebony Ln :: 79965184 NC


E 28th St :: 31495654 Sunset Heights $395,000

Thornton Rd :: 64838494 Oak Forest $479,900

Houston Heights

Johnson St :: 65697242 Zenith Terrace $429,500

E 27th St :: 38831343 NC Sunset Heights $627,500

Allston St :: 34291423

Oak Forest

$1.25 Million

Libbey Ln :: 32947840


Pittman St :: 1914044 Brooke Smith $749,000

Oak Forest

Hewitt Dr :: 48324848 NC

$1.09+ Million

E 7th St :: 14181689 Houston Heights



Chippendale Rd :: 24999524 NC

Oak Forest

Martin St :: 44610186 NC Oak Forest $1.09+ Million

Allston St :: 34291423 Houston Heights $1.25 Million


Lido Ln :: 63090324 NC Oak Forest $689,000

Lehman St :: 64684196 Ella Lee Forest $425,000

Established 1967

Shady Acres


W 15th 1/2 St :: 50802386 NC

$474,900 - $489,900

2727 Kirby

Kirby Dr :: 7353845

2727 Kirby Drive, $3.5 Million


:: arabella chateau ten

Arabella,$1.87+ Million

Shakespeare St :: 46948543 NC

Chateau Ten, $800,000 - $1.12+ Million

San Felipe St :: 2582451 NC


$1,995,000 #7655814

VILLA D’ESTE__________________________ #202

$1,895,000 #87086448

ARABELLA____________________________ #2401

$1,875,000 #2582451

FOUR LEAF TOWERS___________________ #394W $1,849,000 #33958224 THE HUNTINGDON___________________ #10SW $1,690,000 #65502724 $1,550,000 #51400454

FOUR LEAF TOWERS___________________ #381E

$1,425,000 #3449344



BAYOU BEND TOWERS________________ #303

FOUR LEAF TOWERS___________________ #353W $1,395,000 #11636928 $1,125,000 #46948545

RISE LOFTS___________________________ #5430

$ 850,000


THE BRISTOL__________________________ #2404

$ 750,000


RENOIR LOFTS________________________ #811

$ 625,000 #97841088

RENOIR LOFTS________________________ #819

$ 599,500 #55714465

THE HOUSTONIAN___________________ #1103

$ 599,000


GOTHAM LOFTS______________________ #409

$ 575,000


THE HOUSTONIAN___________________ #2203

$ 525,000


THE SPIRES___________________________ #2604

$ 499,000


GOTHAM LOFTS______________________ #211

$ 495,000


THE WILLOWICK______________________ #11E

$ 495,000


LOFTS ON POST OAK_________________ #502

$ 495,000


THE WILLOWICK______________________ #10B

$ 435,000


THE GREENWAY______________________ #15Q

$ 420,000


DIAMOND BEACH____________________ #516

$ 405,000


INWOOD MANOR___________________ #6C

$ 399,000


THE BRISTOL__________________________ #603

$ 398,900


INWOOD MANOR___________________ #8D

$ 395,000


THE SPIRES___________________________ #2602

$ 389,000


THE SPIRES___________________________ #406

$ 389,000


THE MEMORIAL_______________________ #209

$ 375,000


LOFTS ON POST OAK_________________ #2104

$ 350,000


THE GREENWAY______________________ #12P

$ 349,900


THE BRISTOL__________________________ #1901

$ 329,000


THE OXFORD_________________________ #1105

$ 297,000


FOUR LEAF TOWERS___________________ #31E

$ 289,000


THE BEACONSFIELD___________________ #4A

$ 285,000


FOUR LEAF TOWERS___________________ #61E

$ 249,000


2400 MCCUE_______________________ #417

$ 239,000


THE GREENWAY______________________ #12L

$ 239,000


LOFTS ON POST OAK_________________ #3502

$ 225,000


LOFTS ON POST OAK_________________ #1405

$ 220,000


THE MARK___________________________ #1808

$ 194,500



Loft Living

CHATEAU TEN________________________ #302


THE HOUSTONIAN___________________ #206A






:: Four Leaf Towers the bristol

Four Leaf Towers, $1.42+ Million

San Felipe St :: 3449344

MCCUE RD :: 18973705


The Bristol, $750,000

Lots And & Land






1. Timberwilde Ln :: 73103624, Memorial, $11,995,000 2. Briarwood Ct :: 62852052, River Oaks, $9,695,000 3. W Friar Tuck Ln :: 34322628, Memorial, $3,999,990 4. Bunker Hill Rd :: 71579657, Memorial, $2,595,000 5. La Costa Dr :: 77816560, Montgomery, Del Lago, $7,900,000








$ 9,695,000




$ 3,999,990




$ 2,595,000




$ 2,375,000




$ 1,295,000




$ 1,150,000





























































$ 675,000




$ 474,900




$ 399,000




$ 299,900




$ 209,900


The Woodlands And Surrounding Areas N Heritage Hill Cir :: 8366024 The Woodlands $1.19+ Million


Stonecrest Dr :: 45938342 $1.19+ Million

Hithervale Ct :: 42299187 The Woodlands $572,225

Mill Point Pl :: 76086447 The Woodlands $375,000

Soaring Woods Ln :: 27642942 Porter $389,900

Clovergate Cir :: 6184205 The Woodlands $485,000

Lake Paloma Trail :: 10861408 The Woodlands $960,000

Witherbee Pl :: 64988754 The Woodlands $450,000

Pinestead Ct :: 36865988 The Woodlands $495,000

Hampton Pines Ln :: 13936774 Spring $510,000

Lake Front Cir :: 27508794 The Woodlands $1.59+ Million

Established 1967



Hannover Forest :: 10864999 $180,000

Raindance ct :: 5105746 The Woodlands $250,000

Greater Houston Area

Parkway Villages

Peachwood Bend Dr :: 25412712

Pinebend Dr :: 65157334 Pearland, Woodbend at Silverlake $348,000


Loblolly Pines Way :: 41014194 Royal Oaks Country Club $675,000

Blue Lagoon Ct :: 86333143 Missouri City, Lake Shore Harbour $359,500

Pebble Beach Ct :: 73688947 Jersey Village, Lakes of Jersey Village $499,900

Soaring Woods Ln :: 27642942 Porter, Woodridge Forest $389,900

Tall Pines Dr :: 68983744 Friendswood, Coward Creek $1.19+ Million

Champions, Vintage Lakes

Vintage Springs Ln :: 11237648

$1.5+ Million


Raven Tree Dr :: 5504036 Cypress, Ravensway $319,900

Dearborn St :: 89950548 NC Spring Branch, Pine Terrace $749,000

Miramar Dr :: 45933924 La Porte, Shoreacres $499,000 The Texas Whitehouse :: Bayridge Rd :: 80693483 Morgans Point, Grandview

$5.9+ Million

Kingston Creek Ln :: 52601084 Cypress, Cypress Creek Lakes $309,000

Edwards Dr :: 74844997 San Leon, Edwards Landing $475,000


Kemah, Lazy Bend

Bayou Ln :: 32591064

$2.4+ Million

Sugar Land, Lake Pointe

Darby Ln :: 60069883 Fresno, Newpoint Estates $630,000

Oyster Creek Ln :: 38012002

Crystal Ridge St :: 40863990 Missouri City, Silver Ridge $695,000

$1.0+ Million

Wind Creek Dr :: 82017201 Kingwood, Fosters Mill $449,900

Norborne Ln :: 31286627 Woods Of Wimbledon $649,900

Savannah Oaks Ln :: 32920071, 22900847, 8590184 NC Sherwood Oak Gardens $519,000 - $599,000

W Cattle Dr :: 834171 Onalaska, Texas Acres $449,900


Splintwood Ct :: 30370584 Riverbend/Riverchase $349,900

FM 1486 Rd :: 57113872 Richards $369,500

Sara Ridge Ln :: 67623450 Katy, Lakeforest of Kelliwood

$2.2 Million

Bainbridge Estates Dr :: 26007440 Spring, Bainbridge Estates $619,000

Olive Trail :: 179413 Olive Hill Court $475,000

Big Hollow Ln :: 56624232 Lakeside Forest $619,900

Ralston Branch Way :: 23769023 Sugar Land, Telfair $425,000

Sievers Cove Dr :: 34670814 Port Bolivar, Sievers Cove $399,000

Whitmore St :: 75980210 Fulshear, Weston Lakes $430,000

Established 1967 Teal Laurel Dr :: 43304028 NC Katy, Firethorne West $469,900


Schiller St :: 91680478 NC Spring Branch, Pine Terrace $719,000

HOUSTONIANS WHO MATTER JONATHON GLUS As President and CEO of the Houston Arts Alliance, Jonathon Glus has had a significant hand in the amazing increase in Houston’s public art. In an interview with John A. Daugherty, Jr., Glus explains public art in Houston and the role of the HAA. JD: What is Houston Arts Alliance’s role in public art in Houston? JG: HAA is responsible for acquisition of all new artworks, review of all donations of artworks and collection management, which means cataloging, education and conservation. JD: How are artworks commissioned? JG: Funds that are generated by a particular city department tend to have to remain in that department. HAA staff work closely with leadership in each department to determine the best use of the funds, usually based on the most visible and accessible facility. After a site is determined, it is usually a two-step process. We invite appropriate artists to submit credentials or a simple concept, and a short list of those artists are invited to create a full proposal, from which a winning proposal is selected through a rigorous panel and committee review process. We invite a panel of respected arts professionals, who in turn make preliminary recommendations based on artist quality. HAA’s civic art committee reviews the panel recommendation for ability to deliver the project as promised, and the HAA board approves based on a draft contract. Finally, the city department accepts the recommendations of HAA, and after installation of the artwork, City Council accepts the artwork into the city collection. It may sound like a complex process, and it is. However, this allows for the very best quality artwork to be identified by arts professionals, while the remaining steps ensure that the use of public funds are appropriate, transparent, and the project is deliverable.

Jonathon Glus visits Jaume Plensa’s Tolerance at Harmony Walk in Buffalo Bayou Park at Allen Parkway and Studemont. (Tolerance, 2011, stainless steel and stone. Funding source: Private donors)

JD: What is the process of installation of new works? JG: This varies tremendously, based on the artwork. Installation may be as simple as hanging a painting on a wall, and as complex as beginning at the construction of the facility, where ceiling joists, flooring or power may have to be strengthened or enhanced for eventual installation. A large piece, such as a large flooring design or wall mosaic, may take weeks to install.

JD: What is your personal role in public art in Houston? JG: I really take a backseat role. Our program is very much driven by our civic art director, Sara Kellner, whose role is very much a combination of senior curator and director of project management, and her team. Together, we work closely with our civic art committee, comprised of leading art patrons, and successful artists, and of course, our many partners at City Hall. JD: Do you have any personal favorites in terms of public art? JG: So many wonderful works. Perhaps most recently are the immensely engaging art wraps we are installing on recycling trucks. The colorful and educational trucks roll throughout our entire city, surprising citizens with contemporary designs, of all types. It is a great way to push public art throughout all areas of our far-flung, sprawling city. And, delightfully, they have been so well received, we will be rolling out even more over the coming months.


Established 1967

520 Post Oak Blvd. Sixth Floor Houston, TX 77027-9414

















If your home is presently being offered for sale, this is not intended as a solicitation of the listing.


History and Elegance

Majestic English manor by famed Houston architect Joseph Finger who designed many landmarks including Houston City Hall and The Lancaster Hotel. This residence boasts magnificent formal rooms with soaring ceilings, complete with elegant gold leafing, Ludowici Italian tile roof and copper exterior railings. The Davis Home, as it is known in Old Braeswood, was the largest home built back in its day and remains one of the largest tracts of undivided land in this historic neighborhood. The list of past owners of the home reads like a Who’s Who of Houston. For a detailed history, visit:

North Br aeswood Blvd :: 39747249 :: $2.59+ Million

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Chairman and CEO

John Daugherty, Realtors 520 Post Oak Blvd, Sixth Floor Houston, TX 77027-9414


President and COO

John Daugherty, Realtors 21 Waterway Ave, Suite 300 The Woodlands, TX 77380-3099 713.626.3930

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The Magazine, Fall 2016  

John Daugherty, Realtors is pleased to present another edition of The Magazine, showcasing fine homes in Houston and the surrounding areas,...

The Magazine, Fall 2016  

John Daugherty, Realtors is pleased to present another edition of The Magazine, showcasing fine homes in Houston and the surrounding areas,...