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The world is changing.

New and relevant.

Energy. Environment. Entertainment.

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Introducing Formula E. A brand new international motor racing series. Designed exclusively for electric cars.

First "Green" grand prix. World's first electrically-powered motor racing championship. Environmentally friendly racing series. Vision of Grand Prix racing of the future.

The future of motor racing. Proof that motor racing can be environmentally aware and in sympathy with aspirations of car companies and consumers. Electric power is the future for both racing and road cars.

Real single-seater racing cars. Top speed of 250 km/h. 0-100km/h in 3 secs. Zero emission world class motor racing! Less decibels than a bus - Car 70dB, Formula E 80dB, Bus 90dB.

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10 races. 10 city centres. Racing in the heart of some of the world’s top cities. Races will take place around well known city landmarks. Series will run exclusively on city centre street circuits. Tracks will be 2.5 to 3km long.

Imagine this!



Los Angeles.

Los Angeles.




London. Rome. Berlin. Los Angeles. Miami. Buenos Aires. Rio de Janeiro. Beijing. Kuala Lumpar. Bangkok. Monaco.*

Series starts in 2014. Calendar will run September 2014 to June 2015. Race in Rio de Janeiro scheduled for November 2014.

The race in Rio. Rio was the first city to welcome Formula E. City Hall, Aug 2012 - Eduardo Paes & Sergio Cabral. Rio has a long commitment to sustainability. Hosted Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development.

Location will be Marina da Gloria.

Rio event. Local promoter to be announced - Sept/Oct 2013. 500,000 people expected to attend. Probable Brazilian team. Series development driver is Brazilian - Lucas di Grassi (ex-F1).

About the championship.

FIA Formula E Championship. Run by Formula E Holdings, a consortium of investors led by Spanish billionaire Enrique Banuelos and Alejandro Agag. Officially organized and sanctioned by the FIA.

Enrique Banuelos. Listed in Forbes world's billionaires ranking (no. 655 in 2010). 1342th richest person in the world, net worth of $1 billion (2013). Made fortune in real estate and agribusiness. In Brazil owns AGRE S.A., the leading real estate group in sales. Investing RS$ 2 billion in Brazilian healthcare, energy, infrastructure, environmental and food industries.

Alejandro Agag. Spanish businessman and former politician. Chairman of Fund Managers Addax Capital LLP. Present interests lie in finance, advertising and sports. One of the 10 “shakers and movers� of the Spanish economy (FT). GQ Magazine Spanish Businessman of the Year (2008). Involved in Formula 1, GP2 and football.

Series objectives. Showcase performance of electric cars. Promote general awareness of sustainability. Bring excitement of racing into the heart of cities without noise & pollution. Pioneer technology that will be used on the road cars of the future. Make racing cool for the social media/computer generation. Accelerate general interest in electric cars for personal use.

Event format. Single day events - qualifying and race - minimizing disruption to city centre. Race on Saturdays - no clash with F1. Race for 20 mins. Change to 2nd car (1st car recharges). Race for 20 mins. Return to 1st car. Race for 10 mins.

City centre locations. Electric technology makes most sense in city centres - natural habitat. Major cities want motorsport if the technology is right. F1 want to race in cities but can’t (noise & burning fossil fuel). Spectators don’t need to drive to the race - another emissions saving! Races accessible by public transport.

Teams & drivers. Championship will have 10 franchise teams (50 applications). 2 cars per team - 20 cars per race.* Top drivers - ex F1 plus up-&-coming. *4 customer cars per team.

Teams. First three founding teams announced. USA - Andretti Autosport - one of America’s most successful teams. UK - Drayson Racing - world electric land speed record holders. China - China Racing - former A1GP team run by Steven Lu.

Technical. Cars being developed & built in France by Spark Racing Technologies. Chassis manufactured by Dallara (Italy). 250-300bhp electric motor built by McLaren Electronic Systems. Williams F1 gearboxes. Renault design technology.

Technical. Formula E will be an open series - not a one-make formula. Every team will be free to design & build own cars. Car manufacturers will enter in 2015. 2014 - standardized customer cars to ensure all teams ready to compete. Goal is to have 10 different technologies from 10 teams.

Car design. Customer car based upon an F3 car developed by Formulec in France. Open-wheel, open-cockpit design with rear and front wings for downforce. Less emphasis on aerodynamics. Focus on what useful for the electric vehicle sector: Battery technology - lightweight motors - charging technologies

Fan-friendly. Series will be wrapped in social media. More interactive for fans than any other racing series. Attract younger audience who want to participate. Cars have power boosts voted for by fans. Real-time video game to offer unique experience - players can race live on a simulation of the circuit via GPS.

Technical partners.

Commercial partners. MediaCom - Agency of Record. Employs 4,600 people in 113 offices across 89 countries. Billings - US $28 billion. Part of WPP - world’s largest communications services group.

Media partners. International TV coverage via FOX Sports.

Video Bangkok.


Sponsorship opportunities. 1. Team sponsorship - title sponsor, partners, technical support. 2. Event sponsorship - name sponsor, partners, event advertising. 3. Media programming sponsorship.

Sponsorship benefits. Play a leading role in environmentalism. Opportunity to participate in a major, distinctive sporting event. High level of positive worldwide media exposure (TV, online, social, print). New and relevant platform for marketing and advertising.

Sponsorship benefits. Keep momentum going after World Cup. Whole year to promote while Brazil is at centre of world attention. Association with governmental city centre initiatives. International relations - align with other companies on a world stage.

Costs. Team sponsorship: R$3 to R$45 Million (annual) Event sponsorship: R$36 Million (per event, 3 year commitment)

What can motorsport sponsorship do? Raise & reinforce brand awareness amongst a target market. Provide brand exposure to a national & international audience. Create consumer preference to encourage brand loyalty. Help build brand positioning through associative imagery. Create positive PR.

What can motorsport sponsorship do? Provide an association with successful, aspirational activities that excite. Provide powerful marketing content for products and services. Support sales promotion campaigns. Provide exclusive corporate hospitality opportunities to build client relations. Give a competitive advantage by developing a unique selling point. Create an emotional commitment to a brand for employees.

Motorsport Marketing International. Freelance motorsport marketing consultants. 25 years in motorsport. Former Director of Marketing in F1 (Arrows) and indycars (PacWest). Assist drivers with sponsorship search. Represent commercial interests of sponsors with motorsport teams.

Video Moscow.

The future is electric.

Formula E English  

Sponsorship presentation for FIA Formula E Championship.

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