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August 30, 2016 ( by John C.R. Doe “copyright 2016”)

This New American Order (abolishment of oppressive conditions in U S prisons) I am hopeful that this little plea of mine finds you (all) in good health. As for me (though I'm currently unknown to journalism), my circumstance is of no great importance now, thank you. And the reason I now write is a fairly simple one. If possible, won't you please try to understand and why not accept as well, this my humble offering to be as a possible solution to our awful predicament (burgeoning costs of our penal system) through which we now undergo? That we may not only continue to enjoy the same seeming peace we've inevitably enjoyed for so long a time already, but to learn to love one another intensely from a pure heart just as the good Lord our God and Heavenly Father would wish for us to do, so that the love demonstrated might then be evident to all. Now in order to express my point of view from the prospectus of the understanding that our 'so called' current penal laws have been imposing, as they have for so many years already, on both imprisoned and oppressed persons of every age that unless checked will surely lead to certain impending misery and a very great woe at least to this same great country of ours (the United States of America) in consideration of the imminent direction we are now headed for. Remember 'in our giving do we receive' (by St. Francis of Assisi)? And isn't it true, 'as you give, so shall you receive'? Of course! Well, should these sayings then not be more readily encouraged among each one in order to remember what is truly important in life? Namely that whatsoever we do, shouldn't it always be done with love? How else can one then do the right thing, albeit to accomplish a deed that is done with love? And if indeed the age old saying might be provably true 'love is not selfish', how else could this theory be demonstrated except when one does whatever deed it may be for the greater good of another? After all then, isn't it better for us to think more highly of others than ourselves? In so doing, will this more practically insure against any evil selfish passions? Of course it will. And then do you suppose as to say 'this system of ours has been going on for so long, nothing so bad has happened to us yet', to this end should I not remind you, “doesn't God bide his time?” After all doesn't He also, even though what man however does not, that is to say, know the right time to act? And as any one who truly understands would know, of course He does, for mere mortal men can really not know this albeit truly the right time (to act). But God does. Also to inform you my countrymen (and when I say either men as in countrymen or if not man in any other instance, what I mean to say so as not to exclude in any sense, both women or children but simply as to mean, any of these either by albeit; gender or age one in the same human) of this, that what has been happening to the prisoners in this same great country of ours is wrong. Whereby the simple fact (as outlined clearly in any bonafide religion in the world) that it is wrong to keep a slave (is not a prisoner who has been indefinitely confined the same as a slave?) in imprisonment for longer than seven years (by the good book of the holy bible of God also in nearly every bonafide religion worldwide) where takes place some of the most horrifyingly shocking conditions and where so grossly unspeakable crimes occur continuously, unchecked. And although some who have been so

(cont. from T N A O; by John C.R. Doe “copyright 2016�)


grossly mislead as to believe it feasible that what was cloaked as 'so called' justice turns out to be invariably nothing more than what would indeed be beyond the shadow of any doubt not other than vengeance that belongs to the most high God almighty alone. Or will not the vengeful suffer the Lords vengeance? And is not the golden rule the same as this; 'do to others as you would have done to you'? So, 'do not worry or be afraid'. However for man, on the other hand what we should really do is this; to put aside all malice (greed, bouts of furious anger, gluttony, holding of grudges, etc.) and, although, however contrary to popular belief it may be, not to exclude the pride that is indeed evil. Aren't you forgiven? How could you ever then forgive anyone else, let alone yourself, if you do not first 'forsake the folly that is pride'? Answer me if you know (you who have become wise in your own eyes, 'for surely you are the intelligent folk and with you will wisdom die!'), hasn't it well been documented in the sacred testament, also found by some firsthand in experience, that 'the proud man shall not go unpunished'? So how is one to both do the right thing by forsaking the folly of that which is carnal and evil ('pride, arrogance, the evil way') and not feel inferior to ones own neighbor (anyone who's either in this same country of ours if not a neighboring country) at the same token (place or time) except by maintaining (or caring for) ones own dignity (moreover, albeit one of true justice)? And speaking of dignity, how could any prisoner as to anyone who was a slave (even to the letter of the law as when a man is confined by imprisonment) maintain any semblance of this main right of any human being of any age, gender or creed (especially in this great country ours)? Well, under these given circumstances, as most any could reason, would be rendered almost entirely a complete impossibility. So, how then are these prisoners really treated who so savagely and beyond all brutality been left to die in their sins without so much as a speck of concern for the very life of whom Christ the divine savior of all mankind died? Is it to be really, even in any stretch of mans imagination, tolerated (by anyone in their right mind that is) to let one (whether he be one or a million if not more) oppress another to the degree when the oppressed is treated far less than an animal (and this is a human created in the image of God) no less treated (if possible) worse than one would treat any old bad thing (to say the least because some things are truly unspeakable)? Why not read some of the given testimonials in a book named 'Prison Madness' (by Terry Kupers, M.D.)? Because it graphically tells of some in depth horrors that prisoners have had to suffer at the hands of their oppressors (by both other prisoners and guards alike). Or will not all who tolerate wickedness be judged? Alas, I am a Christian. Aren't you? God loves us all. How are we not to love God as well by learning to do what He would wish of us (isn't it the same as loving God and each other)? Yes. 'Oh ye of little faith', is this how 'we the people' show so vainly our meagerness of gratuity for all the good that has been done for us? Namely that He (God) so loving and graciously not only gave us this life, but has forgiven us our sins and kept us alive thus far besides. Or does not the Lord (God) who giveth, not He also the one that takes away? Of coarse! As for those other beloved who are no longer here with us, believe me, they are in a better place (and I don't mean the grave site, rather the place where souls go) for they are at rest from all the restless pursuits that are of this current age. Now brings us to this main point of mine: in that I solemnly do believe that there should be made a clear amendment to the constitution of the United States of America which it should be both stated as to say, and also the least of its enactment, something to the effect as follows;

(cont. from T N A O; by John C.R. Doe “copyright 2016�)


1. All prisoners who have served a full seven years total of incarcerated time should be guaranteed one final chance of an immediate parole by both the taking of A.) a verbal oath and B.) a written contract that this same person will pledge (or promise) to never let either the same crime or any other be ever perpetrated again. Any failure on the part of parolee would mean, instant retrial for possibility of immediate loss of citizenship and upon a certain conviction would merit henceforth lifetime banishment from the United States of America. 2. All prisoners should be treated humanely at all times and all guards and wardens alike are to be retrained (in manors) and closely monitored (by either camera or two witness) upon every prisoner interaction so that justice (as in fair treatment to all) might be meted out to everyone. 3. *The old way of public beating by whip should also be implemented so as to put an effective end to bullying by both prisoners and guards alike. Guards may save their position by the signing of a temporary release of their rights by way of a video taped example of the reception of a certain number of lashes, in order that 'the simple may be the wiser' that they may know that no wickedness or evil doing (such as oppression, etc.) should never again be tolerated. 4. All prisoners should be protected from any oppression from any individual except in the case of any necessary public chastisements (either by whip for adults or stockade for minors). 5. There should be set in place an adequate counseling system in order to enable all new and former parolees up to a certain number of years (upwards of seven maximum) prior to the new passage date that would enable these same (parolees) to have this service available 24 hours a day 365 days yearly, at least, for entire term of remaining sentence, this should insure these same (persons) the best chance for a more complete rehabilitation for the greater good of all. 6. No child under age of adult should ever be allowed in any prison or jail setting where there would be any other adult prisoner present, under any circumstance, so as to prevent any furtherance of advanced criminal indoctrination, but rather be held under same revised (as 'new' adult mandates of work, food, sleep, etc.) old reformatory treatment centers policy. This, that they might be more receptive to rehabilitative corrections. Stockades should be set in place (instead of upwards to 40 lashes by whip*) for those who break any rules as an example to others, again that 'the simple may be the wiser'. Upwards of 10 days per penalty. 7. It should be made clear that imprisonment should be a certain means of rehabilitation and atonement for convictions of crimes committed, therefore 24 shifts should be set up so that all able prisoners will be remanded to hard labor of 16 hour shifts, 6 days weekly with one full day per week (Sunday/if not other by choice) off. This is in order to repay both, penal customs (incarcerated time costs) of one half revenues produced (by work) and the other half of 50% revenues to be remanded to pay (or give) to either person, persons if not a company or companies who was directly wronged to warrant said prisoners sentence. And then 8 hours allowed for a little food and sleep. 8. Since it should always ever be acknowledged that God always loves us, while at the same time on the other hand, the devil hates us and is constantly trying furiously to bring whomever he can down (remember, although no one ordinarily could really ever see either God or the devil, doesn't make either one any less real or present), so in order to prevent any such thing as a workshop for the devil by any allowance whatsoever of idle hands (if no work was available), rashions (or food) for all prisoners should ordinarily, after first allowing any formalized system of inquiry (by asking each one in advance whether the person was either hungry, thirsty if not both alike), be but bread and water only (except a little dessert on Sundays) unless they have first put in a good days work. This will effectively put an end to all maliciousness (at least in the physical sense by either a prisoner or prisoners).

(cont. from T N A O)


'Just one thing, forgetting what lies behind, let us strain forward to what lies ahead.' Wouldn't you agree that 'love conquers all'? And again, do not be afraid, for 'if the Lord is on our side, who can be against us?' Isn't God always stronger? Yes. If the above changes are made soon so as to turn from your wickedness (of either prisoner oppression by oppressors or complacent toleration of the same misbehavior) by helping to end any form of noteworthy oppressiveness, then this country will be headed in the right direction. But if not, know this concerning all those who did not act when they had it in their power to do so, though did nothing to stop it. Someone who's better than yourself will do this aforementioned instead. Why doubt God? Besides, 'who could ever be saved without faith'? Please won't you suffer me to elaborate one final note of stress? In that, believe me, this plea to action does not in any sense exclude any human being, at least in our country of the United States of America who is a bonafide citizen (of competent age) to do whatever is available by means of either correspondence or conversation, etc., that is to say, by doing any good thing that might help us all (albeit to whomever it is due) that this same cause (might help others who are either citizen or not who are oppressed, especially U.S. prisoners become truly free of tyranny from oppressors through a certain mutual support by 'we the people' of this same country of the United States) might then be enabled to move forward with Christ (and save our country from inevitable woe). “And as for this man, I do not care if anyone judges me, for I have but one judge in Heaven.” Furthermore until we rally for some serious changes, by starting with how we treat our neighbor and/or neighbors (let alone how God and the prisoner feels), and then taking a stand by drawing from on high and asking of our God (in prayer), and not fearing any woe of reprisal in raising our voices to the politician, and until such things as these occur there can be no real complete happiness for any of us. However once necessary change were to take place, believe me, then will there truly shine brilliantly a new order of love (where neighbor truly cares for neighbor) that will become of paramount eminence perduring and that pristine illumination which shines ever so gaily, in dispelling ones blindness, on the good example that is a lovely site to behold indeed, for any other of the nations or anyone at all, anywhere to see, when this new American order, finally, comes of age. But until we stand together as one and speak up for whats right, things will only get worse. Didn't God give us free will to choose? Yes. And if this indeed be provably true, then its up to you, each and every one of us. John C.R. Doe

This new American order by John C.R. Doe “copyright 2016”

This New American Order  

8 simple measures for a change to stop oppression to prisoners in US prisons.

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