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Making Money Online - What Do You Need To Build Your Online Business? I have been working and studying Internet Marketing or Making Money Online for a while now. I can say for sure that it isn't a get rich quick scheme that the Internet Marketing advertisements and fancy websites would let you believe. It's a long hard road of work, late nights sitting in front of your desktop or laptop computer researching, testing, surfing the net, writing articles, working on your blogs, setting up new sites and strategies, devising e-mails to send out from your auto-responder. Then there will be the days of sitting in a cafe on a lovely lazy day with your laptop sipping a cup of coffee while updating your blog or thinking up a new website. There's a lot of work at fi rst building up the foundations to your new online business, so there aare good days and hard ones where things don't go to plan. Don't get me wrong though Internet Marketing has the potential of giving you the fi nancial freedom you want and make you a lot of money, however you have to work at it just like any other business. I have been working on it for months and months now day by day and step by step and this is the only way to do this to get your head around how this Making Money Online really works. The first thing is to copy what the so called Guru's are doing learn from them, I have been looking around at the various sites of the big Internet Marketing boys to see what they are doing. From doing this I made notes and researched on the concepts of Internet Marketing and Making Money Online. Then I started emailing them to see what advice they could offer and on the advice that I received I realised that I needed to get a Mentor, at Tutor, someone to teach me. I enrolled on to a number of courses both locally and online and wow it's amazing how much you can learn but boy is it a big learning curve you really have to put in the effort and go for the long haul to make something of this. It's a long term business plan, it's that simple and if you stick to it and follow the guidelines directed by your Mentors you will succeed. These are a few things that I learned within a week or two from listening and taking notes from a free seminar delivered by Guru's on this topic: • Ways to Make Money Using Facebook & Twitter • How facebook works? How to Use facebook to make money? Learn the rules. • What is Twitter? Why use Twitter? How is works? • How to use Twitter to make money online? • Google Adsence, Writing Articles • Using Clickbank and Paydotcom • Writing web content • Selling e-books • Affiliate marketing • Virual marketing • Make money on E-bay • Taking online surveys • Earn Money Blogging • How to monetize your blog it can also bring in a decent income • Blog posts, advertising on your blog • What type of blogs, how many words per post or article but more importantly what to blog about! • Setting up a blog with Wordpress and blogger etc • Domain names and hosting for more serious bloggers So from this list above I set out by devising a plan.. Plan and make lists of what to do and plan again, test and test and test again to see what works and what doesn't. Plan your work and work your plan, to succeed at Internet Marketing you need a growing network of websites. You want these sites to feed each other traffi c and to build a list using Optin pages or Squeeze pages. You can of course place an optin box on any of your websites to help you further with building your list.

A list is what it's all about, the money is in the list, the money is not in the front end. The purpose of your websites are to attract people to visit and optin in by giving you their contact details. This is what the whole thing is for - building your list. An Optin or Squeeze page is a simple one page site where all you have is a form with 2 fields one for your name and the other for your email address. Internet Marketers just want those 2 things and this is the sole purpose of an Optin page or Squeeze page. This is how you get people's details, targeted details as these optin pages are sweeteners to other deals which you can't access unless you give over your details. This means that the details are gained with your permission so spamming is not an issue. In order to obtain a good list of prospective buyers you need websites, whether it be blogs, regular websites or optin pages it all starts with a website. Here is a great bit of advice I pick up to get started: 1. Get a good domain name 2. Get a hosting or reseller account 3. Make your first website 4. Make your second website 5. Develop a linking strategy 6. Promote your websites 7. Make another website 8. Link them all together 9. Promote, Promote, Promote 10. REPEAT Steps 1 - 9 Just follow the advice as listed above and you're sure to get up and running in no time. Remember if you would like to learn more about how to do this and make money online then visit my site My name is John Cowper, I'm a Designer and Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur. If you're looking for more good stuff as I will be expanding on this content further then visit my blog site here and get your FREE e-book Please also have a look at my other money making blog

Making Money Online - What Do You Need To Build Your Online Business  

• Using Clickbank and Paydotcom • Writing web content • Selling e-books • Affiliate marketing • Virual marketing These are a few things that...