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How to Make a Kid Friendly Internet Marketing Site If you want to make an internet marketing site that’s kid friendly, don’t fret. It is quite easy to do. Plus you get the approval of parents who want their kids to stay safe in the internet. So how can you make money online and at the same time make your marketing site kidfriendly? When it comes to internet marketing, of course, you don’t want to cut back on things which pull money to your site. However, you need to offi cially avoid ads that have violent and adult content in them. You also need to be a little sensitive to children in general by making the layout of your site easy to navigate through the use of big words, cartoon images (if you prefer) and easy access to most of the applications seen in your site. Most importantly, if you choose to make your internet marketing site kid friendly, you have to be specific about the age of the children who can use your site. Naturally, if your site caters to very young audiences then you need to make your website simple, colorful and fun. But if you prefer to cater to school age children then you can keep the decorations like funny and cartoony layouts at a minimum. Parents always appreciate sites that do not include links and advertisements which may lead to illicit websites that are strictly for adults only. Generally, the internet has all sorts of sites, links, advertisements and even pop-ups that can take a user to websites that are only for mature audiences. And that’s what you want to avoid doing if you are thinking of developing an internet marketing site that’s kid-friendly. This can also gain you the trust of web users all over the world, which means they can leave their children unattended while surfing through your website. You can still make money online through this method; first of all, there are a great number of adults who find kid-friendly sites very useful - think adults who are still learning how to navigate through the internet - so it is not only children you can cater to but almost everybody. Through this, you are definitely making internet navigation simple and very easy to do. Your customers won’t go tired of visiting your website since it provides easy access to different visitors. Just follow the advice as listed above and you're sure to get up and running in no time. Remember if you would like to learn more about how to do this and make money online then visit my site . My name is John Cowper, I'm a Designer and Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur. If you're looking for more good stuff as I will be expanding on this content further then visit my blog site here and get your FREE e-book Please also have a look at my other money making blog

How to Make a Kid Friendly Internet Marketing Site  

Please also have a look at my other money making blog You can still make money online through this method;...

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