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Hair Loss Causes, Prevention And Treatment

Hair Loss Treatments

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Have you ever dreamt of losing your hair? Various perspectives have various interpretations of hair loss. Some see it as sickness, death or other problems. But it’s a totally different thing when it becomes reality. You’d end up desperately looking for a treatments for hair loss.

Before you panic, take time to learn about the possible hair loss causes and treatments.

Hair loss is not a rare condition. Men are usually the ones who experience it but some women have it to. Hair loss happens because the hair follicle becomes brittle. This causes a lot of hair fall and later on would lead to bald patches in your head that widen as time goes by.

Though this might not greatly affect your health it would surely hurt your confidence. The hair is a person’s crowning glory. Aside from protecting your head, it also has some aesthetic functions. It can hide imperfect face shapes and can make or break an entire look. That’s why it is important to find a good hair loss treatment for men and women.

But you can’t find an effective treatment without finding out the causes.

Losing your hair and balding can often be hereditary. This is known as patterned baldness. In this case the women in the family are merely carriers. It is on the Hair Loss Treatments

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males that these genes are exhibited. Hair loss causes in women are usually different from that in men.

Age is another reason why people experience hair loss. The cells of the body weaken as we age. This includes hair follicles which cause it to break easily. Hair loss can also be cause by exposure to strong chemicals.

Hair loss may also be caused by a medical condition. It can be caused by the disease itself or the treatment to the disease. For instance, cancer patients who have undergone radio therapy often experience hair loss.

There are various solutions for both womens and mens hair loss. Some go through drastic measures like implanting hair through surgery. But there are some that go as temporary as wearing wigs. Some also apply chemicals that would regenerate hair.

But if you don’t like using chemicals you may opt for natural hair loss treatments for men and women. There are a lot of oils and essences that can help you regenerate your hair. Applying them might not give you immediate results but it will help regrow your hair in time.

Hair Loss Treatments

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Hair Loss Facts And Figures  

Have you ever had that dream where you lost your hair? That dream can be interpreted in various ways. Some see it as sickness, death or othe...

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