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WELCOME To Compounding Pharmacy Associates and Consultants ,Inc

Compounding Pharmacy in Los Angeles - Associates & Consultant

Services We serve by providing high-quality, safe, affordable and easy to access health and Compounding Pharmacy in Los Angeles.

Our Mission To provide the highest quality pharmaceutical care through the very best professional services and products, delivered by friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people.

Geneva Chen, PharmD PhD Dr. Chen has won several awards, including the 2015 "Pharmacist of the Year,“ presented by the San Gabriel Valley Pharmacist Association. Dr. Chen has also been invited to present her research to professional associations

Nutrition and Sports Performance Counselling ď‚—Each

patient is asked to complete and submit an online dietary survey. ď‚—Each patient swabs inside of each cheek (2 swabs) at home and send them to laboratory for analysis. (Everything including prepaid shipping label is provided.)

Contact Us: Address: 3408 N Eastern Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90032 Telephone: 323-222-2362 Fax: 323-225-4171 Email:


Welcome to compounding pharmacy  
Welcome to compounding pharmacy