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Boise Hair extensions salon

Boise MicroBlading At Tease Hair and Lash Studio we consider the Microblading treatment to be a small surgical procedure and will approach the consultation and treatment as such. With any surgical procedure there are risks, contraindications, and special considerations that must be accounted for and/or managed.The nature of the procedure, which involves wounding the skin, requires a detailed health history and consultation.  Technicianclient communication is extremely important for a safe procedure and desired outcomes. 

Boise spray tan – deptH and longevity of color Boise Spray Tans reside in the outer most layer of the skin, which is the first layer that will shed away as new skin cells make their way to the surface.  Younger people will notice their spray tan breaking apart faster than older people.  This is because skin cell regeneration and shedding is faster in younger people and slows down as people age.  The best defense against premature shedding of your Boise Spray Tan is to moisturize frequently in the days prior to your Boise Spray Tan.  Then, the night before your tan, shave and exfoliate really well.  This will remove all skin cells that were ready to shed away.  Then, when you go for your Boise Spray Tan, the solution will be applied to fresh skin.  This Boise Spray Tan preparation will give you the best Boise Spray Tan longevity that you can get.

MicroBlading for tHe eyeBrows at Boise Hair salon Microblading is all the rage and not only creates beautiful framing for the eyes and face, but significantly changes the relationship people have with their eyebrows. What is microblading? Microblading is the placement of strokes of semi-permanent pigment resembling eyebrow hairs into the brow area of the face.Â

Boise Hair salon – Hair texture treatMents Boise Hair Salons love doing texture treatments for their clients. Many Boise Hair Salon clients find that they want to go from curly, wavy or frizzy hair to more manageable or even straight hair.  This can be achieved permanently or for just a few months. Boise Hair Salons help clients choose the right treatment for their goals. 

Boise Hair salon – Hair color correction Tease hair stylists will use professional analysis and judgment to determine what we can and can not safely do to your hair. (Included in this analysis is your budget.) Honesty from the client regarding their hair history is of the utmost importance in this analysis.  Whether you want to go platinum, or just have a normal looking hair color, you are in good hands at Tease!  Put your trust in our education and experience.

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Boise hair extensions salon in boise  
Boise hair extensions salon in boise