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What to Know About Alcoholism Everyone knows that alcoholism is a problem that affects not only the alcoholic but also society in general. Since the problem affects society as a whole, finding a solution to the problem becomes a shared responsibility. To address alcoholism the right way, people must know as much as possible about the problem. Found below are three things everybody should know About Alcoholism. It Is a Disease Many people find the reluctance of alcoholics to get better frustrating. They wonder why alcoholics cannot just stop their drinking. One thing everyone should understand About Alcoholism | Alcohol Addiction is that it is a disease. The excessive consumption of alcohol results in significant changes in an individual’s brain. These changes are what often prevent heavy drinkers from quitting their destructive habit. The alcoholic may want to stop, but he or she would be wired to keep on going. Another hindrance to sobriety is withdrawal. Individuals addicted to alcohol who suddenly stop drinking will experience extreme physical reactions. These reactions are often so severe that the person is compelled to drink again. The reactions occur because the body has become so accustomed to the alcohol that its absence causes certain unpleasant symptoms to manifest themselves. It is Different from Alcohol Abuse Another thing people must keep in mind about alcoholism (k5376A8g7q) is that it is different from alcohol abuse. The two concepts are often interchanged, but they are distinct from one another. Alcoholism refers to physical dependency on alcohol—an alcoholic is so dependent on drinking that he or she will not stop despite the problems it is causing him or her and loved ones. On the other hand, alcohol abuse is not a physical addiction. It is heavy and frequent drinking which causes problems, but it is not dependency on alcohol. Treatment is the Key to Sobriety As was earlier mentioned, alcoholics cannot stop drinking on their own because they have developed a dependency. The other important thing people must know about alcoholism is that it can be successfully addressed through treatment. Only professional treatment can address both the physical and mental effects of alcohol addiction. After a stint in rehab, a person is more likely to be sober and stay sober for good. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction, get help immediately. The sooner treatment is received, the better the chances for lasting recovery. Look no further for access to help—we can get you not only the treatment you need but also all the information you seek. The About Alcoholism team of counselors is available round the clock to receive your calls and answer your inquiries.

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Many people find the reluctance of alcoholics to get better frustrating, k5376A8g7q. They wonder why alcoholics cannot just stop their drink...