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RECRUITER OF THE MONTH Gina Bartley wrote, “We’re proud to recognize Christina Uhlman for winning recruiter of the month for August 2020! Christina has been with JCT Recruiting since 2011 and is our most seasoned recruiter. She currently works remotely from home, which can be challenging, showing her discipline and drive to be the very best! Christina holds a lot of knowledge and very good at helping her peers. With over 9 years under her belt, she is an asset to our department. We appreciate her hard work and will reward her with ½ day of her choice and lunch on us! Thank you Christina! Great Job!”

SEPTEMBER WHATEVER IT TAKES JAMES SMITH NOMINATED CARL BICKHAM FOR THE SEPTEMBER WHATEVER IT TAKES AWARD James said, “I would like to nominate my partner, Carl Bickham, for the Whatever it Takes award. Together we formed a great combination to get Building Maintenance to the heights it is today. Because of that, he’s just as deserving to receive this great award as I was. Thank You. Carl was presented with a trophy, a “Whatever It Takes” designated parking space in front of the building, and a $50 QuikTrip gas card. Carl will also have the honor of naming next month’s WIT winner.

OUR EMPLOYEES / Awards and Achievements

DRIVER MANAGER OF THE MONTH Tyler Preston wrote, “The Driver Manager of the Month for July goes to Tom Cowan! I’ve heard of a little competition going on in the back of the room on who was going to win for July as there were several close in the race. Tom displays steady performance and always does what is needed to take care of his drivers and JCT. Tom will be awarded with the “Snooze or Cruise Pass” allowing him to take half a day off on a day of his choosing. Congratulations Tom!”

SHOP EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH Jesse Proctor wrote, “David, in the parts department, has been a big help with working to get the maintenance computer system back up and running after it went down. Also, he always works hard to keep our work area clean. Thanks David!”



John Wayne Christner presents John Canon with his truck title for his $1 buyout.

Shannon Crowley and Antwon Smith exchanging $1 for Antwon’s truck title. OUR DRIVERS / Awards and Achievements


Scott Conrad and Tyler Preston presenting Natalie Williams with her 5 year ring.

Tom Cowan and Tyler Preston with Eddie Loera and Mary Sifuentes, representing their 5 year rings.

DRIVERS OF THE MONTH Each month, each driver manager chooses a driver of the month for their fleet. Each driver nomination will receive an amazon gift card as a thank you from the jct team for being outstanding.


Scott Conrad nominated Milton Jenkins, L3518, for August Driver of the Month: Milton Jenkins has been with JCT since June 2008, during that time he was awarded the 1-million-mile safe driving award by OTA. He is always willing to help with anything we ask of him. He communicates issues well ahead of time, is always polite, and a pleasure to work with. During his 12 years with JCT he has logged 1,746,532 miles. He is truly an asset to me and the company. He is my go-to driver whenever I’m in a pinch.


Sarah Whitworth nominated Randle Hamblin, L4018C, for August Driver of the Month: I’m nominating Randle Hamblin in L4018C as August Driver of the Month. He is always willing to help and never says no. He has helped re-power several loads for OTD and to get other drivers’ home. Most recently he helped Glen Zornes. First, he went and picked up a damaged trailer in Louisville, KY and pulled it to Indianapolis, IN. While taking it to the shop in Indianapolis his navigation directed him onto a closed street. He had to maneuver around narrow, busy streets to get turned around. He finally got to his destination and delivered damaged trailer to be fixed without any other problems. Glen had given Randle a longer load to back up the shorter load of delivering the damaged trailer. This load ended up sending him to Unionville, KY to a small business out in the middle of nowhere. Again, his navigation did him wrong and sent him along narrow country roads. I was talking to him on the phone while he was navigating these country roads. At one corner I heard Randle say as he eased around it Randle was praying,” Don’t tip, don’t tip”. At one point he stopped and asked directions from a local. While talking to the local I heard Randle ask him if the turn he just instructed Randle to take would be okay for him to take his truck around. I heard the local say yes, that it wouldn’t be a problem. When Randle arrived at that corner, he told me that there was no way his truck would fit around the corner. He described it as having rock ravines on both sides. He decided to back his truck up. By this time my nerves were shot. I told him to call me if he couldn’t make it to the consignee. Yes, I was a coward, but Randle handled it without any cussing or yelling. Needless to say, Randle did make it with truck, trailer and load intact.



Russ Harlow nominated Tony and Monique Arntzen, L3929A, for August Driver of the Month: Team Arntzen has been a great team to work with. Always so helpful on near impossible swaps. Most recently we had a load of fresh meat with multiple stops was halted due to unforeseen circumstances on another truck. Team Arntzen split into solo driving not only to save the load, but to recover a truck that was towed to an impound lot that would have cost a small fortune to sit at. Team Arntzen was able to swap the fresh meat off to another truck to maintain On Time Delivery for the multi-stop load and also kept their load on time to Council Bluff IA ONLY to turn around with another load that was a HOT Tyson Load going back to Ontario CA that was due to fly out to Hawaii. After the Ontario load, they were able to Grab a team dedicated Moberly load. In just 6 days team covered 5,017 miles.


Gage Brooks nominated Keith Lewis, L3724G, for August Driver of the Month: He has helped save 3 Tyson loads that seemed almost impossible, but he kept his left door shut and got them all done. Driver causes no problems and keeps his word when he says he is going to be somewhere at a certain time and ends up being there right at that time, so it doesn’t cause any hold up on the driver’s side or operation. OUR DRIVERS / Drivers of the Month Nominees

Charles Richards nominated Alvie Lohr, L4179, for August Driver of the Month: Alvie has always been a great team that would help in any situation to move a load. Second seat had to resign for personal and health reasons and Alvie still was a very good and reliable solo who has always had a great disposition, attitude and since of urgency for JCT service commitments.


Jennifer Heisley nominated John Henshaw, L3374, for August Driver of the Month: In late July, John was loading in Rogers AR Tyson heading to AZ. He had just gotten back to Tyson from eating when he saw a man bleeding profusely from his upper abdomen. It was later discovered that the man had been stabbed twice, once in the stomach area and the other in his back-left shoulder. John quickly ran to his truck and grabbed a clean t-shirt and began applying pressure to the man’s stab wounds. Another person showed up to the scene to assist John with a first aid kit and they both continued to apply pressure to help stop the bleeding. A short time later the paramedics showed up and took over the scene, John stated that most of the bleeding had stopped by the time the paramedics showed up. I want to recognize this hero for going out of his way to help save this innocent bystander from bleeding out, and furthermore for representing JCT in the way he did! Thank you, John, for your quick actions and your heroism!


Keith Sally nominated Donald Miller, L3882A, for August Driver of the Month: He’s a very well all-around driver. Goes anywhere never complains about sitting or waiting on loads. Drives whatever time he has driving time (includes night driving) very little home time. Always where he needs to be. Very pleasant attitude. Very easy to work with... Takes care of his equipment and himself, been here 2 years…even moved from Ohio to Sapulpa to be closer to JCT.


Dale Smith nominated Isaac Bravo, L3948A, for August Driver of the Month: I would like to nominate my Driver of the Month to Mr. Isaac Bravo BRAVI1. Hired back on 7/9 I think he has come quite a long way. I honestly can say I’ve never had one issue or problem with this driver. Given the fact he’s driven almost 15,000 miles in the month of August alone as a Solo driver is quite impressive. He does not have any service failures & as far as I can remember has accepted just about every pre-plan/swap that has been offered to him. What’s even MORE impressive is this guy has not been home ONCE since beginning work for JCT. This guy went through orientation ready to rock & roll and I appreciate that very much in a driver.


Amye Alvarez nominated Bill Younger, L4231, for August Driver of the Month: Bill normally always has a smile on his and some silly joke to tell to make sure your smiling too. He is always willing to help anyone, other drivers, other DMs, and planners, even though what is asked of him doesn’t always benefit him. For example… he loves to run Washington, (that’s just his route) but even after doing some local work while waiting to get on his Washington load, another driver needed home to that area so he gave up the load to help him out with no hesitation. He is an allaround great driver and for this reason I nominate Bill Younger for driver of the Month.


Tom Cowan nominated team Gary & Tressa Lambert, L4086B, for August Driver of the Month: Besides running over 20,000 miles from 8-1 to 8-25, they did 6 relays this month saving all 6 loads. They were on their load home when asked to re-power a load to make on time delivery and were able to come back and get under their home load and get it delivered on time. This is a dedicated team. We thank them for all they do.


Donny Morgan nominated team Walt Behringer & Billy Weimer, L3907, for August Driver of the Month: Donny said “Easy Walt and Billy, L3907, always outstanding and saves many loads a month.


Brian Stewart nominated Eddie Hill, L4205, for August Driver of the Month: Eddie is usually a team with Debra. Debra is off the truck right now helping her father, but Eddie is still out there putting in work as a solo. I have had multiple people call in to say how nice it was dealing with them and how great their attitudes were. They never say no and have done many swaps to save loads for us.


Hollie Taylor nominated Bobby Anderson, L3939B, for August Driver of the Month: Bobby is always willing to help with swaps to ensure that we have on time delivery and is always pleasant to work with. He stays at the top of my board for miles and never complains.


Josh Muskrat nominated team Tony Morgan & William Hayes, L0808, for August Driver of the Month: Tony and William have been teaming for a little over a month. During August they’ve relayed 11 loads, saving OTD on all loads. They have recovered a truck for us when their truck went down hard. These guys are true “team” players! Appreciate all their hard work!


Sean Layman nominated James Mitchell, L3902, for August Driver of the month: I am nominating James Mitchell. James is one heck of a driver. His loads are never late. He accepts every load sent to him and ALWAYS helps with swaps. This guy is always in a good mood, and happy to help whenever he is needed. He is the definition of a great driver!

SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS DRIVERS 9/1 9/2 9/3 9/4 9/5 9/6 9/7 9/8 9/9 9/10 9/11 9/12 9/13 9/14 9/15 9/16

Christopher Pernell Sandra Keith Erainea Mcgriff Joshua James Jared Arnold Geoffrey Deuel Jamaica Thomas Rodney Lloyd Alvie Lohr Weldon Ferguson, Jr. Kenneth Parsons Jason Coll Dianna Ramsey Juan Luna Steve Penry Angela Robinson Jones Penny Saya William Gill Daniel Stoops David Sargent Daniel Sanchez Carlos Gonzalez Jeffrey Weaver Timothy Long Adrian Guillen Joey Rusk Georg Boyd Joseph Arsenault Treneka Knox Larry Dunn Christopher Elkins Charlie Davis Juana Barajas Ramirez Chad Thomas Anthony Murphy


EMPLOYEES 9/17 9/18 9/19 9/21 9/22 9/23 9/24 9/25 9/26 9/27 9/28 9/29 9/30

Michael Suer, Jr. Michael Autrey Derick Fisher Ricky Walsh William Hawkins Kerry Butler Andrew Taylor Henry Chapman Kevin Eppich Joey Lacey Rodney Elwell John Plaisival Michael Edmonds Cody Keith Richard Budin Derek Gutierrez Fredy Vargas Mark Warkow Robert Cabral Jacob Mercer Paul Leibfarth Rickey Farley Shaunna Rodriguez Dwayne Johnson Michael Marchese Stephen Sprague Raymond Friday Michiel Morris Jason Fuwell Thomas Brooks Victor Padilla Douglas Wiggins

9/3 9/8 9/10 9/11 9/12 9/13 9/15 9/16 9/19 9/22 9/24 9/26 9/27

Alisa Neely Tim Sattler Shaila Montgomery Charles Moore Deborah Snell Jeff Weaver Rose Hurd Robert Allen Andrea Woodruff Brooke Johnson Tyler Anthony Donny Morgan Robert Burns Robert Williams William Beall Carl Bickham Jennifer Jones







Jerry Brunkhurst, 9/9 William Harrison, Jr., 9/10 Steven Brigante, 9/16 Jared Arnold, 9/16 Robert Dover, 9/16 John Riley, 9/17 Gregory Broom, 9/25 Leslie Curtis, 9/30

Randy Whitney, Jr., 9/6 Joshua Driscoll, 9/6 Charlie Watkins, Jr., 9/19


Todd Rightley, 9/5 Ronald Hollin, 9/24 Kao Saeteurn, 9/30

Michael Ball, 9/4 William Ball, 9/4 Lester Grayson, 9/17 Kris Hupfer, 9/17 Tammie Hupfer, 9/17 Charles Gordon, 9/19 Allen Anderson, 9/19 Rodney Elwel, 9/20 Tanya Ann Elwell, 9/20 Donald Miller, 9/24 Carl Plyler, 9/25 Jason Plyler, 9/25 Antonio Landeros, Jr., 9/26 Amber Campbell, 9/27 Joshua Trout, 9/27

3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Michael Yerger, 9/18

4 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Randy Whitney, Jr., 9/6 Joshua Driscol, 9/6 Charlie Watkins, Jr., 9/19

6 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Kimberly Little, 9/23 Brian Lee, 9/30


1 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Talon Haywood, 9/13 Tj Lacy, 9/16 Ryan Howard, 9/18 Sterling Slaven, 9/23 Joseph Jacobson, 9/23 Michael Carter, 9/27

2 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Jonathon Kleypas, 9/6 Jimmie Ingram II, 9/14 Bradley Schwalk, 9/15 Donnie Shanahan, 9/19



Tammy Baird, 9/25

David Bozard, 9/7


15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY David Field, 9/1

Joey Ribbens, 9/2


Carl Stewart, 9/2

7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Patty Fender, 9/10


Tom White, 9/12


Robert Botkins, 9/8


Sheila Bane, 9/21

17 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Josh Muskrat, 9/15

22 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Marchelle Brown, 9/8

Anniversaries / DATES TO REMEMBER

DRIVER REFERRAL B OUR NEW SYSTEM How to Submit a Referral: • First, download the Driver Pulse mobile app by Tenstreet in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. • Once downloaded, click on the “refer a friend” button and tell us the first and last name along with the phone number and email address of the person you’re referring. • We will then take it from there and keep track of your referral payment for you - it’s that easy!!

How the Bonus Payout Works • You Recruit John Doe • John completes orientation $500 • John is contracted with JCT after 3 months $500 • John is contracted with JCT after 6 months $500 • John is contracted with JCT after 9 months $500 • John is contracted with JCT after 1 year $500 FOR A TOTAL OF $2,500!



For more on JCT Diamond Rewards, click here.

September 14-18 sponsors:

UPCOMING EVENT / Driver Appreciation Week

Lunch Menu Monday, September 14 Tulsa Food Trucks (Mike’s BBQ, Andolini’s, Mangiamo’s, Kona Ice)

Tuesday, September 15 Lenny’s Ham or Italian Sub Sandwiches with a bag of chips

Wednesday, September 16 Charlie’s Chicken chicken chunks, mashed potatoes, and corn

Thursday, September 17 Two Pops one meat and two sides

Friday, September 18 Tulsa Food Truck BBQ

JCT TOOK HOME THE GOLD FOR GENERAL MILLS 2020 CARRIER OF THE YEAR AWARD Danny Christner said, “ Lord knows this hasn’t been a year of awards and ceremonies, but one of survival. So to get some accolades for our brand/ people by a company like General Mills was much appreciated. We haven’t done business with GM as long as our average customer, and our execution wasn’t flawless, but it’s been better than most, which protects our market share. Thank you to General Mills, the dedicated drivers and staff at JCT and our EVP of Sales, Mr. Greg Gorman, who always brings home the bacon, and bread and..etc!”

NOMINATED JCT has been nominated for the 2021 Best Fleets to Drive For award! We are currently in the questionnaire process, next month we’ll have an interview and surveys for the drivers will go out. Keep your eyes opened. The winner will be announced in January 2021. For more on this award, click here.

IN THE COMMUNITY / JCT recognition

Not Feeling Ducky: Mascot Among Those Missing NTDC With this year’s National Truck Driving Championships and National Step Van Driving Championships canceled due to the corona virus pandemic, it’s not just the drivers who are disappointed. The man disguised as everyone’s favorite mascot feels like a duck out of water. “I hope all this stuff goes away so we can play again next year,” John Mallory said. “I’m ready.” Mallory is the director of safety for Sapulpa, Okla.-based John Christner Trucking, which ranks No. 83 on the Transport Topics Top 100 list of the largest for-hire carriers in North America. He’s also been known as “The Duck” mascot at NTDC for the better part of a decade. There’s no question he will be excited for next year’s event, slated for August in Minneapolis. But it’s fair to wonder whether he would’ve been able to fulfill his duties this year, had NTDC been held as scheduled in Indianapolis Aug. 19-22. Mallory was doing yard work at home about six weeks ago when he tore the rotator cuff in his left shoulder and had to undergo surgery. “My wife also had back surgery recently, but I’ve been able to take care of her with one arm,” Mallory said, adding he was able to remove his sling Aug. 18. Mallory said his primary job at NTDC as The Duck is to have fun with fans and make sure the drivers are respected, “because every one of the drivers there is a winner.” “I love doing it,” said Mallory, who had no prior mascot experience before donning the big, yellow suit. “It’s just been one of those deals that has blown up, and I didn’t expect it to be this big in my wildest dreams. … I have a very good sense of humor, and it doesn’t embarrass me in any form or fashion; people get a kick out of it when a 57-year-old man gets out of the suit.” Interacting with drivers is what Mallory said he misses most with the cancellation of this year’s NTDC. “My favorite part is taking pictures with everybody and taking pictures with all the drivers when they come on stage, and we’re fist-bumping,” Mallory said. “If you haven’t tried fist-bumping with about 450 people, you should.” Elisabeth Barna, executive vice president for industry affairs at American Trucking Associations, praised Mallory for providing a boost to the energy and atmosphere at NTDC. “[The] National Truck Driving Championships would not be the same without The NTDC Duck. John is a master of getting the fans in the stands excited, keeping the kids and families entertained, and making the competitors feel at ease,” Barna said in an email. “His enthusiasm and antics put a smile on all of our faces. The NTDC Duck was the inspiration for Safety Sammy [another trucking mascot], and it is so much fun to see them on the competition course together.” Technically, in addition to being an entertainer and making sure drivers feel like a million bucks, Mallory, as The Duck, is a judge for the driver obstacle course. While it hasn’t happened at NTDC, there were a few instances in the early years of being The Duck at a state competition in which he was within earshot of prohibited coaching, such as managers telling drivers when to stop their trucks. Mallory noted that he does not talk while in the suit — he only carries a device that makes quacking noises — so he went to a judge dressed in a white polo shirt and alerted them to the possible infraction. “They probably didn’t know I was a judge,” he said. Though The Duck mascot now enjoys prominence in trucking circles, it had an inconspicuous beginning, according to Mallory. Toy rubber ducks on the obstacle courses had been a fixture for several years. About 10 years ago, Mallory was a member of Oklahoma Trucking Association’s safety council. Members were meeting in a hotel to plan that year’s truck driving championships when the idea came up that someone should take the duck theme a step further and dress up in a duck suit. Pretty soon, Mallory, who thinks he was the chairman that year, was the leading candidate to be the mascot. “They said, ‘You know, you would make the perfect duck,’ ” Mallory said. “People were saying I had the best personality for it.” The Duck was a hit. A couple of years later, Mallory was asked by ATA to dress up at NTDC. Mallory said one suit lasts about five years. He’s the only one who has ever worn the suit so that it is preserved. Two suits are ready to go when championship season rolls around. One stays at JCT Trucking. He uses that one at the Oklahoma competition, a couple of other state TDCs that have invited him, and a few other local trucking events. He used to fly with that one to NTDC, but an incident one year caused him to rethink his strategy. “I had to wait two hours at the airport for it to come because [the airline] misplaced it,” Mallory said. So now Mallory has a second suit under the safeguard of ATA that he uses at NTDC. As to whether he would ever need a backup due to injury or illness, Mallory said he would have to pick someone. “It hasn’t happened before, but somebody would be in the suit,” he said. For full article and more pictures, click here.


Brian David said, “One of Jenn’s drivers, who she considers family, sent her a surprise bouquet of flowers. She’s always checking on her drivers and making sure they are OK, like the past few days in the Hurricane. We love you Jennifer Heisley”


Driver Cody Shehorn said, “I have been on Dale’s board since the very first day he was assigned drivers. Through the past few months Dale has been extremely helpful for me. He answers any questions I have & alleviates any concerns I may come across while on the road. I have been wanting to meet with Dale in person for some time now & finally I was able to do so! I look forward to working with this DM for as long as he’ll keep me around as he is truly one of the best DM’s I’ve ever had.” .

AROUND THE OFFICE AND ON THE ROAD / Employee and driver stories


Michelle Weaver was a good sport and wore the sombrero at her birthday lunch celebration.

ATTA BOY (AND GIRL) Chuck Bertotti submitted an Atta Boy for Jesse and Diane Wyatt. He said, “L4351 was taking their 30 minute break when they saw a pickup truck slide through an intersection and hit another car. They went and provided first aid until the first responder arrived. Said no one appeared to be seriously injured.�

Scott Zane with his daughter, Chloe, at Meteor Crater in Arizona.

Diane and Jesse Wyatt’s first grand-baby. SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT / What’s going on outside of work

Paula Sarchet’s grand-babies, Zach and John Luke.

Clyda Newton’s daughter, Ravyn White.

Desiree Van Kalsbeek’s daughter, Spencer, at her first day of PreK.

Clyda Newton’s granddaughter, Mila.

Jim Gomez said, “My son, Caleb, graduated from college on August 1st, 2020 (he completed his studies back in May, but with the Covid-19 situation, his school postponed graduation ceremonies until the first part of August). Caleb graduated magna cum laude from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.”

Clyda Newton’s kids, Shelby, Cayleb, and Jaycob, on their first day of school.

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