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MAY 2020


A MESSAGE FROM THE CEO It’s Monday May 4th and rather than say “Day whatever” of the COVID-19 crisis, I’m going to say it’s the first Monday in May and we’re heading into our busy season! No disrespect to the people that have suffered from this horrible virus, but it has consumed way more of our lives than it should have, and I’m ready to move on. Before I do though, I’m going to address a few past and present topics. First, we currently have no new infections amongst our driving or non-driving population and we are taking precautions to keep it that way. There are face covers available at the Sapulpa terminal for those who desire them, and we are continuing to practice recommended guidelines like frequent hand-washing, social distancing and prompt symptom reporting and testing where applicable. The uncertainly from a month ago to now is dramatically different as the US population has learned more about transmission and infection risks, as well associated symptoms and recovery from COVID-19. While we always believed we had to be cautionary, the ramifications of failing to perform our essential jobs had great risks as well, and our associates never backed down from the challenge. We performed in the most admirable fashion, and when we were faced with setbacks we rallied around our people and made immediate adjustments to maintain our mission. We served almost 7,000 lunches while restaurants were closed and the positive feedback I’ve gotten from that has been as appreciated as the meals were to you.

Overall, I don’t know how our people could have done much better. So, a heartfelt Thank You to all of you for your dedication and commitment to your jobs, co-workers, and JCT! In spite of the relative success we had during the last 60 days, we still have some unique challenges and opportunities as our country and industry returns to some sense of normalcy. Our fleet miles are up from more staffed JCT trucks, but our logistics miles are down from less overall freight within our network. Ambient temperatures are rising and the California produce season is coming on strong. All the missing food service loads haven’t returned yet, but are starting to repopulate and capacity is becoming more scarce in some markets. To be honest, these are good problems and the kind we’ve conquered every year for the past three decades and will continue to overcome for many more! In closing, my wish for each of you is that you feel the sense of accomplishment and security that came from keeping our place during this extraordinary time, when it looked like nothing was certain and several things were falling to the wayside. I hope you enjoyed the extra time you spent with loved ones, a few more home cooked meals, and that you stand here today knowing that whatever life throws at you (and I do mean whatever!), that together we can, and will handle it. God Bless you and your families! -Danny Christner


OUR EMPLOYEES / Awards and Achievements





Merlin Elkins

Essai Adorno, 5/10 Eloy Arechiga, 5/10


Lucy Hobbs

Donald Shanahan



Kallie Pierce


Jeff Buckley

Eric Simmons


Brian Stewart


Connie Sperry


Sheila Bane

Charles Bertotti


Brenda Joice


Joe Jacobson

Chris Smith


Valentin Andalon


Tonya Ladd


Cole Farrar


Michael Campbell

Jason Cates

Jacob Lliteras


Leslie Bowser


John Noble

Allen Smith


Loren Benjar

Ashley Hern


Jeremy Smith


David Wilson

Deetta Bumgardner, 5/12 Cory Manzi, 5/21 Blake Thomas, 5/21


Tracy Pierce, 5/9 Desiree Vankalsbeek, 5/6 Whitney Molloy, 5/13

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Robert Williams, 5/4

6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Allen Allday, 5/12

7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Sheila Dorris, 5/13

9 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Dustin Byrd, 5/2 Christina Uhlman, 5/23

10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Denise Henninger, 5/10

13 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Gina Bartley, 5/15

14 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Claude Mcclendon,5/8

16 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Allen Smith, 5/10

Dates to Remember / OUR EMPLOYEES

This photo was taken by driver Brian David on the evening of April 28th, after a storm rolled through Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Peter Anderson staying safe on the road.

OUR DRIVERS / What our drivers have been up to

Richard Irvin shared this photo of JCT’s newest member, bandit, on Easter.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 5/1 5/2 5/3 5/4 5/5 5/7 5/9 5/10 5/12 5/13 5/14 5/15 5/16 5/18 5/19 5/20 5/21 5/23 5/24

Terry Chaney Jerry Williams Anthony Lewis Joel Peacock Greg Jobe Ivan Reyes Connie Bryan Phanna Sieng Ronald Norris Brandon Hunt Cynthia Worley Lois Osorio James Davis Charles Allen Robert Hale Craig Wells Paula Sarchet Lewis Mckee Bryan Palmer Sr. Edward Judson Charlotte Heller Will Washington Raymond Fleming Cedric Campbell James Webb Lynwood Whyte Mitchell Ramirez Jimmy Odell Everett Smith Wesley Brown Teneil Williams Steven Payton Derrick Kuykendall David Field Clifford Marts Darrell Shaw Albert Watters Christopher Fluitt Michael Fulminante Dean Colasante Shawn Heintz Brandon Green Mamade Kanneh Michael Jackson Henry Woolley John Canon III Michael Best

5/25 5/26 5/27 5/28 5/29 5/31

Marcus Edwards Christian Carter Charles Martin Janet Mayfield Raymond Miller Echo Howland-Forsythe Charles Johnson Val Harmon James Lockemy Raekwon Rozier Robert Barbaris James Price Tony Vega Norman Chamberlain

Mark Butcher, 5/22 Victor Natal Feliciano, 5/25 Charlotte Heller, 5/30 Georg Heller, 5/30 Jason Kloos, 5/30

4 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Mo Cruz-Sanabria, 5/9 Vernon Jones, 5/9 Matthew Frank, 5/19 Robert Barish, 5/23 David Mcpheron, 5/23 Steven Harlow, 5/31


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Christopher Scott, 5/1 Verna Hollingsworth, 5/6 Darryle Watson, 5/7 Jay Thompson, 5/10 Danny Hicks, 5/13 Deborah Kitchens- William, 5/16 Gaylon Walker, 5/16 Shaunna Rodriguez, 5/20 Nicole Elmore, 5/22 Peter Elmore, 5/22 Caylee Johnson, 5/28 John Jackson, 5/29 Rollins Brown, 5/30 Devante Williams, 5/30

2 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Michael Fulminante, 5/10 Jeremiah Hogenkamp, 5/14 James Hogenkamp, 5/14 Scott Lancaster, 5/17 Larry Dunn, 5/21 Lettecha Hanna-Lewis, 5/21 Anthony Lewis, 5/21 James Lockemy, 5/29


Darrell Shaw, 5/6 Jack Hein, 5/6 Ted Wysocki, 5/8 Francis Sill, 5/11 Joey Rusk, 5/12 Michael Griffith, 5/15

6 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Robert Kabrel, 5/15 Feliz Aguilar, 5/20 Jonathan Ortego, 5/22 Shawn Heintz, 5/28

7 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Kyle Thomas, 5/7 Robert Grigsby, 5/15 James Thurlo, 5/31

8 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Carl E Benge,Jr, 5/16 Edwin Montes-Guzman, 5/16

10 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Rocky Losh, 5/13 Robb Lewis, Jr, 5/20

11 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Bryan Palmer, 5/12

13 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Curt Soard, 5/10

Kathy Marie Diaz, 5/1 Robert Blankenship, 5/8 Dennis Zorn, 5/12 Joshua May, 5/22

Dates to Remember / OUR DRIVERS

IN MEMORIAM / Jerry Brunkhurst

“Jerry was a friend to everyone he met. He didn’t know a stranger that is for sure. I enjoyed working with Jerry, he was funny, sweet, and truly a genuine kind soul. He is truly missed. I will miss that laugh and smile he always brought with him. He felt like family.” Cheryl Owens “Jerry went from being my worst nightmare to my best student.” Tracy Ross “About 10 JCT employees, past and present, attended Jerry’s funeral along with a previous JCT driver, Rattlesnake. Even though Rattlesnake left JCT many years ago, he and Jerry maintained a close friendship. Rattlesnake being there was a special moment for long time JCT employee’s to witness. Towards the end of the inspiring service, a military jet flew over (which was not planned). That was a pretty cool moment for everyone. I can’t help but think that was Jerry’s way of reaching out to us all. It felt like his final farewell and telling us all to get back to work. There’s a lot we can take away from our individual relationships with Jerry and apply in our everyday lives. His work ethic, strength, and persistence are just a few on the list. What an honor it is to have known him. Jerry’s son’s Bryan and Jody want to thank everyone at John Christner Trucking for loving their dad. They thank all of you for your friendships and special bonds you each individually had with Jerry, your relationships meant everything to him. They say Jerry spoke about JCT all the time, it was a huge part of his life and he was so proud to still be out there driving at the age of 83. They thank everyone for their love and support! They are especially grateful for the show of support at Jerry’s funeral. They wanted to make sure everyone knows Jerry is still wearing his JCT hat.” Jennifer Jones

Good afternoon, My name is Eric Jacobson and I’m the Communications Manager for Woodland Public Schools. I wanted to write you an email commending one of your drivers, Russell Thomas, for a fantastic act of thoughtfulness when he called our district office to ask if we could use 52 cases of frozen breakfast sandwiches that were refused delivery by a client as a way of thanking the district for the free rest stop we’ve been offering truckers by opening our brand-new high school facilities for use free-of-charge. Those breakfast sandwiches will feed more than 1,000 children in our community and we truly appreciate his thoughtfulness. I’ve sent a press release to Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR media that I anticipate will get picked up in short order and the story has already generated 119 likes and reached more than 1,300 people in the 45 minutes since it was posted to our Facebook Page. Thank you again and please let your drivers know we’re open for them and we greatly appreciate the critical work they’re doing to keep all of us fed and supplied during the COVID-19 crisis. Stay safe, stay healthy, and take care of one another! :) Sincerely, Eric Jacobson Communications Manager | Woodland Public Schools

IN THE COMMUNITY / Woodland Public Schools

THANK YOU, DANNY! Tyler Preston and the driver managers wanted to show their appreciation for the lunches that were provided. Tyler wrote, “ Danny, On behalf of the Driver Manager team, we just wanted to extend our appreciation to you for supplying us with lunch over the last couple weeks during the COVID season. It has been one less thing that everyone has had to worry about, and we’re all very generous and proud to be a part of TEAM JCT! Thanks for all that you do for us!”

Coach Jeff talks about the benefits of including Hawthorn Extract into your health regimen.

AROUND THE OFFICE / Sapulpa and Riverside locations

Coach Jeff has two of JCT’s drivers demonstrate an exercise that will strengthen the back of the body.

How To Make Avocado Toast 10 Ways 1. The Sweet ‘n’ Savoury 2. The Fresh 3. The Sushi 4. The Street Corn Style 5. The Kylie Jenner

6. The Everything but the Bagel 7. The Margarita 8. The Mango Salsa 9. The Randy Radish 10. The Mediterranean

WILD WEDNESDAYS Roger Hardway’s Wild Shirt Wednesday took a health conscious turn when his wife made him a matching face mask.

For full article, click here.

Gina Bartley got her team together to decorate their car windows in support of JCT as well as every driver that is out there keeping America fed, clothed, and stocked up on household essentials during this pandemic.

Alanna Weins’ 3 kids, Brooklyn, Danny, and Sawyer and Elisha Thornton’s little boy, Daniel. They all went on a quarantine get away at Keystone Lake’s trails.

Desiree Van Kalsbeek’s family celebrating Easter.

Brittney Toddy’s German Shepherd furr baby, Koda!

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT / What’s going on outside of work

Whitney Molloy’s 8-year old, Jaxon, and his little sister, 2-year old Josie during a weekend walk in the park.

Brenda Joice’s daughter, Brooklyn, is starting her training at Ft. Sill in Lawton, OK. Afterwards, she will be going to Ft. Bliss in Texas and then off to Afghanistan at the beginning of June.

Jean McGuire is going to be a Gramma this Sept! Her daughter, Paige, is expecting her ďŹ rst baby with AC Lucas Jones who is currently serving in the Navy. Jean is proud of them both and so excited for the future!

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