June 2020 Newsletter

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JUNE 2020


A MESSAGE FROM THE CEO Greetings to all our JCT associates, drivers and stakeholders, It’s Monday, June 15th which puts us halfway through the year and smack dab in the middle of our busy Summer season. So far, temperature controlled food has held up extremely well relative to other types of freight and our customer base has been very supportive of JCT, in spite of challenges within their specific business models. We’re well positioned to continue delivering steady miles to all our operators and maintaining the overlapping cushion of logistics volume in our key areas that proved to be so valuable when overall tonnage dipped due to COVID-19 disruptions. Speaking of COVID, not too long ago we and the rest of the country were faced with one of the most extraordinary situations we’ve ever seen in the form of a global pandemic, and while there are still some lingering effects of COVID-19, our population and company fared very well through that crisis. Our drivers were heroic in their actions which compelled our nondriving staff to stay firm in our supporting roles. We were truly essential to ensuring that the country’s food supply wasn’t disrupted, and we came through with flying colors- blue, green and red, white and blue colors! In 31 years in this business I’ve never felt more proud and grateful of the bravery and unwavering commitment that all JCT associates demonstrated in the face of adversity. So what does the rest of this year look like for JCT? For you? The trucking industry? Our country? I wish I knew the answers to all these questions because it might help us all feel more certain or less anxious, but I don’t. What I do know is this: JCT was founded on the American Dream, which is based on the fact that with enough hustle, hard work and

determination, anything is possible. And I do mean anything. From driving and dispatching trucks to acquiring one of his own, John Christner Trucking rose out of little to nothing to one of the Top 7 refrigerated fleets in the country, and we’re not done yet. By creating an equal opportunity to work and earn our customer’s repeat support, JCT provides what most people truly want, a familyoriented company planted firmly in the simple and age-old mantra that “people gotta eat”, but progressive enough to evolve with the demands of an ever-changing market and world. A world where race, gender, religion or other human uniqueness should have no bearing on how we’re treated, but instead a place where we ALL feel safe and can be recognized and rewarded on the basis of our actions. That’s JCT! So as a leader of this organization I offer you the following promises: - That you are valued as a human being and you will be treated as the beautiful and unique person that you are. - That we will do everything in our power to protect you, your job, and the safety and security of your family. - That we will persevere through whatever crisis that may come next, be it human or divine in nature. - That we will always work as a team to ensure the survival and prosperity of the JCT brand. Lastly, as you go through your week I hope that you can take a minute to feel the good in our world and your job. Feel what it’s like to put in an honest, hard-day’s work knowing that you did no wrong, and that someone out there appreciates and depends on what you do. Know that regardless of what you see, read or hear, YOU control your destiny, not others; and your destiny is not one of turmoil, fear or strife, but one of peace, prosperity and tranquility. Find that at JCT, feel that at JCT, believe that at JCT. God Bless, Danny Christner

APRIL DRIVER MANAGER OF THE MONTH Tyler Preston wrote, “I would like to announce Jen Heisley as the DM of the month for April! She managed to make it through the month with ZERO service failures and three terms! Job well done! There is a lot of close competition in the numbers, with Tom Cowan right behind her! Hollie didn’t have a full board for the month of April so she doesn’t qualify yet, but looking at the numbers she is going to be competition for sure! On the last several DM of the month statistics, we had been using the HT bullseye. I replaced that this time with “Driver Miles for Bonus”. This percentage represents where your overall fleet stands toward hitting required miles to achieve their quarterly bonus. The award for DM of the month is the snooze or cruise pass, along with lunch. Keep up the good work all, and congrats again to Jen!”

WHATEVER IT TAKES AMYE ALVAREZ NOMINATED SHAY MARTINEZ FOR THE JUNE WHATEVER IT TAKES AWARD Amye said that Shay has helped her out since she got there and has been even more of a help while Amye was out dealing with family matters. Shay was presented with a trophy, a “Whatever It Takes” designated parking space in front of the building, and a $50 QuikTrip gas card. Shay will also have the honor of naming next month’s WIT winner.

OUR EMPLOYEES / Awards and Achievements


Danny Christner presenting Tyler Preston with his 5 year anniversary ring.

Jeff Weaver presenting Eddie Carter with his 5 year anniversary ring.


Marty Means and Keith Sally presenting Michael Furtick with his 5 year ring.

Marty Means and Tom Cowan presenting Renee Scott with her 5 year ring.

OUR DRIVERS / What our drivers have been up to

Photo credit to Nicholas Hogan

John Jackson earned his first diamond for driving with JCT for 1 year. Congratulations John and thank you for your dedication!




Richard Ates


James Buckley


Jennifer Clapp


David Ingram


Cindy Whitney

Rendrick Shepeard

Kevin Stephens


Bill Younger

Joshua Wooton


Paul Fream

Eric Campbell


Russell Thomas


Minnie Barnes


Jeffeth Hamilton

Quintin Hill

Gage Brooks


Jose Cantu


James Stocker, Jr

Michelle Morgan

Rolando Ricano

Devin Cantey


Blake Thomas

Nicole Bell


David Mcpheron


Cody Gore

Lisa Lancaster

Thomas Conner

Linda Scott

Steven Young


Nicholas Marchese


Trish Boone

Brian Sanders

Wesley Marvel


Stedman Hodge

Charles Aldridge


George Strattard III


Tyler Lay


Freddie Amburn

Nicholas Hogan Avila

Hollie Taylor

Maclean John


Pedro Rangel


Tom White

Gregory Gaskin

Jeremiah Johnson


Shay Martinez


David Sword

Freddie Baker


Cheryl Owens


Jose Diaz


Marsha Brannum


Charles Richards

Drew Fitch


Gina Haubert


Mark Giesecke


Tammy Baird

John Wright

Torrance Patterson

Kimberly Cagle

Joe Thomas


Lemuel Browne


Mona Gentry


Alan Poon

Glenda Mitchell


Michael Bevans

Alexander Kin


Iris Orona

Verna Hollingsworth


Thomas Owenby

Randy Guess


Natalie Williams


David Ables

Frank Baca

Dates to Remember / HAPPY BIRTHDAY





Wendy Waites, 6/21

Tiffany Todd, 6/7

Raymond Friday, 6/3 Michael Gann, 6/3 Crystal Baker, 6/4 Alvan Wilson, 6/6 Joshua Doty, 6/17 Brett Gilliat, 6/17 Steven Young, 6/17 Francisco Cardona, 6/19 John Wright, 6/20 Deanna Dunn, 6/20 Marvin Dunn, 6/20 Casio Sessoms, 6/24 Monique Johnson, 6/27 Zachary Norton, 6/27




David Evans, 6/1 Danielle Vargas Terry, 6/4 David Ables, 6/12 Maclean John, 6/12 Kimberly Cagle, 6/18 Lisa Garcia, 6/20 Justin Cromartie, 6/22 Douglas Brailey, 6/26 Mckayla Webb, 6/27

Russell Reedy, 6/19 Milton Jenkins, 6/26

2 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Leslie Bowser, 6/8 Brian Grace, 6/16

3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Shay Martinez, 6/5

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Robert Allen, 6/12


Kendall Newell, 6/11

12 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Charles Bertotti, 6/9

16 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Thomas Stockham, 6/1

21 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Janie Loudermilk, 6/14

23 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Scott Box, 6/17

32 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Keith Sally, 6/17

3 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Jerry Adams, 6/2 Danny Mcghee, 6/5 David Sargent, 6/5 Marlon Young, 6/21 Thomas Conner, 6/21

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Eddie Loera, 6/4 John Herb, 6/30

8 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Marcelo Ocampo, 6/1 Terry Horton, 6/6 Michael Waterman, 6/13

9 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Jay Kemerling, 6/15 John Zabrisky, 6/22 Derek Gutierrez, 6/29

11 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Ramon Gutierrez, 6/25

14 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Miller Johnson Jr, 6/2 Edward Tilley, 6/8 Raymond Donald, 6/9

23 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Scott Box, 6/17

32 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Keith Sally, 6/17

4 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Ron Cooper, 6/1 Jason Bray, 6/6 Jeremiah Johnson, 6/13 Nathan Shannon, 6/21 Rosendo Viltredelarosa, 6/27

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY / Dates to Remember

MAY BIRTHDAY LUNCH John Wayne and John Christner took the employees with May birthdays out to Freddie’s for the traditional birthday lunch.

FUTURE JCT EMPLOYEES On the left, Ethan Allday came in to see his Papa Chuck Bertotti. Pictured on the right is Amelia Stretch, getting familiar with Microsoft Word, letters, and numbers.

AROUND THE OFFICE / Sapulpa and Riverside locations

Cucumber Tomato Feta Salad

Recruiting Manager, Jean McGuire, said, “These girls are taking an extra step to welcome their drivers coming in for orientation. They make a thank you note with a dollar bill for the buyout. They are truly doing “WHATEVER IT TAKES” to show the appreciation we have for our essential drivers. Recruiters from left to right: Tracy Bradley, Elisha Thornton, Alisa Neely and Alanna Weins.”

INGREDIENTS 2 English cucumbers 6 ounces cherry tomatoes, halved ¼ cup thinly sliced red onion 2/3 cup crumbled feta cheese 2 tablespoons fresh parsley 1 tablespoon fresh dill 3 tablespoons olive oil 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar Salt, to taste INSTRUCTIONS 1. Slice the cucumbers in half length- wise and then chop into 1/2 in chunks. 2. Add to a large mixing bowl with the tomatoes, red onion, and feta. 3. Sprinkle with the parsley and dill and drizzle with olive oil and red wine vinegar. 4. Toss to coat the mixture in the dressing and then salt to taste. 5. Store tightly covered in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

The women in Compliance and Human Resources celebrating Brenda Joice’s birthday with cupcakes and fudgsicles.

For full article, click here.

Nikki O’Dell’s daughter, Kynlee, at the lake.

Bradie Richardson’s daughter, Maggie.

Richard Ates said, “My son Zachary Ates graduated with honors from Savannah School Of Art And Design with a BA in 3D character animation. I’m so proud of his accomplishment.”

Brooke Johnson submitted this sweet photo of Kyla and Karleigh.

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT / What’s going on outside of work

Tiffany Todd’s youngest, Trevor. He is 1.5 Years and enjoying the perks of summertime.

Jeremy Fields submitted a photo of his daughter, Madison, with her 92lb catch out at Keystone lake.

CONTACT INFORMATION Mailing Address P.O. Box 1900 Sapulpa, OK 74067 19007 W. Hwy. 33 Sapulpa, OK 74066 BCBSOK BCBSOK 800-672-2567 TrueNorth Driver Insurance 800-877-9637 ATBS/American Truck Business Services 888-640-4829 or www.atbs.com Driver Legal Driver’s Legal Plan 800-417-3552 JCT Wellness Jeff Ravenscroft 918-857-8600 Zurich OCC/ACC 866-280-4390 Reach out to JCT employees on Facebook, Twitter, phone, mail, or fax. Any input for next month’s newsletter is welcomed and appreciated. Please send to strk@johnchristner.com by Thursday, June 25th.