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A MESSAGE FROM JOHN CHRISTNER Welcome to Summer! The heat is definitely on across the country which of course means vigilance with reefer temps is vital! Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for issues so we can react quickly to maintain integrity. Tires are another heat hater. Maintaining proper inflation is your best defense against heat related failures so it’s very important to put a gauge on them each time you’re fueling. Communication across all of our departments has continuously improved and we have several initiatives in the works to raise the bar even further. Some of these will come in the form of survey’s and success is dependent upon your participation, so if you receive notice of a survey, please complete as soon as possible so we can continue to stay dialed in to our Competitive Advantage: Consistent, Responsive Relationship Management. Be well!


Tyler Preston, Fleet Manager Trina Rogers, Customer Service Representative


Ron Scott, Trailer Refrigeration Tech Kimberly Williams, Customer Service


CJ Westmoreland, Logistics Coordinator


Sean Ethridge, Tractor Mechanic


Scott Galbraith, Tractor Mechanic


Jared Endsley, Load Planner John Mallory, Director of Safety


William Jones, Customer Service Swap


Jimmie Ingram II, Safety and Log Management


Kenneth Crider, CS Night Operations Sherry Fisher, Driver Compliance Terrance Winston, Logistics Support

7/24 7/25

Jennifer Brake, Recruiter Derek Lowry, CS Night Operations Cheryl Romine, OS&D Clerk


Joseph Ribbens, Load Planner


Tiffany Todd, Driver Settlement Supervisor


Theresa Davis, Logistics Support Roy Neely, CS Night Operations James Smith, Building/Grounds Maintenance


Marty Means, 19 years


John Mallory, 12 years Roy Neely, 3 years


Derek Lowry, 1 year


Andrew Copeland, 2 years


James Schulz, 7 years


Gabriel Almanza, 22 years


Russell Watson, 16 years


Stephen Chapman, 1 year


James Grant, 27 years


William Beall, 9 years Zachary Norton, 1 year


Teresa Elam, 3 years Alanna Weins, 3 years


Kami Green, 6 years Christopher McClure, 1 year Janet McCoy, 10 years


David Wilson, 8 years


Trina Rogers, 10 years


Tonya Ladd, 2 years

W H A T E V E R I T TA K E S Laura Watkins nominates Sheila Bane for the July “Whatever It Takes” award Laura said, “Sheila Bane is tenacious about her work and does it in high heels! Sheila has been at JCT over 13 years and during that time she has seen a lot of changes within the trucking industry. Sheila is responsible for all the ICOA contracts, insurance, drivers legal and ATBS forms for our independent contracts as well as helping wherever needed. She also does the contracts for drivers who upgrade into the new trucks. Sheila does an outstanding job explaining all seventy-eight pages for each orientation class! I am honored to nominate the Whatever It Takes Award to Sheila Bane. She will be presented with a trophy, a “Whatever It Takes” designated parking space in front on the building and a $50 QuikTrip gas card. Sheila will also have the honor of naming next month’s WIT winner.”



Cassandra Turrell

Talon Haywood

Monte McManus

Kallie Pierce

Shanice Waddell

Tori Glass

Michael Carter


Tractor Mechanic

Customer Service Rep Logistics Support


Cheryl Owens said, “This year was our first annual Driver Appreciation pin design contest. We had several awesome entries. Katrina Stretch was our winner for 2019. Way to go Katrina! Start thinking about a design now for next year’s contest. Thank you again to all who participated.”

Tractor Mechanic

Customer Service Rep Logistics Support

FIRST FORT WORTH WOMEN’S KNOCK OUT GAME - Hilda, Connie, Jessi, Yolanda, and Yavgeni



Driver Natalie Williams has been driving with JCT for nearly four years. Her DM names her as one of his best drivers and her family calls her Mother Trucker. She has been enjoying summer with her grandson, Kristian (pictured). He aspires to be a famous artist. He drew this picture of a JCT truck while his grandma was driving down the Tehachapi earlier last week. Kristian turned 12 on June 26th.





Eric Brown, 7/2 Stephan Garcia, 7/2 Calvin Johnson, 7/2 Timothy Metcalf, 7/2 William Munden, 7/2 Jeremiah Canady, 7/5 Christopher Tucker, 7/9 Stanley Michel, 7/12 James Berry, 7/13 Tracy Callen, 7/16 Francisco Hinson-Cope, 7/17 Richard Gifford, 7/23 Michael Hansen, 7/30 Brian Sage, 7/30 Brian Zudell, 7/30

Paula Sarchet, 7/12 Edward Alcala, 7/26 Julius Branch, 7/26 Adam Young, 7/29




Jamaica Thomas, 7/3 Joshua Carner, 7/10 Walter Carner, 7/10 Ricky Walsh, 7/10 Arthur Smith Jr., 7/17 Kevin Rogers, 7/21 Steven Andersen, 7/24 Sara Sharp, 7/24 Michael Jackson, 7/31

Michael Dease, 7/10 Denise Dease, 7/10 James Price, 7/10 Tihonia Brooks, 7/31


4 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Michael Marchese, 7/7 Mary Sifuentes, 7/7 Michael Autrey, 7/14 Clifford Marts, 7/14 Natalie Williams, 7/21 Lemuel Browne, 7/23

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Ronald Reed II, 7/1 Anthony Edwards, 7/8

8 YEARS ANNIVERSARY Bernie Romero Jr., 7/27


07/05 07/06 07/07 07/08 07/09 07/10 07/11 07/12

07/13 07/14 07/15 07/16

Edward Glen Tilley Adam Young Marlon Young Andre Thomas Wayne Simonson Joe Cowan Randy Whitney Jr. Melvin Phillips John Keller Danny McGhee Linda Leibfarth Kurt Cerny James Tolley Albert Carpenter Michael Chase Scott Granberry Christian Nielsen Bryon Stewart Allen Musselman Frederick Belton John Jackson Jesse Loften Michael Cahoon Ramon Gutierrez Manny Casilla Michael Cusick Joshua Johnson Jason Kloos Ivy Kuklinski Casio Sessoms Dywane Bullock Michael Rodriguez Terrence Alderson Daniel Finney Joseph Schmaltz Shana Shatzer Daniel Lemon Darell Gamble Kimberly Little Derrick Butler James Pryor

07/18 07/19 07/20 07/21 07/22

07/23 07/24 07/25

07/26 07/27

07/28 07/29 07/30 07/31

Nathanial Smoot James Hogenkamp Christopher Presley Gordon Meredith Miller Johnson Jr. Marcus Howard John Zabrisky Steven Denman Jr. Matthew Cappiello Pam Freeman Charlie Watkins Jr. Lance Edwards Duane Lingley Brian Sage Fred Chapman Roderick Lundy Kevin Thomas Vernon Loften Kevin Miller John Michael Farber II Ali Latchman Jesus Rodriguez Tommy Fruge Loyd Heaton III David Williams Frank Bilbro Brian Zudell Kjrsten Ector Joseph Potts Jesse Chrisco Khalilah Ali Billy Laferney Nesly Cesar Sean White Randy Clark BJ Brown Jr. Kareem Johnson Shrandell Curry Gary Sarchet George Brown James Bergeron

As this year’s winner of Oklahoma Driver of the Year Award, Parke Whitney, is now an eligible applicant for 2019 American Trucking Association (ATA) National Driver of the Year. The applicant must prepare a short written statement on why he thinks he should be the ATA National Driver of the Year. They look for passion and dedication in someone who will take this honor to heart. Please read the letter he wrote. To whom it may concern, Why I believe I should be the ATA National Driver of the Year. For me this nomination and what it represents goes to all the drivers before me including all other nominees. I am not special just another driver that does whatever it takes to get the job done. All my success that I have had in my driving career all started with what I learned as a 19-year-old in the Marine Corp. You were given an assignment and you were expected to get it done. After Vietnam I had always dreamed of being a highway patrol. Until, one day early in my driving career, I came upon an accident on the highway. There was a highway patrol car and a wrecker driver already on the scene. A school bus had flipped over and landed upside down with a load of screaming kids trapped inside. The wrecker driver had lifted the bus about a foot off the ground and the highway patrol got down on his stomach and crawled through the broken glass and pulled out and handing us one scared and crying child at a time out of the wreckage. I knew then I would rather be the one driving the bus or wrecker and not the one pulling the kids out of the wreckage. I enjoy the time we spend with Career on Wheels program particularly our time with these kids. I really get a kick out of telling these young kids about the life and stories of an over-the-road driver. Myself and my wife Cindy were able to go to the Yantsyville Elementary School and meet with first graders up to sixth grade classes and tell them about trucking. I really enjoyed answering all their questions and letting them see and crawl around the inside of my truck. I am thankful for the opportunity that my Carrier, John Christner Trucking provided to me. I signed up for the Train the Trainer program and was able to train my wife Cindy on getting her CDL and her driving experience. It is a blessing to have Cindy on the truck with me. She has helped me out a great deal with my future driving career. Because of Cindy we are now recognized as one of the top five teams at JCT. Trucking is my life. During my 48 years of driving a truck, I have gotten to see a lot of things and meet all kinds of people and I wouldn’t change those experiences and the people who have crossed my path for nothing. I love being on the road and driving a truck. I will do it until the day I die. Very Truly Yours, Parke Whitney


GENTLE YOGA WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS, 11:00a Gentle yoga classes are for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well-supported and relaxing practice. The approach includes carefully orchestrated movements, controlled pressure, and well-measured stretches, including range of motion exercises. Postures may be approached in gradual steps, with plenty of time to focus on breathing and repetition so that the practice is simple to do and easy to remember. A gentle yoga style encourages a highly individualized approach to practice with on-going encouragement to make moment-to-moment adjustments.

HOT YOGA WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS, 12:20p Hot classes are generally designed to be challenging but can be accommodating to all levels. Sheridan creates opportunities for personalization by giving students options to intensify or back off regularly throughout classes. Students are encouraged to rest and drink water when needed. Everything in yoga is optional and you are encouraged to make the practice your own.

POWER SCULPT YOGA MONDAYS, 12:00p Power sculpt combines cardio and weights to help you gain and sculpt muscle while burning up to 500 calories a class.

CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s officers PRESIDENT Lucy Hobbs VP OF EDUCATION Charli Brown VP OF PUBLIC RELATIONS Katrina Stretch VP OF MEMBERSHIP Nick Vandivort SECRETARY Molly Maddox TREASURER Andrea Woodruff WHAT IS TOASTMASTERS? Toastmasters (TM) International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership. Since 1924, TM’s has helped millions of men and women become more confident when communicating. John Christner Trucking sponsors this club and pays for you to participate in this club. For more info call or email Lucy Hobbs: ext. 4104 hobl@johnchristner.com


1 pint blueberries 2 pints cherry tomatoes fresh basil balsamic vinegar olive oil salt and pepper firm buffalo mozzarella cheese Instructions:

1. Wash blueberries and cherry tomatoes and drain well in a colander. Half cherry tomatoes and toss in a serving bowl with blueberries, set aside. 2. Slice mozzarella cheese into ¼ or ½” slices and then cut into small stars with a cookie cutter. 3. Top the tomatoes and blueberries with the star cheese. 4. Tear fresh basil over-top and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic. 5. Season with salt and pepper and serve immediately.

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J OICE FAMILY Brenda Joice’s younger daughter, Brooklyn, graduated from Kellyville High School in May. Brooklyn will be leaving August 6th for basic training for The National Guard in South Carolina. In January, she will be joining her big sister, Tempest, at OSU. GO POKES! At her graduation, Brooklyn got to give a rose to someone that helped her, encouraged her, and had her back; She chose her big sister, Tempest. At the bottom is the whole Joice Family: Brenda, Brooklyn, Jason, and Tempest Joice.

BE A U T IF U L BRI D E Sheila Dorris’s daughter, Jamey Wakefield, and new her husband, Gabriel.


Sheila Bane’s daughter, Alexis, graduated from OSU in May.

SAME BIRTHDAY S Charli Brown said, “We celebrated my Grandpa’s 96th birthday; he had a blast. Master Sargent Carl E. Owens was born on June 14,1923 on a farm in north east Oklahoma City. He is a WWII Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient, and retired from civil service in the Air Force. He has been retired longer than he worked. He still drives his golf cart around town in Panacea, FL. He and grandma were married for 70 years until she passed in 2012. Grandpa has 3 sons, 11 grandkids, 19 great grandkids, and 18 great-great grandkids. His youngest great-great grandchild is named after him: Karlee Lunsford. She was born on his birthday last year.

5 3 6 H O ME R UN RUN Boone McGuire and Ty Yocham attending the Mickey Mantle Drillers Night, received “536” Homerun Ring.

C O NTACT I N FORMAT I ON Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1900 Sapulpa, OK 74067 19007 W. Hwy. 33 Sapulpa, OK 74066 BCBSOK BCBSOK 800-672-2567 TrueNorth Driver Insurance 800-877-9637 ATBS/American Truck Business Services 888-640-4829 or www.atbs.com Driver Legal Driver’s Legal Plan 800-417-3552 JCT Wellness Jeff Ravenscroft 918-857-8600 Zurich OCC/ACC 866-280-4390 Reach out to JCT employees on Facebook, Twitter, phone, mail, or fax. Any input for next month’s newsletter is welcomed and appreciated. Please send to strk@johnchristner.com by Friday, July 26th.