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A MESSAGE FROM A MESSAGE FROM JOHN CHRISTNER JOHN CHRISTNER The country is now certainly aware, like we’ve always known, that the business of transporting food is essential and while that continues to be the case, our activity is far from normal. Restaurant volumes have disintegrated to a fraction of their historical levels and may not return for months. All major shippers have curtailed formal bid activities and are scrambling to right-size their networks to a new level of sustainability, while also dealing with workforce issues. Further restrictions on movement and infection prevention pose new challenges daily on the driver population, and while they have been extremely resilient and noble in multiple ways, they too are feeling the effects of COVID-19 on themselves and their families. We’re continuing to bring in new drivers for orientation but that activity is reduced as well and could face potential restrictions in the future. These are some of the known challenges we are currently facing, not to mention the unknown and incalculable risks and disruptions to all businesses that will emerge during these challenging times. As for you and your role in the ongoing activity at JCT, I want to address the following: Protecting you from exposure to COVID-19 continues to be paramount to our mission, and while we know there are some increased risks associated with being on the front lines of an essential industry like ours, we are taking additional steps to safeguard you and our workplace. We have implemented mandatory driver temperature checks at the Sapulpa

terminal and will be restricting access accordingly. This goes against our historically open-door policies that drivers hold in such high regard, but at this time we feel it is the next right step. We look forward to a time in the future when we can all reengage in normal settings. As additional thermometers become available we will move to temp checks for all people entering the building. We will also be conducting disinfecting activities at our Sapulpa facilities with an electro-static application of hospital grade germicides that binds to all surfaces and kills the Corona virus on contact. The substances are food-grade safe, dry in 5 minutes, leave no residue and will be applied weekly during reduced occupancy times in the building. Continue to report and monitor any symptoms that appear to be COVID related to your supervisors and our HR department. We will assess the situation and heed the recommendations of medical providers and CDC for guidance towards remote placements and/or self-quarantines where feasible, with a voice of reason applied to more complicated situations. Lastly, no one could have anticipated the impact this pandemic is having on the world’s health, livelihood and provision and while no job is worth losing your life for, the decision to serve the greater good and the future of our society is worth taking calculated risks. My hope is that you feel the relevance of your existence and actions during this time and rise up to the challenge that is before us. Be well!


Chris Smith / Trailer Tech

Lorissa Hale / Rating and Billing

Hollie Taylor / Driver Manager

Tracy Stubblefield / Rating and Billing


FEBRUARY DM OF THE MONTH Tyler Preston wrote, “I would like to Congratulate Tom Cowan as DM of the Month for February! Since we brought back the DM of the Month Award about 5 months ago, this is the first time we’ve had a repeat winner. This shows that Tom has consistent top performance and is a solid leader for his fleet. This award is based on getting drivers home on time, service failures, terms, drivers changing DM’s, and unexcused absences. As an honorable mention, Jen was right on Tom’s heels for the winning spot. Will be curious to see how next month turns out as we have some close competition going on! Congrats Tom!!! Your hard work and dedication is definitely appreciated!”

WHATEVER IT TAKES KIM WILLIAMS NOMINATED AMYE ALVAREZ FOR THE APRIL WHATEVER IT TAKES AWARD Kim said, “Amye is a very pleasant person to be around; always calm, cool, and collected in whatever she does. She goes above and beyond to get the job done and is willing to learn new things. She consistently has a great attitude towards those she works with.” Amye was presented with a trophy, a “Whatever It Takes” designated parking space in front of the building, and a $50 QuikTrip gas card. Amye will also have the honor of naming next month’s WIT winner.

Awards and Achievements / OUR EMPLOYEES

UNDER COVER HERO BY REYNALDO SOTO “ I want to recognize a very special driver, a true under cover hero. His name is Michael Suer. Last year around Thanksgiving, I made (in this business) the biggest mistake of my life; with a overweight load I pass an Arizona scale. I was very worry about my family, Thanksgiving and the holidays, my career, JCT, and the customer. All kinds of crazy thoughts came to my mind. I called the planner and he said “let me see what I can do”. He called me back and said a driver would have to turn around and he’s about 100 miles away. A lot of drivers have thoughts like: This is not my problem, this is not my freight, this is not my customer, this is not my company, DOT at the Arizona scale, he is 100 miles back, it’s Thanksgiving and I’m going home, etc. But Michael did the amazing undercover Hero help, he returned and help me transfer 2 pallets by hand (4,000 pounds of produce) to his trailer, and scale at the Arizona port of entry so they can release us. Then we met at the customer in Florida to transfer back to my trailer my product so I could complete my delivery.

Conclusion: We delivered safe and on time, the shipper was happy, the customer was happy, the carrier was happy, and we all had a great holiday. Let me offer another scenario: Nobody helps, with a “not my problem” attitude. That produce might never make to destination, maybe late, maybe damage product, a lot of maybes! JCT could have lost that customer. Lost customer = less freight=less miles=less money. I also want to thank the California planners! At the end to me; Michael Suer is my 2019 JCT Undercover Hero.” Reynaldo Soto. J.C.T. O.T.D.((No-Excuses))

This is what we need to learn as a Professionals: (Always SCALE YOUR LOAD) This is my problem, This is my Freight, These are my customers, JCT is not just simply a company, This is my company.

OUR DRIVERS / Recognition from One Driver to Another & Stories from the Road

DAVID BOZARD “Got passed by a couple in a pickup on I 70 west bound in MO. The lady held her hands up and made a heart shape as they passed me then slowed down so I would have to pass them and the man driving rolled down his window and gave me the peace sign made me smile.”

DEEDE ERVIN BOYD “At Sparks, NV at WDC, the ladies made goodie bags for all the drivers that came through on Saturday. The bag had an apple, orange, water, protein bar, and lunchable. I thought that was sweet.”

BRYON STEWART “Going across I-8 and I-10, seeing people on over passes waving and smiling makes me go back to a day when people saw our value. It’s a good motivator to keep me going, even when I don’t want to.”

DI’ANNA RAMSEY “While doing my laundry yesterday I had a lady thank me for doing my job during all this, she prayed for me and then asked if she could take my picture while in my truck! So nice to be appreciated for what I love doing!”

MARY DRENNEN “I see a lot more folks stopping to check on truck drivers that are broke down. Four wheelers & big trucks stopping! I’m seeing a lot more kindness. I know folks are stretched thin lately. But they are also a lot kinder. We will get through this. One day at a time & with lots of prayer. Y’all stay safe & stay healthy.”

JIM FREIGHT “Pulling into the Iowa scales and being greeted with a box of goodies.”

ROBERT L. HODGES “A lot more patience from folks and courteous behavior in lines, especially with older folks and waiting on them.” Photo created by Reynaldo Soto

DAN BAILEY “Yesterday I had a couple drive past me in Phoenix and the chick did the “honk that horn chug-a-lug”. So I did, because you just can’t deny people of that. It’s just wrong.”

STORIES OF HOPE DRIVERS WERE ASKED TO SHARE WHAT THEY’VE EXPERIENCED ON THE ROAD SINCE THE START OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC VERNON D. JONES “Had a Challenger with Oklahoma plates cruise by with “Thank You Truckers” written on the rear window.” JESSE WYATT “Just the kindness people are showing. We will get through this. United we stand.”

CRYSTAL BAKER “One waitress at the Pilot in Kingman, AZ was amazing. Such a positive and uplifting attitude and didn’t treat everyone like they were infected. A lot of drivers coming out of California hadn’t had a hot meal in days and she was on top of it and seemed so happy to be there helping us all out.”

JASON BRAY “Sunday, mid morning coming down i17, out of Flag, near Cordes Lakes area. As I passed saw a little car on frontage road with huge pink sign saying THANK YOU TRUCKERS. It was a family just standing out there waving. Kinda hit this fat boy right in the ticker, something so minor, but just the fact that a family took their Sunday to say thanks meant a lot.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRIVERS 4/1 4/2 4/3 4/4 4/5 4/6 4/7 4/9 4/10 4/11 4/12 4/13 4/14

Francis Sill Juan Orozco Nathan W Shannon Wayne L Beberness Nicholas Teague David L Degroff Lance J Jones Kristin J Dooley Johnny W Boyd Ryan M Spence Walter “Dave” Long James Thurlo Rocquelle J Heath Henry G Stoops Brian K Raines Matthew G Bailey Francisco E Cardona Bertram C Smith Frank Pimentel Vikki Barnhill Kelvin L Kelly Miranda S Martin Michael J Rogers Deborah Anderson Kathy Marie Diaz Don G Schirr Joel “Lance” Holbrook Tamara Smith Sean W Carwile Darrell Welch Anthony Ray Dorsey Lanetta Terry Nathan Lawson


4/15 4/16 4/17 4/18 4/19 4/20 4/21 4/22 4/23 4/25 4/26 4/27 4/28 4/29

Michael W Kern Cody D Cameron Danielle Twigg Lyle Gordon Yvette Thomas Justin Cromartie James Cunningham Donny Dobson Minsu Kim Walter Behringer Steven Harlow Justin Ness John Watkins Keith Sally Joshua May Andra Mcclain Tony Thacker Germard Codio Danny Bailey Alan Roach Chick Beesley James Simon II Ronald Thomas Parke Whitney Regina Canady Marcus Pickett Kirstyn Goodknight Damon Felly David Morrison Melvin Cowart Matthew Frank Eric Brown Christopher Tucker Michael Ball Charles Gordon


Wendell Dickey Phillip Vargo Dumonica Heath Sarah Birdwell Lohr Kevin Rogers Antwon Smith William Salathe

EMPLOYEES 4/1 4/2 4/5 4/6 4/9 4/14 4/15 4/16 4/19 4/20 4/21 4/23 4/24 4/26 4/27 4/28

Brandon Boudreaux Gunnar Crider Ginny Bell Juan Orozco Jamie Gleason Talon Haywood Glen Zornes Lisa Stiles Tracy Bradley Anthony Dorsey Brian Ford Matthew Young Siobhan Logan Christie Marlin Keith Sally Elisha Thornton Shannon Crowley Robert Crittenden Melody Lee Nicholas Saleh Kirstyn Goodknight Scott Conrad Patty Fender

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DRIVERS 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Charles Hockenberry, 4/1 Lavan Bautista, 4/3 James Bergeron, 4/5 James Cunningham, 4/8 Danny Bailey, 4/15 Joel Peacock, 4/15 Johnny Mudd, 4/18 Fred Chapman, 4/22 Willie Lonie, 4/29

2 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Shane Tidwell, 4/5 Trenna Justice, 4/6 Jerry Williams, 4/11 Raymond Miller, 4/18



Lenard Dockter, 4/7 William Fontes, 4/16 Frank Pimentel, 4/17 Jennifer Jellins, 4/21

Tyler Lay, 4/27

6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Vernon Walters, 4/25

Donny Morgan, 4/7



Michael Suer Jr., 4/18

Trish Boone, 4/5



Johnny Ford, 4/18

10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Bill Wrenn Jr., 4/22

Charles Demasi, 4/12

John Vanaken, 4/23

18 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Terry Chaney, 4/2



Dennis Didget, 4/11


Fred Cline, 4/11

Frederick Mendoza, 4/19 Siobhan Logan, 4/22 Cole Farrar, 4/26 Xadier Weeks, 4/5

Jim Samolis, 4/25

Brooke Johnson, 4/6


Christopher Pernell, 4/23

Shrandell Curry, 4/25


Lyle Finney, 4/17


Jemal Turner, 4/7

Christopher Pena, 4/4


Phillip Barthel, 4/23

Rose Rojo, 4/4


Tonya O’dell, 4/14

13 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Terra Smith, 4/30

17 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Betty Smoot, 4/18 Charles Demasi, 4/11

18 YEAR ANNIVERSARIES Laura Watkins, 4/16 David Ingram, 4/29

13 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Jim Gomez Jr., 4/1

Anniversaries / DATES TO REMEMBER

TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER Thursday, March 26th, Danny Christner and Marty Means got out of the office and drove a truck and trailer to Northwest Arkansas to pick-up a load of frozen chicken destined for Northern California. They also wanted to show support for the men and women putting out the food to feed our country. They had Rib Crib NWA feed (200) people at the Tyson Rogers DC and the Tyson Springdale Fleet Center, which were both staffed with hard-working, dedicated associates. “By taking care of each other and boosting morale we help ensure we have the staying power to win the fight against COVID-19, and the fear and panic that comes with all this uncertainty.� Danny Christner

IN THE COMMUNITY / Danny picks up a load and feeds Tyson

MEALS ON 18 WHEELS “We are all very fortunate to work for a company that cares deeply about our employees and our families, so we felt the need to give back to the less fortunate in our local community. We selected Meals On Wheels because it affords everybody who wanted to take advantage of giving back to the community the opportunity to do it, while not impacting our normal business operations. Plus, we got some really cool shirts designed by Eloy and we get to represent the JCT brand!� C.J Westmoreland

Fort Worth participates in Meals on Wheels / IN THE COMMUNITY

Immune Boosting Smoothie


INGREDIENTS 1/2 orange 1/2 cup frozen pineapple 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice 1 banana (can use a frozen banana) 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk 1 piece orange peel (about 1/4 inch piece) 1 piece fresh ginger (about 1/4 inch piece) 1/8 teaspoon ground turmeric pinch ground black pepper (optional) 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon For full article, click here.

Alanna Weins is doubling down on safety by wearing a mask while working at her home office.

RIDE TO BAMA Thursday, April 2, Danny dropped off an empty trailer at Bama and picked up a load of frozen pizza dough that’s headed to Riverside, California.


March 20, 2020

March 27, 2020

Whether the office is at home, in a truck, or at the Sapulpa yard / AROUND THE OFFICE


“Monday was super hero day in honor of all of the hospital workers, first responders, grocery employees, truckers and other essential personnel.” CU

“Tuesday was school colors day! Go Glenpool Warriors! We had our blue, gray and white going to show we love our school and miss our teachers!” CU

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT / How Christina Uhlman made home-school quarantine fun

“Wednesday was Team our sports team jers favorite teams that ar now.


m Jersey Day. We wore seys in honor of our re unable to play right .” CU

“Thursday was Glamour it Up and Ink it Up Day. To honor our hair stylists, nail stylists and tattoo artists that currently find themselves or of work. Mom inked up the girls, painted nails and we attempted to do the colored hair chalk.” CU

“Friday was pajama day! Because what better way is there to adjust to all this craziness on a Friday than homeschooling in our pajamas?” CU

CONTACT INFORMATION Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1900 Sapulpa, OK 74067 19007 W. Hwy. 33 Sapulpa, OK 74066 BCBSOK BCBSOK 800-672-2567 TrueNorth Driver Insurance 800-877-9637 ATBS/American Truck Business Services 888-640-4829 or Driver Legal Driver’s Legal Plan 800-417-3552 JCT Wellness Jeff Ravenscroft 918-857-8600 Zurich OCC/ACC 866-280-4390 Reach out to JCT employees on Facebook, Twitter, phone, mail, or fax. Any input for next month’s newsletter is welcomed and appreciated. Please send to by Monday, April 27th.


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April 2020 Newsletter  

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