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Alice Wonderland Inspired By

A catalog of Alice in Wonderland books designed by students of Southern Utah University.

Photography by Eric Poole Designed by John Christian Perkins

Special Thanks to Eric Poole and Jay Merryweather

The Carter-Carillon Clock Tower at Southern Utah University Cedar City, Utah

Introduction The beautiful, breath-taking outdoors of Southern Utah are like no other place in the world. Here people come to hike, bike, camp, photograph, rock climb, and sight see. For the art students at Southern Utah University it is also a place to be inspired. Unlike the tourist from all over the world that soak in the landscape on brief visits, SUU students have the privilege to live and work here. After creating their own versions of Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, these students have compiled their books into this catalog to showcase their talents, the beauty of these majestic landscapes and the inspiration of the outdoors. Books can be ordered at anytime online from Simply search the designers name or type the link listed next to each book into your address bar.

Inspired By Wonderland

Katie Poloni Pages 4-7

Ari Lamb Pages 8-11

Christina Longhurst Page 12-15

Jay Merryweather Page 16-17

Jade Gelskey Page 18-21

Danelle Cheney Page 22-25 2

Kindal Erikson Page 26-29

Christian Perkins Page 30-33

Cami Tubbs Page 34-37

Kim Shelby Page 38-41

Tyce Jones Page 42-45

Tenia Wallace Page 46-49

J.J. Embleton Page 50-53

Kaitlin Schafer Page 54-57



“SUU is located in the heart of many amazing outdoor settings that you will not find anywhere else. People travel from around the world to see Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and many others places in Southern Utah because of this. Since this beautiful landscape is in my backyard, I’ve been so blessed to be able to enjoy and be inspired by it’s beauty. I’ve used these surroundings to be inspired about my designs and have been able to take beautiful photographs of the landscape to incorporate in my designs.” —Katie Poloni


Designed by Katie Poloni $74.95 To purchase this book go online to



“Southern Utah is unlike any geographical region. There is such an abundance of color, depth, and texture that inspiration is hard to avoid. I love the opportunities we have to walk outside and see such grand illustrations of nature’s beauty, and to take those feelings of being absolutely content and duplicating them in our work. The landscape here gives me the courage to design as big as I can dream, and find the small details in the wonderland all around us.” —Ari Lamb




Designed by Ari Lamb $66.95 Buy this book online now at


“ I have continually been inspired as an artist & designer by the diversity of outdoor experiences Southern Utah has to offer. This area is comparable to a wonderland because I can feel like the smallest person in the depth of the canyons & then feel like I’m on top of the world as I hike to the peaks of surrounding mountains.” —Christina Longhurst



Designed by Christina Longhurst $72.95 Buy this book online now at



Designed by Jay Merryweather $74.95 Purchase this book online by typing the following in your address bar: bookstore/detail/1723433


“Alice spent her time in wonderland wandering in divers places and conditions, each bringing new opportunities and challenges. In time her perspective changed and grew. As we give our time and commune with our own outdoor space here in Southern Utah we can equally become divers individuals in a panorama of changing landscapes. Our land becomes a wonderland.” —Jay Merryweather



“SUU is a wonderfully short distance from the great outdoors. Nothing beats it! I am from a small town and have always spent time in the hills hiking, skiing, hunting and fishing so attending college in a place that offers the same thing is like a small slice of home. This has been great for me as a design student because when ever I am struggling with design work I have beautiful southern Utah out my back door. I can take a short amount of time out of my day to go clear my mind and come back to my work refreshed. ” —Jade Gelskey



Designed by Jade Gelskey $64.95 Purchase this book online by typing the following in your address bar: bookstore/detail/1717438



“The southwest has been a source of constant inspiration in my art and design. Much of my work relates to the majesty of this landscape and references the deep connection that I have always felt to this place. It is so easy to fall in love with the majestic red sandstone, the sweeping hills, and the rich blue sky. Many other places are beautiful but southern Utah is truly majestic.” —Danelle Cheney


Designed by Danelle Cheney $82.95 Buy this book online now at



“I was walking through the mud and being distracted by all the spiky thorny bushes slipped and fell down flat! After the embarrassment I looked up at the new world around me. Blue sky with harsh dark clouds, surrounded in red rock were directly above me. I felt just like Alice in a new wonderland, a Southern Utah wonderland, whether you are on the ground looking up or just looking, we have such a wonderland around us.” —Kindal Erikson



Designed by Kindal vz $74.95 Visit the following link to buy this book online:




“Locals lovingly call this area ‘God’s Country,’ and after spending a few years here as SUU I understand why. This country is beautiful! What a great place to call home while I receive an education. To live and work here amongst the red hills and scenic canyons is truly a blessing.” —John Christian Perkins


Designed by John Christian Perkins $64.95 Visit the following link to buy this book online:



“The location of SUU is one of the many reasons I decided to come here. There is not many places where you can live, and go to school and be within 3 hours of so many natural wonders. People come from all over the world to visit this area and we have it in our backyards. The landscape here is literally a wonderland, when looking out over the scenery you can not help but be filled with questions. What happened here to form this, why do the rock colors change, or how do the trees grow like that?” —Cami Tubbs




Designed by Camela Tubbs $74.95 To purchase this book visit: detail/1717524



“There’s something about southern Utah unlike anywhere in the world. Colors are more vibrant. Unique diversity comes with every step. There is a magic here that makes it feel undiscovered and the landscape is unreal. This... is a wonderland.” —Kim Shelby


Designed by Kim Shelby $51.95 Buy this book online now at



“Southern Utah is one of the few places where you can hike through a red rock canyon and then trek through snow in the same day. It is the perfect place to be if you enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. I have never really been anywhere else like it.” —Tyce Jones



Designed by Tyce Jones $64.95 Buy this book online now at




“Southern Utah has influenced me as a designer in the aspect there is so much diversity right in my back doors. When I am struggling to find inspiration I think of the objectives then I go for a walk. Different things always pop out to me, if I am needing help with a color pallet different color combinations will come together, like the red rock contrasting with the rugged black trees. Or if I am struggling with composition different elements of nature will help direct me. I think that designers that integrate them with their surroundings are open to so much more, and their work over all with have a cohesive feel.� —Tenia Wallace


Designed by Tenia Wallace $82.95 Buy this book online now at bookstore/detail/1604809



“When going out into the amazing landscape of Southern Utah, the distance and alone time creates such a clarity that many times I feel that I am no longer in a specific place. Many times I feel like I am in a fictional place like Alice’s Wonderland and then I realize that I am truly in a unique land of wonder and beauty.” —J.J. Embleton




Designed by JJ Embleton $72.95 Buy this book online now at bookstore/detail/1608675


“Coming down to Southern Utah University was like coming down into a different environment. I live in Kaysville and it is very pretty but it doesn’t have the proximity to National Parks. Being down in Southern Utah allows me see the world around me in a new way, and get new inspirations for all the projects that come my way” —Kaitlin Schafer




Designed by Kaitlin Schafer $52.95 Buy this book online now at bookstore/detail/1717486 57

Ordering Information

Katie Poloni


Ari Lamb


Christina Longhurst $72.95

Jay Merryweather $74.95

Jade Gelskey $64.95

Danelle Cheney $82.95

Kindal Erikson $74.95


Christian Perkins


Cami Tubbs


Kim Shelby


Tyce Jones


Tenia Wallace


J.J. Embleton $72.95

Kaitlin Schafer



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Alice Inspired By Wonderland  

A Catalog of Alice in Wonderland Books designed by students of Southern Utah University

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