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ROY AE Iconclast is the well-embraced contemporary sympton, as once someone remarks, if you cannot surpass or live up to your idol, why don't you just tear it apart and smear it off for good? that's exactly what happens to the bond franchise in the year of 2005 with the arrival of daniel craig in the bond compaign. "casino royale" is an excellent action movie made for the audience who don't enjoy watching bond movies, a bond product sold by being anti-bond since its leading man doesn't give a damn to his martini shaken or stirred, and he doesn't care to wear a tie in the poster, either. (in poster of "quantum of solace", craig even carries an enormous machine gun instead of the classy pistol in the usual bondish fad. it's like saying, i know i'm brutish, not dashing, far from refined, SO WHAT?) the success of the bond franchise relies mainly upon its correspondence with mass ideology as well as dominant force among classes. basically the bond magnitude sprouts from the narcissism of white-collar bourgeoir males, so it's been an undisputed fact that bond is the ultimate phallic icon, a fantasized

standard of ideal chauvinistic lifestyle, an unabashed celebration of materialism. BUT "casino royale" overthrows every principle of bond formuli, and its abandon of gentility is apparently the outrageous decree of the proletarian, hypothetically it might reflect the descending of the middle class prestige since the concept of classes has become thiner and thiner, the world tends to grow upon the M diagram (the poor gets poorer, the rich gets richer), so the necessity of shaping bond into an attainable oridinary niche grows urgent since gradually the potential market of audience who appreciates classic bondishness is shrinking, so why not make more money by attracting the rest anti-bond audience into theater? (that might include women.) besides, the looming voice of feminism sorta forbids bond from any frivolous lovemaking without punishment since this bond is NOT rewarded with a ravishing beauty this time in the end.



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Super Determined Work Motor Paul 2.1 Makes use of a new Endurance system. This system means that Paul 2.1 is more determined and has more patience than other models. 1. Captains Armband 2. H.E.A.R.T Power Generator 3. Internal Patience Timer 4. Long-Life Power Distributor Fig 0.5

Fashion Viewed through blinds From a list of many I chose ‘viewed through blinds’ for an A level project. The project was based on a dark and seductive desire for the opposite sex. I took on the phrase literally and hung a gold blind to a studio frame. I chose low lighting to highlight only what I wanted to be seen and to emphasize the literal connotation of the project. FCUK This image was designed to advertise fcuk to French connections younger market. I was to create a sexy and stylish yet fun image to illustrate this.

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