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Plastic Surgery - More and More Men Are Opting For This Submitted By: HallandWrye


Usually, people relate plastic surgery to Botox and breast implants. However, plastic surgery has become a more complex concept nowadays and includes many other <a href="">procedures</a> apart from the two mentioned above. In fact, the plastic surgery field attracts not only women in seek of the everlasting youth, but also men.


It might seem surprising, but more and more men and considering plastic surgery as well, and a survey from 1998 has highlighted that as much as 9.1% of all the plastic surgeries are undergone by men. And things do not stop here, because by 2005, their number has elevated with 20%, which means that approximately 2 million men suffered a surgical procedure during that year.


You are probably asking yourself how is it possible for men to be so dotty about plastic surgery, particularly since it features really high prices. Turn on your TV and you will immediately understand what is happening.


Nowadays, both men and women are surrounded only by fit, healthy and beautiful bodies that look amazing. Similarly, just by going to a fancier restaurant for lunch, you will be surrounded by people with perfect figures, who look like they spend their entire day struggling to look that good. Of course, being slim appears to be chic nowadays, and for this reason, all individuals wish to look stunning, and to be fit.


Furthermore, men are more open in relation to the surgeries that they have undergone, in contrast to women, and they will immediate admit having turned to a doctor to look better.Also, older men usually want to date younger women, thus they have to contend with younger counterparts, and for this they must look as good as possible.


Recent studies have revealed that menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life expectancy has increased in the latest period, a sign that they have begun to pay more attention to their health than they used to. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why more and more men feel the need to look younger and stronger whenever they go to work. Besides, when it comes to men, the most widespread plastic surgeries are wrinkle removals, as well as liposuctions, but note that hair transplants are also very common procedures.


Similarly, since these procedures have gained popularity, their prices have faced a certain reduction, and now they are more budget-friendly. Besides, doctors have started to specialize in this field, so now there are a large number of possibilities from which you can choose. However, you should not believe that plastic surgery costs barely anything, as this is not true, and the more complex is the procedure, the higher will be the price.

For instance, the price of a liposuction, which is a common procedure after all, can cost up to $6000, while a professional facelift might make you pay exorbitant amounts of money, up to $15000. Even though prices are more reasonable now, they continue to be high, and only several individuals have enough money to undergo such procedures.

Still, certain men are willing to do whatever they can in order to maintain their looks, and they are not ashamed to confess that only the knife can help them with this issue. Maybe this is one of the areas where both of the sexes are heading towards on the same level, and differences are no longer made.

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