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Next Lodge Meeting! Tuesday, April 27 • Martinsburg, W.Va.. • Dinner 6:00pm, Meeting 7:00pm

A Real Italian! Remember the scene from Godfather II where young Vito Corleone is working at the grocery store, and you get the sense of how Italian/ Americans first lived in New York City? Imagine then the same scene, except the stretch of road is Morris Avenue from East 135th street all the way down to East 153rd street. It was just around the corner on 5th Avenue that OSIA member Nick Sirico and his family lived, and if one could get just a glimpse, one would instantly identify it with those romantic scenes of early Italian life. All up and down Morris Avenue were mom and pop stores of every kind. From grocery, fruit and maceleria (butchers), to shoemakers and craftsmen of all wouldn’t take long to see how a neighborhood like this could be a safe and healthy environment for any child...unlike the cities of today. Frank Sirico, Nick’s father. All of this tight knit community living wasn’t foreign to the Siricos. The same security felt in NYC was also enjoyed in their home town of Salerno, Italy, along the stretch of the Tyrrhenian Sea known for it’s more popular but smaller neighbor, Positano. But NYC is where Nick’s father Frank settled after working for 5 years in the coal mine’s of Pennsylvania. Frank and his brothers, Tom and Dominic came to work for the NY Central Railroad. Frank worked in the caboose as a cook, preparing meals on a mobile basis for the other rail workers, who filed in the back and out the side with their daily hot meals. In 1950 Nick’s godfather started Orzo Trucking company, and the eager 12 year-old went to work for him. Nick’s first job was to drive the 1938 chain-driven flatbed truck from the railroad cars bringing in fresh watermelons, to the warehouse not far away. The shear weight of 500 watermelons, and the age and type of truck ensured Nick would not be tempted to speed along, as the truck would only do 5 mph. Nick quickly learned the benefits of long hard work and took on other jobs to fill in his time. Shining shoes plus the truck driving earned him over 5 bucks a week.

Louis Sirico (Nick’s son), Susan and Nick.

By John Cangemi

Salerno, Italy...who wouldn’t want to claim this beautiful seaside paradise as their home town?

Nick’s uncle Tom eventually started his own “Tom’s Trucking” to which Frank, Dominic, and Nick went to work. Nick and his siblings, brother Frank and sisters Theresa, Dolores and Francis Ann all looked forward to the annual Parade of San Giuseppe, held every April/May between 149–156 streets, which were closed off to traffic. His best friend growing up was Jerry Vitello, and together the two would walk the few blocks during spring training down to Yankee stadium. It was there that the two learned that by waiting by a certain entrance would sometimes reward them with an appearance by Babe Ruth, who would most certainly take them in, buy them a hot dog and soda and let them sit in the dugout during practice sessions. Nick learned how to cook from his parents and his aunt Julia. While never actually interfering with the hustle and bustle in the sweltering Italian kitchen, Nick simply stood in the background and watched... absorbing every last detail, committing to memory all the ingredients and cooking techniques which made him the fine chef he is today. I hope everyone at the Spring Fling got to taste his incredible sausage and peppers. To me they were tender and tasty. Nick is also famous for his meatballs, featured in this issue as our recipe of The church where Nick received his first communion and confirmation, Our the month. Joan Lady of Pity Catholic Church. and I made them two weeks ago, and if you savor the old world taste of true Italian

Andiamo a Riccione/Rimini! By John Cangemi

Start working out now to get that bocce tossing arm in shape. Have your wife start looking now for those really big round sunglasses. And start watching Felini movies on the weekends to refamiliarize yourself for that really hip, stillrocking 60s style Italian beachside experience! Can you picture it? That’s what Riccione and it’s more Felini-esc neighbor of Rimini have in common with modern Europe and Americans. It all started in 1991 when we were waiting at Frederick Memorial Hospital’s maternity ward for our first grandson Dominic to be born. I

struck up a conversation with another expectant grandfather. He told me about how he and some friends went metal-detecting in Rimini and his friend found enough gold to open a British pub in Italy. How it that possible? Europeans wear 18k gold, and much of that booty is swirling around the sandy shores of Rimini and Riccione, I was told. Off we went, metal detec-

tor in tow. Well we didn’t strike it rich, but we did in terms of seaside fun. These two towns are really the northern most warm water resorts which attract most Europeans. And they pour a lot of alcohol there, and it ‘s party, party, party! As for our aging bodies and light drinking, we opted for the more laid-back approach. Hotel Michelangelo is the BEST for friendly, clean, modern accommodations, and Cincia, the hotel guest services manager is a great friend and very helpful. The food is incredible and they treated us like family. They have a really nice promenade that goes on forever, with shops and pizza places. It’s easy to relax here. Joan and I decided to walk up this tall minimountain outside Rimini, and found ourselves at the top of another Italian region, looking way down at our seaside hotel. What a view!

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meatballs, try this recipe! Nick went into service for our country in 1961 after serving in the National Guard. As a marine, Nick was trained as a gunner, and eventually wound up doing 12 months in Viet Nam, hanging out of a helicopter, protecting our troops, and America’s freedom. For that, this author is deeply grateful... thank you Nick. After the marines, Nick moved to the The Sirico family (L to R), Sisters Franny, Dolores, Terry; Nick, Nick’s mother D.C. area where he met and married his Jean, and brother Frank, Jr. wife Susan. They have one son, Louis Anthony, born August 6, 1961. Louis lives in California, and is at the forefront of the expanding technology of RFID, which is the electronic –tagging system used in many businesses today–retail security tags on merchandise for example. While Nick is quick to make friends with those around him, just get him talking about food, and the real Italian in him comes out. It’s then you realize that this man is one awesome Italian!

Lodge Elections Elections Coming in May! Offices that will open for re-election are as follows: Financial Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Orator, Treasurer, Vice President, President and Trustees. Please contact members of our Nominating Committee if you are interested in running for a position. Contact: Glenda Bonfili 304-263-5004, or Susan Sirico 301432-7653. We will hold the vote at our May meeting. We will hold a discussion at our April meeting regarding the position of Financial Secretary. Thank you. Tina Martin, President


Italian! That’s what Victor and I did last week and did we eat Italian! Facci’s Italian Restaurant and wine bar was top notch. We met the owner Gino Palma-Esposito, and his manager, the lovely Lisa Passalacqua. Together, they have produced the busiest, hotest, fulfilling experience you could imagine. Wood-fired pizza won over my heart. And everything else was just as

top rated. Gino, who is from Naples quickly became a good friend. Why? Because he listens to his customers, and takes interest in others. Margherita pizza: $9 Go there now!

Triolo’s Gossip Corner What a great Spring Fling! The food was prepared by Maria Luisa Wilkes and John Cangemi and the other dishes prepared by others. It was a 5 star food event…not to miss! Nice to see Mary and Marco Capou with their grandson and wife. Lucy Smith, Debbie Lupis, Patti Lord, Shelly Stull and others were enjoying themselves. “Thank you” to all the volunteers; Glenda, Evelyn, Bill, and others I have missed who made this event a success. Sunday Herald paper had a nice article on AJ and Nancy Nicolosi’s homestead near Harpers Ferry, W.Va. Nancy has an antique store in Funkstown. AJ and Dad Angelo have been members for two years. Bob Rizzo, me and AJ play senior softball again this year. Fay Falcone is doing a fine job keeping tabs on our financials, and is greatly appreciated for the good of the Lodge. Anna and Angelo are still very busy with many things, ditto for Dick and Elsa Burns’ garden and other projects requiring time and nourishment. Kelly and Mom Audrey enjoyed good conservation with Joe Cordell and me. Gov. Manchin represented the State of West Virginia with dignity in the recent coal mine tragedy.

honoring the past

Calendar Lodge Meeting– April 27 – Dinner 6pm Meeting begins at 7:00pm Join us Tuesday, April 27, at St. Joe’s School in Martinsburg, W.Va.; dinner 6:00pm, meeting 7:00pm Annual Elections – Tuesday May 25, 6pm, American Legion, Hagerstown Everyone in our club should attend this important regular club meeting to vote for officers who will lead your club. Near Longmeadow shopping center.

Day for God and Country June 13 Mark your calendar for June 13 to celebrate and honor our past and present veterans with a ceremony and luncheon: “Day for God and Country”. Details to come.

Leonardo DaVinci eonardo has often been described as the archetype of the Renaissance man, a man whose unquenchable curiosity was equaled only by his powers of invention. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time and perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived. Born the illegitimate son of a notary, Piero da Vinci, and a peasant woman, Caterina, at Vinci in the region of Florence, Leonardo was educated in the studio of the renowned Florentine painter, Verrocchio. Much of his earlier working life was spent in the service of Ludovico il Moro in Milan. He later worked in Rome, Bologna and Venice and spent his last years in France, at the home awarded him by Francis I.


Leonardo is revered for his technological ingenuity. He conceptualized a helicopter, a tank, concentrated solar power, a calcu- Born: April 15, 1452 lator, the double hull Died: May 2, 1519 and outlined a rudimentary theory of plate tectonics. Relatively few of his designs were constructed, but some of his smaller inventions, such as an automated bobbin winder and a machine for testing the tensile strength of wire, entered the world of manufacturing unheralded. As a scientist, he greatly advanced the state of knowledge in the fields of anatomy, civil engineering, optics, and hydrodynamics.

Birthdays & Facts

Day Year Famous Italia n March Dates in History

15 1452 Leonardo da Vin ci, born 28 1916 Ferruccio Lamb orghini, born 26 1467 The miraculous image in Ou of Good Counsel appears in r Lady Genazzano, Italy 30 1808 1st practical typ ewriter finished by Italian Pellegrini Turri 27 1945 Italian partisan s capture Mussolini 6 1990 94th Boston Ma rathon won by Gelindo Bordin of Italy

Recipe of the month atballs Siricos’ Me


chuck 2 lbs. ground rk po nd ou gr . 1 lb breadcrumbs 3 cups stale 4 eggs pepper 1/2 tsp white d parsley pe op ch p cu 1/2 ped basil 1/2 cup chop 1 tsp salt

Day Our member’s birthdays in March 24 Fay Falcone 28 Frederick P. Falcone Frances Gabianelli 8 21 Quentin Greco Anna Holland 4 28 Carl Kidwiler 18 Geraldine Pitzer 10 18

I am glad Bob Rizzo sent this family photo in of his family labeled simply, “Cousins”. Thank you Bob.

Joseph Ash Joe Boarman

Nick Sirico told me these meatballs are from his family’s recipe, gleaned while simply observing from a distance. Don’t argue with him cause he’s a big guy. Just make them like Joan and I did, and you’ll agree they’re the best you’ve ever eaten. Soak the bread crumbs in water, then press against the side of a colander or squeeze out the water. Don’t know what a colander is? Then don’t make this. LOL! Mix all the ingredients, then shape into a ball the size of a pool table ball. Stick all the meatballs in the refrigerator for at least 1/2 hour or more. Fry in 1/2” of oil until browned evenly on all sides, being careful while turning them. Put them in the refrigerator uncovered for two hours. Then you can either freeze them, in a ziplock bag, or add to your favorite tomato sauce toward the end of the sauce’s cooking time, and slurp it all up. Enjoy!

March 2010 1 Euro equals $1.33 U.S. -.10/ yr. Italy’s Average Temperatures


(°F) Day/Night/Rain days

Milan 62/40/6 Rome 63/47/8 Palermo 64/55/6

Venice 61/46/12

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