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Waning sexual interest bringing you down? Waning sexual interest can be a big cause for concern with men. After all, no man likes to think that he has in fact, lost interest in making love to his partner. Not every man can understand it…it’s not like you’re no longer attracted to your partner; you still love them, but you just can’t seem to get yourself to act on it. What could it be? Let’s find out: Obesity When you look good, you feel good. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin, but not if you’re obese. Not only does obesity come with its own health concerns, but it also affects your sex life. It could lower your sex drive and affect your performance significantly. Truth is losing weight stimulates sex hormones, so if you’re feeling a little low on your sex drive, make some lifestyle changes and lose that weight! Depression Depression impacts nearly every aspect of a person’s life- relationships, friendships, marriage, work life, self-esteem etc. So it goes without saying that depression can take a toll on your libido. When you’re unhappy mentally and emotionally, you’re unhappy physically. Your depression not only affects you, but it also affects your spouse. Not only are you unhappy and struggling with a lack of interest towards things that initially brought you joy, but your partner struggles with feelings of isolation, withdrawal and rejection. If you have been feeling fatigued, detached from your surroundings or struggling with feelings of sadness, resignation, hopelessness, anger or irritation, consider getting professional help to treat the depression. You and your partner will both be thankful you did. Stress Mental or emotional stress of tension can be a cause for decreased sex drive in men. No life is free from stress, but taking steps to manage this stress (working fewer hours, switching jobs, taking a holiday, meditating, yoga etc) can help you regain some of your lost sexual interest. Exhaustion and fatigue Physical and emotional exhaustion—from working long hours, looking after children all day etc—can drain both men and women of all energy. And along with it, interest in anything physical or exertive. This can also affect your sexual interest. Look into relaxation techniques that might help such as yoga, swimming, breathing exercises, meditation and even try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Perceived rejection Sometimes a man might feel like always initiates intimacy with his partner, fearing that his partner might not actually be interested in making love to him or worse, might not be attracted to him anymore. This might not always be true as sometimes you might not actively try to reject your partner’s advances, but a lack of enthusiasm or reciprocity might bruise his ego, resulting in lack of sexual interest. If you are

feeling rejected; talk to your partner openly about your feelings. Women, initiate the act every once in a while! Put on something sexy and seduce your man! Everyone wants to feel wanted, so does your man. Low testosterone levels Testosterone fuels a man’s drive. Low testosterone might affect your ability to have a satisfying healthy physical life with your partner. Along with stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation, depression, and chronic medical illnesses, low testosterone is also a major contributing factor to lower a man's sex drive. Taking a natural supplement such as Ageless Male supplement can help boost your testosterone levels. Reading a few Ageless Male supplement reviews can educate you about its health benefits and ingredients. Don’t let your waning sexual interest get you down. Act now and fix the problem before it does any damage!

Waning sexual interest bringing you down  

Waning sexual interest can be a big cause for concern with men. After all, no man likes to think that he has in fact, lost interest in makin...

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