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Notes Address Book Converter Address Book Conversion The release talks over the survey results of the Notes Address Book Converter software that states that the Tool Notes Address Book to Outlook converter is mostly used by users as compared to other tools of its type. Andrew Smith 3/14/2012

WHY MIGRATION Migration today is today very important as today there are numerous drawbacks of Lotus Notes and Outlook today is the best in the business. Some drawbacks of Lotus Notes and how Outlook solves it  Speed and accuracy-: Lotus Notes is slow and not so accurate when compare to Outlook which is fast and highly reliable. User can unleash the true email environment with it.  Data management-: practically nothing is there that can solve users need for data management in Lotus notes but the situation changes with Notes Address Book Converter as its graphical user interface makes data management a “piece of cake”.  Contacts-: Contact management is “hard nut to crack” in Outlook as Lotus Notes makes no proper management in case of bulk mailing but Outlook does.  Configuration -: there is a “spider’s web of unsolvable configuration issues in Lotus Notes” but with Outlook it’s a “walk in a park”.  Security issues-: sometimes it takes seconds to hack a email database and Lotus Notes email System is more venerable against attacks but Outlook has a multilevel security to safeguard security.

WHY US What we do is the best task for those who are being hurt by the short comings of the Lotus Notes. Costly and difficult to manage are not the only factors people want to stay away from it but it has no future as it is becoming obsolete sooner or later. We help user to preserve his precious contact lists into Outlook without any hassle and pain. For $69 SysTools Notes Address Book Converter is must have if you want your contacts to be productive to you plus we also solves your problem with pleasure 24*7 dedicated customer cares to do it for you. Perfect Notes Contacts Migration at your reach.

FEATURES Complete data migration is done but the problem rises what to do, there are multiple platforms of conversion available with Notes Address Book Converter. All of them are listed below so that user can choose what to use. 1. Outlook-: Outlook is of great email client of the modern era it all the makings of a best email solution on the planet. Moving your contacts to PST ensure a great decrease in chaos and raise productivity levels to new high.

2. Excel-: Excel has always been underestimated as it’s a best solution for data management. User can manage data in rows and columns therefore users are do more with their email database. Numerous rows plus columns are easy to expand and edit. In case of data management the user never feel a pinch that data is manipulate with ease and even supports functions. Therefore Address book management will be a pleasure. 3. V-card-: it’s an electronic card in which user can introduce himself to the world in number of ways. Converting to this will allow users to have multiple benefits as now it can sent data through email, instant messaging, phone etc. Vcard biggest advantage is its size and ease of operation on most of the platforms user mostly use.

Operating System Windows support is biggest advantage for any software as it offers-:      

Speed in operations Easy to use No need of expertise Supports Office, Outlook and Exchange server Easy learning curve Cost efficient in maintenance and configure

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