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How does new media encode our memory, our sense of temporality and our visual experiences and how does this encoding problematize the relationship between the aesthetic medium and the human?

MIND MAP Key Ideas: Senses Data Interaction


Memory Feedback Book Aesthetics

8-Bit Glitch VHS ESP

Ethereal Technology Planes Spiritual

Whole Dream Eclipse Center

Camera Catalog Photos Real

READINGS 1. W.J.T. Mitchell, “The Work of Art in the Age of Biocybernetic Reproduction,” Artlink, Vol 22 no 1, 2002. 2. Bruce Sterling, “A Essay on the New Aesthetic,” Wired, April 2, 2012. 3. Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Massage (New York: Bantam Books, 1967). 4. Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (London: Penguin, 1936). “Perhaps this, then, is one task of art in the age of biocybernetic reproduction, to reveal the codes and expose the illusion of the ultimate mastery of life.” -W.J.T. Mitchell

OTHER PROJECTS Gallop! by Rufus Butler Seder

Microsonic Landscapes by Juan Manuel de J. Escalante

This book illustrates the process of ‘scanimation’ and uses various animals as subjects. The acetate in this case is put inside of the pages and is animated via the page turn.

This is a 3D print of music. By changing the medium, the artist is able to examine the music in a new and informed way.

Scanimation by Chung Dha

Street Ghosts by Paolo Cirio

This project was exhibited in a mall and uses large scale ‘scanimation’ which animates as you walk around it.

In this project, the artist printed out 1 to 1 scale figures taken directly from google streetview. By taking the invasion of privacy out of the technological realm and placing it within the physical space, it allows that violation to resonate in a new and profound way.


This project is an art book which uses interactivity as a mode of investigation. The audience I am addressing has been exposed to the feedback loop of media representation and understands the original contexts from which the new aesthetic is derived.


hat I propose is an interactive book which deconstructs and literalizes the code of new media that is imprinted on our corporeal and metaphysical selves. New media and the aesthetic derived from it (8-bit, glitch, ASCII) culturally encode us with new ways of seeing and experiencing the world. The book would use lenticular animation or “scanimation� via clear acetate with a series of bars which only show one frame of animation at a time. The skull references not only our own relationship to media but also the death of the human eye or way of seeing which is superseded by the technological eye. The interaction gained by physically encoding and decoding via the acetate animations disrupts our own digital encoding.


the end of October... Finish all digital scanimations Prototype the end of November... Print tests Bind book the end of the semester... Finish book

Thesis 2 expands on this project via an interactive installation.

John Bussiere - Thesis 1 - 01  

This project is about new media and aesthetic encoding.

John Bussiere - Thesis 1 - 01  

This project is about new media and aesthetic encoding.