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A lot of beginners are looking into several entry level sewing machines and the Brother CS6000i and the Brother XL2600i are two of the many recommended sewing machines for beginners. But this comparison may only be suitable for those who are putting a lot of emphasis on price. The Brother XL2600i costs almost half of the Brother CS6000i. And for some people that's actually already a big enough deal to steer towards choosing the Brother XL2600i. But is it a really good long-term choice? Firs of all, the Brother XL2600i is a mechanical sewing machine. This means it relies on knobs and levers to adjust stitches. While the CS6000i is computerized thus allowing the user to make adjustments by simply pressing a button. This may not be a big deal but in terms of quality, a computerized sewing machine usually gives out more precise and quality stitches. In terms of portability, both sewing machines are actually very lightweight and small enough to carry with you for classes or travel but the cheaper xl2600i is lighter by as much as 9 pounds. There's also a huge difference in the number of built-in stitches. The CS6000i boasts 60 stitches versus the XL2600i's 25 stitches. Based on these major comparisons alone, one can derive that the Brother CS6000i is obviously a much superior machine. So what exactly is the Brother XL2600i good for and who should even consider buying it? If you're not planning to really sew and just need a sewing machine in handy for easy jobs and quick repairs then it would be advisable to just go with xl2600i. There's no reason to spend more for features you will never have use for. But if you want to explore a wider range of creativity and plan on taking on personal or commercial projects, then you obviously should go with the Brother CS6000i.

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==== ==== Looking for a Sewing Machine, Then look no further! Check it out here! ==== ====

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