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We describe, evaluate, norm and interpret reality via our tetralogical axiology following Lonergan's imperatives. And our interpretive horizon of concern, existentially, and via our polydoxic, tetratarian theology, is inherently performative. In every dimension, we are pursuing truth, beauty, goodness and love, vis a vis our tetralectical axiology, impelled by those values within our tetrapartite personhood and drawn by those values as they present in our tetradic phenomenology 1) intrasubjectively, regarding the immanently personal, exploring our own depth dimensions (transcendental precepts x johari window matrix), 2) intersubjectively, regarding the transcendently personal, exploring other persons' depth dimensions, including God's, 3) intraobjectively, regarding the immanently impersonal, exploring reality's more functional dimensions as they are inextricably and explicitly and specifically interconnected, often univocally employing a root metaphor, even with God and 4) interobjectively, regarding the transcendently impersonal, exploring reality's functional dimensions as they are ultimately, even if only implicitly and vaguely, interconnected, often employing a mere analogy

Pneumatology models phenomenology  
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